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The newest concept by Maison Ikkoku slings out Singapore Sling-inspired cocktails and upscale versions of Peranakan food, such as the Ikan Assam. While the grilled salmon was overcooked, it was fortunately redeemed by the spicy and tangy chickpea and sour assam sauce, which I could see being a dish on its own served with pita or rice.

<< Invited tasting >>

Taste: 3/5

Really tender and nicely done! No complains about this 😋

If you love sea urchin you’ll love this dish!!! Wish they gave more of the sauce tho hahaha

Strong and intense

The grapefruit was an interesting addition.

We each had the quarter chicken using burpple beyond 1-for-1 dinner set menu. Comes with a side and drink (alcohol included) Chicken was great and the sides were better! Very friendly staff and they actually opened till 11pm on weekday.

Our taste buds were treated to the marriage of french and japanese cuisine. For 5 people, the server classically shares that we have to get 5:4:3 - or 5 appetisers, 4 charcoal grill and 3 mains.

Highlighting the memorable ones here:
1. Shrimp Dumplings - plump, juicy darlings in rich bisque ($25)
2. Uni pasta - a special thats not on the menu, so buttery rich and decadent, king of all pastas ($42)
3. Little Neck Clams - a definite must order for how generous and hearty the portion is. ($20) Drinking the clam broth warms you up so
4. Australian Wagyu and Garlic Chips - chunky beefs!! Cooked on their special Binchotan charcoal that made it extra smokey ($16)
5. Hokkaido Scallops - delicately prepared XL sized scallops ($22)
6. Foie Gras - love how earthy the foei gras tasted, and thought its rly unique it's paired with daikon in dashi broth. May be an acquired taste but liked this alot ($24)
7. Short Rib (the feature!) - paired with port wine reduction, this is a clear indulgence of tastes ($40)
8. Binchotan - the signature dish of "popiah" is densely packed with rich pulled Angus Beef, irresistible with cream ($25)
9. Uni & Caviar - one unique dish on cauliflower puree? Flavour bomb ($25)

What a feast with friends!! :-)

One of the best maki places.
Ordered their Hidden Dragon Roll and February Anniversary Maki, together with a truffles fries for sharing.
Food: 10/10
Ambience: 9/10
Great place to catch up with friends. And their maki is well above expectation! 👍🏻👍🏻
Spent: $56.50 (can pay by cash, card, grabpay)(can use chope voucher)

Loved the pandan aftertaste for this cocktail. To remember, indeed.

Not a fan of octopus but decided to give this a try regardless, no thanks to raved reviews online. The dish did looked exactly the way it was named, Charred Octopus. What I liked about this was its texture. Unlike other octopus dish, their rendition wasn't chewy. I mean sure, it had a nice bounce to it, but it wasn't rubbery and hard to tear apart. Every bite was great - smokey flavours on the outside, with a zest of lemon to turn things up a little. The dish was gone before you know it. Sorry Hank (Disney reference)

Another must order here is the Quattro Formaggi, which comprises of gorgonzola, parmesan, smoked mozzarella and fontina, quite the cheesy heaven. To quote Bieber, 'Yummy, yummy, yummy ~'

Priced at an intimidating $38 for what sounds like an ordinary meatball, it was pretty decent considering it was made from fresh Imperial Wagyu beef, Italian sausage and veal shoulder. The end product is a pound of meat, seated delicately among a pool of tangy tomato sauce and cheese atop it.

A Singapore Sling by way of an Old Fashioned, expect the spirit-forward potency of the latter, blended with the sweetness and medicinal undertones of the former. For lovers of strong and bitter aperitifs.

<< Invited tasting >>

Taste: 3/5