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炒萝卜糕 (白)
Tasty plate of pan fried carrot cake.
Generous amount of egg, also the chopped spring onions added the texture.
Highly recommended!

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Warm sweet dessert of slow cooked white wheat.
Served with chilled coconut cream.
Not bad indeed.

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It’s very delicious but a bit salty. Overall taste good!!

Tasty fulfilling hor fun perfect for any day! Dishes are cook upon order on individual portion so the taste are quite consistent. Well portion like the usual zi char stall, they are generous with veg!

@mrbeansg: please don’t sleep on this taro pancake!!!!! It is really one of the best things ever!! And it wasn’t even like freshly made or piping hot!! That’s when you know it’s real GOOD 👅👅
I wanted to do the *squish squish* test and take a vid but it was too bright at the beach and I was so ready to devour the pancake so...... I guess I have to buy this pancake AGAIN hahaha 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Really a solid 10/10!!!!!! NO KIDDING! Buy it, try it and tag me to let me know how you find it please!!! 🥔🍠 @apple where’s the taro/yam emoji!!!! 😤

Tasty tender duck meat over savoury fluffy rice.
Surrounded salted vegetables, taukwa, braised egg and blanched vegetables.
Highly recommended!

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🔥😋 Vegetarian Laksa Hotpot with sesame rice. Lots of vege, mushrooms and the laksa broth goes well with the fragrant sesame rice. One of my favourites at Greendot.

Early Morning I was looking for Popiah, but they dont have it at around 7am,So I take this Lite breakfast. Coffee is tasty and dont have this after taste, egg and bread perfect match.
Looking forward to have popiah in the opening timing 😊

We go for vegetarian food today as we simply can’t resist the new item @greendotsg (we are not sponsored by the way)
❇️ Bento set (1 main Rendang & 2 greens: broccoli & egg plant in soya sauce)
❇️ New! Crispy Beancurd Sesame rice : the “vegetarian” clever take for the iconic Singapore chicken rice. Tofu replaces chicken blood. The fried bean curd got similar texture like fried chicken.
Chili 🌶 sauce is a winner here as we use them all up.
It’s our detox without compromising on flavour. 😌🌱

Bought it on shopback with discount at $5.90. Took their twist and was hoping to try their red velvet. Neverthless, i was disappointed at the lack of flavour and it’s just colouring.

$10.90 (U.P.)
• the bowl is huge, the ingredients were well mixed and taste great, something light
• vegetable overload really, so if you’re a fan of vegetables, this is one dish you can try
• not too sure what promotion was there, got a wrap and a salad and was given a $2 discount ☺️
• staff at the Plaza Sing outlet was really friendly, esp. for a first-time Simply Wrapps goer, she patiently recommends the choice of sauce that goes well with the salad, highly recommend!! 👍🏻