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Recommended lists of Food and restaurants for Date Night in Singapore
Best Places for Dates Under $70 in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Date Night Best Places for Dates Under $70 in Singapore Planning a special meal doesn't always have to hurt your wallet or be in a fancy restaurant. We've compiled a guide to places where you can have fun with good food and "date vibes" — specifically catered to a budget of $70 and under per couple. Whether it's digging into a huge paella while sipping wine in Robertson Quay or sharing stellar Western fare in Kembangan, bring your sweetheart (and appetite) for a date that is set to impress! *Note that dishes may vary on Valentine's Day
12 Best Places for French in Singapore
French, Burpple Guides, Date Night, Fine Dining 12 Best Places for French in Singapore The French love their food and certainly know how to indulge. Lucky for us, we've got our fair share of quality restaurants and cafés in Singapore dishing up superb French fare ranging from a homey creperie to the most lavish fine dining venues.
15 Places to Impress Your Date
Burpple Guides, Date Night, Fine Dining 15 Places to Impress Your Date Trying to impress your date for the very first time, or simply romancing your special someone with a good meal? Here's a list of 15 romantic spots with incredible value for money, brought to you by The Good Life®!
5 Best Omakase Places in Singapore
Popular, Japanese, Date Night 5 Best Omakase Places in Singapore When you say omakase, or “it’s up to you”, in a Japanese restaurant, you are entrusting the entire dining experience to the chef. In return, the chef will present his finest ingredients and culinary creativity for your dining pleasure. Check out Amanda's picks of the top 5 mouth-watering omakase restaurants - add these to your lists!

Top 10 Places for Date Night

Top 10 places for Date Night

Latest Reviews for Date Night

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Date Night
Simple fare but large on flavour - the combination of Multigrain Sourdough ($3.90) and Kombu Butter ($2) caught my eye from their menu (especially after trying out the uber stella Kombu Butter from @lollasg).

Their kombu Butter was not disappointing at all, oh the sweet and umami-ness of it and it paired very well with their Sourdough which I love the texture (not overly crunchy) but could do with alittle more sourness. I definitely wouldn't mind starting my day with a plate of this simple delights 🤤

Don’t you just adore that crunchy, crackling sound you get when cutting into a crispy batter?!

Cause I sure do.

Fried to perfection, Portico Host’s Beer Battered Fish & Chip ($23) was really quite satisfying. Nice and even, the coating on the chunky Seabass fillets were not too thin or thick and managed to lock in the moisture of the fish. And to me though using Seabass seems to be somewhat a waste for fish and chips, it had a great texture (lean and flaky) and you can get the natural sweetness of the fish. With no lemon provided on the plate, I got a hint of citrus on the batter as well. It also comes with a touch of asian flavours in a form of their Lime-Scented Apple Waldorf Salad in the middle. The slightly sharp and tangy dressing serves to break the monotony of the fried items and refresh the palate.
*They are currently having a 15% off for DBS card holders.
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By one-half of the brains behind Saveur.

Some hits and misses at The Masses, but decent enough, with the same concept of restaurant-quality food at relatively more affordable prices.

For starters, go for The Egg ($9), smooth steamed egg topped with a generous mountain of ikura, tobiko and homemade potato chips - so keep the photo-taking to a minimal or the chips turn soggy. I liked how it was a party of textures and flavours with that salty burst. Available in hot or cold version.
Having read reviews and seen that impressive pasta twirl topped generously with caviar and crabmeat we knew we had to try it. Decent, but flavours of the sauce and crabmeat with the cold angel hair pasta was light and didn't quite stand out.
For mains, we wanted a little land, sea, air whatever so Fish & Chips ($14.90) it was - and well, skip it - it was sadly bland, flakey, crabmeat gremolata did little to help + chips tasted like they were the frozen kind. Hoping it's just a bad day but anyhoo, go instead for our unanimous favourite, the Duroc Pork Loin ($15)! Incredibly tender, juicy; a good proportion of lean meat and fattiness, creamy scrambled egg with a subtle hint of truffle aroma, served with chicharron (wasn't a fan of it here) plum, and Brussel sprouts.
Cos' if it ain't broke don't fix it; for a fail-proof tried-and-tested option, get the duck leg confit ($12.90). Like Saveur's with crisp skin and tender flesh, but with croquette instead of that lovely mash. Served with candied orange and foie gras sauce.

