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Favourite dish of the night. The cabbage was stewed till it was really soft, and the gravy went well with it without being too salty. In fact, soft, full of gravy and accompanied by dried scallops are three things that describe many things on the menu. Everything we had was delicious, and at reasonable prices with no service charge.

soya sauce chicken noodles ($6), soya sauce chicken hor fun ($6) and fried salt and pepper tofu ($3.80)

food came in fairly large portions and did not taste oily despite the exorbitant amount of oil on the plate... the chicken was smooth and tender, the saucy noodles had a good bite and the tofu was crispy and well-seasoned!

Your girl knows I’ve got the sauce, raw sauce – just like this plate of radioactive red beef and veg swimming in a salty, peppery pool of msg-laden goodness. Bonus: the sambal here is pungently potent. Fire. In. The. Booth.

Taste: 3.5/5

Yummy and value-for-money chicken cutlet ($4.80). Asked for the lady to take out the mayo and add more cheese 😋 while they are very generous with the cheese, it can make the crispy skin soggy. Still very delicious! Chicken cutlet was juicy and thick. Really worth it!

The Xiao Long Bao was delicious as usual, but one broke before we got to dig in 😢 the Red Bean Pancake was surprisingly delicious. The bread part tasted like a butterfry, with some red bean inside. The sesame seeds made it really fragrant as well. Please give it a try if you happen to be around 😊

This hearty bowl of goodness really hits the spot. The noodles were perfectly cooked with enough sauce to coat every strand. The noodles will slowly soak up the sauce, which makes it more delicious as you eat it! Portion is a little small, but you can save your stomach space for the beancurd stall in this coffee shop!

They had the $6/$8/$10 options but I went with the $6 one. The $8 and $10 came with a larger bowl of soup with ingredients inside while the $6 one is just a tiny bowl 😅

Noodles cooked perfectly al-dente and wanton was nice and meaty. The portion of meat was quite generous and the salted fish on top provided a nice crunch. But would I queue and pay $6 for this? I would say this was worth trying once but I will go to other places to satisfy my bak chor mee cravings. While the bowl was huge, portion was quite little.

Pretty decent bowl of bibimbap, with the vegetables still retaining a crunch and the chicken freshy cooked before serving. Asked for extra kimchi and the kind lady added it into the bowl for me to mix it up ☺️ kimchi is not sour and a little salty, complementing the crunch of the other veggies and the meat. Not a bad meal when you’re looking for a filling and affordable meal late at night (I usually go around 9pm+ and it’s one of the few stalls still open) The plastic cutlery made it quite hard to mix though, so just be careful not to break them while mixing.

Ordered the Sliced Fish Soup ($5.80), Double Fish Soup ($6.80), extra egg floss ($1), Fried Tofu with Sesame ($4.80) and Calamansi with plum ($2)

Opted out of the milk in the soup to taste the original flavour, but sadly the broth fell a little short of my expectations. The fish flavour was not very strong but if you love garlic oil, you will love this. Many small pieces of garlic on the soup, which made the soup really fragrant. Fish slices were fresh and sweet, but quite little 🥺 think there were only 5-6 slices.

The fried tofu was really delicious, slightly crispy on the outside, and perfectly silky and tender inside. Was a tad bit oily though. With the sesame sauce (tasted exactly like Kewpie’s), it really complemented the flavour 😛

Calamansi with plum (not pictured) was a surprise. Even till the end when most of the ice had melted, the flavour was still very strong. The plum provided a nice, slightly salty aftertaste to the sour calamansi, worth a try!

Bill came out to be $20.40 for 2, which is pretty value-for-money considering a meal in town. We went down at around 3pm, but there was still a queue, which is a testament to the popularity of this place!

Actually, I want to find the stall with roaster Cup, but can't find, so I settle with this yellow plate stall 🤣.
The egg was cooked perfectly, the garlic bread was burnt on the top for crispy texture while the inside soft with garlic butter spread.
It will be better if have more spread on it.
📍Sembawang Hill Food Centre.
590 Upper Thomson Rd.


Intense prawn flavour with good wok hei. A bit in the salty side but in a good way.

Another must order is the Yong tai foo. Goes well with rice.

The prawn paste chicken is average at best. There are better dishes to order here.

Roasted chicken horfun just $3 per plate the sauce is nice with their silky smooth horfun noodle and tender chicken , best combo for lunch

You can’t leave this food centre without bringing back home some buns from Serangoon Garden Bakery, selling their famous old school buns.