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Deep fried boneless chicken thigh [$20] on a crispy waffle drizzled with a bourbon maple butter sauce. Yep, you heard that right!!

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Located at 201 Victoria Bugis+, #05-07 Singapore 188067. Olivia Grunts (Bacon), $14. A savoury plate of linguine cooked fragrantly with lots of garlic, olive oil, mushroom and bacon! Linguine texture was cooked just right and it’s totally infused with great flavours. Portion was decent and they are generous in their ingredients 👍🏼! Another relaxing place with live music, drinks and delicious food! @hoodbarandmusic #hungryunicornsg #hoodbarandcafe #hoodbar #pasta #linguine

Colourful presentation of fruits and vegetables.
Appetising vinaigrette.


A traditional dish in the Lowcountry.
Honestly, the colourful sauce was sort of bland; however, the shrimp did an excellent job that we all enjoyed.
Overall, the appetizer was indeed quite savoury.

Grits: made from boiled corn meal.


Served warm, creamy classic comforting baked macaroni and melted cheese.


One of the signature appetisers.
With whipped honey butter & cranberry sauce.
Sweet, fluffy & simply inviting.
Let’s eat!

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Part of the chicken buffet. Quite luxurious for a freebie lol.

Mash stole pig's show. Incredibly good. I expected more from pork collar. Here it's dry and tough, although they serve a thicker cut than other places, so it might be subjective. French beans are almost always good.

If you happen to be here on Tuesdays and want their chicken, take this because it's better value, even if I didn't order another serving. I went with their honey sriracha chicken as they offered to separate the sauce so I could taste their signature fried chicken. Unfortunately, it wasn't fantastic, which led us to wonder whether the original chicken is better. Curly fries weren't crispy too. I love cornbread so that I ordered again.

Skip the Tuesday buffet. Chicken chunks was mostly dry and taste of oil.

The Waffles and Chicken looks better!

Could do with more garlic cream sauce! Didn't have any left for the pork collar after a few bites and the meat was also a tad dry. The mash potato and bacon bits is da bomb.

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