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Recommended lists for Desserts

Recommended lists of Best Desserts in Singapore, 2019
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Top 10 Places for Desserts

Top 10 places for Desserts

Latest Reviews for Desserts

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Desserts

Matchaya is a green. Tea. Institution. I discovered this placed when it first opened in icon village near my office before all the hype around it skyrocketed. I’d like to call myself one of the founding supporters of this place. Hahaha. On another hand, the matcha and houjicha items here are really made with the real quality stuff, and are fragrant and refreshing.

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This has a total belly score of 4.5/5! 🍵

Bunny tea serves up simple yet yummy ham & cheese sandwiches in the morning which gets me ready to tackle any challenge the day might bring! The red milk tea is amazingly fragrant and I love the white pearls that are crunchy and springy, a refreshing change from the usual chewy black ones.

This has a total belly score of 4/5!

had the academics breakfast ($25) and rosti ($23), both were great but i wouldnt pay $25/$23..

Surrounded by factories giving the cafe a nice industry touch. Coffee is kinda acidic. If you like strong coffee this should be your cake.

Good things are meant to be snapped & shared with our loved ones and friends. Recently, I have visited Gravitea Bar, a hidden gem located at Oxley Tower level 2.
We have tasted the following drinks from Gravitea Bar:
🍊CNY Special Drinks:
🥤Mango Matcha ($6.90)
🥤Berry Orange ($4.50) ✨Regular Drinks:
🥤Mixed Fruit Tea ($5.90)
🥤Yakult Passion Fruit ($4.30)

Gravitea Bar’s main goal is to provide a pleasant drinking experience for their customers by providing them with fresh & quality drinks. We were pleasantly surprised when we found out that every cup of drink and ingredients were freshly prepared on the spot upon customer’s order to ensure the freshness and to maximize the pleasant drinking experience.

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Fully Loaded ($22)
Big breakfast leveled up many times over @oriolecoffee ! Warm scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, rocket salad, toasted sourdough and a ginormous spicy pork sausage. Always awesome when using the #burpplebeyond to get 2 breakfast items for the price of one right in the heart of orchard! Take note though that items ordered must be from the same category.


Finally I get to try original bubblewrap after so long time. I just went to redeem free scoop ice cream and decided to add on original bubblewrap ($3.40) (I want to try stuffed bubblewrap and its too ex). Root Beer Ice Cream taste too similar when I try it out for first time.

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go for Ispahan... it’s delish and not so sweet... Paris Brest is quite okay... we find the pastry to be a bit hard though that might be as we came late in the afternoon (4pm+)...

oh and i just wish that lychee be removed from Ispahan and that would be perfect for me.. 😁