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Burpple Guides, French, Fine Dining, Date Night 12 Best Places for French in Singapore The French love their food and certainly know how to indulge. Lucky for us, we've got our fair share of quality restaurants and cafés in Singapore dishing up superb French fare ranging from a homey creperie to the most lavish fine dining venues.

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I usually prefer pan-seared foie gras to the terrine, but I'm very happy with what Chef Hiroyuki Shinkai had done here. This terrine is very good.
Paired with an American cherry compote coated with a vegetable gelatin derived from kappa (a type of red algae), its sweetness successfully counters the richness of the foie gras terrine. This terrine is served on top of spiced bread crumbs, with celery root cream on the side.
Other dishes in the Spring Dinner Menu includes:
* Cornet of Caviar
* Seabream Carpaccio
* Crab meat crumble with uni
* Foie gras terrine with cherry compote
* Lobster in lobster white wine sauce * Smoked Japanese wagyu
* Strawberry rosehip granita
* Matcha ice cream with warabi mochi and chocolate sauce
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I had a gourmet lunch set ($15.90 + Top up $1.80 for cappuccino) with Tuna Baguette Sandwich, Chocolate Croissant, and Cappuccino.

Sandwich is freshly made, very nice.
Chocolate croissant is what I expected.
Cappuccino is like the worst coffee I had for the month. Coffee lover, you might want to just take out the bread and have it with some legit caffe.

Behold, let me present Saveur Duck Confit Burger ($17.90). This beauty is packed with flavours from a large slab of Saveur's signature duck confit, melted cheddar, crunchy fried onion rings, smokey bacon, savoury jus, crisp lettuce, and juicy tomatoes sandwiched between fluffy charcoal buns. 😋 If you have only tried Saveur's famed duck confit, this burger rendition should be on your wishlist! 😘

I will say the portion is pretty sufficient for 2 small appetite people. The additional of the onion rings made us really full☺️✨ I understand why people queue for this place, the food is really well-prepared and of gourmet quality at a reasonable price:) but I do question if the menu changes🤔 #burrple #burrplesg #foodiesg #foodgramsg #instafoodsg #wheretoeatsg #whattoeatsg #foodinsing #saveursg #sgfood #foodhuntsg

This another tailored dish to suit my change in dietary! The dessert was placed on a frozen serving plate which keep the fruits chilled. Another nice and innovative dish!

As I’m lactose intolerance, Chef has tailored this dish to suit. I like the combination of warm soft egg with the yellow beans made my tummy felt nice and homely.

The combination taste of scallop and truffle was perfect! 😋 This one Michelin star restaurant also has good selection of wine. It’s a small restaurant so do make reservation in advance.

I love their breads as they were served warm. There were hot stones at the bottom of the bag to keep them warm. And you can close the bag to keep the heat! Very innovative!