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Recommended lists of Best Chinese Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Chinese Best Chinese Restaurants in Singapore 2016 There are plenty of Chinese restaurants in Singapore, and seeking out the best can be like looking for noodles, we mean needles, in a haystack. From the tastiest roast duck from Bayswater in London to a wholesome Cantonese meal and even an ah-ma-approved spot for dinner with the grandparents, this list is filled with ideas for when you need a Chinese meal that'll tick all the boxes. Eat up!
Chinese, Good For Groups Best Dim Sum In Singapore Need a quick and easy guide to the best Dim Sum places in Singapore? Here's the ultimate list, there's something for everyone!
Chinese Dim Sum🍤 Paradise Dim sum literally means a little gesture to the heart. It's exactly the same kind of oriental wisdom as this metaphor, that dim sum chefs put into creating each delicate treats that brings the satisfaction right to your heart.

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Top 10 places for Chinese
Explore Bak Kut Teh, Chicken Rice, Dim Sum, Steamboat in Chinese

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Over here, one basket of 6 xiao long baos will set you back only $4.50, which comes down to only $0.75 per xiao long bao!

I don't eat xiao long bao very often and am not very picky but the skin of the dumplings were not too thick for me though i feel that they could do with more broth.
Don't stop at just the xiao long baos though, because the noodles there are a real show-stealer!🍜😋 They were thin and cooked perfectly al-dente with a smooth and springy texture. We had the Pork Dumplings Noodles ($4) and the chilli oil really elevated the taste of the noodles.

All these set us back just $12.50 in total. Talk about value for money!😛💰 #burpple #burpplesg #whati8todaysg #whati8today #xiaolongbao #dumplings #noodles #chinesefood #chinesecuisine #sgeats #sgeatout #sgfoodie #sgfoodblogger #sgfoodies #sgfoodlover #sgfood #sgfoodhunt #sgfoodhunter #sgfoodtrend #myfooddiary #sgfooddiary #sgfooddiaries #sgcafe #sgcafefood #sgcafehopping #sgmakandiary #foodforfoodie #foodforfoodies #foodexplorer

You know I love hotpots despite the sweltering weather these days. The soup base options here attracted me, with interesting flavours such as curry beef, and several different herbal soup bases. Here we have the “cordycep” (really I only saw 金针花) black chicken soup and the herbal soup. The buffet selection is adequate and fresh; the meat platters while frozen are generous and tasty. The prawns and scallops exceeded expectations. I enjoyed the soup which is light and warming. Best part, the buffet comes with free flow 小笼包 xiaolongbao. No more having to go to Holland V for Crystal Jade! While priced slightly more than other steamboat buffet places, seem to have better quality dishes. The joint was crowded for dinner so I suggest making reservations.

🔸Pipping hot milk tea ($3.50) served in pretty tea cups.
🔸Crispy condensed milk bun ($4)- another signature must order item that balances both the sweetness of condensed milk and savoriness of butter on a lightly toasted bun.
🔸King Prawns in XO sauce with tossed noodles ($11)
🔸Grilled Chicken and scallops on sizzling plate ($18). A value for money set which comes with lots of protein and also includes a soup + hot drink + thick toast!

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I would assume more than one, cause we actually waited close to half an hour for this. With our expectations rising inversely proportionate to our patience, we eagerly dug in the moment the dish was presented to us.

Our expectations were shortlived. All thirty minutes of it down the drain. The rice looked as bland as it tasted. Almost as if it was just plain rice with some crab meat scattered around like garnishes. I am truly suspicious on whether the rice was really fried. Or perhaps they were referring to the fried scallions on top of the rice. That had to be it.

Sorry Feng Shui Inn, but I think with the price tag, my tastebuds would be in for a much better treat without the need to wait on you. I am out.
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Special promotion price of $38 when you place order for 2!
We ordered the bestseller Baked DUOTOU Clam on Hot Plate and Steamed DUOTOU Clam with Huadiao. Both were equally yummy. No a single drop of the aromatic Chinese wine was spared 😋😋
Braised Pig Intestine ($14.90) was another love of ours ❤️ So so rich in flavor & springy! We thought were chewing on bouncy pig stomach 😂
Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychees ($13.90) was nice but I couldn’t really taste the sweetness of the lychee 🙃
Spinach in Supreme Stock ($13.50) was our all time favorite. Love the stock!
Putien Lor Mee ($19) in rich broth with 12 ingredients after 8 hours of simmering on the fire. Totally satisfying as you slurped away the noodle 😘
I must say we were wowed by the excellent service at this outlet.
Not only did they plate our BYO birthday agar agar cake beautifully with fruits, the fruits were complimentary!
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Sensuous. Ethereal. Magical. Cold.
Do you know what this is?

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Hopped on to the next station!! There were q a lot of shops to choose from but being Singaporeans, we went to the one w the most number of people HAHAHAH. It was rather bustling and we ordered a bottle of beer ($6.50) and quite a lot of skewers (15-16??). Total bill came about to $30 so it was quite cheap! The menu had quite a variety of skewers and also many main dishes.
Honestly, we were quite disappointed because 1) the cumin taste was lacking 2)seasoning not salty or spicy enough 3)food was cold when served
To me, only the prawn tasted decent ☹️
-Will I return?
Guess it’s a 不再来 for me.

Walked down the stretch of China food along Kallang and was so amazed by the no of stalls?! And the fact that there are so many hotpot, skewers (basically chinese food) around!!!!! Everything looked so good!
We went to Chuan Yang Ji to try the lamb because we did not manage to previously. Was super scared that there’ll be the over powering stinky lamb taste that i hate so I ordered the spicy one. (but also less spicy cause Chinese food’s 微辣 is always spicy enough for me)
We were shook cause the soup was actually v unlike chinese food (like not v spicy and oily!!) Felt like the broth was cooked for hours and the taste of the soup had a light but rich mutton taste. Not gelat or anything and topped with the chilli spices, it gives the spicy soup more taste. Price was rather cheap, $7 per bowl.
Ordered the black sugar sesame pancake ($4) but it was slightly disappointing cause it tasted like red bean instead.

Affordable Soy Sauce Ramen at $6.50++. Ramen in Soy Sauce, Chicken broth, Mirin and Sake, topped with their signature Soy Sauce Chicken and accompanied with 1/2 Lava Egg.
Location: Haikee Brothers, Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, #02-39, Singapore 059413
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