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Recommended lists of Chinese food and restaurants in Singapore
Best Chinese Restaurants in Singapore 2016
Burpple Guides, Chinese Best Chinese Restaurants in Singapore 2016 There are plenty of Chinese restaurants in Singapore, and seeking out the best can be like looking for noodles, we mean needles, in a haystack. From the tastiest roast duck from Bayswater in London to a wholesome Cantonese meal and even an ah-ma-approved spot for dinner with the grandparents, this list is filled with ideas for when you need a Chinese meal that'll tick all the boxes. Eat up!
Best Dim Sum In Singapore
Good For Groups, Chinese Best Dim Sum In Singapore Need a quick and easy guide to the best Dim Sum places in Singapore? Here's the ultimate list, there's something for everyone!
Dim Sum🍤 Paradise
Chinese Dim Sum🍤 Paradise Dim sum literally means a little gesture to the heart. It's exactly the same kind of oriental wisdom as this metaphor, that dim sum chefs put into creating each delicate treats that brings the satisfaction right to your heart.

Top 10 Places for Chinese

Top 10 places for Chinese
Explore Bak Kut Teh, Chicken Rice, Dim Sum, Steamboat in Chinese

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Chinese
Of Milo Peng & Zi Char Tua
That said, where's your favourite place in SG for recommended Zi Char?

Pic taken @Tong Ah Eating House
36 Keong Siak Road
Singapore 089143
Phone: 6223 5083
Operating Hours: 7am - 10pm Daily

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Salted Yolk With Chilli Pork Chop

Had always found the shops in Shaw Centre rather difficult to locate and this one is no exception. Located in quite a secluded corner, Xi Yan serves zi char styled food. Their Salted Yolk with Chilli Pork Chop was kind of a hit and miss, decent, but not fantastic. Could have been better if the meat wasn't this dry.

Spicy Oriental Bolognese 22+

Wasnt spicy at all but still an impressive dish. Only gripe was that the portion was too small

While this is a perfect harmony of italian and sichuan flavours, it actually made me remember how complex sichuan spices can be and in turn made me crave sichuan food. The pork mince was superbly flavourful and made the whole dish incredibly meaty with strong umami despite it being minced meat. The dehydrated tomato's sweet and sour notes also came thru despite there being only 3 pieces. Angel hair pasta was the right doneness for this dish as well. Overall a very delightful interpretation and i never forgot i was having a sichuan dish despite the presentation, due to the superb use of familiar sichuan spices.

Grilled Cheese Panini With Pork And Pickled Cabbage 20+ Lunch Only

Really well done comfort food and tantalizing spice. The smell teases ur senses before it even reaches the table. Panini was super crispy and the accompanying sweet potato and potato side was just spicy enuf to keep you going back for more. Tomato salsa was super fresh and refreshing.

Nestled in the heart of Chinatown is Yum Cha, an eclectic traditional Chinese tea house.

I always rmbed seeing the adverts on TV as a kid and would always be tempted to go. 🍴
Anyway now in 2017, it has maintained its traditional tea house charms and still add on new dishes to keep up with the modern taste.
1. Black grouper served in hot stone. The black grouper is stir fried with a super aromatic ginger garlic sauce and served in a hot stone. 👍🏻👍🏻
2. Mongolian Pork Ribs w black pepper sauce. Different from your typical black pepper sauce, this is slightly tangy and sweet because of tomato. A bit of a dish that's either you like it or not.
3. XO seafood fried rice. The rice was really well fried where each grain of rice is separated. The slightly spicy note of the xo sauce went so well w the prawns and scallops. 🤤🤤
This dishes are all available at yum cha now 😋😋
Thanks to Adam from @yumchasg for hosting us and @burpple for the invite! 🍴
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Run by several young adults, the 3 week old soei gor (水哥) at blk 45 holland drive is a Hk styled casual cafe that serves typical chaa chan teng grub.

I had the scrambled egg and ham toast and was actually very pleasantly surprised! The silky scrambled eggs had a great texture and the heavily buttered bread was well toasted and remained fluffy throughout! While the eggs were slightly unseasoned, it's better than it being overly salty.

While it's still not as good as Australian Diary,it def has potential to being to being the best in the area.

Exciting & Tantalising New Items

The Baked Black Pepper Chicken Bo Lo Bun and Baked Char Siew Bo Lo Bun. The buns are crusty, with a buttery fragrance, and consist of a good amount of meat fillings.  

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Here @ this 17 year old institution widely know for their Dim Sums; had a go @ their Mother's Day Menu which includes beautiful Steamed Rose Floret Buns, Salted Egg with Stuffed Scallop & wholesome Boiled Chicken with Ginseng which Mom will approve (but more on thoese later yah)!

Oso sampled some of @YumChaSg's main stays & what better way to end a meal than with this classic Chinese Dessert: Wolfberry and Osmanthus Jelly (3pcs $4.2). Wolfberries (also known as Goji Berries) are widely known for its ability to improve eyesight & strengthen the immune system. Osmanthus improves complexion so ladies out there you hear me!
Pic taken @YumChaSg
20 Trengganu Street (Off Temple Street)
# 02-01
Singapore 058479
Phone: 6372 1717
Singapore 218374
Operating Hours: Mon - Fri
10am - 10:30pm
9am - 10:30pm

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