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Clean, fast, and reasonably-priced (especially with Entertainer offer), otherwise absolutely nothing to write home about. The food is not vad but not that flavourful. An alternative to aircon food courts, except here you don’t hsve to hunt for a seat. No or Ya?

@dominossg has introduced its new Daebak Spicy range which includes 3 Daebak Spicy Pizzas - Beef, Chicken and Tuna, as well as Daebak Spicy Wings! Just the first mouth and I can taste the spice with burning sensation. So shiok!
Daebak Spicy range is now available in all @dominossg restaurant and via
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This Nasi Lemak Chicken’O was still quite unexpected – the ‘marrying’ of one of Singapore’s favourite local dish and OCK Curry Puff.

Ah oh! It did taste like Nasi Lemak in a puff, better than what I imagined it to be. My mind probably needed so tuning, as this was a familiar yet exciting taste.

Each Nasi Lemak Chicken’O contains the favourite Nasi Lemak ingredients such as egg, chicken, peanuts, ikan bilis and the most important sambal chili.
There was no potatoes added, but I am not complaining as there was quite a bit of chicken chunks. #DFDSP

The burpple deal is a scam lol. Apparently 1 for 1 means you buy 3 sticks and u get one more. Not sure how that works but whatever. Hopefully the vendor can clarify it with burpple asap

However despite this fiasco the food was actually pretty good. Really smokey and tender, while being well spiced with chili and cumin. Note they will just give you the default "normal" amount if you don't say anything about the spice level. Lamb was also well marinated. If there's anything to criticise about the food is that it can be just a teeny bit dry but it's not a problem at all given that there are fats/skin on the skewers

This chicken burger was quite delicious and was gobbled all down by myself (but I have no idea whether it was just that delicious or I was really hungry). But changing to onion rings for an extra $1 was so not worth it. Look at the pathetic amount of onion rings! #burpple #burpplesg

Very tasty, grilled-to-order lamb, pork, or chicken skewers. Pretty cheap given the location. Hope these guys do well. The economics are tough since this work is labour-intensive and time-consuming.

First time trying this from their menu and it was such a guilty pleasure. Asked for more sauce/marination but didn't expect them to soak my entire plate of rice with it. Wayyyy too salty.

Chicken Ham, White Cheddar and Tomato Sandwich with a cup of Latte @mcdsg
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After I bought this, the smell of the puff filled my nostrils as I walked from B2 to L3 to get to the Sentosa Express, and all the way into Sentosa. Cos I put it my bag pack afterwards, now my whole bag smells of it too 😂

Inside was packed with egg, sambal, anchovies and prolly some otah-tasting fish I suppose.

I would definitely recommend this if you're craving for curry puff + Nasi lemak and can't go for both cos both are high in calories & fat 😰

but I haven’t had wings this good in Singapore in a while. American style double crusted chicken with some local spices.
Crusty, juicy, meaty. All that I asked for.
If it’s any nearer to me, I am so going to get fat.

My Saturday brunch is a bowl of Nasi Lemak.....Curry Puff 😄
These curry puffs @oldchangkeesingapore are not too bad but is lacking in the lemak taste. However, if you like the nasi lemak chilli, you gotta try this 😊
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I thought that Chic-a-boo was just another fast food place but boy was I wrong. The food is legit and the prices are reasonable. This meal with a good-sized fried chicken, battered fish, two sides of your choice, corn muffin and a drink was $7.90. You also get proper plates and metal cutlery when you dine in, really ~fancy~. I heard KFC used to be like this way back when.

I love it when you can choose your own side dishes, and there's so many options! The corn muffin is crisp outside and moist on the inside, and I could taste a bit of apple sauce. The fish is coated in batter that tastes similar to Long John Silver's but the size is much bigger and meatier than the ones at LJS. Not forgetting the well seasoned, perfectly fried piece of spicy chicken. A meal well worth the money.

A week later I went to the outlet at Sembawang shopping centre but the place and service was a hot mess. I definitely recommend the Marina Square outlet which is more spacious and clean.