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Recommended lists for Cafes & Coffee

Recommended lists of Best Cafes & Coffee in Bugis, Singapore, 2018
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Top 10 Places for Cafes & Coffee in Bugis

Top 10 places for Cafes & Coffee

Latest Reviews for Cafes & Coffee in Bugis

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Cafes & Coffee

Fried truffle mushrooms were pretty good, although I would say the truffle taste wasn’t very prominent. Shakshuka was very flavourful!

What a work of art. The actual soup is below the crumbs, which keep the assorted fungi visible. Fyi the soup here is the thick kind and when the crumbs mixed in, it became even thicker and not the most ideal.

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Matcha Parfait consist of matcha ice cream, sweet beans, cornflakes, warabi mochi. I find the matcha ice cream to be not that sweet, mild taste for there.

Two cheeses, although I can't remember them. I expected more. Their grilled cheese was ordinary and inferior to many out there.

The way everything came together exuded a premium feel, yet it's quite cheap. I'm not a fan of uncooked salmon but this was good stuff.

Lots of vintage items such as their cups and wall paintings, pretty nostalgic feel!
Perks of dining, you get to destress by joining their water colouring lessons (if I ain't wrong) lots of artistic peeps tonight!! Apparently I ain't one of them 🤣

Pan-seared scallop with creamy mentaiko sauce topped with ebiko accompanied with linguine; very flavourful and delectable ($15.90)

Spicy buffalo drumlets charred at the sides, grilled to perfection, ($8.90)
I would recommend their desserts as well (soufflé pancake - $12.90) and their house drink of yoghurt smoothie with Chia pudding!

Recently adding new burgers to the menu, the Cauliflower Power ($17) emerges a star at this joint. Think perfectly charred cauliflower steak wedged between mozzarella, avocado salsa, purple cabbage slaw and crisp buns. You won't be missing meat anytime soon, but IF you do, The Big Cock ($18) featuring tender chicken breast is also stellar.
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo

$4.70 for good tea and 2 perfectly done eggs. Note the eggs often take so long...

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Another waffle shop that I would recommend as they had unique soft serve favour and their waffles are quite fluffy. The price after 1 for 1 is really quite worth it!

Nice ambience, lovely drinks, will come back to try other items on the menu. Cookies that came with the cold brew could be improved :-)