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This is a new product I assume only for a limited period of time. The cheese sauce goes well with the tomato sauce, giving something similar to chilli beef fries. Quite nice imo. The original cheese fries seems to fit better together though.

I’m sure you’ve seen this new Breaded Chicken Sub Set with Chocolate Orange cookie and 16oz drink (~$8.50) around, and it’s perfect for smth slightly indulgent but also tasty 🤩
Crispy chicken wasn’t too oily, so you won’t be breaking your diet on this one! Also, this came with a Chocolate Orange Cookie: a good balance of citrus and zest with the sweeter thicker chocolate chips. Those of y’all who know me know how much I love the chocolate orange combo 🤪

Ig @goodfomood

Tried this when they had a 1-for-1 promotion during the 11.11 period. I would dispute both claims on the packaging - it was neither big nor tasty. Was like a regular zinger but with sliced onions and crispy bacon. The chicken wasn't crispy and the burger was quite flat. I honestly prefer the original zinger over the mighty one.

Price: $6.80 a la carte

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🔥Trying their new seasonal Breaded Chicken Cutlet sub and Chocolate Orange Cookie.

Ordered the footlong combo meal with cookie and drink (S$14.50) for 2 person sharing. I chose the multigrain bread and honey mustard sauce (love it!).

The chicken cutlet was bigger than i expected, and they bake it for a bit once you order it so its warm and toasty 😁. Made from tender breast meat and topped with cheese, it has more 'bite' and it makes for a very satisfying and hearty meal.

The chewy Chocolate Orange Cookie 🍪 was sweet and tasted kinda citrusy (reminded me of the taste of fruit cake) and pairs will with the chocolate chips in the cookie.

Guess what? @subway.singapore has recently launched their all new Breaded Chicken Cutlet Sub and Chocolate Orange Cookie to celebrate this festive season! Sandwiched between my favourite Honey Oat bread, the thick piece of chicken cutlet was succulent and also had more “bite” to it. Glad to say that every “bite” into the sub got even better, making it satisfying and hearty at the same time ☺️!
Being a slow eater who loves to savour the moment, I took around 25 bites to finish the entire sub. @smthfishy, can you do better than me and finish the sub in the least number of bites 😬?
With that being said, challenge yourself by heading down to your nearest @subway.singapore outlet to “bite” this cutlet now! #sp #BigBoldBites Challenge

Have been loving this chicken cutlet and would get them everytime we travel to Tw! Now it’s finally here in Singapore and we are so happy!

Dining here was a pleasant surprise. The chicken was tender and well seasoned, even under the crust. I ordered the spicy chicken and while it wasn't too hot, it gave just enough kick. I liked the option of having a garden salad on the side to balance out the oiliness of the chicken. The mashed potatoes are okay, the sauce can do better. In terms of price, it rivals that of major fast food chains but I think Chic-a-boo could possibly be more value for money.

Two thighs hahaha. Okay lah if you like sour cream and onion, this really tasted like the potato chips. What's interesting was how it's coated with nachos.

6 piece chicken set with fries and a drink. The Gangnam chicken flavour was spicy but the sauce was too thick, salty and overwhelming - prefer the usual flavours instead. Kimchi fries were seasoned with kimchi powder - loved the texture and flavour of the fries!