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soup was sweet and savoury and the noodles was qq, I love it. plus points for using mani cai as the veggies. however, I do think the seasoning for the minced pork could be more flavourful. overall, it was quite a nice bowl of you mian.

Ordered the Signature Tobiko prawn ball and prawn soup noodle. The prawn soup has a deep creamy unami flavour and the tobiko prawn balls are also springy with sweet prawn taste. The bee hoon noodles are topped with fried shallots and sinful crispy pork lard. On hindsight, I should have ordered the dry noodles tossed in their sambal since I already have the prawn soup in the claypot which keeps the soup warm.

Ordered the dry prawn noodles which came with a relatively large claypot of prawn soup. The noodles tasted good but the star of the meal was that amazing claypot prawn soup. The soup was filled with ingredients such as pork ribs, clams, fish roe balls and pork slices. While it may be considered pricey for a bowl of noodles and soup only, it is definitely worth it!

I ordered the Shabu Sliced Pork and Prawn Noodles. The noodles and prawns came in separate bowls, and I was impressed with the Prawn broth! It was extremely flavourful and easily one of the best I’ve tasted so far. I got a side of Ngoh Hiang which was a good complement to the meal too!

W fishcake and fish dumplings

All quite light actl, despite being homemade. The fishcake slices sucked, really can't taste anything. Otherwise it's your normal bouncy soft fishballs, doesn't taste significantly different from your store bought fishballs, this isn't the curd kind that's much more savoury

Overall average

The noodles were divine, thin with a great bite. The sauce is inauthentic tho, it's very sweet and lacks depth. It's still enjoyable though, just in a very basic way.

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Cubes of white carrot cake held together by beaten eggs and fried till crisp brown on the outside with a thin layer of chilli on it. It has a nice balance of flavours and definitely a steal for just $2.

It’s more healthier than usual CKT, as if not too oily, comes with a lot of veggie, and prawns. The ckt have light wok hei.
📍91 Fried Kway Teow Mee.
Golden Mile Food Centre,#01-91

I ordered XO fried rice with Pork Cutlet.
The XO fried rice have light wok hei, served with tender pork chop and lao gan ma chilli sauce at the side.
📍King of Fried Rice.
598 Yishun Ring Rd, #B1-03.
Wisteria Mall.


I ordered pork chop, braised pork belly and braised potatoes.
The pork chop is crispy and the braised pork belly is tender. Served with light curry (not thick or rich). So it’s suitable for people who’s prefer light gravy on their dish. Too bad the fried meatball sold out , so I didn’t get the chance to try it
The chilli is sour so not my type of chilli.
📍 Yi Jia Yuen Curry Rice.
Chong Pang Market & Food Centre #01-138.

Ordered the shabu shabu sliced pork and prawn noodles with soup! The soup containing the ingredients was amazingly tasty and I do not feel thirsty at all after drinking all the soup!!! The broth was truly refreshing and I thought of my seafood pao fan while eating…. However the soup based with the noodles doesn’t feel as tasty, not sure why. Would totally go back just for the broth again 🤩

Also ordered the whole crispy prawn cracker! Wasn’t too oily but not a big fan of it.

Tasty rich broth filled with generous portions of prawns and pork. The noodles are fragrant and spicy while the ngoh hiang is also great (try the prawn cracker for an amazing crunch)