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Recommended lists of Best Cafes & Coffee in Holland Village, Singapore, 2019
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Top 10 Places for Cafes & Coffee in Holland Village

Top 10 places for Cafes & Coffee

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Cafes & Coffee

Salmon poke bowl was very good! Loved the perfectly cooked half boiled egg and salmon was very fresh. The tofu zoodles were very light and “refreshing”, great vegetarian option. Very satisfied meal! Price range about $12-$20 here.

The sister of creamier, the one that's always featuring a group of people waiting outside the shop for seats! The crowd has never seemed to die at all.

First time trying their soft serve in a cone, instead of pairing it with their famed waffles. The cone is blackish and seems to be charcoal flavoured. My partner in crime found it to be slightly bitter and we ended up finishing all the ice cream, leaving behind an empty cone shell 😂😂 #PRIORITIES

The ice cream itself was pretty good! The nutty fragrance hits you on first lick. Slightly on the sweeter side, but what's dessert without that sugar punch right! Also another steal on Beyond, the signature ice cream with 2 toppings (as pictured) for $4.5 - no gst, no svc charge! Holla over if you're in the hood~

These were good for pre/post meal snacks. No carbo. Sambal chili went perfectly with both wing and egg.

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I like this cafe. The services was great, they also offer unlimited free flow mineral water which was great since me and my friends study there for a long tine😂.

Here's what we ordered :

Bacon cheese burger $14.9. I have to say the portion was generous. There are huge amount of fries. Bun and bacon was crispy and the patty was thick and flavourful. I like how the bacon is not too salty💕. Every bite is just, satisfaction!

Miso baked salmon $15.9. I think how they marinade the salmon is great since the flavour can be taste not only on the outside of the salmon. The plating is cute also.

Beef and Meatball Mac and Cheese $15.5. They put 3 types of cheese. It's so cheezy, but the tomato sauce make it not jelak.

All price exclude the GST.

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We got one lavender Earl Grey and one hazelnut. The lavender taste was much stronger than the Earl Grey imo so I didn't enjoy it as much. If you like Earl Grey and not so much lavender then you shouldn't get this. The hazelnut was good, strong enough flavour.

It’s so good and with the 1 for 1 deal, we had the balsamic strawberry ice cream waffle. They are both so good. The strawberry one wasn’t that sweet and it’s refreshing and surprising it was a great combi with the balsamic sauce. Next, will be the roasted pistachio Ice cream waffle, i’m totally loving it, the ice cream and the roasted pistachio was heavenly nice! Must try !

$12 (w BurppleBeyond). Waffles were good, crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside. However, we couldn’t choose toppings of our choice with BurppleBeyond. Nevertheless I liked the marshmallows!

While they are more well known for their soft serve (my fav soft serve place !), this tiny tart made its presence into their latest Spring menu 2019. It blew me away - good crust, light mascarpone coupled with the sweetness of the strawberries. Yum. It's often not easy to find the perfect tart with the perfect crust.

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Strawberry balsamic icecream - not overwhelming sweetness with just the right sharp tangyness.
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