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Ate this three days in a row and bragged about this to my husband till he has to eat it with me. This is so good. You might need to wait for a while before they take or complete your orders and the reason is because they made the cook the prepare the noodles on the spot. Also, I don’t feel like they used MSG because it’s not overwhelmingly salty or dehydrating after you had this. I tried the version with the soup and I like both. Will come back for more.

One of the main draws is that the Laksa is quite cheap, starting as low as $2.80 (USD2) per bowl, but you can add more ingredients for just $0.50, while cockles are $1 extra.

Comparing this with some of the more familiar styles, this gravy was on the light side, and I would imagine some would prefer a richer, with more of that lemak coconut milk flavour.

The thing that stands out the most is their delicious homemade sambal added with dried shrimps, so try the gravy on its own first before mixing that in.

That chilli gives the dish an extra kick of dang and spice, that may cause some to break out in sweat.

Alamak, why do I crave for Laksa now?! More here:

Adding extra oysters was a good choice.

The oysters so plump & fresh, I enjoyed this so much. I have been craving for oyster omelette since the start of Circuit Breaker. Honestly, eating this only makes me crave harder because it’s so good.

Not the usual kind of oyster you see in oyster omelette, they use sashimi grade oysters and the result is awesome.

Pork Chop Set, though not in photo, is pretty good as well, the curry does hit the right spot. But if I can only choose one, definitely oyster omelette.

Available for takeaway & delivery; $10 for Islandwide Delivery(min. $30)

Oyster Omelette M $16
+ Oysters 6pcs $5
Curry Pork Chop Set $6

Though the aromatics are strong and there's a decent bit of heat, the soup was slightly on the milder side. Nonetheless, a good bowl, esp due to its generous portion of fresh seafood(there were 4 large prawns?!?!?)

Chock full of ingredients, so I don't think it's worth adding meat cos it's a zero sum game(you will get less taupok etc).

Really good overall, the soup wasnt too heavy yet it's rich and full bodied in taste. There's a nice mellowness, and there's a lot of oil being rendered out. Not very sweet at all too. Meat was tender tho some pieces were rather fatty.

Chili has notes of chicken rice chili, though mouthfeel is very different. There's a secondary aroma coming from something fermented I believe, which results in the vast difference.

Probably the only complaint is the price point, I don't think many people are willing to fork out double digits at a hawker centre when their competitors hovers slightly above half their price(no doubt the quality and quantity are different). Had it been sth like 9.5nett(even with less ingredients), it would definitely be one of my favourite mutton soups

The chao tar bee hoon was cooked and flatten like a pancake. It has a nice wok hei and crispy exterior while keeping the inside moist and flavourful. There are also fish cake, prawns, squid, vegetables and pork lard hidden in there.

The roasted kampong chicken was their daily special when we called in to order hence we decided to give it a try. It has a crispy skin that’s juicy and moist on the inside. I also like how the overall did not turn out oily.

The deep fried kai lan with pork floss was the second time I had eaten something similar. The kai lan was fried under high heat to give a hard/crispy texture then topped with a generous amount of pork floss that adds some sweetness to the dish. It's like a savoury dish with either a hit or miss among us.

The fried prawn roll (hei zho), made up of mined prawn, pork and vegetables then rolled with beancurd skin was quite nice but sadly they turned slightly sour when we brought them home. Not sure if it has already turned bad before cooking or was it because of the change in temperature. We did call and inform/feedback to them and they were very apologetic about it.

I'm often attracted to zha jiang mian/jajangmyeon, although I'm usually disappointed by the locals cooking it. In this case, I expected Fong Kee to do better. This was not the worst and was edible, but would not warrant a return.