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Craving for @crystaljadesg dishes? You can now enjoy your favourite @crystaljadesg dishes at home with their fuss-free and super convenient meal-kits!

I love their meal kits as it’s so easy to follow and understand! Ready-to-cook ingredients and step-by-step instructions are provided in each meal kit. It’s really super hassle free as the ingredients are labelled accordingly to the steps and they are all cut, measured and appropriately portioned, ready to be thrown into the pan and cook! Super easy and tasty👍🏻!

The following are the meal kits that I’d tried:
Scallion Oil La Mian
Sautéed Premium Beef with Black Pepper Sauce
Mapo Tofu

My favourite has got to be the black pepper beef! It’s super tender and bursting with flavors!

@crystaljadesg meal kits are definitely suitable for those who want to have an easy and fuss-free meal yet not wanting to forgo the quality of the food.

@manfuyuansg Double-boiled sakura chicken, abalone, maca, morel mushrooms in tea pot
#manfuyuansg #interconsin #burpple #burpplesg #bugis

Dinner at @crystaljadesg in @causewaypointsg
After 6pm on weekdays the little one got complimentary kid meal ‘cos member’s benefit.

Crispy Pork Lardon Rice (S$2.80++)
Scallion Ginger Rice (S$2.80++)
Red Tilapia (S$23.80++)
Steam in “Home-style”
General Tso’s Chicken (S$16.80++)
Sautéed Chinese Spinach with Prawn Paste & Fish Roe (S$16.80++)
Braised Homemade Organic Tofu with Fish Tofu served in Claypot (S$16.80++)

Kids Set Menu B (S$10++)
Shrimp fried rice, steamed organic tofu with superior soya sauce, roselle osmanthus jelly, barley drink

The Mapo is delicious but might be a bit tad spicy for people who can’t take spiciness like me. I bought the deal during Chope Birthday sale for their signature set at $9.90 and went on a Saturday night. Do note that they close at 8pm on sat so head down earlier.

The place is right at one corner of downtown gallery, so it might take a while for you to find the restaurant. We ordered the Mapo signature set as well as the Dandanmian set. Both taste good, but I ended up eating more of the dandanmian because it was not spicy.

Will return again because the Mapo is really good!

Bought a ShopBack voucher so we got this at $1! First time trying rou jia mo so didn’t have that much to compare to. Bread had a nice crust outside but thought the pork filling could be juicier to balance it out better as it was quite dry. Filling was also quite porky, so it may not be for everyone. It’s pricey at its original price tag.

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Mushroom herb sea bass ($32++)
Good option for those who dont like spicy grilled fish.

Dish has plenty of mushrooms but no vegetables so you'll need to purchase more if you want. fish has a good amount of meat in it.

Spicy chicken cubes ($16++)

Every mouthful has a combination of crunchy deep fried skin and juicy chicken cubes exploding with fiery mala flavours.

Dish includes lots of chilli and peppercorns. Would recommend you get this especially if using their burpple 1 for 1 voucher

Beef noodle soup was decent for the price.

The draw here has to be the value for money wantons and chicken wanton soup.

You get 12 pcs for 8.50, and they are all cute and pleasantly filled.

An economic option if you want to treat yourself slightly on a Friday night

The rice was flavourful but lack of wokhei, the pork was tender,balance between fat and meat, well marinated.
Overall is pretty good fried rice pork chop.
📍Feng Food.
930 Yishun Avenue 2, #B1-156, Northpoint City

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After hearing a mix of reviews about their Egg tarts, I finally got the chance to try it!

Elder sis bought the cookie pastry along with polo bun for $13.20, which imo, is high-priced.

Gobbled up the first egg tart and I don't think it hits the spot. The egg filling is not as fragrance as TC (ps, this is my benchmark), though the cookie pastry has its own uniqueness. Polo miss that crunchiness at the top. Thus, I feel this is a miss for me.

Sis tried their Milk Tea last night and she said it is good??? Lmao we are going over to buy it soon. 🥺🥺


I like the quality of tea dust used at nam kee - very fragrant tea and not forgetting their fluffy red bean paus .

Perfect match !

Just look out that when you order your paus , the server doesn’t give you a pau with blisters .

It’s suggestive that it has either been steamed too long or it may be overnight food 🤣.

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HengHwa mee sua (thin, salted wheat flour noodles) and bee hoon (rice vermicelli) are thinner than what I am used to.

Like the pah mee, the mee sua and beehoon are cooked in a rich seafood broth. They are however left to simmer and served "dry", giving them a much more intense flavour.

If you ever get invited to a home cooked HengHwa meal, do not be paiseh and say no when they ask if you would like more fragrant fried peanuts and seaweed on your noodles.

The seafood is actually a famous local produce of Putian. It is great as a snack on its own or as a finishing touch.

@jooeunchung loved the spicy and garlicky notes of their stir-fried flower clams (la-la). Let's just say the Koreans really love these two flavour profiles!