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Second time having the gashouse eggs and somehow I was more impressed this time (I tried it once last year and it was slightly dry). The cheese was so chewy and thick atop the moist brioche and the runny egg was done to perfection within. The bacon jam was such a unique touch too. Really enjoyed this unique brunch offering, will definitely recommend!

Well, I’m always losing the battle when facing desserts so what’s new right?! 😂😂😂 My ideal waffles have to be perfectly crispy on the outside while remaining moist & substantial inside (not too fluffy nor dense), with the buttery waffle flavours filling your mouth in every bite. 💕 Honestly speaking, the waffles here at Non-Entrée was not impressive, just decent. So let’s just focus on the ice cream! 😎
The good quality of the ice cream was evident from the relatively slow rate of melting! 👏🏻 Both my scoops were lusciously creamy & flavourful so let me introduce them:
🔹️BLACK SESAME: having an old-school tastebud, I absolutely LOVED this! ❤❤❤ Extremely smooth & full of the nutty flavours of black sesame, be prepared to have the fragrance of black sesame linger in your mouth for some time. 🤤 Liked that it was not overly sweet either so it just tasted intensely rich & authentic to its raw form (excluding any unpleasant sandy texture) - a testimony to the generosity of ingredients used. 💯
🔹️PISTACHIO: a less aromatic version compared to black sesame, this is still an enjoyable creamy treat with a strong hint of the nutty tones of pistachio. 💚 Would have loved for the pistachio flavours to be more pronounced though, as that would really complement the warm buttery waffles really well. 👍🏻
They offer many different ice cream flavours, some that boast of local flavours such as Gula Melaka, Pandan Kaya & even White Rabbit (remember the chewy milk candy we used to eat when we were young? ⭐). You’ll be spoilt for choice! This waffles with 2 scoops of ice cream ($13.75 nett) will be good for sharing! 👌🏻

Kyoho Grape Milk Calpis - $5
Iced refreshing drink with a nice balance of calpis and taste of grape. I gotten the non gassy calpis which is smoother to drink. It’s a nice drink to get if you’re not craving for Matchaya’s famous desserts

Excellent place to discuss work over coffee. Place is hard to find, do look out for distrii when taking the lift

My friends told me it reminded them of sweet talk/each a cup. I don't know about that but it certainly tastes like my childhood! I got 30%sugar but it was still very sweet. That's my only gripe. Otherwise I like this tea and will get it again.

First time trying this brunch dish as I usually get the gashouse eggs or French toast and it was pretty decent! The smashed avo tasted really fresh with a light citrus flavour, and it went really well with the feta cheese. My biggest gripe would be that the layer of smashed avocado on the toast was really thin - really wish one man could be slightly more generous with the avo serving.

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Wonderful soy coffee with a fresh roast :) Definity on par with the aussies.

However I had more than a quibble over the service.. The cashier microwaved my muffin for a minute, which most people with basic understanding of kitchen equipment would know that this hardens and essentially ruins the pastry. Would break the hearts of the hardworking chefs.

Otherwise - brilliant cafe with a relaxing ambience.

we ordered the snow strawberry lulu and cocoa brown sugar (?) the strawberry lulu had nice chunks of real strawberries and came w a really nice layer of milk!! it’s a cheaper alternative to heytea i guess 🤭 the cocoa brown sugar tasted just like how it sounds like, which was essentially milk w cocoa powder. probably wouldn’t order it again!

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Loved sampling the different desserts offered in the platters 😍😍
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The tapioca cakes are steamed, and served with grated coconut. The cakes had an amazing texture and were not very sticky.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/maxwell-food-centre/