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If you’re one for Hawaiian Pizza, you should try Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza’s rendition! Theirs come loaded with turkey ham, mozzarella, Edam cheese, and pineapples. Be sure to utilise Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 deal on the Medium Standard Pizza ($30.90) to get your money’s worth!

Feeling like having a milkshake? Grab one from Fatburger & Buffalo’s! Their Hand-Scooped Real Ice Cream Milkshakes ($8) are guaranteed to satisfy. These come in flavours such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookies and Ice Cream, and Caramel Cookie Crumble.

5.5/10 ⭐️
used the burpple deal for the burger & dbs deal for sides! both 1 for 1. felt that the price even after discount was not worth for the sides (can defo pass) but for the burger was decent ig... yall can give it a try! waiting time was ~35mins that day so u might not get it if u r in a rush.

xxl burger 🍔 ($16) : i would say this burger was decent but i felt that the patty was lowkey falling apart LOL.. small pieces kept dropping out but taste-wise, i think its a decent burger. the bun however, was not hot like you would expect it to be since its freshly made 🙂

sweet potato fries 🍟 ($8) : i like the taste of this! felt like it wasnt v fresh also cos some fries were cold.... otherwise p good

onion rings ($8) : ok i think our portion was VERRY little for $8... not worth at all & not v consistent cos we saw other tables getting way more than us... my mum liked them bc they were crispy (she gives it a thumbs up 👍) but personally for me normal onion rings are btr! these were cold-ish also LOL

With the McPepper, Pulut Hitam Pie and HERSHEY’S Cone making its way out of the limited time-only menu at McDonald’s, McDonald’s had also announced the return of the Samurai Burger and the Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie, and the introduction of the new Houjicha soft-serve; a soft-serve flavour which McDonald’s is releasing for the very first time. As with most soft-serve releases, the Houjicha soft-serve is available only at outlets with a dessert kiosk, and that the Houjicha soft-serve is being served up as a Houjicha Cone, Houjicha Twist (i.e. mix of the Houjicha soft-serve and Vanilla soft-serve in a cone), Houjicha Sundae and Houjicha McFlurry form.

Being quite a sucker for new soft-serve flavours launched by McDonald’s, we found ourselves joining the beeline at their NEX outlet this time since we were in the vicinity for dinner; most in the queue being folks whom are also ordering the Houjicha soft-serve. On first look, the Houjicha soft-serve comes in that greyish-brown hue that most would associate with the Japanese roasted tea; the colour here being seemingly on the lighter side against that of the same which are typically being served in matcha speciality stores of the likes of Tsujiri, Hvala and Matchaya. That being said, the Houjicha soft-serve comes rather impactful on the very first go at the soft-serve; the notes of the roasted tea hits the tastebuds pretty much head-on right from the start — immensely rich, though not a flavour that is quite complex especially where the earthiness and roasty-ness is of concern. As with almost all McDonald’s soft-serve flavours, the notes of the roasted tea gradually becomes less evident as one goes through the entire portion; the milkiness / creaminess seemingly taking over slowly though we did note that there wasn’t this artificial note that lingers in the end that seems to exists in their Vanilla soft-serve.

Overall, the Houjicha soft-serve still is still one flavour which we really enjoyed — probably one of those flavours which we would not mind having again if it makes its return again as a limited time-only run; no doubt this would never replace our favourite Purple Sweet Potato Waffle Cone which itself is quite a bold attempt by the Golden Arches, but the Houjicha soft-serve is definitely one of the top few flavours for us especially when compared against the Ovaltine and HERSHEY’S related offerings of the late.

This burger is not for the faint hearted as the monstrous tower is stacked with crispy chicken thigh chops that are hand-brushed with signature sauce, layered with egg mayonnaise, cheese, a bun and kimslaw. It’s giant, it’s juicy and damn right tasty.
✨ 4Fingers Crispy Fried Chicken
📍 10 Tampines Central 1, Tampines 1, Unit 01-39/40, Singapore 529536
🍴 [Media Delivery]

Seaweed Pretzel ($3.60)

I did reheat a bit and noticed a lot of oil disappeared from the paper. It's quite savoury and salty taste for seaweed. saw a lot of people recommend for this flavour also on ig post.

Sandwiched between 2 huge crispy chicken chops 🐔 slathered with 4Fingers’ signature hand-brushed soy garlic or hot sauce is cheddar cheese 🧀, creamy egg mayo 🥚, tangy kimslaw 🇰🇷 (kimchi coleslaw), lettuce 🥬, tomato 🍅 & fluffy burger bun! What monstrosity is this! But I can guarantee you that this is really indulgent! 💯
Their Megasaurus Combo (comes with a side 🍟 & a drink 🥤) is going at $12.95. I shared it with my mum & it filled both of us up so I think it is pretty good value!

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If you like your burger sloppy, the double cheeseburger ($9.90) is one of the best ones I've had. Think 2 incredibly juicy and succulents smashed patties, with a good overall smoky crust and relatively strong tasting cheese. Each bite is full of flavour, making this really sinful yet heavenly! I really do find this outlet much better than the other outlets I've had. The addition of fries and drink ($4.90) was alright, but the burger really won me over. Definitely be back if I'm craving good burgers!

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One of my favourite McDonald's cone flavour. It's pretty sweet but soo chocolatey good! Hope this flavour comes back soon.

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We had the 1-for-1 Burpple Beyond deal of medium fries ($5.70). You can choose flavors and we had cheese, truffle and sour cream. We love cheese! Best to eat it while hot.

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Teh C Frappe (S) ($4.70) (w/o whip cream)

taste like real tea c without whipping cream and quite fragrant taste with milky aftertaste.

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I’ve always regarded @shakeshacksg French Fries as one of the best in the business, so I was quite pumped for the limited edition NY Steakhouse Fries ($6.90). The fantastic fries are drizzled with the same horseradish peppercorn mayo that goes on the burger, and these fries are topped with crispy bacon and scallions.⠀

Maybe the Suntec outlet was having a bad day on the Friday evening I went, but the fries were cold and stodgy. A far cry from the usually hot, crispy outside and fluffy inside fries that I’ve come to expect from Shake Shack. The horseradish mayo was the exact same one applied to the burger; and as such it also lacked punchiness. Also, I thought I was smart in finessing more sauce by ordering the sauce on the side, but I’m dead certain I actually got less sauce and ended up looking like a bozo.⠀

It’s a bit sad that the best element here was the crispy bacon bits. It’s the same applewood smoked bacon that goes into the Shack’s burgers, but it’s extra crisp & coarsely chopped up into pretty sizeable bits here. Sadly, the Steakhouse Fries are only really good for one try and one try only. Stick with the cheese fries instead.