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Recommended lists of Chinese food and restaurants in Singapore
Best Chinese Restaurants in Singapore 2016
Burpple Guides, Chinese Best Chinese Restaurants in Singapore 2016 There are plenty of Chinese restaurants in Singapore, and seeking out the best can be like looking for noodles, we mean needles, in a haystack. From the tastiest roast duck from Bayswater in London to a wholesome Cantonese meal and even an ah-ma-approved spot for dinner with the grandparents, this list is filled with ideas for when you need a Chinese meal that'll tick all the boxes. Eat up!
Best Dim Sum In Singapore
Good For Groups, Chinese Best Dim Sum In Singapore Need a quick and easy guide to the best Dim Sum places in Singapore? Here's the ultimate list, there's something for everyone!
Dim Sum🍤 Paradise
Chinese Dim Sum🍤 Paradise Dim sum literally means a little gesture to the heart. It's exactly the same kind of oriental wisdom as this metaphor, that dim sum chefs put into creating each delicate treats that brings the satisfaction right to your heart.

Top 10 Places for Chinese

Top 10 places for Chinese
Explore Bak Kut Teh, Chicken Rice, Dim Sum, Steamboat in Chinese

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Chinese
Dilmah Tea Inspired Menu!

Enjoy tea infused food, drinks or food pairing with tea from 1 June to 31 July 2017 at participating cafes and restaurants, plus you'll get to stand a chance to win an all-expense paid holiday at The M Social 5 Star Luxury Hotel in Singapore and delightful gifts of tea from Dilmah.

One of the first participating restaurants is @kowloonbaysg known for their Char Siew. Get to sample their Signature Fei Po Char Siew Canapés pair with Dilmah Exceptional Lively Lime and Orange Tea at just $5.90!! Tender yet slightly fatty char siew slices and slight citrusy tea, it's a perfect excuse for snack.

Kowloon Bay
Address: 17 Petir Road, Unit 01-07 Hilion Mall, Singapore 678278
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饺子, 拉面, and all things Chinese

This stall attracted me with its rustic and down-to-earth exterior. Think 蒸饺, 锅贴, 小笼包, 拉面, and 葱油饼, this stall is bound to have your Chinese food cravings satisfied at wallet-friendly prices.

小笼包 (6 pcs @ $5.50) - Sadly, the skin was a little undercooked and THERE WAS NO SOUP. I do hope that this is just a one-off case though because this stall seemed to receive pretty good reviews and the stall owner sounded really nice and humble.

Great Value

.... when you dine here between 2.30-4.30pm as all food items will be 40% off!!
Extremely yummy prawns (not in pic) and Angus beef ♥️
Damage? Just $69 and a thicker waistline
Major satisfaction 😍

Rainy weather calls for something hot and something to raise your eyebrows.

Mapo tofu is one of my "once in a while" kinda eats. So as you can see, the rice is totally submerged and smothered by the luscious, wobbly, soft tofu with minced meat fiery sauce. At first mouthful, the heat singes the palate for a sec. Afterwhich, the palate becomes comfy and numbing even. Perfect matrimony with the rice. Perfect for cold days. Perfect when one feels the need for heat.

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Today's weather is the perfect one for a bowl of Cantonese Double-Boiled Soup & the ones from Joyden Canton had it down pact; encased in wax paper to seal in all the goodness & doubled-boiled for no less than FOUR HOURS!

One my mum use to always make is the Black Bean Soup & JC's rendition: Black Bean, Black-Eyed Pea and Peanut with Pig Tail Soup ($8) is superb. This potent broth is known to enhance blood circulation + overall wellness & ladies will be thrill to know that 🐷 tail is pack full of collegen for that boey boey skin!
Need lunch and/or dinner options whilst in Orchard? Look no further yah. Joyden Canto now has a branch on the 4th level of Shaw House yo! ~
Pic taken @ Joyden Canton @ Orchard
@IsetanSg Scotts
350 Orchard Road
# 04-00
Singapore 238868
Phone: 6908 3833
Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri (excluding PH)
11:30am - 9pm
11am - 9pm

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The Works: Char Siew

Char Express takes over Portico Platos at Timbre+, serving up a simple menu of rice bowls and bento sets with their signature roasts and other meats.

The Works come with all the add-ons that are available at only $8.50 — that includes the Prawn Omelette, Dou Fu Dried Scallops, Fish Skin with Sweet Chili (honestly I don't get the sweet chili part though) plus your choice of meat (soy sauce chicken/char siew/roasted pork) atop a bed of rice; a little like economy rice if you put it that way, but definitely gives it the more wholesome feel. The Char Siew is pretty much the same as what one would expect from Char — sticky, sweet glazed morsels of meat that is a mix of both lean and fatty parts for the bite and that melt-in-the-mouth texture for the mor gelatinous parts. The Fish Skin is decently crisp without being overly salty, but totally lacking on the sweet chili (was there even sweet chili in the first place?), while the Dou Fu were bouncy and drenched in a lightly savoury sauce for flavour. Prawn Omelette was pretty standard, while the blanched vegetables was the one I really liked the most; crunchy greens in oyster sauce that is simple but so satisfying.