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Generous with the meat during the period of P2HA

Value for money.

For only $15 u get:

1) chicken chop
2) pork chop
3) sausage
4) 3 fixed sides (spaghetti,salad,corn)

Unlike some places, the chicken chop in this mixed grill is the same size as their normal chicken chop.

So this meal, for only $15, is enough to feed 2 men easily.

This chicken is good, pork is a little dry though.

I will definitely return for just the chicken chop next time.

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Simply wow. For $9.50

For 3 sides selection.

More Sides were overflowing and hidden below chicken chop.

Super value for money.

And the chicken chop was tender and flavorful, the garlic aioli gave the chicken more flavour as well.

Each set came with a fried egg, tempeh, fried ikan bilis and peanut, served with homemade sambal. The coconut rice is fluffy, moist and infused with blue pea flowers that gives a lovely blue colouring.

The rendang chicken set comes with a huge chicken drumstick that is tender and coated with rendang. The chicken wings were crispy and juicy but I feel that it lacks flavour and tempeh was soggy probably due to the vapour formed when we chose to takeaway.

I would try this because of the infused blue pea rice otherwise the side dishes and toppings is something that I will not remember.

Chicken Wing Set 》$4.50
Rendang Chicken Set 》$6.50

📍 Kampung Kia Blue Pea Nasi Lemak | #01-26

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The set makes it slightly cheaper than normal. No idea how they calculate the discount of 40% off cos 3.8nett+1nett is 4.8nett so UP shld be about 4.8(this was 6.8 for 2 sets)

Nonetheless, glad the spicy minced ckn porridge maintained its standard. This was less seasoned but the ckn balls were good and I particularly enjoyed the braised peanuts. Gf liked this a lot more, I prefer the stronger tasting spicy minced ckn

My go-to-place to satisfy my kway chap fix ✌️Reasons to love: intestines are nice and chewy, the kway doesn’t get mushy even when you takeaway, and the kway chap soup is not too salty, making it nice & drinkable.

Quite tasty. The base laksa is the laksa soup that we are all familiar with. The ingredients inside consist of
1 tofu
1 brinjal
1 ladies finger
1 chilli
1 mushroom
You can choose 手工面 or the laksa noodles. I would try to ask if they can serve rice as an alternative.

Compare to non vegetarian laksa $10.90 isn't cheap, compare to normal vegetarian food, $10.90 is quite alright. Ah going healthy, vegetarian and tasty can be quite expensive. But I love greendot laksa. 😜

Committed to making quality western food affordable and accessible to everyone, head down to this casual dining concept by COLLIN'S® in Hougang! Tuck into their Mixed Grill Platter ($15) for a generous serving of 3 proteins and 3 sides, perfect for sharing or mix and match in their Create Your Own Meal, which comes with a choice of 1 protein, 3 sides and 1 sauce. Order the signature Chicken Fungi Aglio Olio ($8) and additional Beer Battered Black and Tan Onion Rings ($4.50) for sharing!\
Photo by Burppler Jeff Lim


Think they recently updated their menu so it’s now one main with 3 sides (inclusive of both sides and carbs).

I’ve always preferred their pork (esp the pork belly and ribs) but this time round I thought I’d try their salmon. It was ok, would have preferred it to be less dry actually. For the sides, I went with sweet potato fries (must get!) , mushroom ragout (new side) and good old mashed potato which you can’t go wrong with! I tried their garlic aioli sauce (also new) and it was a pleasant surprise :)

Guilt-free ice-cream. Simple, creamy, and rich soy taste. My go-to comfort food whenever I need a pat on my back. Life’s simple pleasure indeed.

First time having it and I don't really like the taste of froyo lol, at least it's healthy presumably