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Dish: Original Pancakes
Price: ~$12
Thoughts: The pancakes were really light and fluffy. Like a soufflé except in the form of pancakes. Vanilla ice cream and marshmallows were added on at additional cost. Otherwise just the pancakes alone w maple syrup and butter wld b $7 aft GST and Service Charge. Ice cream was a good addition as the cold ice cream melts together w the warm pancakes and maple syrup. (DIABETES ALERT‼️) Marshmallows were a bad choice as they do not complement the pancakes at all.
Verdict: 4/5

Dish: Fish and Chips
Price ~ $17
Thoughts: Really just your average Fish and Chips. Nothing fancy about it though the fries were quite crispy and non salted, just to my liking. Portion of fish was just nice but fries a lil too little. (since it’s the only nice food)
Verdict: 3.5/5 (pricey but then again its town area)

Dish: Truffle Pasta
Price: ~$18
Thoughts: Truffle smell was v fragrant and sauce was extremely creamy. However portion was pretty little for price paid (aft GST and Service charge). Mushrooms and ham was just okay.
Verdict: 3.5/5 (pricey)

we all got d burgZ n 2 sides of onion rings n d friez!

would give it a 5.8/11!!! it’s not bad la the beef but a lil dry :/( but the onion rings were BOMB I like them bcos it’s real onions inside HEHE quaint place once again And not a lot of people during lunch time so quite cute HEHE was a filling meal w the sides! n it’s situated in haji lane so near d mrt!

Grab the gang and prepare for meat sweats at this spicy fried chicken spot! Decide on your spiciness level (ranges from mild to insane) before ordering the crispy Tenders ($10.90 for three pieces) to share, or the tender and juicy Quarter ($9.90, choice of thigh & leg or breast & wing) if you're ordering for one.
Photo by Burppler Irene Arieputri

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Spotted this new cookie (or at least i haven't tried/seen it before😅) Its surprisingly not too sweet; the sweetness level was actually lower than many of the subway cookies i've had before. Could taste the coconut fragrance, but it was quite light to me 😅 Don't know if its because I went while they were already closing but my cookie was kind of stale and dry too 😩 Wouldn't get it again 😶

Nonsense. It wouldn't even pass as teh, let alone teh tarik.

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Known by several names but mean a beehoon that's pan-fried into something like a pancake, which this obviously isn't. However, it's not bad, especially the apparent wok hei. Its simplicity also doesn't kill it.

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Great taste and value! But bad idea to have it after dinner because we got really full and tired of the really sweet taste half-way through. Definitely worth a try if you're in the area though; great for sweet-tooths

$4.50 for a hearty dinner—where else can you get a better deal than this?? Best place to go to if you’re craving for some local delights 👍🏻

Nice and big portion for 4.
Good customer service with attentive staff