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Let the fish oil met your tongue and melt.
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Would totally choose this bowl of curry chicken noodle over laksa any day 👌
Opted for the $5 portion and was rewarded with a warm bowl brimming with tender slices of steamed chicken, fish maw (YES), fishcakes, potato chunks, cockles, and beansprouts. The star of this dish is definitely the fluffy taupok which soaks up all the goodness and oozes with every bite.
The picture accurately depicts how rich the curry is. Infused with mild curry spices, the gravy wasn't overwhelming at all! The generosity of ingredients and savouriness of the curry is the perfect combination which made me slurp the bowl up with relish.
The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 8 ants
💰Value: 9 ants
📍Convenience: 7.5 ants

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Broth is excellent and very flavourful. Even without the addition of milk, the soup is thick and cloudy. This bowl comes with fried fish which is fresh and tender. The fried fish is battered nicely, not too thick. If you can’t decide to go for fresh or fried fish, Xin Yuan Ji has got your back with the mixed fish soup that’s slightly more expensive but gets you the best of both worlds. Note that there’s a lot of sediments at the bottom of the bowl which are gritty and sandy so avoid disturbing the base while savouring the soup.

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Truly a comforting bowl of soup for a rainy day or when you’re under the weather. Each bowl is served piping hot, and even with my ailment-dulled senses, the cloudy fish soup was flavourful and sweet. Aside from the “fresh” fish slices (I’m not sure why they included the quotation marks in the menu), there’s also a few large cubes of silken tofu, bok choy and tomato. They’re generous with the fish which is indeed fresh - the flesh is tender and bouncy, plus they’re large and thick slices so you can really savour each piece! It’s yummy on its own, but I loved eating it dipped into the light soy sauce with chilli padi for an extra sweet, salty and spicy kick. As you reach the bottom of the bowl though, try to avoid disturbing the bottom as there’s a lot of sedimentation at the base. It’s gritty and sandy, probably some ground up crustaceans or shellfish that gives the soup it’s amazing aroma and flavour.

A unique find hidden in hawker centre! This salmon mentaiko don is worth a try! They are super generous with their mentaiko sauce and salmon. However, the rice can be a little disappointing as it didnt taste like Japanese rice! $8.80 for this salmon don is quite worth it though!

⭐️ 3.5/5

New hana maki available. What’s not to love about it?

Wild caught salmon available mostly from monday evening to wednesday, but do contact shop to enquire on this limited item. Taste even better than their usual sashimi, which says a lot.

Huge bowl of chawamushi, enough for 3 people to share. Taste different from other chawamushi. With the additional of chilli oil, I have never love chawamushi more.

Popular item. Surprisingly not too oily and had a bit of crisp bite. Their curries here are spicy but so tasty!


Starchy meatballs (imagine mee hoon kueh disguised as fish) filled with meat just didn’t cut it for me. This is not how I remember Foo Chow meatballs to be. First and last time. The rice cakes were ok, I had better.

The hot ebi and the cold mango. Do they call such an ice and fire combination? 🤔

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