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The best thing about this meal is not sadly not the chicken but the cereal 😂 The cereal really tasted like those cereal prawns/chicken that you order at zichar store. However it can be quite messy - given the fact that the cereal will drop all over the place (how I wished thay are stuck with the chicken skin or something). Unfortunately the chicken is on the drier side and not that juicy. Be careful when eating this cause your fingers might turn slightly yellowish while eating... which I'm not too sure why 😅 Anyway this will be out on 28 June, do try it and see if it's CEREALOUSLY good 😜

Couldn't decide between jjampong and jjajang myeon? Try @jinjjachicken 2-in-1 jjamjja meyon for $11.90.

Personally I like the jjampong better cause it has a rich seafood taste and kick of spiciness to it ❤️

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Super yummy at about 5$ for the set with 2 strips of chicken and a drink (which I topped up to change to Milo) can have this anytime really!

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The soft serve comes with subtle hints of purple sweet potato with floral notes. Overall, not too sweet and decent enough for a cheap dessert treat. I personally prefer the cocoa waffle cone over the soft serve》$2

It’s not bad, just not fantastic. I find the coffee taste can be stronger.

We got 2 flame grilled (half) chicken, 1 chicken rappa and 1 oprego burger with burpple beyond. The chicken in the wrap and burger was cooked but lukewarm and when we brought it up to the staff, they said that the sauce and lettuce must have cooled the chicken down (in the 5 mins it took to serve us...). Hence I would recommend u give the wrap n burger a miss. However, the half chicken (we got one of each flavour) was really delicious so I would recommend that u get that instead at Oporto. We also tried their chilli cheese fries but it was too salty so I'd give that a miss the next time I'm there.

Fried chicken burger with Salted egg sauce. This time the chicken is fried nicely, no hard corners that will do some damage to the teeth. Salted egg sauce is balanced nicely, not too sweet and not too strong.

Ebi burger looks plain in comparison. But surprisingly the burger taste good! Ebi Patty is filled with chunks of prawn and cheese adds a good flavour overall.

$6.50 ala carte

Honey oat bread
Roasted chicken breast
Cheese & toasted
Pepper powder

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Not a great pairing with this chicken but that's my fault. Overall still tastes good!
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I'm a changed man. I dislike Korean food and always thought they're inferior. If they attempt dumplings, which the Chinese and Japanese are very good at, they gotta be inferior. So wrong. The wrap was well executed, the filling was sumptuous and the sesame sauce lifted it to another level.

Price at $1.20 each
The pie crust was nice and flaky. As I cut open the pie, I could smell the pleasant coffee aroma
After taking a few bites, I managed to taste the Kopi Siew Dai flavour the smooth molten custard
Best consumed when it’s warm
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Aburi, Chilli Crab, Poached Eggs and the list goes on.

This stall is all about hipster takoyaki! I was craving for takoyaki and burpple beyond led me here. &Here i've got the aburi cheese and chilli crab one. The latter looks like a mess with that thicc paste just spread all over, in a distasteful manner.

But the chilli crab paste packs a punch! It's spicy and you'll be able to bite into chunks of crabmeat. For that, im thankfully for that spam on the takoyaki. However, my gripe would be that the paste is cold.

Aburi cheese is gooey and coats the exterior of the takoyaki really well! The takoyaki has bits of octopus for both flavours. At the usual price of about $6 per box (with 8 pcs in a box), i wish the octopus could be more sizeable.

That said, I'm now really missing that takoyaki that used to be at Taka basement. The one that's 3 for $2.50 (ham &cheese, prawn or octopus). Anyone rmbs that too? 💕