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Beef wellington was superb and tender. Although we did wait ~45 mins, I did feel like it was worth the wait. Bookings do have to be made 1-2 weeks in advance as they can get quite packed. Wellington easily feeds 2-3 people as the serving size is huge. Comes with 2 sides which as truffle mashed potatoes and maple carrots. Overall, I would come back again!

Authentic italian food with good vibes and ambience. Felt that the staff were also very attentive. Casual dining and didn’t felt the need to dress very well as well. Would highly recommend to visit. Only issue I have is that nearer to the window area, it tends to get a bit hot as the aircon is unable to reach that area.

S$ 38
Super tender pork ribs coated with sticky smokey BBQ sauce.
They even give additional sauce on separate saucer, makes it super flavorful.

Tablescape’s new Afternoon Tea Set allows you to enjoy it dine-in or in the comfort of your own home. It features a refreshed menu of savoury and sweets that are delicately put together, such as Rosemary Apple Tart, Cheese Mousse in a “Flower Pot”, Foie Gras Kaya Brioche, and a selection of Scones with Homemade Jam, Clotted Cream and Homemade Butter. Our takeaway set also came with sachets of teas and coffee. We thought this was pretty worth the price tag!

went during the weekends and it was packed but definitely worth the wait! had the full blood wagyu denver and was super good. if you would like some vege with your meal, the broccolini was good as well. definitely would visit again!

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Finally had a chance to try this pretty fancy restaurant!

Their $35 3 course lunch menu consist of a starter, main and dessert. For the starters we had their Garlic Escargot and Chicken Pate. The Garlic Escargot were okay but we hoped that it can be more garlicky. The chicken pate was really rich and went well with the bread given. It can be quite surfeiting so it's best to share with others!

As for the mains we got the Angus Ribeye and Lamb Chops. The Angus Ribeye was tender and well seasoned and I loved how the compound butter added extra richness to the steak!

The lamb chops were tender and well seasoned as wdll, but the gamey flavour was quite strong. Perhaps lamb lovers will appreciate it better!

Desserts were okay, nothing much to shout out about. The food was overall alright but the ambience is definitely date night worthy!

Bringing authentic sushi ya experience to Singapore. Chef Ueda presented this tasty dish. Lightly grilled abalone with abalone liver paste. The flavours of the paste was buttery and went very well the abalone. An extremely pleasant dish. With the addition of some sushi rice right after with the paste the experience was unforgettable. Highly recommend

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Exquisite taste and pleasant experience in the Omakase by chef Ueda. The Uni was briefly smoked and perfectly balanced with abit of salt. The intricacy and art of cooking exhibited in every dish. Bringing in great flavours of Japan.

I’m back at Pasta & Co. once again for the fifth or sixth time! I’m glad to say standards are still well maintained at the establishment, though I must say my usual Lamb Merguez was a tad bit too spicy this round.

My friends had the Ragu, Mentaiko, and the Pasta alla Vodka. Alcohol taste in the pasta wasn’t too visible and was probably the favourite of the night.

Total spent $62.80 for 4 pax’s full-portion (after Burpple Beyond); doesn’t break the bank. I’m happy that the establishment is doing well. Michelle (lady boss) always serves with a nice smile; service is still fantastic. Would always recommend someone to try this place.

Went on a weekend, it was just a few minutes walk from botanic garden, but do try to make a reservation especially the weekends as it gets really crowded. Loved the chill vibes. We got quite abit of items to share such as the fried camembert (i love cheese so this was good), as well as full blood wagyu denver and steak and eggs (would definitely recommend the wagyu denver, worth the price difference), we also had the grilled broccolini (really good unique taste ) as well as the cheese cake ( super soft even the sauce can be gelat after awhile because they gave alot hahah) but i would definitely come back to try the other items on the menu

Truffle fries are a must order at PS.Cafe.

Desserts: highly recommend the dark chocolate banana cheesecake.

Feature :
💕Floating island
This dessert is good, light, refreshing and not too sweet.
Soft meringue served with passion fruit creme anglaise , exotic compote and passion fruit tuille
💕fresh Hokkaido Scallop that moist with firm texture served with Grilled Avocado, Thai Broth, Chillies.
Sweet from scallop, tangy from Thai broth and a hint of spicy fr chilli, all combine into one.
💕Classic Beef Tartare served with Confit Eg Yolk and Pickled Shalots
Josper charcoal grill
💕Rangers Valley
Pure Black Angus grain feed grilled using a Josper charcoal oven, succulence meat ,tender inside while outside have light char.
💕Tender juicy Bangalow Pork Chop served with Burnt Smith Apple, Pork Crackling, Lemon Curd,
sherry Vinegar Jus

📍Origin Grill.
Tower Wing Shangri-La , Lobby Level