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This is $1.60. You need to buy min 2 pieces. I like the wings too. It looks Chao ta but It is not. Cripsy and tasty.

I like the dirt fries. Value for money at $4. Generous portion of fries with cheese and mayo.

We ordered the sambal stingray, sotong and lala as we saw the food king sign! The sotong and lala were not bad, but the stingray was really the bombz, highly recommend!

Risking my appetite with 九里香 Mala as I am craving for some and hoping they make it better this time round.
Mala Hotpot($15.10)
I glad it's better than the last I had. More oil and more savoury but the 大辣(Big Spicy) & numbness remains the same, lacking. No numbness still. Spiciness isn't making me sweat. Haiz. Expensive but what to do.😅 Who ask me anyhow pick ingredients.
🚩九里香, Canteen 2, 35 Students Walk, Singapore 639548
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Found the laksa broth a bit more diluted, but it came with a good portion of ingredients. Cockles were a done a tad over, maybe due to the delivery. Definitely prefer their mee siam!

Use via their online ordering platform for 4 mains + 4 drinks at $15 till end April. Thank you @huphup.co for sharing these with me! ✨

Two words: Not Good. It looked like fried oyster and black carrot cake but tasted nothing like it. So plain like amateur cooking, indeed very disappointing. The fried oyster was simply awful.

We went to the branch at 40 Holland drive. They didn’t have the signature lobster pao fan , so we had the seafood one - prawns, clams, fried fish, sliced fish. The broth is so delish we had to have another bowl.

Ordered the Yellow Ginger Chicken Nasi Lemak and the Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak.
The rice has a mild coconut milk fragrance, the ikan bilis are crispy and the sambal chilli is of the right amount of spiciness for me, slightly less sweet than usual nasi lemak chilli. For the chicken, both flavours are good but my fav will have to be the Yellow Ginger Chicken!

One way to increase my happiness level quickly is to give me a plate of chicken cutlet from No. 1 Western Food. This hawker stall serves the best fried chicken cutlet that comes with a thin, ultra-crispy breadcrumb coating and tender, juicy meat. The cutlet, fries, baked beans and sliced tomatoes are served with an irresistible special savoury-sweet sauce with onions that goes so well with everything and keeps me coming back (every weekend!) for more.
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With various concepts housed in this 24-hour coffee house, we tried several of their items such as the Mama Wee’s Hainanese Curry Chicken Drumstick Set ($7.80) from Newspaper Curry Rice, Gula Melaka Kaya & Butter Hainanese Toast ($1.80 ala carte, $4.80 set with soft boiled egg, kopi/teh) from The Hainan Story Coffee & Toast stall and a variety of British Hainanese Swiss Rolls from The Hainan Story Bakery.

The curry chicken drumstick rice is something that is not to be missed as this recipe has been passed down the generations and you can truly savor the aromatics from the curry rempah and the lemak-ness from the curry that goes perfectly with the chicken and rice. Another point I would like to highlight is how well the rice is being cooked as you can literally see the steamed grains, without any lumpy or mushy rice that you might encounter at other places. For each curry rice set, it comes with a choice of a homemade vegetable and egg dish. Next in the agenda is the gula melaka kaya & butter toast which totally wowed us for its aroma and subtle sweetness from the brown sugar. Our favourite place to get such as a toast is from YY Kafei Dian and this rendition from The Hainan Story will surely put up a good fight. The generous slab of melting butter on top of the toasted bread with the gula melaka kaya will surely lift your spirits from the first bite.

Moving on to desserts, and possibly the most crowded stall with a separate queue just for takeaways as well, are the swiss rolls (gifted), made by the recipes of Chef Pang Kok Keong, previously of famed patisserie Antoinette. With a total of five different flavours with prices ranging from $3.80 to $6.80 per slice, I will recommend the Premium Old Tree MSW Durian Roll and Hainanese Coconut Pandan Roll to end your meal on a high note.
✨ The Hainan Story
📍 500 Jalan Sultan, Hotel Boss, Unit 01-09, Singapore 199020
🍴 [Self Funded]

Light and Smooth Chwee Kueh topped with Generous Housemade Chye Poh and Sambal Chilli. Don't forget to drop by to support this 82 year old uncle if you are here.
Location: 水粿, Taman Jurong Market and Food Centre, 3 Yung Sheng Rd, Singapore 618499
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This was very good. The yam was crispy with a smooth inside, and it was packed full with lots of diced vegetables, fungus, mushrooms, chicken and nuts. It’s excellent and priced very reasonably as well. Service at Zi Yean was outstanding too.