Recommended lists for Hawker Fare

Recommended lists of Hawker Fare in Singapore
Tastemakers Guide to Jurong's Best Hawkers
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Tastemakers Guide to Jurong's Best Hawkers In the name of food, there's no journey too long or destination too far. For this month's Tastemakers guide, our Tastemakers took a trip to Jurong and came back with bellies full and plenty of inspiration to share. For anybody who's wondered what there is to eat in the 'wild wild West', look no further. Be it pan-fried Teochew kuehs made by hand, amazing char siew noodles that sell out in two hours, or a steamed fish that our Tastemakers are still waxing lyrical about, there's plenty in this guide to whet appetites, and some great bargains too!
Tastemakers Guide To Jalan Besar Hawkers
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Tastemakers Guide To Jalan Besar Hawkers A trip down the famous food haven of Jalan Besar is not complete until you've checked all these places off your list. Laksa with fresh cockles? Comforting pig organs soup with a side order of mei cai? Gravy ladened scissors cut rice? Check, check and check. Follow our Tastemaker's recommendations for a guaranteed happy belly!
Tastemakers Guide to Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Tastemakers Guide to Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre Conveniently located beside Beauty World MRT Station is Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre, a food haven that holds countless local delights. From legendary clear fish soup to lusciously rich satay bee hoon, every dish on this list has been tried and tested by our Tastemakers to ensure you leave with a satisfied belly. Go forth and makan!
Tastemakers Guide to Ang Mo Kio Hawkers
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Tastemakers Guide to Ang Mo Kio Hawkers Our Burpple Tastemakers have eaten their way through the hawkers of the bustling neighbourhood of Ang Mo Kio to bring you this guide. From satisfying satay bee hoon and comforting kway chap, to gigantic chicken drumstick mee soto and decadent lobster noodles, every recommendation on this guide has been carefully curated and "Burpproved" by these forever-hungry Tastemakers. Save these stalls to your wishlist!

Top 10 Places for Hawker Fare

Top 10 places for Hawker Fare

Latest Reviews for Hawker Fare

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Hawker Fare
Ipoh Hor Fun

This is not light weight in ingredients. Chicken meat, char siew, fried wanton, fish cake, mushrooms and green vegetables over the savoury sauce soaked flat white rice noodles. Smooth and wholesome.

Legendary Claypot Hokkien Mee With Sio Bak for #TGIF!

鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅
This has always been my wish list for many years! I love how聽鈥檢up zup鈥櫬燞okkien Mee, but the chilli sauce was not flavourful though. 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅
鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅鉅 #tgif #hawkerfood #supportlocal #burpple #kimkeathokkienmee #sgeats #instafood #foodporn

1 hour queue for this 1-star BCM and its queue was never ending.

We went for the $10 bowl since it was already such a long wait. So, was it worthwhile?
$10 for this bowl packed with ingredients and with a taste worthy of a 猸愶笍, I would say it was totally worth the price. Especially with a bowl of BCM costing $4-5 at any foodcourt, we had no complaint about this.
Having to queue an hour again? We would probably think twice. Frankly, this was good but there are other good BCMs in SG that are not far off comparatively. Hence, it's actually easy to go somewhere else in SG for a good BCM (not considering the Michelin label) without such a wait.
So, the next time we return would probebly be when we're nearby and having much time to spend. Nonetheless, praises to our local hawker and keep our flag flying high.

楗哄瓙, 鎷夐潰, and all things Chinese

This stall attracted me with its rustic and down-to-earth exterior. Think 钂搁ズ, 閿呰创, 灏忕鍖, 鎷夐潰, and 钁辨补楗, this stall is bound to have your Chinese food cravings satisfied at wallet-friendly prices.

灏忕鍖 (6 pcs @ $5.50) - Sadly, the skin was a little undercooked and THERE WAS NO SOUP. I do hope that this is just a one-off case though because this stall seemed to receive pretty good reviews and the stall owner sounded really nice and humble.

Claypot Rice for Two

Known to be one of the few famous claypot rice in Singapore, I think the Geylang Claypot Rice lives up to its name. For S$14.00, enjoy a pot of charcoal flame-cooked rice that is well-cooked with that bit of crunch. I was pleasantly surprised to find some spices of pork belly amidst the other ingredients such as chicken meat, Chinese sausage, salted fish and traces of salted egg yolk. Something else that was nice was that even though I found formation of rice crisps, I did not encounter much difficulty in scraping them off the wall of the claypot, so nothing was left uneaten (except the chicken bones).

As pointed out accurately by fellow Burpplers, the claypot rice is cooked from scratch, so be prepared to give that 30-minute wait for the food to be ready. If you are getting any drinks, maybe it will be wise to order only when the star item is served to your table. Oh, erm, be prepared to wait for a free table too.

For old-school western food

Located right beside the 1 Michelin star bak chor mee, this western stall is a good option if you don't wish to queue 90mins for your food. Good variety of meats with 8 sides to choose from, you'll definitely get a combination you love.

Signature chicken chop ($7) - Succulent, tender chicken thigh that's well-seasoned with herbs and drenched in their signature sauce (which is quite salty on its own), this is a pretty satisfying meal that beats any other western food in cafes and restaurants.

One Michelin Star Bak Chor Mee

It was right when they said that the average waiting time is 1.5 hours - started queuing at 10am but only got our noodles at 11.30am.

At first glance, we felt that there wasn't much difference between our $8 noodles and the $6 or $10 versions as they all looked the same, but we guessed that it might just be an additional of each topping: meatballs, dumplings, pork liver, sliced pork, and fried fish slices. That being said, each component was executed well - the noodles were vinegary & springy and all the pork items were tender.

This is definitely a costly plate of noodles, but I would say that it's worth it because you can hardly find a bak chor mee stall that gives so many ingredients of consistently good quality despite the long queue.

[FRoodie Alert] 
Started as a humble hawker in Bukit Merah in 2012, JJ Thai Cuisine quickly registered on the radar of foodies all over Singapore for it's authentic and affordable Thai food.

My personal favourite is their Thai Red Curry, served with endless boneless chicken chunks, the fragrant curry is both sweet with a good mixture of coconut milk giving it a "lemak" taste as well as spicy.
Other signature dishes include Pad Thai $6, and Thai Roasted Curry Duck $7.
Currently Food Republic has an on-going promotion for Food Republic (City Square, I12 Katong, Suntec City and VivoCity). Present your Golden Village @gvmovieclub membership e-card to get $1 off with minimum spend of $5. Valid till 30th June 2017.
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DOUBLE Chicken Cutlet Egg Noodle

鈻狹RT: Orchard鈻
銆奟edRing Treasures銆

RedRing's whole egg noodles were really Q; springy without a hint of the "kee" taste. But my favourite part? The crispy fried chicken cutlet! I've doubled my portion for only additional $1 and finished it all on my own! Great deal and great food! MUST TRY when you're at Wisma's Food Republic 馃構

[Place: RedRing Treasures, Wisma Atrium's Food Republic]
[Food: Double Chicken Cutlet Egg Noodle]
[Price: $6.90]

Thanks to Veronica, I've been craving for this.

Finally made my way to my local fav stall and ordered the large portion with extra greens. Spicy of course!

Oh, I fall to temptation so easily, especially when it comes to food.

A trip to my fav meehoon kueh shop turned out somewhat different. So would you like to try our signature pig stomach soup, she asks as I placed my meehoon kueh order. I couldn't resist and so got myself a bowl. Boy, oh boy, it was good. Peppery and piping hot, this was very comforting especially on rainy afternoons.