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Soft and firm carrot cake tossed with eggs and sweet dark sauce. We ordered the $3 portion to share and they are quite generous with their serving. The taste of dark sweet sauce uplifts the dish but may not favour those who don't like their carrot cake to be sweet. It may be a little too greasy for one person to have it all 》$3 + $0.50 Egg

Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake | #01-37

A decent bowl of prawn noodle but the ingredients given was quite less considering we ordered the biggest portion that came with 4 halved prawns, slices of pork and fish cake then topped with fried shallots 》$4/Big

Hock Ann Prawn Noodle/Lor Mee | #01-36

Mala intestines noodles @ $7

Another awesome dish at this stall. The spiciness is good though it can be just a tad more. The noodles are well cooked and of the texture that we like. The intestines are so huge and also very well cooked with the right texture.

Definitely will be back to try the other noodles again!

Dumplings 红油抄手 @ $6

Have been thinking about this place since the last time we had the roujiamo (meat bun) here, and so we came back.

Really love this dish, the portion is great for the price and the dumplings are also of good size. Each dumpling is also generously filled with well seasoned filling and the skin is also of perfect thickness (thinness) and texture (not too chewy).

Super satisfying and definitely will be back.

Eat how much: $18 + 50 cents (rice)
Eat which store: RIRIHONG MALA (the store inside!)
Eat where: People's Park Complex @ Chinatown
Eat nice not: 1.8/5 for the huat
Fun fact: i have a whole album dedicated to all the mala i have eaten
As a mala connoisseur/regular/epicurean/gourmet, this failed to hit me in the mala feels. It was oddly sweet and as 中辣, it was barely spicy and lacked the mala flavour (香). The only flavour i got while eating (not savouring) this was this odd taste of sweet-savoury spiciness. It felt like it was just ingredients unevenly drenched with watery mala-flavoured sauce. 😕
Although i prefer my mala dry and spicy (some people may mala with more gravy), the fact that it failed to achieve the the basic elements of mala (spice, flavour, colour and mala satisfaction) just makes me really disappointed. :( Unlike the usual fluffly moist rice we are used to, it was rather dry. 🥲 I had high hopes for this famous pioneer of mala but alas, it failed to meet my expectations. 🥶
I don't see myself getting this again, also because i don't get to choose my serving of each ingredient. Nonetheless, if you are a person who somehow enjoys mala with a sweeter note and doesn't taste as spicy, this could be a good choice. 👍

Yet another one of those places that I was eagerly waiting to make a return to ever since work-from-home has been implemented — decided to head down to Bodhi Deli on one of those days where a trip to office is needed so I could get myself this Chicken Cutlet Noodle that I was looking forward to having for quite some time.

Being a vegetarian establishment, the Chicken Cutlet Noodle looks almost like how a standard chicken cutlet noodle from any other meat serving establishment would — the mock chicken cutlet is almost akin to the real deal; golden brown fried crispy panko-crumbed batter with “meat” that is tightly packed and layered as though there are fibres just like chicken, while the noodles here comes with only the single choice of Mee Pok. The Mee Pok comes tossed in lightly savoury yet spicy sauce that is comparable in flavour to that of hawker stalls serving Bak Chor Mee, and even come with crispy crumbs over the top that replicates that of crispy pork lard — simply divine. Just like some stalls that serves wanton noodles, the plate of noodles also comes with stalks of Bok Choy on the side; theirs being immensely fresh and crunchy. All in all, a really stellar plate of vegetarian noodles that even a meat lover like me would crave for from time to time.

Pretty glad to see how far Bodhi Deli has come along; originally just a kiosk stall with seatings scattered across the aisles within the shopping centre for dine-in, they have since also expanded to include a dine-in area in a unit behind. Still, the stall is still a popular dining choice, with the dine-in area being usually full, and staff assisting to allocate seats for diners who have yet to find their seat before making their order — pretty much a testament to the quality of food served here. Also managed to try their vegetarian Dumplings during this visit, which was almost akin to having the real deal with meat and is something I will order to share around the next time I am here. Needless to say, I will be craving for this till the next time …

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You will probably get a myriad of answers for what is Singapore's national dish. It is probably a question which will spark verbal jousting over the dining table.

My answer is a little more left field but it is kinda representative of our multi-ethnic character of Singapore. Yes, I am talking about rojak.

Singaporean rojak typically contains youtiao (fried dough fritters), taupok (deep fried beancurd puffs, bean sprouts, cucumber, pineapple and jicama. It is then tossed with a dressing made of haeko (prawn paste), tamarind, sliced torch ginger bud, sugar, lime and crushed peanuts.

Soon Heng is a Toa Payoh institution. It is also my personal favourite as it has been around since my childhood days. I used to have it nearly every other day (I blame @dorisckl for my chubby fats) to the point that the uncle knows our order by heart (no cucumber, jicama and pineapple).

We love that the Soon Heng uncle toasts his dough fritters fresh so that they are extra crispy. They can also be slightly on the sweet side (yes, I only have it once in a blue moon these days). He is also only hawker I know who adds in fresh cuttlefish with his rojak to give it some extra bite and these are usually the bits which were the first to go!

Sing Swee Kee at Seah Street has opened a new outlet at HDB Hub in Toa Payoh.

Some of us will probably be familiar with the famous chicken rice balls in Malacca. There are also a few stalls in Singapore which feature them as well. I have never been a fan of chicken rice balls because they are molded by handpressing the rice which kinda makes them dry yet mushy in terms of texture.

Sing Swee Kee takes chicken rice balls one step further by deep frying them. The rice balls are shattering crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Notwithstanding the deep-frying process, the fragrance of ginger and pandan ,and umami flavours of the chicken stock are retained. It is essentially a Singaporean "aracini", Italian rice balls which are stuffed, coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. Its a good interesting way to start a meal. It's a tad dry but maybe they can stuff shredded chicken in there in the future!

As for the chicken rice, it is simple and good. The roast chicken is moist and flavourful. The rice is alright but a tad dry. I prefer my chicken rice a little more "wet" and oily.

Don't look down on hawkers k. They can also innovate and create new dishes!

Had the Prawn Chee Cheong Fun ($5) and this is delicious. Skin is not that thick and prawn is big enough. One of the better one that I tried

Had the Tai Hwa before trying this. Had to say, I prefer this as more ingredient and noodle is cooked like a BCM and less vinegary compared to Tai Hwa.

Had the one michellin star minced meat noodle ($6). The fresh fish is unique. However, I find that the noodle is al denta which is not my type for bcm and unnecessary amount of vinegar.

It's my own opinion and does not mean is a bad dish

Comes in $3/$5 too. More exp means more stuff were given.
Mamma Mia! This is good! If you love saucey and  meaty noodles. This is it.
Flavourful and juicy minced meat, meatball, strong vinegary braised shiitake and normal button mushroom over your choice of noodles. I had Mee Kia. Noodles were springy yet to the bite. Then, down with a large dollop of sauce for you to mix with. Available spicy, tomato or dark.
Comes with a bowl of umami meaty clear soup.
🚩Nanyang Noodle Place(share space with Thai food stall), North Hill Food Court, 636959, 64 Nanyang Cres
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