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2 pieces Alaska Pollock Meal (S$7.20/ regular)
2 pieces original Alaska pollock, fries, regular Fanta Grape

Stoked that their Chocolate Hazelnut Egg Tart ($2.45) is back! 🀩 Featuring smooth egg custard filled with decadent chocolate hazelnut sauce 🍫 in a flaky tart, just who can resist this? Available from now till 1 Jan 2024 only so act fast! ✌🏻

Introducing the πŸ†•οΈ Dip β€˜N Share Bucket ($17.50), where you can indulge in this bucket of goodness with your loved ones at home! 🏠 Featuring the all-new KFC Shots, the all-time favourite Hot & Crispy Tenders 🌢 & the popular Cajun Wedges πŸ₯”, you're bound to have a good time!
Pair it with 4 irresistible dipping sauces: Sriracha Style πŸ”₯, Honey Mustard πŸ’›, Sour Cream & Onion 🀍 & Smoky Chipotle BBQ 🀎. My favourite has got to be the last 2!

Throwback. Basically a Zinger with onion rings. Also came with pickles, smoky white BBQ sauce and hot sauce.

It's quite long time never eat morning ($5.50) for breakfast at subway. But then it's quite filling for me and can add vegtables inside the flatbread.

pizza hut always nails their cheese stuffed crustπŸ€€πŸ§€ and as if there isn’t already enough cheese already, i opted for the Four Cheese flavour. too good

Second time eating at Chic-a-boo!

Got the 2 piece chicken set ($9.80) and 1pc chicken 1 pc fried fish set ($9.80). Both set comes with a choice of 1 soft drinks and 2 side dishes! Picked sweet potato fries, curly fries and onion ring!

Having tried both flavours, I hereby declare that I prefer the hot and spicy flavour for the chicken! Their fried fish also taste almost like long john silver's, but theirs is more fried and more chaotah brown!

Very filling meal and at an affordable price point!

hot honey-glazed crispy chicken thigh topped with cabbage and apple slaw

I don't know why mcflurry didn't stirred well :") oreo sprinkles didn't mixed well with soft serve :O

Anything with bacon goes down well for me! This is yummy!

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