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Have you visited the revamped Kopitiam at Plaza Singapura? It’s filled with a collection of Michelin food stalls and some familiar favourites. Amongst them is Ah Ma Chi Mian, which have taken the Singaporean hawker scene by storm, with at least 9 outlets today.

I ordered the Specialty Pork Liver (Dry) since this is one of my favourite dishes and I have heard good things about it! Each piece of liver was cooked to perfection! I have seen it being compared to the texture of foie gras online and this description isn’t an overstatement. It has to be said this a bit pricey though for a kopitiam meal but it is worth every cent, with its flavour and texture on point as well as the sheer amount of ingredients contained within. Order an additional bowl of to complete your meal ◡̈

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From Johnson Duck
Awesome value meal!
Slices of the signature roast duck, braised egg, peanuts and tofu with green vegetables.
Dine in each for $4.60!

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Green dot has replaced their soup set series with the yong tau foo style nourish bowls ($2.5 for 100g of ingredients). Which is good in a way that you can customize your ingredients. Along with the usual mushrooms, leafy vegetables and mock meat they have introduced veggies/tofu stuffed with ‘meat’ paste. Comes with free flow soup (laksa/mala/herbal) and choice of noodles or rice. Affordable and quantity is good for hearty eaters. A good choice if you want to try vegetarian yong tau foo.

From Bowl & Grill
Nice plate of crispy deep fried fish fillet.
Chosen side dish cheese fries & onion rings.
Highly recommended!

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Ayam penyet @ $5.90
Add veggie for $1

The chicken is tender and tastes great. Rice, cabbage and daugua are quite average. Chilli is quite good, wish they'd given me more.

Fried rice with pork chop @ $6.90

Have been wanting to give a try at this forever long queue King of Fried Rice stall. Waited about 20 mins for this plate.

The egg fried rice is quite fragrant and the rice grain is well separated and tasted great. The sambal chilli is also not bad but the pork chop is rather average.

Kind of reminded of din tai fung fried rice but the latter is still better.

Might try other options next time depending on the queue.

Ordered the chicken kway teow sambal and chicken satay cauliflower rice. Used burpple beyond. Very worth it! Hearty keto meals that are very tasty, portion is big enough for lunch but doesn't cost a lot of calories!

Insanely generous and huge wraps, I’ll be sure to takeaway half of the wrap next time 😆

First time trying keto food and I was pretty impressed. The rice and noodles were replaced by konjac alternatives but it still tasted the usual local delights nevertheless. The flavours at Keto Indulgence were pretty impressive. We tasted wokhey in the fried rice, bibimbap and fried kway teow. The laksa soup was super flavourful and the spaghetti (with a generous amount of meat and melted cheese on top) was sinfully good too.

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The mixed grill was so worth it (and I’ll say that even without the 1-1). What surprised me was how tender the chicken chop and flavourful the pork chop and sausage was. If you’re meat-eater, this is the dream!

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