Recommended lists for Hawker Food

Recommended lists of Best Hawker Food in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Hawker Food Tastemakers Guide to Best Hawkers in Chinatown Our last Tastemakers Guide of the year sees our Burpple Tastemakers bringing their insatiable appetites to Chinatown, in search of the best hawker eats. And what a spread they've arrived at! From utterly satisfying curry chicken cutlet noodles made for cheat day breakfasts to the tenderest of soy sauce chicken and a ma la xiang guo stall that delivers flavours sans queues, this guide is packed with a treasure trove of foodie finds. Dress down, and go hungry!
Burpple Guides, Hawker Food Tastemakers Guide To Seah Im Food Centre This month, our Burpple Tastemakers bring their insatiable appetites southwards to Seah Im Food Centre. Once a hangout for weekend Sentosa-goers, this foodie gem near HarbourFront Bus Interchange lost quite a bit of attention when Sentosa started its train services. That's not to say that it's lost its appeal — the place is still packed to the brim most days, especially during weekday lunch hours. As our Tastemakers soon realised, Seah Im is quite the treasure trove for budget-friendly eats, with many choice picks averaging at $3 a plate. From uber addictive ayam penyet to after 4:30pm curry puffs (yes, it's a thing!) and a stellar braised duck rice, there's plenty to fill up on here.
Burpple Guides, Hawker Food Tastemakers Guide To Tiong Bahru Market This month, our Burpple Tastemakers hit up a tried-and-tested treasure trove of local eats — the recently renovated Tiong Bahru Market! This hawker stalwart boasts a staggering variety of favourites and in true Tastemaker fashion, our bona fide foodies steadily ate their way through them all. From super shiok char siew worth waiting for to award-winning chicken rice and soft, silky tau huay, there's plenty of inspiration packed into this guide to ready you for your next visit here.
Burpple Guides, Hawker Food Tastemakers Guide to Serangoon Garden Market In this edition of Tastemaker Guides, our Burpple Tastemakers brought their insatiable appetites to Serangoon Garden Market and ate their way through the gems the hawker centre has to offer. From old-school bread buns worth setting your alarm for to velvety smooth beancurd and a stellar fish maw soup, there's plenty reason to head to the north-east. Happy feasting!

Top 10 Places for Hawker Food

Top 10 places for Hawker Food

Latest Reviews for Hawker Food

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Hawker Food

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Located at 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, # 01-136 Singapore 150124. Their signature beancurd dish - “Choy Hiang” Beancurd, S $12. Their homemade tofu is so soft, smooth and silky! It’s pan-fried to perfection before topping with fragrantly stir-fried Minced meat! Those gravy surely adds more flavours to it, goes so well with a bowl of rice! Ma-Ma-Mia~~~ @kengengkee #hungryunicornsg #kekseafood #kengengkee #kengengkeeseafood #kengengkeeseafoodrestaurant #beancurd

(#01-29) 麵
options of $4 and $5 available, but you'll not regret the $5 one. there's always a queue, so you'll not miss the stall unless you reach before dinner time (we ate around 6.30pm?). wet version of the hokkien mee, sweeter than you'll expect but makes me crave for more!


Unusual formula - it comprises dried chilli, capsicum, button mushrooms, spring onion, prawns, chicken and carrot. Whole thing is sour-spicy, which I guess is how you stand out.

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Not too bad, reasonable price, lots of selections, doesn't have to wait long. Best of all, this coffeeshop has an never-ending crowd. If u are a person that enjoys seeing happy ppl, you would love this place.

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So there’s this stall called “Best Lu Mian in Town” at Whampoa Drive Market. Not only do I wish I had their confidence but I think their bold claim is substantiated!

Upon first bite of the noodles, I pretty much fell in love with their lor mee. The yellow noodles have a robust taste and QQ texture. They have an amazing chili that goes with the braised pork, fish nuggets and fried flour bits.

Is it truly the best? No. Would I recommend it? Yes.

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From Gunung Ledang Malay Food stall,
Home style Nasi lemak $3, sweet spicy chilli, delicious fried fish cake, fried egg and crispy fried chicken wing.

Other dishes offered: Nasi campur, Classic lontong, Mee siam, Mee rebus and Mee goreng.

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$12, pork was less crispy than it looked, salted egg yolk sauce was super generous and creamy

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