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I don’t really eat beef due to the smell. But, this one really nice!!! It is only $6.90 with soup. It is regular size. Topup another $1.70 for cold drink.
I ordered fried salmon $3.90 too. It is so goodπŸ˜‹
Definitely will go again!!!

Not your ordinary charsiew with the typical sweet charsiew sauce, or with the typical pork cut. This is... pork cheek. Instead, Chef Joel's rendition came served with chinese peanuts (roasted), Achar and tangy sourish sauce. We loved the balanced layers of fat-meat. On the fats - they're not grossly cloying not hard-to-swallow but sorta melt-in-the-mouth. The fats basically.. burst in the month and 'melt-in-the-month' very soon after! The corners were well charred and extremely fragrant. It's glazed with a sweet sauce - homemade special I guess. It's not the ordinary red, sweet char siew sauce that one would typically expect definitely!

For a coffee-shop brisket, I'm gonna say this was awe-inspiring. Each strand of chewy 72-hour-slow-cooked brisket was reasonably tender and thoroughly-seasoned with barbecue sauce.

Expect a very sweet dimension to this, though. I found the sweetness a bit jarring but others loved it. I wouldn't say that I liked this more than the original burger because it wasn't as juicy nor rich but this was a strong contender.

honestly i hate cheese and the cheese pull in this one proved too much for my cheese loathing self. definitely a hit w y’all cheese h0es tho. and i found it to be too jelak to have a deep fried mushroom patty with a whole box of fries. i launched into a food coma after and couldn’t shop right. but as always the burger buns are a winner. super soft buttery and uwu

Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve ever had a SmokeShack ($14.40 for a double). I’ve gotten sidetracked by limited time specials like the shallot one, or simply failed to resist the allure of the almighty Shack Stack on my previous forays into the Holy of Holies of fast food burgers. This time, however, I stayed strong to finally wrap my ravenous maw around the SmokeShack.β €
β €
Don’t get me wrong, it was still a beautiful burger, but the domineering cherry peppers simply drowned everything else out with their loud, spicy and smoky flavours. The salty, gratifyingly greasy smashed beef patties were obfuscated by the peppers, and the bacon simply faded into the shadows due to the domineering character of the cherry peppers.β €
β €
Still, the SmokeShack will comfortably beat many burgers out there due to the sublime quality of the ingredients & seasoning on the burger. Protip: add on some raw onion rings, a couple of pickles and a pint of ale to temper the hedonistic lavishness of the SmokeShack. Thank me once you’re done devouring this tasty burger.

Egg tart with chocolate hazelnut filling, topped with a whole marshmallow and cocoa dusting

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KFC x Lay’s
Hot and spicy chicken hand-breaded with a flour mix full of Lay's potato chips, which is then fried and coated with BBQ seasoning

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Tindle Chick ($16.90) w/ Churros add-on
First time trying Tindle Chicken, which I'd say I was pleasantly surprised by it! Although you can tell it's slightly chewier than real Chicken meat, flavourwise it's pretty decent, and was surprisingly really soft too! The candied pineapple in the burger was really good too - it not just added some sweetness and flavour, but also made the burger more moist. Churros were crispy, and there's a chocolate dip for you to enjoy your Churros with too!

@ootbsg will be having a 10% grand opening promotion, from 19 Nov 2021 to 19 Dec 2021.
All you have to do is to show that you are following their IG page @ootbsg.

All their burgers are made inhouse with hot favourites such as their THIC chick and Classic cheese burger! They also have plant-based options - the IMPOSSIBLE and the TINDLE burger.

Classic Cheese ($11.90) w/ Truffle Fries add-on
This Beef Burger comes with fresh lettuce & tomatoes, secret sauce, cheese, caramelised onions, and inhouse dill pickles. Decent burger for its price, and there's truffle dip for your fries here πŸ˜‰.

The burger was tasteless, but the buttered corn was decent. Milo was way too diluted and sweet though

The first bite into this had me wide-eyed and slack-jawed. Just kidding, my jaw was just fine because I couldn't help but take another bite into this thick monstrosity within seconds -- with juicy patties and melted cheese, what could I ask for?

If I dare, I might even say this was comparable to shake shack -- but without the latter's overwhelming oiliness. The price even factors in fries!

The only gripe I have is that there's a fair bit of gristle in the patty that gets annoying after a while.

Finally a @shakeshacksg outlet in the west at @westgatesg ! Decided to try and review their new burger.

As an arugula-lover myself, this burger looked like it was batting it's lashes at me. However, after the first bite, I soon realised that the bitter arugula flavour and truffle aroma failed to come through. I'd attribute its mild flavours to the notable lack of sauce (there was maybe only a tiny dollop in the middle) but somehow I feel that this burger was lacking the sort of oomph in it that you'd find in shake shack's staples.

Truffle fries ($8.90) 🍟 7/10

These fries had a lot more truffle sauce than the burger, so at least it satisfied my craving for truffle that the burger certainly didn't provide. Don't get me wrong -- I love shake shack fries, but I feel that these fries aren't elevated enough to justify its price point of just about double the price of normal fries. Since I'm a big fan of fries, I don't regret trying this once but won't be coming back for more.

I went on opening day at 1+ pm and only had to queue for 10-15mins before I was seated!