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Small and unassuming joint at the corner of Novena Regency, I had my first taste of Filipino food here and boy oh boy did I enjoy every bite. We had the Chopped Lechon w/ rice and the Sizzling Lechon Sisig (both $10 each) - the Lechon was tender and meaty, reminiscent of the local Shao Rou, and I enjoyed every crunch of the skin and every glistening morsel of fat, made even better by the accompanying sauce. The Sisig, made from chopped Lechon offcuts mixed with a medley of chopped veges, topped with a runny egg, and brought together by an oily, sumptuous sauce, left me gasping for air - unsure if I was just taking a breather between shovelling mouthfuls of Sisig into my mouth or my arteries were immediately starting to clog from the grease (in a good way, of course). This meal brought me sheer joy and I can't wait to explore more of Filipino cuisine

LWe were served with this big-ass bone marrow which will surely make you worry about your cholesterol πŸ˜… I would have preferred to have the corn and bok choy separated as it toned down the taste of the broth. Nonetheless, a good alt if craving for this Filipino soup dish


πŸ“ El Mesa Orchard
29, Cuppage Road. Cuppage Terrace, 229456

#bulalo #elmesa #burpplesg

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✨ Dinakdakan
Charred and chopped pork tossed in calamansi and chili peppers. This dish is usually a side to an ice cold beer back home, but having it as an app/main is fine as well πŸ˜‹ El Mesa’s version is quite decent but serving is a bit small

✨ Isaw
Usually cooked by grilling, but El Mesa’s marinated pork intestines were deep fried. Totally not expecting too much because of this difference, but each bite is actually nice but very sinful - high cholesterol πŸ˜‚


πŸ“ El Mesa Orchard
29, Cuppage Road. Cuppage Terrace, 229456

#filipinofood #elmesa #orchard #burpplesg

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