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This is probably my top 3 Hokkien mee place in Singapore. This messy plate of goodness is full of wok hei and flavour. Don’t forget to add the homemade sambal to intensify the whole experience.

Minimum order for each plate is $6. The portion is pathetic at that price point so do let the uncle know to add noodles +$2. Not a cheap place for Hokkien mee, but you’re paying for quality.

⭐ Rating: 4.2 / 5 ⭐
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The stall roasts their own char siew instead of getting ready made ones from the supplier.
Sliced in fairly thick chunks, the char siew is reasonably well-roasted with a nice color and charred bits on the exterior. The cut used is rather lean but fortunately not tough and dry.
The highlight is their handmade egg noodle which the stall owner make from scratch at the stall every afternoon. It is rare to find noodle stalls that still make their own noodle yet One Mouth Noodle persist in doing so and that deserves a salute from me.
I guess the result speaks for itself as the thinner than usual mee kia is delightfully springy with a lovely bite. Dressed in a concoction of light soy and fragrant oil, I thoroughly enjoyed this artisanal noodle.
Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2019/12/one-mouth-noodle-char-siew-wanton.html?m=1

Having been to a couple of BTK outlets, I must say the new one at Century Square has the cheapest price point prolly cos of its heartland location!

While the main egg was undercooked (egg whites still disturbingly clear and runny), taste was great and generous for the price. This dish fed three girls easily.

This was my portion of soup scooped out from the bigger bowl, which contained 8 fat dumplings in a huge pot of soup. I enjoyed the dumplings though I wouldn't say they particularly stand-out from other dumplings I've had at such chicken rice joints. The soup was also regrettably over-salted for me.

This came quite highly recommended by our waitress, but I didn't find it too spectacular. The char siew tasted oddly a lot like lup cheong (chinese sausage) which I enjoyed, but it was nonetheless odd. On the other hand, the roast pork was too dry and tough for my liking. I would give this a miss the next time.

Thoroughly enjoyed this old fashioned black carrot cake.

Soft and moist homemade carrot cake with a not so sweet black sauce .

Completely satisfied my carrot cake cravings .

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Ordered 5 dishes: Pork ribs, stir fry water spinach, egg omelette, honey chicken and tofu with minced meat. The only disappointing dish will be pork ribs. It was too salty. After taking the first bite, I wished there was a bowl of soup which I can use to “wash” the ribs with.

This cost around $40 (for about 3-4 people), it's pricey for mala but the taste and quality is pretty good. The taste is more of "la" and less "ma" (less peppercorns) though.

With fluffy rice.
Deep fried marinated chicken meat, drizzled sweet sour sauce, a layer of fries.
Yummy & satisfying.

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The chicken was immensely soft and tender, and the savoury soy sauce glaze was just the right thickness. Absolutely no complaints.

Enjoyed the combination of curry + sambal! The prata was rly crispy despite being quite thicc! Only gripe was how the curry was a bit diluted but that can be easily overlooked considering how good the prata was. A great contender to springleaf heh