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Chanced upon this place in Tanjong Pagar and was amazed by the wide selection of exotic cocktails (only $16 during happy hours!). The food is great too! Very flavourful. Will return again!

One of the most unique gin flavours that I fancied was their Earl Grey G&T (S$16.00). Infused with Earl Grey, the Singapore Dry Gin made by Brass Lion Distillery was paired with Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic and garnished with dehydrated lemon slice and lemon balm.

I felt like I was drinking a tea cocktail, but the flavours remained refreshing with distinct notes of citrus, floral and bergamot. My only gripe about this was that it was good yet the gin was not available for retail.

Oysters would probably be one of the most enticing items in the menu to pair with a lovely glass of gin and tonic.

It was interesting to read previous reviews on this item, as I felt that the oysters were fresh and shucked upon order. These Japanese oysters might not be as plump as I would have desired, but they were still very delicious and heavenly.

What really surprised me was the small bottle of Brass Lion Hot Sauce that accompanied the seafood. It had a very potent kick of spice and lime which could be a better substitute of Tabasco sauce. And I wonder if there could be some traces of gin in the sauce… I wonder.

Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to just check with the crew on the origin of the oysters and when they were brought in. I did my homework and I really didn’t regret sharing this with my drinks partner, thanks to Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 deals.


Everything we ordered were good, service was fantastic and myself & my friends thoroughly enjoyed ourselves here! Will definitely come back again!

If not for a complimentary pass for this Guided Gin Tasting Experience, I would have not have known that we have a gin distillery in Singapore that also provided these educational experiences to gin and alcohol enthusiasts.

The activity started off with a short introduction of the company and their aspirations in producing gin with a touch of local flavours. This was followed by a good sip of each of the gin that were lined up nicely in front of me, neat, with paired tonic water and then with recommended garnishes (all prepared nicely on the wooden tray). And when everything was tried, we would get to choose to get a whole glass of gin and tonic to end off the session…… for now.

But of course, because everyone’s palates would be quite different, it would be fully understandable that their preferences would differ too. Rather than saying what I would really recommend, I would strongly advise to sit through this guided session just to try the best of our local produce.

Prior booking would be required for this experience, and I would suggest to those interested to ask someone who would be as interested to tag along for the best appreciation.

Shredded Duck Confit, $20++
Baby potatoes, Fresh Oranges, Mesclun, Pine Nuts, Black Sesame

How about some Nepalese Momo dumplings 🥟 stuffed generously with spiced veggies & steamed - yums! 😍 Have them when they're piping hot for the best flavours. Felt that the skin could be thinner though.

Indian food lovers will like their Galouti Kabab, a traditional dish made of mashed mixed vegetables, sweet chutney & mint sauce 🌱. Something interesting for me.

Their Taiwanese Chicken Buns also make a good starter with irresistible spiced fried chicken 🐔 sandwiched between crispy mantou buns! ✔ Love the creamy sauce!

If you are a fan of cheese, you gotta try their homemade Labneh Balls 🧀 served on a crispy pita with roasted tomato & basil pesto - perfectly rich & creamy! 👍🏻

My favourite dish here has got to be their South African BBQ Ribs! 🐄 Pull-apart tender & well-seasoned with barbecue sauce, this was super scrumptious! ❤

Well, another must try, apart from the famed Burrata pizza, is probably this mushroom Truffle Pizza that we saw from almost every other table. The strong truffle fragrance permeates through the air as soon as it was laid on our table. Lino's very generous with the truffle spread on the pizza!!! We loved the shrooms and truffle mix. The crust-to-shrooms ratio was perfect, not too thick and bready. I didnt feel overly stuffed with carbs after my meal and that's an awesome feeling post pizza-meal! It's served with a sunny side up in the centre - only if it's more oozy than cooked, it'd be closer to perfect. Nevertheless, this was an otherwise pretty awesome meal to start a lazy noon. It's made so much more affordable with Burpple beyond 1-1! Without it, we'll come back for their set-meal - pretty value worth too at $24++ for 1 appetizer, 1 main and 1 dessert!