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Recommended lists of Best Chinese Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Chinese Best Chinese Restaurants in Singapore 2016 There are plenty of Chinese restaurants in Singapore, and seeking out the best can be like looking for noodles, we mean needles, in a haystack. From the tastiest roast duck from Bayswater in London to a wholesome Cantonese meal and even an ah-ma-approved spot for dinner with the grandparents, this list is filled with ideas for when you need a Chinese meal that'll tick all the boxes. Eat up!
Good For Groups, Chinese Best Dim Sum In Singapore Need a quick and easy guide to the best Dim Sum places in Singapore? Here's the ultimate list, there's something for everyone!
Chinese Dim Sum🍤 Paradise Dim sum literally means a little gesture to the heart. It's exactly the same kind of oriental wisdom as this metaphor, that dim sum chefs put into creating each delicate treats that brings the satisfaction right to your heart.

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Top 10 places for Chinese
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Expect the unexpected with this beautiful well balanced blend of unconventional flavors and textures you’d expect of a risotto! I was in awe of how visually appealing this dish was, especially from the stunning deep purple color of the grains. Apparently, this deep pigmentation of Black rice comes from anthocyanins, the same compounded that give blueberries their color and health benefits.

So, black rice is often called “forbidden rice” because it was once reserved exclusively for the Chinese emperor and forbidden to the masses. The use of black rice instead of the usual short grain type of rice (arborio of carnaroli) provided that delectable nutty flavor and when cooked, they remain distinct and firm to the bite.

The consistency of the broth was spot on, with an interesting zing from the sour veg broth. Yet, at the same time, there is the familiar cheesy creamy base from the use of parmigiana. The fried soy beans added crunch to the dish. Overall, it was truly enjoyable and a great option to take a time out from all that peppercorn and chilli oil! 😛

If spicy food is your thing then Tan Yu should be top of your list. Underneath all that chili is actually a pretty delicious fish but all I remember about this place is cursing inwardly about having to dunk the fish into a bowl of water before eating it.😨

They have different levels of spice but for some reason they were "sold out" of the milder alternatives.😒

Mui kee serves super silky porridge with very well seasoned ingredients :> Goals is to return when we are no longer broke students to try the premium bowls of parrot fish 😂Remember to order a side of youtiao to dip in your congee! #muikee #sgeats #burpple #burpplesg #congee #tslmakan #stfoodtrending #nocfoodking #sgfood #sgig #sgfoodie #exploresingapore #onthetable #whati8today


Moonstruck as I was by the extraordinarily creative packaging, the snow skin mini mooncakes within were the real reason I was beaming.

The gorgeous petite creations, every one of them coated in the softest-of-the-soft snow skin pastry, are the result of an exclusive collaboration between pastry chef Melissa Chou of one Michelin-starred @Misterjius in San Francisco and Yan Ting Chinese restaurant’s pastry and dimsum chef Vanessa Chai.

Here are my thoughts on the four new flavours I got to try:
1. Jasmine Tea Paste with Salted Egg Yolk and Melon Seeds - If I had to rank the mooncakes, this would occupy the top spot because the delicate perfume of the jasmine had me mesmerised.
2. Custard with Macadamia Nuts - You should zero in on this if you are into nuts. They tuck whole macadamias inside for crunch.
3. Black Sesame Paste with Salted Peanut Truffle - My niece’s favourite of the lot and it’s easy to understand why as the saltiness from the white chocolate-encased peanut truffle is a clever counterpoint to the mildly sweet black sesame. I‘ve to say, I loved this very much too.
4. Red Date and Wolfberry Paste with Almond Flakes - This had me instantly thinking of “cheng tng” dessert and that’s a good thing since it’s one of my preferred local desserts.

One other thing to add is the sweetness level across the mooncakes is well controlled, something I consider very important.

If you are looking for delicious snow skin mooncakes presented with a strong “wow” factor, I think these ones from Yan Ting are seriously worth considering. Anyone lucky enough to receive them will be over the moon.

This roast duck was not bad! Crispy skin with tender meat and ticks all the boxes for a roast duck. The black truffle sauce was tasty, although I felt that it wasn’t particularly necessary because the addition of truffles didn’t do much for the dish. (Other than increase the price, haha.) I understand Mitzo’s aim of wanting to be a contemporary Chinese restaurant, but it peeves me a bit when ingredients are simply used for the sake of it.


This was a big, big disappointment. While I could smell the truffle smell floating towards me, the rice tasted completely bland. There wasn’t any flavour added by any of the ingredients and the rice seemed a bit too moist like it hadn’t been fried enough. It almost tasted like white rice with a truffle smell in fact. My brother put it the best: “they have all these quality ingredients but they don’t know how to use it properly”.

And it actually ended up tasting like a hybrid of a fried omelette and scrambed eggs, a downer if you are like your scrambled eggs creamy and runny. Nothing spectacular about their Swiss Wings ($5++) too, so I guess just stick to their delicious egg tarts .
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I rarely frequent Chinese restaurants or eateries so the Drunk Chick ($3) was pretty foreign to me, though I was told it's not uncommon to find drunken chicken in such places.

Wasn't a fan unfortunately, but I would say it's more of a preferential dislike for me; while the chicken is pretty tender and the skin gelatinous and smooth, I did not fancy the taste of rosewater and hints of alcohol coming together, and was rather confused of the flavours hitting my tastebuds.

The Ping Pong Wanton ($3, not pictured), on the other hand, I did like. It looks pretty regular in appearance but was crisp and firm - yet easy on the teeth - with a seemingly small amount of juicy meat filling that somehow doesn't hold back in savouriness. 😋

During lunch time, @misterwutea has a set lunch promo where you get a drink and side of your choice for just $4! Pretty good deal if you ask me. 😊

That's 12 dishes at 12 noon for $12! It's a few years ago and I can only recall tahu telur, rojak, curry eggs, sambal kangkong, brinjal and some kind of beef. I will accept death on such a day.

Highlights include a perfectly steamed & succulent fish in a vinegar sour sauce, barbecued #flowercrab that were tasty with nice extra smoky aroma from the barbecue, and stir fried vegetables with dried shrimps. Desserts (yam paste, glutinous rice balls) were stellar too, albeit a little pricey at $8+ each.
📍@famoustreasure, #02-28, Capitol Piazza, 13 Stamford Road
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