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This was definitely not worth it for the portion and taste. The char siew was too tough and the sio bak was way too salty. Was definitely disappointed as it was pricey and terrible. There’s definitely way better roasted meat elsewhere that is way cheaper. 2.0/10

Thoroughly enjoyed this plate of chicken thigh with rice. The chicken was really tender, juicy and fresh while the egg was perfect. Will definitely come back for this again. 9.0/10

One of my fav mee pok ever, with incredible nitamago & al dente noodles. Expect a queue at peak hours

Properly known as JB Fried Bee Hoon on their menu, Seng Kee’s rendition of this pan fried vermicelli, hands down, beats any other Chaota Bee Hoon I’ve ever had BY A MILE.
They give a proper crisp char to the top, and beneath that crown hides a variety of seafood, sprouts and fragrant bits of fried egg. Do it justice and savour it with the sambal chilli & lime served on the side.
Opens all day and till the wee hours (4am), fantastic supper joint without having to queue for such hearty midnight munchies.

10bucks/serve (easily feeds 4 if you order other dishes too)

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Surprise, surprise. Hokkien mee at this zichar stall doesn't by default mean the black sauce version. They have this prawn version too. Except the noodle used is the same as black and it tasted more zichar wok hey than braised.

Zichar pork ribs without bones are always better than bones. You can imagine how good this was, mainly because it's rare to screw this up.

Finally got the chance (3rd in queue) to get this for lunch because the queue here is usually long (est 30mins) during peak hours. This shop is ran by a old couple where only the uncle cooks while the aunty takes order from customers.

We ordered a bowl of sliced fish soup each and shared a plate of braised duck. Dayum! The fishes were fresh & succulent and the braised duck was done perfectly - fragrant, soft, tender and flavourful! 🤤 They also serves braised duck tongue only on Wednesdays.

📍Ng Soon Kee Fish and Duck Porridge | #01-11

A bad reaction [resulting in sneezing, runny nose & puffy/watery eyes] over the week triggered by the haze forces me to stay within an indoor environment with an exception to a visit to Hoy Yong Seafood for dinner.
My folks love their hor fun with assorted seafood which boasts a good ‘wok hei’ [a.k.a. wok breath], covered with a blanket of savoury, thick egg gravy. Such a delightful sight! 😋
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Feat their $14 serving size. Enough for 2 pax.
Nice portion of beef alongside the Horfun.
Hor fun was firm and nicely cooked but I could do with a bit more wok hei taste. 🤪

Sauce was not too salty and went well w the beef and hor fun, could do with abit more black beans and vegetables.

Overall a pretty good plate of beef hor fun!


This sambal stingray really taste good.

The sambal was overflowing and the stingray was fresh too.

But its damn expensive here, I am so used to having my sambal stingray at $10-$12.

❤😊Yummy char kway teow that was not too oily or sweet like others. It suits my taste. I like the big chunk of eggs. Each order is fried one by one when you place the order. Theres S$3/$4 option, i got the $4 one with prawns. One of the best char kway teow i have tasted. Recommend 👍.

Dong Ji Fried Kway Teow
Old Airport Road Food Centre (01-138)
51 Old Airport Rd
Singapore 390051