Recommended lists for Hawker Fare

Recommended lists of Hawker Fare in Singapore
Tastemakers Guide to Serangoon Garden Market
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Tastemakers Guide to Serangoon Garden Market In this edition of Tastemaker Guides, our Burpple Tastemakers brought their insatiable appetites to Serangoon Garden Market and ate their way through the gems the hawker centre has to offer. From old-school bread buns worth setting your alarm for to velvety smooth beancurd and a stellar fish maw soup, there's plenty reason to head to the north-east. Happy feasting!
Tastemakers Guide To Best Young Hawkers in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Tastemakers Guide To Best Young Hawkers in Singapore A hawker's life is far from glamorous, but the long hours of hard work certainly hasn't stopped new generation hawkers from doing their part in preserving family legacies and introducing new iterations of hawker food. For this guide, our Tastemakers trawled the island in search of stalls run and fronted by these young hawkers, all of which serve up some laud-worthy, delicious food. As you trace our Tastemakers' culinary journey, bring an appetite but also a smile and perhaps a kind word or two — these passionate hawkers who buck the norm of cushy office jobs certainly deserve our support!
Ultimate Tourist Guide to Hawker Food in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Ultimate Tourist Guide to Hawker Food in Singapore With this guide to some of the best local eats, it's easy for anyone to enjoy Singapore's food paradise. We've shortlisted five hawker centres and 13 dishes we believe both tourists and locals alike must visit, but also with convenience and variety in mind! From a family-run stall that cooks laksa over a charcoal fire to our take on where to find spot-on renditions of chicken rice, chilli crab, Peranakan kueh, zi char, Hokkien mee and more, the ideas are all delicious. Next time a friend from overseas is in town, just send them this link.
Tastemakers Guide To Best Hawkers In Tampines
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Tastemakers Guide To Best Hawkers In Tampines Our Burpple Tastemakers have their sights set on the far east this time, specifically Tampines! Fuelled by their voracious appetites, these bona fide foodies have curated the 10 top hawker eats in the area. From pick-your-own mala bowls and roasted duck worth travelling for, to hor fun done two ways (you have to read about it to believe it!) and affordable Western grills that may just give cafes a run for their money, here are plenty of tasty eats to inspire a trip to Tampines!

Top 10 Places for Hawker Fare

Top 10 places for Hawker Fare

Latest Reviews for Hawker Fare

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Hawker Fare

A simple bowl of prawn noodles topped with fishcake and kangkong. The broth is not bad, but definitely differs from the taste of traditional prawn mee soup.

Tasted this pork Charsiu Ramen from Ajisai at Yishun park hawker center at $3.50! Definitely one of the cheapest Ramen i have eaten! Taste seems okay! Ingredients are all there! If you want something cheap and affordable. Do give it a try!:)

Tasted this plate of kuey teow from Hua Hua cooking and eating for $3.00 at Yishun Park Hawker Center! Charred taste was there, Creating a hint of fragrant and local scent to it! Noodles and sauces were well balanced and "hum" was big and tasty upon biting! Love local delights like this!

One of my favorite Char Kway Teow. Loved the distinctive flavor of wok hei. The generous amount of crunchy pork lard and bean sprouts added a heavenly flavor to the whole plate.

Tasted this bowl of Clam Seafood Soup [$3.00] from Seafood Pirates at Yishun Park Hawker Center! Light pale orange looking soup topped with fresh white translucent Clams and other ingredients such as tomatos and lettuce! Soup taste kind of unique unlike the seafood soup i have tasted else where! Its more towards the refreshing and 'seafood' taste rather than the 'Sweet' taste!. Clams are definitely big, juicy and fresh! I would still prefer the 'sweet taste' but this experience was definitely interesting and eye opening! Love the food!:)

The famous big prawn noodles lives up to its name indeed. Once you get the hang of it, the tender prawn meat glides easily off of each shell; it leaves you with a satisfaction akin to popping a whole row on that roll of bubble wrap you keep hidden under your desk in case of work stress overload— don't deny it. No matter how packed the eating place, this big bowl of glorious prawn mee is worth any lunch hour wait.

Here's a simple price list for your reference:
$1.00 tou poh
$1.00 腐竹片 bean skin
$1.20 五香 ngoh hiang
$1.60 虾枣 prawn roll
$1.60 猪肝 liver roll
$1.60 脆虾饼 prawn cracker
$2.20 贯肠 sausage

$5.80 小 noodles
$8.80 中 noodles
(Abt $11.80 for giant prawns)
$1.40 lime juice

Tip: Go for the healthier all-white rice noodles, or mix it in with your yellow egg noodles to lower the calories.

Having boiled soup for lunch today due to strong cravings from the rainy weather these past few days. The soup had a nice mixture of sweet coconut & herbal taste, which i paired with organic rice. Overall, a yummy & healthy combination! 😋

This was not bad actually! 🤗
💲: $3/$4
Rate: 3.7/5
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I remember the meat used to be a lot more tender! But definitely satisfied my craving for beef Noodles (7.2/10)