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Right up my alley as I love to eat mochi and croissant individually. The croissants are slightly flaky and adequately chewy, though a little cold to my liking. Highly recommended the flavoured ones including matcha and custard filling!

Nunsongyee's desserts are on the pricer side as compared to regular soft serves, but they do hit the spot when you crave for Korean desserts around the area. The Oreo Bingsu is one of the classics one must definitely try.

Dont try to pour the condensed milk over the Oreo powder please. All the milk will definitely be below the bowl instead. Make a hole, then pour into the ice within! They will soak them all up!

It packs three #beef patties, but all were bland and crumbly. To have beef that's tasteless should be illegal, IMO.

Don't even talk to me about the condiments; they were just sloppy, goopy sauces with no intention.
Did the service make up for it, you may ask? No. Not one bit. Because it took them 45mins to push out the first dish (the #burger was the second), and I had to remind a server - who clearly forgot our order - to serve our coffees when we were done with our meal. They lack training, proper management and clearly, professionalism. #sorrynotsorry

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Went to grab a dessert with some friends during the eve of Mother’s Day and unfortunately, Burpple Beyond cannot be used on Mother’s Day as it is considered a PH!? So do take note of special occassion like this.

Despite that, each of us ordered some drinks: Cafe Latte ($5), Affogato ($5.90), Nutella Latte ($6). Affogato is really good but dun order the nutella latte as you cannot really taste the nutella. The cafe does offer free water but we just need our daily dose of caffeine.

Hojicha Soft Serve ($9.50): not too sweet and tatse of hojicha is defined which is what we like. Order this if you are a fan of Hojicha👌🏼.

Food: 6.5/10
Ambience: 7/10
Total Damage: $10/pax

Finally got to try BrotherBird!

The refreshing and icy longan soft serve complemented the warm mochi donut which could otherwise be a bit heavy. The cornflakes added a nice crunch!

P.s. I also explored Haji Lane for the first time hehe.

We’ve been a fan of brother bird’s soft serves for years now - we’ve tried the matcha one, the cookie one and the Thai tea one and they were all good. We had the Oolong milk soft serve this time, and it was light and fragrant in flavour, and the texture of the soft serve was really good - no icy texture and incredibly smooth. Their flavours change every month!

aRoma's gelato definitely ain't the best I've tried, but it's worth it if you use the Burpple Beyond! We got the piccolo cup ($6.70 double scoop inclusive of a premium flavour). Flavour wise we felt like aRoma will need to intensify the flavour notes of the ice cream to differentiate them, as my friends agreed that the mocha and chocolate tasted roughly the same, and the run and raisin and earl grey tasted roughly similar too.

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Nice Ondeh Ondeh Cake With Pandan Ice Cream. Moist & Not Too Sweet

Hands down one of the best croissants I’ve had.
It’s flaky and crispy while being jam packed with fillings inside. Would recommend if you’ve got a sweet tooth because most of the croissants I’ve tried are pretty sweet. Overall pretty darn fantastic!

Ice cream chosen: Sea Salt Caramel & Earl Grey
Not sure why the earl grey ice cream melted so fast compared to sea salt caramel. It was already melting when served. Overall, tastes decent!

Waffle: Yuan Yang
A combination of original and charcoal. The waffle has crispy edges and doesn’t have alkaline aftertaste.

Yuan Yang Waffle (S$8)
Normal Ice Cream (S$3.50/scoop)

Total: S$15

Ice cream chosen: Sea Salt Caramel & Korean Strawberry
Both tastes good, but personally prefer the Korean Strawberry which is refreshing to the tastebuds.

Waffle: Charcoal
Waffle with crispy edges, not much of alkaline aftertaste.

Charcoal Waffle (S$8)
Normal Ice Cream (S$3.50/scoop)

Total: S$15

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