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Glad that they use really good bananas and the banana taste comes thru more than anything. The egg is actually barely perceptible, except for contributing to a fluffy texture. Though I specifically clarified that it's a dessert prata, for some reason they still served it with curry lol.
Though the egginess is mild I would still recommend getting any other of the dessert prata as the egg doesn't gel with the banana well

P.S. feel free to ask them for condense milk to be drizzled

Nice wanton mee (large - $5.50) with pork lard (self service) and boiled dumplings ($4). Worth it. Eat it with the ketchup or chilli sauce provided!

@mrlorbak immediately came to mind. All that fatty meat that disintegrates in the mouth. Really missing everything in this bowl.

Ordered the Wagyu and Pork Cheeks Combo ($16) and Signature Short Rib ($6/skewer). The pork was outstanding- incredibly tender and beautifully charred and smokey on the surface, balanced by a subtle brightness from the vinegar it was prepared with. The wagyu was well-cooked and had decent flavour, but lacked marbling and the melt-in-your-mouth texture of higher grade wagyu. The short rib had the same intense char as the pork and a great crust in some places, while still being extremely moist and tender inside. Everything was well-seasoned and flavourful. Would return for the pork cheeks and short ribs! No photos as it's my first Burpple review and I was only inspired to post by how good the pork cheeks were :)

The sweetness wasn't as prominent as I had expected but there really was a lot of umami from the mayo and the chicken luncheon meat. Though finally this seems to be the line lol, because of the ingredients even they can't get this prata to be crispy haha(understandably ofc). Again, probably worth a try after you've had their excellent kosong, egg and red bean pratas

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"Secret menu" item, which I read/heard about from foodblogs and Food King. The prawns were fresh and huge, omelette was nicely cooked (still slightly runny on the surface), noodles were well fried (tho abit more char/wokhei would have been welcomed), and the pork lard gave it the much needed oomph. 😋

Warning to those who can't stand oily food though, this is definitely a fried noodle dish that was fried in a good amount of oil. So beware! I was personally not expecting it to be that oily, but it wasn't a turn off for me 😅

Rating: 4 / 5

First stop was straight to some traditional foods of Pisang Keju Coklat and Martabak Manis before drowning it with a 1 litre Thai milk tea while having some roti john in the process. Next up, we shared a packet of nasi biryani ayam from a stall that I cannot even remember from and completing the rounds with some putu piring. And yes, this was the one that was featured recently in Netflix’s Street Food, Singapore episode, as well. Comes with 5 pieces for $2.50, these oval-shaped steamed rice cakes contains a googy gula melaka in it and it is recommended to eat it while its freshly out from the steamer.
Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring
Address: 14, Haig Road, Haig Road Market & Food Centre, Unit 01-07, Singapore 430014
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Lor bak, curry chicken, brinjal. Second time in a row I'm not completely satisfied. I don't know whether eating it regularly last time is just fond memories of comfort food or standards are really dropping. It no longer feels part of the conversation for best curry rice. Lor bak is still first-class, but don't be deceived by the gorgeous curry chicken, because it's okay nia.

PRICE: $8.60

WAITING TIME: 5 min on a weekday evening

SPICE LEVEL: Mid level was okay. Can be more spicy. Quite salty.

- has the two kinds of noodles I like, instant noodles and sweet potato vermicelli
- my favourite zhu pi aka fake fish maw is charged under the higher tier of meats, at $3.20/100g. Higher than elsewhere.


A perfectly grilled wing should have a crispy skin and juicy flesh. It should be well marinated and the citrus from the lime will be able to elevate the whole satisfaction. These wings scored them all. 💯

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😝💚 When I feel a little too unhealthy from time to time, I’d always go back to this delicious and hearty bowl of thunder tea rice 🍚 It’s always served with a bowl of soup made with tea leaves and herbs 🌿 and I love to pour it over this bowl of vegetables rice! 😋 Do YOU love or detest thunder tea rice? 🙈

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