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Along Robertson Quay sits this specialty Chinese restaurant, dishing up gourment cuisines from different regions in China, perfect for any occasion — casual business lunches to decadent dim sum high teas and hearty family dinners. Feast on their Stewed Eggplant With Minced Meat & Salted Fish In Spicy Sauce ($16) and Honey Glazed Coffee Ribs ($28) or tuck into their Sauteed Chicken With Creamy Salted Egg Sauce ($18), paired with a side of Wok Fried Hor Fun With Beef ($26).

Photo by Burppler Joe Yang

This famous chain from Chengdu has been on my to try list - and it's amazing.

Firstly, the 3 flavour pot! It goes for $18 (same for all other combi of soups) and we must say the Buttery Mala soup, Mushroom soup and Tomato soup was all 💯💯💯.

Next, how is it possible that they have such creative meat dishes (e.g. pork ribs with cumin, bacon with enoki) and they all go for $6-$8 mostly for half portions. We were absolutely spoilt for choice.

Lastly, aaaah, their sauces!!! They recommend their Sichuan sauce which consists of spring onion, coriander, garlic, oyster sauce and a whole lotta mala oil. Just dip your meat in and it pairs perfectly.

(~$35 per pax. There's some chope discount to explore)

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3.75⭐As we are not hungry, ordered a combo mi xian. Had tomato soup base since I don't eat spicy food. Comfort food on a raining day.
#TamjaiSamgorMixian #CrossBridgrMixian

Visited on 6 May 2021
LOOOVE the Peking duck omg 😍 so good with vvv crispy skin!! They will slice the skin at your table and the leftover meat can be used to cook noodles or fried rice. Super good, 3 of us had no problem finishing it :-) however the other dishes didn’t impress me as much
Best to pre-order the duck to avoid disappointment.

We tried the yellow ginger chicken, curry chicken, and roast pork. I think the ginger chicken was the best, though we did like all. First time seeing nasi lemak served with pork.

📍初早餐 True Breakfast, Cuppage Plaza📍
💸 Meat floss & eggs taiwanese omelette: $4.50
💸 Carrot cake: $2.80
💸 Scallion pancake: $4
💸 Hot milk tea: $2.50
It's pretty hard to find places that serve up authentic Taiwanese breakfast, and we're glad to have discovered True Breakfast🎉! Our favourite was definitely the Meat floss & eggs taiwanese omelette. Being made to order, it arrived piping hot😍🔥. The texture of the egg crepe was a little crispy yet chewy at the same time, and the meat floss and egg🍳 added a nice fragrance and savoury taste. So delicious that we polished off one portion each🤣!! Also, nothing beats starting the day off with a hot and fragrant cup of milk tea☕ so we'll definitely recommend getting one to go along with your breakfast! Opting for either 0% or 25% sugar level would probably be sufficient, as it'll allow you to enjoy a stronger milk tea taste without it being overly sweet🍯. Also spotted some other delicious-looking main dishes on the menu as well so we'll probably be back to try those out next time☺️!

The ingredients were of a substantial amount, which made this mala value-for-money. They also had special ingredients like the pork intestines which tasted pretty good, overall a good bowl of mala!

Middle ground. The sheets are thick so don't expect the silky type of ccf. But that thickness also made it a more substantial eat.

I am one of those who will plan their travel itinerary over where to eat. Taiwan is therefore a paradise for me as there is good food to be found wherever we went --- be it XXXXL chicken cutlet, beef noodles or Taiwanese sausage. I will however never leave Taiwan without an extra bowl of mee sua.

What makes Taiwanese mee sua different is that the thin wheat vermicelli noodles are served in a thick flavourful gooey broth, topped with oysters or braised pig intestines and finished with a dash of vinegar. I usually find it easier to slurp it all up from the bowl instead of using a spoon or chopsticks!

Feng Food is a Taiwanese eatery located in the basement of Northpoint. It serves all sorts of Taiwanese food from braised meat rice to ding tai feng-style pork chop fried rice. I rather enjoyed their pig intestines mee sua. The intestines were soft and tender whilst the mee sua was good but not Ah Zong good 😀😀😀 of course!

I will be back to check out the rest of the menu!