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Crispy Fish Fillet Tacos $25
Spicy Crab Meat Linguine $26

Fish fillets in tacos were fresh and flavourful, mango salsa was refreshing for the palate. Serving with fries and greens competes the meal.
Crab meat linguine was filled with flavours of crab but was abit too strong for me till it’s a bit fishy, spicy ness level was just right though. Very worth and affordable with Beyond deal. Coffee was great too!

I ordered a chirashizushi and the salmon and tuna tasted really fresh. I really liked the Ikura and it complemented well with the other ingredients.
For dessert, I had a Hokkaido soft serve which tasted amazing and the biscuit that came with it was yummy as well. The service and ambience is good.

Forgot how much I loved this bakery cafe until I found myself here on a Sunday afternoon. These well priced bakes are very reliable and they make Bread and Hearth one of my favourite bakeries in the East.

A tiny version of the Italian ravioli, the French dumpling pasta was filled with Tete de Moine cheese and served with creamy sauce. The portion was decent for sharing and it got more addictive with every bite. The fries were different from the usual shoestring fries and of a thicker cut; and it seemed that they were baked then fried to a brownish shade.

Saw many good reviews on this and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The pizza had a thin and flaky pastry crust; and the ingredients were an interesting combination that overall felt very light in terms of flavour.

Presented as a more sophiscated version, the lemon pie ($12) was basically a deconstructed lemon meringue pie. The lemon curd had a nice balance of sweetness and sourness to it with an added texture and crunch from the biscuit crumble; while I felt that the meringue was a tad too sweet for me. Pairing it with a latte ($6) that was smooth and full-bodied with a dark roast, it was a perfect ending to my meal.

The crabmeat portion was generous, but I felt that it could have been spicier in my opinion! Overall good meal though, worth it for the price :)

I had the unagi rice bowl for lunch, the unagi is really fresh and the shimeiji mushroom really goes well in the dish! I personally like it a lot. Gotten the chocolate cream bun and kochi yuzu pana cotta as my dessert, the bread is so soft and the chocolate filling tastes just right. The yuzu pana cotta the pudding taste is just nice and not overwhelming while the yuzu has a refreshing taste to it.

And lastly! Their service is extremely good. Keep it up!

truffle taste was strong and ikura provided a wholesome flavour. for the price, the cafe was quite generous w the uni (abt 4 - 5 pieces of small uni). however, uni was not as fresh as restaurant’s grade. nonetheless, dish was decent!
also, do take note that cafe does not sells dazzling toasts anymore!

Made a reservation beforehand to beat the queue but walk-ins were served very quickly as well on a weekend afternoon. The waiting time for the pancake was around 10 mins, which was reasonable as the paper indicated a waiting time of 30mins. The cream complemented the pancake and does not overpower the flavour. Wiped out in minutes ❤️ will say that this is more on the moist side compared to Gram pancakes, which can be dry without the syrup.

Bill came out to be nearly $20 for the Kiseki pancake. A little pricey, but would say it’s a nice treat once in awhile ☺️