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Used the Burpple 1-for-1 so this is the free dish (U.P. $17). Didn’t really expect much from the text-only menu (I’m a visual person), and this wasn’t heavily featured in the reviews, but I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good sandwich.
Packed tightly with generous slices of roast beef, sautéed onions, gherkins, tomatoes, mustard mayo and rocket leaves, sandwiched in 2 huge slices of sourdough.
For someone with a relatively big appetite, I could barely finish it. To be fair, I was down with a cold and we ordered an additional side of truffle fries (which is a huge portion as well). Even so, this was so good that I really wanted to savour every bite of it.

There are not many options for me at PBD so I went for the mushroom melts ($16+). Mushroom trio (shimeji, portabello, white button), mozzarella, balsamic glaze, caramelized onions, arugula, garlic aioli and rye bread.

Love the bread though it got soggy fast. Yes to the cheese and caramelized onions in neutralising the bitterness of arugula. Wasn't the biggest fan of the sauces as it came across a tad too sweet for a savoury sandwich. Pricey but is more value for money with Burpple Beyond.

Absolutely delicious, the ice cream portion was generous with crispy and full waffles.

We also tried their crepe cake and was super impressed with how light it was on the palette.

Ha cheong gai chicken which is not part of the Beyond Burpple promotion was crispy, soft, strong prawn paste taste mmmph

Rating: 8.5/10!!!

Sakura ebi capellini and scallops in seaweed and miso butter sauce, so irresistible to keep dipping bread to soak up all of it.

Just look at the portion of the clams! Seems to have covered all the pasta underneath. Aglio Olio was flavorful with the right amount of spiciness.

Anything served with pulled pork is a sure win.
This egg Benedict even came with an avocado spread, which some other cafes do not include.
Generous portion of pulled pork !!

Pasta used was thicker than the usual but no issues on that. Pork cheek came in huge chunks and was tender and easy to bite into. Gravy was also good, did not have an overly strong tomato taste !! Yummy

Had the oyako pan, it was a tad salty. ($8/pax)
Love the cozy warm ambience which makes this place pretty & perfect. There's also a small corner at l2 where you can rest on the couch with your friends.
Free wifi and water available.
Apparently they will change the menu every 3 months hence there's no more pulled k-pork which I wanted to try.
Looking forward to their new menu again soon!

Taking over a defunct cafe, @cheeky_allday meticulously creates a new menu.
Even the music song list is specially selected blend into the atmosphere
P2-3: Kaya Pancakes $15
Fluffy pancakes, Kaya cream sauce, Seasonal berries
Creamy homemade Kaya cream sauce is thick yet not cloying. Goes very well with the fluffy pan cake.
Strawberries, goose berry & berry jam give a fruity and acidic flavour to the pancakes.
Coming from a non dessert guy, this is good.
P4: Umami Pork Burger $15.
Toasted bun, Juicy Pork Patty, Kombu sauce, Green Apple Slaw.
One Hella of an Umami Pork burger. Must try. Speechless.
P5: Cheeky Breakfast Club $22
Thick Cut Bacon, scrambled eggs, Balsamic roasted mushrooms, Honey confit cherry tomatoes, Toasted sourdough.
Adore the thick cut Bacon, pan fried to perfection.
Perfect scrambled eggs.
Breakfast for the champion.
Everyone’s favourite.
P6: Coffee Spritz $6
Sweet, citrusy, refreshing
Matcha Latte $5
This matcha latte is not too shabby.

74 Neil Road
Singapore 088839
Tel: 6220 0491

Opening hours:
Tue- Fri: 10:30am - 6pm
Sat & PH: 9:30am - 6pm
Sun: 9:30am - 4pm
Closed on Mondays
IG: @cheeky_allday
Thank you Tim & @cheeky_allday for the invite; having us
#FoodinSingapore #WhatMakesSG
#burpple #burpplesg

ordered 4 dishes to share. the big breakfast, vongole aglio olio, pork chop and a salmon not shown here.
loved the scrambled egg. creamy and substantial. bacon was the hard version. i personally prefer the soft version with the sinful melty fats.
clams were fat and juicy. pasta was cooked nicely. no complaints. pork chop was tender. curly fries was a plus. and for the salmon, dont think anyone can go wrong with it.
since there were only 3 of us, we were only allowed to use one burpple beyond offer.
$33 per pax with burpple beyond.
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Come 22 Jun, @goodluckbeerhouse will be launching Unicorn Burps, a Pink Dragon Fruit Pilsner, because we want to empower everyone to free choice; to choose who they want to love; to choose what they want to drink. A proportion of proceeds for Unicorn Burps will go to charity and a worthy cause. 22 Jun from 5pm onwards; exercise your freedom to choose.

🎊 Upon first glance at its menu, the offerings here did seem like those of any other cafes in the area 👀

BUT don’t let that trick you into walking away from this reaaaalllllyyyyy cheeky cafe☝️ All of the items on their menu have been through several rounds of R&D with interesting elements surprising you when you least expect it! 😱

🍳: Cheeky Breakfast Club ($22)
Consisting of scrambled eggs 🥚, balsamic roasted mushrooms 🍄, honey confit cherry tomatoes 🍅, toasted sourdough 🥖 and thick cut bacon 🥓. One look and you see the jarring difference between this breakfast platter and others — the thick cut bacon! Oozing with juices and perfectly marinated, this is bound to please all!

👅 Umami Pork Burger ($15)
This is an upcoming dish and is also my FAVOURITE out of the 3 dishes that I tried. Think: homemade patty using minced pork and a savoury kombu sauce balanced out by the light citrusy notes of the green apple slaw 🍏. The tasting profile of the homemade sauce is so complex and unlike anything that I’ve ever tasted!

🥞: Kaya Pancakes ($15)
It’s kind of like a bite of home 🏡 but at the same time, when you get a taste of that kaya sauce, you suddenly remember that you’re at a cafe outside of home! Thick, creamy and boasting of strong Pandan fragrances, the homemade kaya cream sauce was what made this dish stands out for me! 😜

💕 Thank you @darr3n0ng for inviting and Tim of @cheeky_allday for your hospitality!

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