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Although they needed prompting to heat this up, it's very good. Both lychee and earl grey flavours were clear, while complementing each other.

Crab was damn shiok. However, to use real, soft crabmeat, the patty couldn't hold together and made eating quite a chore. Loved the mango salsa and truffle fries.

Mains here aren't cheap but are generous. That doesn't excuse wrapping fries and then serving truffle fries on the side too lol. Angus striploin used is decent and did its job. It's however kinda strange to wrap steak when steak requires slicing, and when you slice a wrap everything falls apart.

Love it when I get great 1 for 1 deals. Cakes and ambience here were pretty nice. The light and fluffy Sesame goma cake was an interesting find. Chocolate cake was rich and decadent, with gold and silver leaves on top. Will come back! #food #foodphotography #foodie #burpple #sgfoodies #singapore #foodporn #sgfood #foodsg #sg #sgfoodie #noms #nom #eats #sgeats #burpplesg #burpplebeyond #cake #dessert #desserts #nom #foodstagram #foodlover #foodgasm #sweet #sweetooth

Japan's famous matcha cafe opens at vivocity. A seasonal item from their menu, we ordered the matcha houjicha twist softserve cone for takeaway. The softserve is definitely more milkier than the tsujiri honten rendition -hence lacklustre in terms of the richness of matcha and houjicha. The good thing about it was that the softserve was not too melty -the receipe was more dense and less incorporated air.

Good for brunch food and coffee on a late Sunday morning. Not overly crowded unlike its neighbours.

Yesterday once more .....

A pretty sad Sunday for me as today spells the end of Dong Po’s journey after a good six years .

Have been back to the cafe almost every other day since i knew about their impending closure .

Managed to pack my rum cakes and coconut tarts back home to savour ....

Got the refreshing Lemongrass tea today for the sweltering weather and the usual old fashioned coconut tart .

I will miss this familiar space and hopefully they will be back somewhere , somehow .

Chocolate Delight ($3.50) which isn’t too sweet or heavy. But not that chocolate-y 🍫 compared to Chocolate Origins or Awfully Chocolate

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Chocolate Delight ($3.50) which isn’t too sweet or heavy. But not that chocolate-y 🍫 compared to Chocolate Origins or Awfully Chocolate

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Also tried the apple & berry pie πŸ₯§πŸ“πŸŽ

Too much crust for my liking and too crumbly


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Bought 2 of the best seller! I think their egg tarts are pretty yummy especially the buttery crust πŸ˜‹

$1.60 each

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