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For any amount spent,diners will receive cash vouchers of the same value which is redeemable on the next visit OR can show support by paying it forward our front-line health care workers instead.
And FYI its a kiosk, so people can drop by to takeaway their food.

Available also for order islandwide via their website:
Or @foodpandasg.

I tried 4 out of 8 Options flavour that they have.
My favourite is truffle. Beside truffle, they have Sour Cream & Onion, Mala (more to spicy than mala , don't have numbness after eat it), salted caramel , curry, cheese Barbeque and Kimchi.

Beside wingetes and drumettes, they also serve golden popcorn chicken (feature in pic) and fries. .
📍Shake Shake in a tub.
Great World City.
1 Kim Seng Promenade, #B1-K113.

Kit Kat McFlurry🍫🍦, $3 IS BACK AGAIN!!! WoooHooooo!! For a limited time only, launch your Mcdsg App to enjoy it for $2 with any purchase! So addicted and in love with that Kit Kat crunchy balls with vanilla ice cream and chocolate fudge! Sweetness overload! .

Finally tried this after its second appearance in stores. Was reluctant because I'm often disappointed by these flavoured pie gimmicks. Alas, I have been proven wrong.

I like it! The crust has the same characteristic flaky crispiness as their Apple Pie. The flavour of the chocolate sauce is reminiscent of a molten chocolate lava cake. Think lava cake with a crispy pie crust. It's a yes from me.

Price: $1 (promo now)

#halfeatenblog #mcdonalds #chocolate #burpple

I ordered the Spicy Thai Crunch set that came with 2 chicken, 1 coleslaw, 1 mashed potato and 1 drink ($8.95). The chicken is covered with a golden brown batter and looks almost identical to the Original chicken except with a dusting of fiery red seasoning on the top. Biting in, you taste a medley of spicy, sweet and zesty flavours, as well as different textures from the crispy crunchy exterior to the juicy tender meat within.

Overall, I think KFC’s limited edition flavours are all pretty good. The Spicy Thai Crunch is nice if you’re a spice/Thai lover (although nothing beats the amazing salted egg Goldspice Chicken)! 🍗

Used to be my favourite, juicy and crispy. Unfortunately, the standard is consistently dropping. I’m getting not freshly fried and dry ones more often than before

Cheesy Zinger Stacker (S$6.85) got my double Zinger fillets, layered between cheese slices! Mayo was requested to be not included for my order. I love my Zinger when stacked together, I need to workout more too LOL!

Spicy Thai Crunch Chicken (S$3.65) was as the name said - spicy, crunchy and finger lickin’ good. When I opened the box, it reminded me of Tom Yum. It was thai-rrific!

Rare time with no queues at this fast-food joint on a weekday evening.
The All-American Coney Dog / Coney Island Hotdog, has a juicy snappy chicken sausage, in a warm and soft hotdog bun.
Topped with beef chili gravy, a meaty concoction of tender chewy minced beef and crisp white onions. Each bite has meaty savoury salty bready sweet flavours.
The signature A&W Draft Root Beer Float has fizzy root beer served in a chilled glass mug, topped with a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream. Lovely floral herbal sweet flavours in this classic beverage.
The Curly Fries are hot and crisp, the curls of potato crunching gently when bit, releasing a starchy savoury salty flavour.
Overall taste is decent, but nostalgia makes it taste even better.
More details in profile & blog

Available for a limited time only. Not too sweet with rich thick choc filling. Must try!

The pack I got was only lukewarm. I immediately took it back and asked for it to be replaced with a hot one. Not a single McDonald’s has ever rejected this request. Good service! But of cos pls don’t eat half the pack then ask for replacement...

Dubbed as the World’s Best Flavoured Fries with over 1000 branches worldwide, @potatocornersg has 9 outlets planted all over Singapore🇸🇬 to satisfy your cravings.

👉Large Fries - SGD2.90

I got their Creamy Truffle and Ranch O’ Cheddar flavoured fries for the price of 1, all thanks to @shopbackgo. Note that this 1-for-1 deal is only available at @313somerset & @jewelchangiairport outlets.

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Lovee their potato bowl! big tub of mash potato with popcorn chicken and cheese and mushroom sauce ! 🤤🤤🤤with their cheese fries ! best pairing hehe #kfc #burpplesg