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Recommended lists for Cheap & Good

Recommended lists of Best Cheap & Good Food & Restaurants in Bugis, Singapore, 2019
Burpple Guides, Popular, Date Night, Cheap & Good 1-for-1 in Bugis 10 places to enjoy Bugis even more with these 1-for-1 Burpple Beyond deals. Get yours now:
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Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good 12 Value For Money Eats in Singapore The plethora of hawker eats in Singapore makes it really easy to get a delicious plate at under $5, but that's not the intention of this week's guide. Instead, we scoured the island to track down establishments that dish out value-conscious options of food that would otherwise set you back quite a bit on your food budget. From a modern European fine-dining meal under $30 to a whole roast duck at $15 and a super affordable tapas set lunch in the heart of town, this guide is packed with budget-friendly options for the penny pinching foodie. Your wallet can thank us later!
Burpple Guides, Cheap & Good Tastemakers Guide to Bugis Under $15 We're kicking off our very first Burpple Tastemaker-powered guide in one of our favourite haunts — Bugis! Every place on this guide comes highly recommended by our Tastemakers. From sharing authentic Thai food on Tan Quee Lan street with your friends, snacking on pan-fried dumplings in Bugis Village or taking away Indonesian pancakes in Bugis Cube for your colleagues, there's plenty to eat and explore. The bonus? All places featured will cost you under $15! Go forth and feast joyfully — your tummy and wallet will thank you later!

Top 10 Places for Cheap & Good in Bugis

Top 10 places for Cheap & Good

Latest Reviews for Cheap & Good in Bugis

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Cheap & Good

$8.50 for a bowl of sliced beef soup 😍

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the set is very worth the price, more than enough for two people. food is not amazing but is not bad. i will return for cheap and decent thai food!

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Tasty and joyful looking claypots of savoury chicken rice.
Four of us, therefore four claypots, only one was without salted fish.
Tender chicken meat, fluffy rice, sliced chinese sausages, cabbage and drizzled with dried shrimp.
Definitely satisfying!


The fish soup here is really sweet and I love that every bowl comes with many slices of fish in it. A little pricey if you compare it to kopitiams but definitely value for money if you ask me. And I can’t resist fried eggs in my fish soup! .
Really craving for a comforting bowl of fish soup after a long week at work and stuck with sub-par canteen food. Probably my only pet peeve about teaching is that lunch time is no longer exciting now. Unless we order delivery that is 😂

Chanced upon this eatery while cafe hopping. We had the red wine chicken meesua [$5] which tasted so good! There was a very strong wine taste but we are okay with it. The chicken pieces were tender but too small.

We also had the mixed soup with mee kia [$5] where we immediately noticed the contrast between a food blogger review's soup and ours. The handmade ingredients (foochow meatballs, 燕皮, dumpling) were so flavourful we ordered another bowl of 燕皮 soup [$5]. The soups here are kind of oily though. But for a Foochow like me, the food here tastes like home!

Having moved from Shaw Towers to a bigger space at Tan Quee Lan, Ah Loy Thai has proven time and time again that when it comes to good and authentic Thai food, they sure know what they’re doing! Be it their mango salad or signature tom yum soup, every dish hits all the right notes!

New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast- A place where Roast Meat Unites! You Name it, Most Probably they have it!.

Jumped in the queue together earlier this afternoon was really crazy idea! Queue starts as early as 11am! Be it Office Crowd, Tourist or Our Daily Pioneer Generations whom love Roasted Delights are all starting to join in the madness queue!.

After a good 15 Mins Wait, Which was considered fast compared to the others, Our plate of Char Siew Roast Meat Rice was served! Not aesthetically plated but you'll find a handful Worth of Meat Placed above the Rice with Dark Sweet Sauce slathered around it!.

Was it Nice? I guess Meat was unevenly Charred but some of the texture was really good and together with the sweet sauce and their chilli, It was Ultimate Shiok-Ness!. With Only 3 Bucks! I'm Sold!.

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Had this a while back. Looks like any other plate of stir fried cockles but these weren’t as bloody as our local version and was fried thoroughly with lots of garlic and pork lard. It’s sinful but fragrant and savoury, and very easy to keep reaching in for more when the flavours are all so well soaked up. I still like our local zi char version but this was a nice change!


Compact cafe decorated like the streets of Vietnam.

Had seasoned pork and meatloaf with rice, the pork was well seasoned and reminded me alot of the grilled pork you get in Thailand.

The pho stock was awesome too with a tinge of sweetness. Worth coming back and as comfort food.

Not a fan of creamy stuffs but their mentaiko sauce isn't too heavy which was nicely charred to give out a lovely smoky taste. Not to mention about their thick sliced salmon 😍

From a distance, the aroma of sizzling rice with dark sauce fill your senses and before you know it, the rice is quickly mixed up with the meat and sauce. Delicious and comforting, the second bite continues after the first. Thigh meat and every bite is juicy. Taste buds are quickly awakened by the next mouthful of rice with that little joyful bit of saltiness that comes possibly from the little dried prawns. Third time eating this in 3 weeks and definitely more in the upcoming weeks! Only $5 for individual portion with huge portions of thigh meat and lap cheong.