The Egg

Comes with hot and cold version, this hot steamed egg tasted quite similar to chawanmushi, that was soft and smooth on the palate, added with beurre noisette to enhance its taste!

It comes topped with full of ikura and tobiko that provides a burst of flavours, while the homemade potato chips were slightly crispy and pretty pleasant to have, not turning soggy easily.

Visit Green Iceland @kuvosingapore

Greeted initially by the fruity and floral tones, the elegant sparkling wine blended vivaciously with umeshu, lime, brown sugar and mint leaves will then invigorate you with its refreshing zest and its gentle balance of sweetness and tart.

What I find truly amazing is how the ice remains rock hard and glued to the exterior of the glass even after some time.
🏢02-01 Orchard Shopping Centre, 321 Orchard Road, S238866
🕚Opening Hours:
Mon to Thurs 5.00 pm to 1.00 am
Fri 5.00 pm to 2.00 am
Sat 12.00 pm to 2.00 am
Sun 12.00 pm to 1.00 am
💲Damage: $20
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Chicken Collagen Veloute [$8]

The Masses take on contemporary happy food.
Fresh clams cooked in chicken soup to give an additional hint of seafood freshness in the luscious broth.
Packed with collagen and would probably makes my skin goes smoother.

Colossal Crab Lumps ($20).

This is a light and refreshing appetizer with a bit of creaminess and some spicy kick.
I like how refreshing the Julienne iceberg lettuce was, and tomato concasse which was tossed with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper. It was then topped with generosity chunks of blue swimmer crab lumps, which was mixed with house made Louis dressing.. A little creamy and a bit spicy.
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Bistro November - Chef's Selection/Omakase - 5th Course : Mutton, Salted Plum, Chamomile (💵S$18) 🍴
Raw Mutton with Foie Gras with Salted Plum, that is topped with shaved macadamia nuts.

(Yes it's shaved macadamia nuts, not cheese taste it & one will know why) 😋
Pair it with the given veg that's sprinkled with cranberry powder for the umami "OMG that's good?! Wait what?! Raw Mutton with hints of Foie Gras?!" Yes, calm down fam. 🏵

ACAMASTIPS💮: Out of all the courses, this stood out to me. It doesn't have the Mutton smell that many feared & it's simply sublime. 🖖🏻

The platter of soft, hard and white.

An ice cream sandwich with candied bacon and infused bowmore 18 year is the way to end all lunches. Jam pack with flavours, the dessert is a wonderful overload of sweetness and an excellent foil to that Iberico pork chop. People will remember this combination for awhile.

That Iberico pork chop with a umeboshi glaze and leek shoots by @adriftbydavidmyers .

Its minimalist look disguised the intensity of flavours from the cure and the meat as well as the pickled ume. Paired with the 18 year @bowmoredistillery Travelers series gives it that 4th dimension of sensory experience. If you like bourbon, the 15 year plays nicely with this as well.

Fatcow Premium Donburi ($98++)

Admittedly, just reading the menu of what goes into the Fatcow Premium Donburi had me whimpering in excitement.
At $98++, it is possibly the most decadent Japanese don (rice bowl) I have had to date. Served on a bed of rice were:
- A slab of Wagyu steak (I asked for mine to be done medium-rare and it was perfect)
- Pan-seared chunks of creamy foie gras
- Bafun uni
- Ikura
- Caviar
- Onsen egg

As the portion for this a la carte item is a little larger than the rice bowls from the set lunch menu, I'd say this is a good choice if you're famished or in the mood to indulge.