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Am I only the one who found PS cafe’s truffle fries rly underwhelming? It was on my bucket list for the longest time and I had a lot of expectations - only to feel disappointed after trying it. The fries were served cold and bland. I was quite sure I have tried way better truffle fries at other random cafes out there sigh

Favourite dish of the night - creamy miso butter sauce with a flaky fillet of cod, charred and seasoned beautifully. Comes with a dollop of berry sauce too. Capellini is served on the side tossed with ebiko, shredded kombu and fresh herbs, giving it a flair of umami.

Not sure if we were just really hungry and everything was so delish, we felt that the portions were slightly small. That aside, Cicada has a lovely ambience, friendly service and interesting cocktails, a great place for girls night out.

Hidden in the nest of Namly Gardens, this place is quite inconvenient by public transport. However the food makes up for it. Ordered the Burrata Pizza, AlFunghi, Carbonara and Seafood Linguine (not pictured) and every dish met our expectations!

Their carbonara was very creamy with a generous portion of bacon but the pasta was a bit tough. The seafood linguine was spicy with generous amount of seafood (scallops prawns and clams!!) but could be a little less saltier. The Burrata Pizza was our favourite with a chunky portion of the Burrata on every slice, it didn’t matter that there were no Parma/meat on it- it was tasty as it is.

Highly recommended for dinner parties and date nights!

Pretty plating and instead of the usual sweet soup, it came with a mango coconut panna cotta. Tasted ok but pricy.

Damage: $10

A dish made up of chocolate cake, white chocolate crumble and milk chocolate whipped ganache. Tasted very ordinary like the usual chocolate cake and was abit dry. Again, the desserts were disappointing.

Damage: $12

Mains were all quite enjoyable but I couldn’t say the same for the desserts. This is a super atas chendol which tasted so so and there wasn’t much coconut taste to it. The plating though was pretty and Instagram worthy. Will not order desserts the next time.

Damage: $12

Pork belly was char grill, but tough due to the very lean meat and lack of fats. Personally prefer the melt in the mouth goodness of fats thus this is my least favorite of all main dishes. 1 for 1 with Burpple Beyond.

Damage: $24/2 = $12

At first we were quite hesitant on this dish but did not regret it when we tasted it. Wok hei taste was on point and I like the pork inside. 1 for 1 with Burpple Beyond is worth it!

Damage: $16/2 = $8

This tasted like a very atas fried bee Hoon but it was yummy. With the 1 for 1 on Burpple Beyond it’s worth it. Prawn was well grilled and matches well with the pasta.

Damage: $22/2 = $11

Saw all the good reviews of this and it didn’t disappoint at all. Love the miso butter sauce and how the cod melts in the mouth with it. The pasta was the right springiness and portion was just nice for a lady. Will definitely order this again next time! Highly recommended. 1 for 1 with Burrple Beyond is fantastic.

Damage: $30/2 = $15

Yummy fried boneless chicken which we enjoyed. Again similar to the other sharing snack, for this price point, portion is small.

Damage: $12