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A dish which purportedly originated from Social Place, the custard here is not too sweet, and it doesn’t flow excessively so you won’t make a big mess while eating.

I am not sure if they have a menu for dessert because we ordered through the gentleman who took our orders.
My family members and I had one bowl each of either the warm “orh nee” - a Teochew favourite of yam paste with ginkgo nuts and what I think is a dash of coconut milk ($5), or the icy-cold peach gum with red dates ($10). We all liked our choices and did not find anything lacking in them.

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If you like your vegetables full of flavour rather than simple and clean, this tasty version will suit you. It has three types of vegetables stirfried with fresh Chinese yam in a lightly spicy X.O. sauce. Best eaten with plain rice.

It was with my mum and dad that I visited this small Chinese restaurant for a second time. Barely a five-minute drive from my parents’ home, we arrived just before 6pm on a Sunday and could only get a table after we promised to return it by 7pm. Yes, they are that popular. So we swiftly ordered and the food arrived promptly soon after.
One of the dishes I found enjoyable was their “har cheong gai” or crunchy shrimp paste coated chicken wings. They came with plenty of crispy golden garlic bits which we happily scooped to add to our rice to savour.

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The picture speaks for itself. A dream come true for all you fans of pork belly out there. The fats are legit melt-in-your-mouth and skin was gelatinous and bouncy. Made up for the meaty part which was a bit tough. Sauce is pretty sweet - something I guess some of us may not be used to. Special, and something I'd recommend off the menu.

Or sweet and sour pork. We got the XL version for $40. Its different from the Chinese floury kinds we know, its more substantial, crispy and engulfed in a sour, tart sauce.

Its at Dong Fang Hong

Celebrated a birthday here, first time at a korean chinese place with jjajangmyeon filled with lots of onions with tangy black bean sauce. Theres a lot of similarities in korean and chinese food, and the marriage of them here pays tribute to the best of them

Got the $12 one, though I recommend to go for the $15 one if you prefer more meat!

The rice cake was a tad soft and it couldn’t really hold its own weight (and thus, breaking apart when I lifted it up) but it tasted soo good. Warm, sweet and slightly chewy. Love the serving of red sugar with the crushed peanut on the side too, so I can adjust it to my liking. The deep fried rice cake was not too greasy either. Must-order when you’re here.

The subtle numbing aftertaste was pretty enjoyable, and I can understand why some people hoped for stronger flavour or more oil. There are various flavours for the ice cream, but I suggest going with vanilla to avoid overpowering the peppercorn oil.

Medium spicy. 1 fish per 2 pax for Burpple 1 for 1 buffet deal (weekend dinner $39.90++ without drinks)

This was good value for money but I’ve tasted nicer Mala grilled fish where the fish skin was more tasty. Perhaps I’m not such a fan of Seabass. Preferred the one from Ba Shu Sichuan near my hood!

Medium spicy was still a little spicy for us even though we can take quite a kick usually.

Felt that the toppings (black fungus, lotus root, potato noodles at free flow for buffet) were not of a huge serving.