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Chicken wrap was interesting
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A little odd tasting, given how I am so accustomed to the usual mala flavours. This was like an odd combination of tomyum and mala, with a tinge of sourness in it. Also, it wasn’t as spicy as the usual mala with medium spice but still sufficient to start your nose running.

The main draw for me to come bere was of course XLB!!! The soup was piping hot I almost scalded my tongue so be careful you guys! Honestly I don't think Xlb is one of their specialties, so although it was great, Din tai fung's XLB does still fare better!!

$5 each. Too bland to eat on its own.

This really really tastes like Putien style lor mee or 卤面。Having tried this dish for the first time, my parents had nothing but compliments for how tasty and creamy the soup tasted. The sweetness and freshness of the seafood was all packed in that one spoonful of soup with handmade noodles.

Taste like mala xiangguo with thick udonlike beehoon and chicken cubes

Two types (min 2 order for each type) $7 or $3.50 per stick respectively. Different marinade according to waitress.

Succulent and well-seasoned. Yum!

This was so good!! It deceptively looks like salted egg yolk but do not be fooled! The pumpkin paste was so creamy and well cooked, with a tint of chilli and 九层塔 drizzled over fresh live (and di i mention big and juicy) prawns that were deep fried - to absorb the essence and creaminess of the sauce. There were 8 pieces of prawn in this dish and it was really worth the $26.90!

Probably one of the most authentic mapo tofu around

Came here for Father's Day and dad's birthday meal because of good reviews by misstamchiak, and man they do not disappoint! Besides quality Chinese food, the prices are reasonable, and the service staff are so good! My mum was just asking for so many things and other service crew would usually find her difficult, but here they addressed every single one of her requests! #respect

Nonsense. It wouldn't even pass as teh, let alone teh tarik.

Known by several names but mean a beehoon that's pan-fried into something like a pancake, which this obviously isn't. However, it's not bad, especially the apparent wok hei. Its simplicity also doesn't kill it.