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Really grateful and appreciated that we spend time from travelling frm east to west. Its kinda hard and out of the way for us tbh. I wanted to come with my friend for their dessert especially their cakes. Their cakes got one of the kind like unique shape not that usual cake size. We managed to squeeze out on time for weekend. We really enjoyed DALE ($11) a lot and my opinion just fallen in between bitter and sweet note for taste. Taste like grassy but a bit sour aftertaste due to yuzu. photo credits: huiyi ✌

very spacious cafe! a lot of interesting premium flavours, hope to try next time. but sorbets were good, mango sorbet tasted like any other you might find at another cafe.

Specially for travelling down frm North East to Jurong for trying their popular curry rice. ($6.90) I felt that their curry spice is mid tbh but pork cutlet slightly overcooked hence I felt that it's quite hard to chew and the outer filling was really crispy and crunchy. photo credits: huiyi ✌

I just order classic B.E.C ($12) from onalu again but different flavour for bagel 😅 but the original taste more bread texture compared to sesame taste taste more nutty.

It's quite milky and got slightly roasted tea taste ($9.10) but ice melted too fast tbh when I reach office bck. I think that their roasted tea was slightly thick when ice melted liao.

Prominent matcha that's bittersweet, super nice combi with choco! Love the smooth cream & overall sweetness is just right😋

Another Hong Kong style egg tarts to try in Singapore - Hong Kong Day!

They have a takeaway counter for their bolo buns ($2.50) and egg tarts ($2). Mouth was feeling itchy after a meal so decided to get some egg tarts for snack!

Loved the buttery crust and smooth egg custard!

The price is also pretty reasonable as compared to the other Hong Kong Egg Tarts brand out there!

I opt out for less sugar ($9.10) to order Matcha Latte. I felt that its quite milky and slightly bitter taste tbh in between for drink.

This was also great!! Very refreshing and light, not too sour, sweet, nor gingery, but each component (lemon, honey, ginger) was discernible and went well together. I'm not a sorbet person usually but this I would order again~ Super satisfied with both flavours!!

A seasonal flavour! Nutty, buttery, with a pleasant honey sweetness. Yet not heavy or saccharine, with little macadamia bits that gave some texture. It's super good!!

They rotate seasonal flavours very frequently, I think once the batch finishes they move on to the next. So when I had this I knew I had to buy a pint home right away to share the joy with my fam. They loved it a lot too, I kinda think I should have bought 2 pints back now 🤪

The lady also gave us a mini scoop of sourdough hazelnut gelato be we only wanted 2 scoops but were choosing between 3 flavours. Thank you for the sweet gesture! There’s real sd bits in it so at first I felt the spongy parts were a bit strange, but I warmed up to it after having more! The hazelnut flavour is distinct but I thought could be more roasty, overall it’s surprisingly light for a nut flavour and not ridics sweet like nutella.