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Recommended lists for French

Recommended lists of Best French in Singapore, 2019
Burpple Guides, French, Fine Dining, Date Night 12 Best Places for French in Singapore The French love their food and certainly know how to indulge. Lucky for us, we've got our fair share of quality restaurants and cafés in Singapore dishing up superb French fare ranging from a homey creperie to the most lavish fine dining venues.

Top 10 Places for French

Top 10 places for French

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for French

If you're raring for steak around town, make a beeline for this all-day alfresco concept (with four brands under one roof). Dive straight for the house-favourite Trimmed Entrecôte Steak ($34.90) – think lean cuts of beef slathered in a buttery and creamy 'legendary sauce', alongside piping hot and crispy shoestring fries. Not a fan of steak? The pastas are good too, especially the tender Iberico Pork Cheek Pasta ($24).
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Tucked away in quiet Sunset Way, this quaint French bistro serves home-style comfort fare. The menu may be small, but the quality of the dishes make up for it. Order the wonderfully moist Roast Chicken ($32, half portion), marinated with a fragrant herb butter and roasted to golden brown perfection, and end your meal with the velvety Dark Chocolate Tart with Cream ($8). Trust us, it's worth saving tummy space for.
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Im having an awesome SUB here! 😋😋😋
Although PAUL offers many types of sandwiches for takeaway, this Smoked Salmon Sandwich ($9.90) simply stole my heart! ❤
JUST LOOK at how generous they are with the amount of smoked salmon slices! 😍😍😍 U can be guaranteed a good mouthful of that smoky & savoury goodness in every bite!! Yup, that's all i need! ✔
Featuring sesame PAUL flûte laid with crunchy romaine lettuce, fresh juicy tomatoes & an entire stretch of soft smoked salmon, this really is my kind of sandwich! 💕💕 As my sandwich was freshly made, the exterior of my bread had a good crunch. Suggest to finish it off before it cools as it WILL get hard 😅
Really liked the sesame atop the bread which added some fragrance & nutty flavours! 👍🏻 The lemon cream cheese spread also added a citrusy zest that complemented the smoked salmon very well! 😋
Other sandwich choices include Salmon & Avocado ($9.90), Sesame Camembert ($7.80), Sandwich Dieppois (Tuna; $7.90), Viennois Dinde (Smoked turkey breast, $8.70) etc.. so spoilt for choice! 🤣

You can't go wrong with a place that has only one main item on the menu. Went here for lunch and it was pleasantly cosy and nice. The steak was amazing and the sause was surprisingly tangy and uplifting. Furthermore, there were free flow fries which was always served hot but the excellent and attentive service staff. It was a very fulfilling experience and especially good for couples going on a date. You get what you pay for, and this restaurant certainly does not disappoint.


Also, this comes with a good variety of interesting teas (pandan earl grey, iron goddess, chamomile lavender, jibun sencha, mint, English breakfast), good coffee and small snacks on request (mini chocolate cookies and chips)!

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These are the main sweets available at this high tea buffet! Had mixed opinions about the matcha tart - would have preferred the consistency to be either more creamy or more gelatinous, but couldn’t stop getting another mouth as the matcha wasn’t too sweet or too bitter 🤤🤤 Strawberry tart was normal and the base of both tarts were a little soggy for my liking. Blackforest cake was actually pretty good but really really sweet, and red velvet cake was meh with cream cheese of little effort.

Overall, still worth the price with eatigo’s 50% off at 1600/1630 or $48 for 2 pax on fave! 😋😋

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These are the savouries available at the high tea buffet spread, which though limited in variety generally, I was pretty impressed with the number of savoury dishes. Hokkien Mee deserves a mention with good flavour and moisture, with huge chunks of siobak, cuttlefish and fresh prawns! The fried fish fillet was also well battered and very crispy, though fries were lackluster. Spinach cheese quiche, tuna and egg mayo finger sandwiches and raisin scones were average/subpar. Xiaolongbao though as dry as the desert with no soup in sight for miles, but it came with A LOT of meat and was actually decent? Hokkien Mee and fish and chips are enough to carry this high tea buffet at this price though! 😋😋

The 2 deals available are $48 for 2 pax on fave OR 50% off on eatigo at 1600/1630!

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Truffle mushroom pasta:
Please don’t order this. Barely any sauce, pasta was dry and served lukewarm, there were only three pathetic pieces of mushrooms.
Also ordered the blue moon burger but the patty was dry af even though we requested for medium rare. Also had a thick cloying layer of mayonnaise which made it taste really cheap.
Would not recommend this restaurant at all!

Foolproof fries. This came recommended as a side, and it satisfied given our inclination to all thing deep-fried and truffle oil-loaded. This came with touch of konbu, so expect a saltier bite. Best to share.


Compared to the pasta dishes, the mains seem to have more value for money. These cheeks, unconventionally served sliced (instead of in chunky pieces) were delicious. Sweet and tender, paired with earthy mushrooms and creamy mash.