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Ming Chung Restaurant is one of my favourite restaurants ever since I was a kid - their Henghua dishes are really good and authentic❤️ The noodles are always the highlight of our meal - I love the Fried Mee Sua ($13 for large) and Lor Mee ($12 for large)! Both noodles come with clams, prawns, pork and sotong, with an additional sprinkle of peanut and seaweed for fried mee sua. I like to add a dash vinegar to the lor mee for an extra kick. Noodles aside, the Stir-Fried Lala ($12 for small) is spicy and flavourful, while the beancurd skin in Kai Lan and Beancurd Skin ($10 for small) soaks up the delicious gravy in their folds. Can’t go wrong with this place!

Horrible experience. Listen to me.

1) we preordered 2 large crabs as we had guests. Turns out, our guests was unavailable. So we wanted to cancel a crab. They said they have prepared the crab and we’re UNABLE TO CANCEL. No worries, we will take the 2 crabs. (This is an important information for later.)
-> they did not give us the opportunity to choose the crabs, which is very uncommon in restaurants in Singapore.

2) we ordered our crab and other dishes. The dish arrived with the rice. Then it took 30 MIN AND CONSTANT CHASING to get the crabs that was apparently prepared before our arrival.

3) the service was horrible. They were keen on serving others (bigger table with more orders) than us, a smaller table.

4) the crab finally arrived after 30+min. And guess what! It was not hot, just warm! And When the crab arrived, it was clearly left out in the cold and reheated again. (Proof in picture)
The solidification of the oil became a layer on top of the gravy of the crab, implying that the crab was out in the cold for a bit. The gravy was warm and not hot, suggesting it was reheated, perhaps with a microwave or something.

In conclusion: terrible service, poorly cooked food. Maybe even a possibility of food that is not freshly cooked.

DO NOT RECOMMEND. Go somewhere else!

Pretty decent fried rice that wasn’t too oily. Rice was good, not mushy, and quite flavorful. Ingredients were plentiful too, but it was quite a small plate.

We ordered quite a few dishes (crispy chicken, this long clam thing, stir fried veg, chili crab, signature tofu etc) but none really impressed. Wanted to go to Jumbo but they were full so we came here. Guess there's a reason why...
Verdict: will go elsewhere when I'm craving seafood

Taste: Tomato soup base with Yong Tau Fu ingredients.

Atmosphere: Spacious seating space but limited.

Service: Staff was very friendly and prompt to response. Self-service.

Price: Depends on how much ingredients you take

Where to find this place: Suntec City, Fountain of Wealth area

Despite the hot weather, we couldn’t resist this really good value for money hotpot set meal at just under ten dollars (subj. to service charge and GST). The individual value set meal came with a choice of soup base, meat, carbohydrates and assorted vegetable platter. We picked the superior marbles pork slices with tonic chicken and nourishing fish meat soup base. Both soup base was rich and flavourful. The set also came with generous serving of vegetables and (best of all) soup top-ups are free! 👏🏻👏🏻
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We ordered the set meal ($16) which came with a choice of noodles, dumplings, and a cocktail-style drink. After deliberating between the options, I finally decided on the miso mushroom noodles.
Possessing a down-to-earth tastiness, the earthy fragrance of the mushrooms paired well with the springy handmade noodles. The miso tare added depth to the noodles and created a flavour reminiscent of mazesoba. Love love LOVE the hanjuku egg which was well-marinated. That being said, I felt that the fried shallot was a tad excessive, and it slightly masked the flavour of the bowl.
Stuffed with truffle potato, bacon and melted cheese, their fried pierogi is an interesting take on what we are usually accustomed to. Notably, the exterior is crispy and was not as oily as I thought it will be. Capped off the meal with a refreshing grapefruit thyme strawberry green tea 🤗
Will definitely return to try other combinations as it is super worth it with Burpple Beyond! It is recommended to head down early as the place was brimming with people by noon.
The ANTicipated scale ⚖
👅Flavour: 7.5 ants
💰Value: 9 ants (with #BurppleBeyond)
📍Convenience: 7 ants

found this mala stall hidden in an obscure Kopitiam in sengkang. i’d say im one who can handle her spice but this stall’s 中辣 (medium spicy) surprised me as the ingredients i’d chosen had been seasoned and cooked to pack a substantial punch! not only was it satisfyingly spicy, i could tell that they did not just stop at the basic spices as there was substantial depth to the numbness and fragrance of the dish.

furthermore, the prices of the ingredients are pretty affordable and reasonable, with meats going at $2.30/100g and vegetables at $1.30/100g.

overall, their selection of ingredients are fresh and huuuge and i enjoyed picking from the variety. i definitely see myself on return visits if i’m in the area!

rating: 3.8/5

Lazy to peel prawns so didn’t go for the fresh prawns. The prawn balls w mentaiko was springy and nice. Soup was good. Hints of prawns but for some reason I think I still prefer the conventional prawn noodles at the hawker. The key dish was the prawn noodles w 2 prawn dumpling, 2 prawn balls and 2 pork ribs (which was ok) and that cost 19.90$, pretty ex for a bowl of prawn noodles. The one pictured is the prawn ball one costing 14.90, before GST, I think compared to atas noodles, I may still go for jap ramen. Still, worth a try ;)

The skin is crispy and the duck is cooked to perfection! 😍

I love how the soup comes with peppery and tangy hints but remains drinkable. Rice noodle would be a better option for this broth. The king prawns, although weren't that big for the name, came in decent amount. One of the rare occasions where I didn't have to add extra condiments into a bowl of noodle.