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Coffee cheese bread ($4.80)
Pumpkin cream cheese bread ($5)
minus $1 if you buy 2 big breads

They’re always so generous with their filling 😍🤤

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first time at island creamery, my teenage years have been a lie. it was honestly quite enjoyable as the flavour was not too strong, but i prefer daily scoop!

The reverso chocolate flavour was awesome, dark enough and not too sweet with nice mix of brownie 😋
The teh tarik flavour was a nice companion to the reverso chocolate as it provided some "lightness" and cleaned the palate for another bite of chocolate. Great combination imo!

Rating: 4.5/5

Mud Pie
Cost: $5.90
Description: The mud pie contains chocolate, cookies and cream, burnt caramel ice cream with Oreo cookie crumbs
Service: efficient and helpful service staff who willingly helped to take photos for us
Ambience: Some might find the shop’s interior rather small and a little narrow but I suppose this adds to the cosy vibes of the place. As it’s a small shop, you might not be able to get seats inside. My friends and I had to sit outside which was not too bad either as they had ceiling fans!
Personal take: I personally love this mud pie so much! Brought my friends here to celebrate a friend’s birthday and they were amazed by how good it was too. Island creamery is definitely my go to place for mud pies.
If ever you are craving a dessert that is cake-like and yet icecream-ish, then get the mud pie. It is a perfect blend of neutral old school flavors that many will love and the cookie crumbs and chocolate borders provide a good texture contrast to the inner ice cream core.
4 of us shared this mud pie, which was just enough for us. But I definitely can wallop one whole mud pie on my own :)

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One can’t go wrong with a flat white on a slow afternoon.

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A great place to escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life.

Our Second Home
43 Jln Merah Saga
Unit No.: 01-66
Singapore 278115




Whilst waiting, we decided to go to our "second home".
Minimalist decor. Very clean space. The eye popper was this instagrammable tree trunk table. Coffee is actually quite good. Cookies were just alittle sweet.
But still, a cozy cafe to while the minutes and hours away.

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Something’s missing ... ...

I miss island Creamery ‘s presence at Serene centre . Everything thing seems to be moving and changing . I recall the good ole days when my parents would rent that video tapes from Rida video at Serene centre and my Sister and I would pop by MacDonalds for a quick ice cream treat .

Island creamery is the to go place for me when I crave for ice cream done the way I like . Not too sweet and perhaps a little less milky but really the way I like it . ...

Something has changed at this new outlet . . .
The servers have changed ... there’s no longer that maroon coloured wall with all the random photos ...not a big enough space for groups of friends to come and go . Is just not the same anymore . . . Less homely ...

The brownie was a let down today too . It was really way tooooooo sweet and too sticky ... And there were Parts of it that were salty - perhaps from an uneven baking . The Black Forest ice cream ( still good )scoop was also visibly smaller ....

Pretty disappointed because I was craving for a good soft and moist brownie and I couldn’t find the free ice water ( which they used to have ) to wash away that sweetness in my throat .

I miss everything about island creamery being at Serene centre 😌