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Order a hearty zichar feast for the family from this family-friendly Chinese restaurant in Jalan Besar! Tuck into wholesome dishes made with freshest seafood ingredients, their Golden Sand Cereal Fried Rice ($8) and KL Hokkien Noodle ($5) will be sure to wow you with their smokey wok-hei flavour. Add on their Salted Egg Crab with Crispy Yam ($48), which Burppler Whatisdigesting 😋 touted as a definite must-try, where "their crabs are coated with salted egg crispy batter and topped with crispy yam strips."

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

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A simple and heartwarming dish with kimchi and pieces of chicken. A little too spicy for me to finish the entire bowl but it's definitely shiok to have this on a rainy day 》$9.80

Bibimbap with a choice of beef, pork, chicken with loads of crunchy vegetables and egg. It is a crisp and light selection that is already filling in of itself when combined with the fluffy rice. I like the use of the stone bowl which helps to keep the food warm especially when dining in an air-conditioned place 》$9.80

Duck was not bad, though obviously no crisp by the time it arrives. Chicken was competent but the char siew was quite good. Tender and got a spring, very satisfying with the thick slices. Doesn't need anything else imo

Their sauces were good too. Chili oil was fragrant and very savoury. The spring onion oil was salty in the best way too, definitely one of the better ones I've tried. I would say the sauces stole the show

Nothing special at all, filling wasn't packed tightly. In fact I feel it's less umami than your average dim sum place, at double the price

Pictured 150g, which is the minimum order

Good as ever. No crisp but the texture was special. Probably travels well

Portion is for half duck, served w crepes

There's a nice layer of oil under the skin, which was decently crispy on its own but can't detect in the crepe. I think the quality of the duck shows, but not significantly. Otherwise this was a pretty average Peking duck.

The truffle sugar doesn't taste like truffle at all. This is coming from a truffle hater, even I couldn't detect it this time. Lol

The noodles were interesting, it's abit more chewy than normal but not extremely fishy.

This muxu pork isn't the usual kind, it's more just a bit of the ingredients with soy sauce. Still decent overall and there's some wok hei too

Evidently very oily but somehow their dried shrimp is much more umami than normal. Really good(bad for your arteries tho?)


this was nice, quite mild and a twist from the usual peanuts