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found out the shop replaced by a new mala store. i am so sad :( anyone know where they moved to?

This mala shop is famous for its deep fried lotus / potato / fish and scrambled eggs. Can weigh quite heavy if ordering lotus / potato. Good for sharing. Can be quite spicy but they have kindly provided tissue boxes at the tables. Wait might be long during peak periods.
Cost $13.16 due to heavy lotus root which shrunk when fried 🥲 must try!

Embark on a hotpot adventure at CouCou Hot Pot’s Tea Mi Tea in i12 Katong. While you delve into their delicious Chinese hotpot with broths bursting with flavour and premium meats. Don’t forget to elevate your experience with our 1-for-1 beverages deal, adding a refreshing touch to your meal!

I’ve never cared for tofu, so I can’t explain why I ended up at @chensmapotofu. Maybe I got swayed by the Michelin Bib Gourmand, or maybe I just decided to walk into the first restaurant I saw and hope for the best. My luck was in and my hope was not in vain, as my choice of the Signature Combo ($15++) was an inspired one.⠀

Featuring a half portion of the Mapo Don that got Chen’s on the Bib Gourmand and a half portion of Dan Dan Mian, this double combo combines to make a truly filling meal. The sauce of the mapo tofu was downright delightful, with its supreme savouriness spiced up with Sichuan peppercorns for that trademark numbing. The intensity of the peppercorns was quite tame, with a subtle but unmistakable numbness & a hit of spicy heat. The sauce was thick, going against the norm of a thin watery sauce, and the mapo tofu felt considerably more substantial as a result. The silky soft tofu was enriched by an abundance of minced pork, and when combined with the sapid spicy sauce & steamed rice, made me reconsider my indifference towards mapo tofu.⠀

As for the Dan Dan Mian, it was simple but satisfyingly savoury. Bouncy, QQ ramen is topped with a saucy minced pork sauce, and normally that would be all she wrote. However, here at Chen’s, that meat sauce is upgraded with a splash of Sichuan chili oil for that trademark tongue numbing sensation and the kick of spicy heat. This simple noodle dish is elevated with just a little tweak, and it was so supremely satisfying to savour. Enjoy the noodles first though, as the noodles get cold real quick and clump up.

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Higher end restaurant when compared to the rest of the Chinese restaurant in its vicinity. Strongly recommend the popiah, a very unique taste and a wide range of condiments! The staff can help to roll and serve or you can roll them yourself (makes for a fun experience). The glutinous rice was fragrant and had good texture too. Above all, the staff had great service and attitude too. We will be back :)

Went to this new restaurant with my friends and am very impress with the service and the food!! Ordered the duck appetiser and the steam crab with glutinous rice. I would say that the steam crab with glutinous rice is a must get for me, not only is the crab fresh and juicy, but the glutinous rice is super flavourful as well! You would think that the price tag of the crab will be crazy expensive, but i would say, for the price of only $88, it is definitely worth it for me! The location is also fairly convinent, it is about a 3-5 min walk away from chinatown mrt ☺️ overall, super good experience with them!

(牛肋條 + 牛筋 + 牛肚 + 腱子心)

Premium Braised Combination Beef Noodles
boneless rib cut, tendon, tripe, golden coin

Very delicious prawn noodle. The prawns were juicy and big. Will recommend especially on a rainy day.

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Doesn’t the rainy weather make us all crave for the comfort of warm soup? Here’s my recommendation! I recently enjoyed Ya Ge’s seafood hotpot with my foodie friends and we had a nourishing and indulgent meal with the Live Mud Crab Set in Lemongrass White Pepper Soup.

In addition to the Mud Crab, the pot also came with an array of fresh seafood like Abalone, Prawns, Mussels, Scallops, Clam, Handmade Cuttlefish paste and Dace Fish balls, together with wild black fungus, baby cabbage, corn, kombu, rice cake, hotpot vermicelli, gluten puff, enoki mushroom, crispy beancurd skin, bamboo shoot, and broccoli. This was literally comfort in a pot! What really stood out for me was the super appetising and unique Lemongrass White Pepper Soup (think pig’s stomach soup with that extra zest from the lemongrass) which truly elevated the overall taste experience and complemented the seafood extremely well! Another available soup base is the Sugarcane & Imperatae Soup which sounds really good too!

Available till 31 Dec 2023, Ya Ge’s Seafood Hotpot series also includes 2 other choices:
~Tiger Garoupa (S$168++, good for 3-4 pax)
~Australian Live Lobster (500g) and South African Abalone (S$218++, good for 3-4 pax)

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To welcome the Year of the Dragon, Chef Aaron and team has prepared a Dragon’s Wealth Yu Sheng filled with an abundance of premium seafood with a honey miso golden peach sauce. After all the tossing for wealth and health, we were treated with the Abundance Treasure Pot, a pen cai filled with umami goodness with the treasures from the sea. The Prosperity Steamed Cod Fish with crispy preserved radish was perfectly cooked while the Fortune Oven-baked Lobster comes in a golden butter sauce and cheese. The usual roasted chicken is given an upgrade with the Lunar Bliss Sichuan Style Chicken that is stir-fried with Sichuan spice to give a spicy and numbing sensation from each bite. The last savoury dish of Signature Roasted Suckling Pig was not to be missed, with the crispy outer skin paired with the five-grain glutinous rice. To finish the meal, we had the Harmony Chilled Pumpkin Puree that contains nourishing bird’s nest and a side of sweet nian gao.

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Finally tried these pan-fried buns [a.k.a. sheng jian bao 生煎包] after reading rave reviews from social medias.

The enormous bun comes with a somewhat thicker skin and pan-fried bottom, bursting with amazingly flavourful broth and juicy meat filling.

One quick note 📝 is to consume the pan-fried buns & fried dumplings 🔜 as the chewy skin hardens quickly, nearly causing a chipped tooth when I bite on the thick doughy skin. 😨

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