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Not forgetting their Xiao long baos.

Not too bad but I wouldn’t say they were the best I’ve eaten

Just take a good look at that glistening pork chop 🥺🥺🥺

Very tender n well seasoned. The sides of it was abit crispy as well

Flavours could have been more pronounced. Nonetheless, texture of the noodles were pretty good

Really good as an appetizer !!! Crispy skin and the smoked dusk had a slight black pepper taste !!

special highlight to the collagen soup which was oh so good 😍 tomato soup was very tasty and appetising as well. pork with chive dumplings and beef cubes are a must try!

A set of satisfying meal.
Speciality kampong chicken drenched with Chef special sauce.
Bean curd skin pancake, bean sprouts & signature soup.
Taste of Ipoh.

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I don’t know why they chose a wacky name like Brosis, but their food is simple yet satisfying. Their babi pongteh (braised pork stew) set, going at $12.50, comes with rice, chap chye (Nyonya stewed vegetables) and a drink. It’s a little expensive considering that there’s a lot of piquant Peranakan food out there in hawker centres, but it’s not too bad for a casual dining joint.⠀

The babi pongteh was quite delicious, with the pork stewed to supple softness. Due to the time taken for that, the umami flavours of the stew liquid has infused every last fibre of the pork and makes it tremendously tasty. The liquid itself is undeniably unctuous as well, with the spices permeating every drop of that luscious liquid.⠀

The stewed veg was considerably more disappointing, as it was close to flavourless. Mixing a bite of chap chye with the considerably more tasty babi pongteh helps, but what would really help is if the veg was sufficiently seasoned.⠀

On the whole, Brosis isn’t too shabby if you’re looking for a quick Peranakan fix, and it gets considerably more value for money with #burpplebeyond one-for-one.


For unknown reasons, I actually liked this more than the last time. I was more receptive of the beef. Noodles and seasoning were delicious as usual.

I love their bento boxes as you get to select from a variety of ingredients and you get a soup of the day too. It's value for money and delicious as well. Do note that if you don't plant to reheat the fried things don't keep well so they might turn hard when you eat it.

The mala beef brisket noodles were rather spicy and not too oily. These were not too spicy as well.