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Abacus Seed (算盤子)
Location: 梅村酒家 Plum Village Restaurant, 16 Jln Leban, Singapore 577554
#plumvillage #burpple #burpplesg #hakkafood #hakkacuisine

Tried the beef lamian, tomato soup lamian and lamb skewers. The dishes unfortunately need more oomph, and could've been a lot more flavourful.

Feels like a watered down version, and but at least it's worth a shot.

Ordered the Yellow Ginger Chicken Nasi Lemak and the Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak.
The rice has a mild coconut milk fragrance, the ikan bilis are crispy and the sambal chilli is of the right amount of spiciness for me, slightly less sweet than usual nasi lemak chilli. For the chicken, both flavours are good but my fav will have to be the Yellow Ginger Chicken!

With various concepts housed in this 24-hour coffee house, we tried several of their items such as the Mama Wee’s Hainanese Curry Chicken Drumstick Set ($7.80) from Newspaper Curry Rice, Gula Melaka Kaya & Butter Hainanese Toast ($1.80 ala carte, $4.80 set with soft boiled egg, kopi/teh) from The Hainan Story Coffee & Toast stall and a variety of British Hainanese Swiss Rolls from The Hainan Story Bakery.

The curry chicken drumstick rice is something that is not to be missed as this recipe has been passed down the generations and you can truly savor the aromatics from the curry rempah and the lemak-ness from the curry that goes perfectly with the chicken and rice. Another point I would like to highlight is how well the rice is being cooked as you can literally see the steamed grains, without any lumpy or mushy rice that you might encounter at other places. For each curry rice set, it comes with a choice of a homemade vegetable and egg dish. Next in the agenda is the gula melaka kaya & butter toast which totally wowed us for its aroma and subtle sweetness from the brown sugar. Our favourite place to get such as a toast is from YY Kafei Dian and this rendition from The Hainan Story will surely put up a good fight. The generous slab of melting butter on top of the toasted bread with the gula melaka kaya will surely lift your spirits from the first bite.

Moving on to desserts, and possibly the most crowded stall with a separate queue just for takeaways as well, are the swiss rolls (gifted), made by the recipes of Chef Pang Kok Keong, previously of famed patisserie Antoinette. With a total of five different flavours with prices ranging from $3.80 to $6.80 per slice, I will recommend the Premium Old Tree MSW Durian Roll and Hainanese Coconut Pandan Roll to end your meal on a high note.
✨ The Hainan Story
📍 500 Jalan Sultan, Hotel Boss, Unit 01-09, Singapore 199020
🍴 [Self Funded]

This features the signature Indian flatbread, stretched, tossed, and smashed, then pan-fried till crisp flaky on the outside and doughy chewy on the inside, with bready sweet savoury flavour.
The prata is garnished with creamy black truffle paste and fluffy bits of egg mimosa (an egg that has been fully boiled, shelled, then crumbled into itself), which lends robust earthy eggy sweet savoury flavour.
Loved every bite of this, yum.
Qin Restaurant
The Clan Hotel
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This was very good. The yam was crispy with a smooth inside, and it was packed full with lots of diced vegetables, fungus, mushrooms, chicken and nuts. It’s excellent and priced very reasonably as well. Service at Zi Yean was outstanding too.

Astons' take on the local favourite. It lived up to Astons' brand - which is basically close one eye. None of the components stood out. If you want to serve shell with your prawns, they better be worth the extra effort - these weren't. And visiting in the final hour of the eatery's hours didn't produce a powerful broth. I won't eat this again.

We ordered a steamed crab and a chilli crab but we requested to choose the crabs. Within about 2 mins of selecting the crabs, both crab dishes were served. We told the waiter that they are definitely not the crabs that we selected as the dishes were served too soon. The waiter told us they served to the wrong table and returned them to the kitchen.

After 40 mins, the crab dishes were still not served so we informed the staff. At 930pm, both crabs were served but to our horror, the crabs were the same as what they had served us earlier on!!!!! Pls refer to the pictures attached. As seen in the pictures, they merely added the garnish for the steamed crab.

How unethical is this of the Chefs. Besides refusing to recook the crabs for us, they left our crabs in the kitchen for a good 40 minutes and served to us. Thankfully, we took pictures and this had served as a useful piece of evidence. When we showed the pictures to the manager, Carol, she initially denied and claimed that their Chefs are always able to serve the dishes in a short time. We told her to allow us to see how the Chefs are able to steam crabs in 2 minutes. This was when she was caught dumbfounded.


Super pleased about our timely late lunch decision at HDL today especially with that crazy pour! Haven’t been back for quite a bit and though a little disappointed with the lacking service today, the steamboat was still shiok. Forgot to take a picture of it, but I was obsessed with the spicy mushrooms that’s available at the condiments table. They had just the right amount of heat, so addictive!

🌶🌶 got the spicy kick. Personally, I preferred the grilled fish with green pepper, it had a stronger 麻 taste. Affordable and authentic taste!

This was amazing. The large rounds of chicken karaage are juicy and tender inside, crisp outside, with bold sweet savoury salty flavour.
Spiced with a house special blend of spices, including curry leaves, which contributes a bold layer of savoury spice notes to this appetizer. Yummy.
Qin Restaurant
The Clan Hotel
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📍Yun Nans, Jewel Changi Airport📍
💸 Steam pot chicken soup: $24.90
💸 Stir fried wild porcini mushrooms w dried chillies: $25.90
💸 Charcoal grilled seabass w lemongrass: $24.90
💸 Deep fried pork fillet w homemade spicy dip: $9.90
💸 Rice noodles w minced pork (spicy): $9.90
💸 Tossed rice noodles w shredded chicken: $12.90
💸 Beancurd pudding w brown sugar: $4.90
Had a feast at Yun Nans the other day and we absolutely love love love this restaurant😍!! Loved most of the dishes we ordered but if we have to pick our favourites, it would have to be the wild porcini mushrooms w dried chillies🍄 and grilled seabass w lemongrass🐟. The mushroom dish may look simple, but definitely a complex dish in terms of flavour. Mushrooms and garlic chips were sliced thinly and fried, which gives it a soft, chewy but crispy texture. The dried chillies also gave a good spice and fragrance to the dish🌶️. Similarly for the grilled seabass, the spices used also made the dish slightly spicy and super fragrant, crispy on the outside but the flesh remaining soft on the inside. Have to commend Yun Nans for their seasoning as we felt that the spice was at a very palatable level, slight spicy and numbing but not too overpowering!🤤

We feel that Yun Nans has managed to set itself apart from the other chinese restaurants in Singapore with its variety of dishes, thus definitely worth a try👏👏👏