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Tried this using the 1-for-1 Beyond deal. While the presentation was nice, it was hard to eat the waffle together with the ice cream as the bowl was unstable.

Taste wise, the houjicha flavour was easy on the palate. The brownie cubes were soft and tasty, albeit not warm.

Overall, it is still worth trying!

Verdict: 6/10


Had to try their cruffins! When I came almost everything sold out and I got to try the rose raspberry cruffin
Filled with cream of strong rose flavor, balanced with a sour raspberry compote, this cruffin is delish! Love the strong rose flavor so much!

wasn’t my first time but enjoyed it throughly :”) this time got d Thai milk t, strawBschamomile n nana choc (which wasn’t as bitter as the prev choc i got) as me flVors, was pretty l0vely! and sUUUUUper filling pal got the clAzzic s’mores!! overall was GuuuuD ex (again)!!!

the dark peaceful vibes of the cafe totally brings the chill mood out of you.
Very curious about their famous signature mochi doughnut and I tried their Earl Grey Burst, which is a mochi doughnut filled with earl grey infused chocolate served with a choice of softserve, Cookie Butter or the Seasonal Softserve. I opted for cookie butter.
The mochi doughnut does taste mochi-ish and offers a unique chewy texture compared to normal doughnuts
Cookie butter softserve wasn’t extremely creamy and is on the lighter soft serve kind, with notable cookie butter flavor. 🍪💕
Earl grey infused chocolate had strong earl grey flavor which I love 😍 perhaps the only downside is how the butter seperates in the filling (or maybe the seperation was inevitable?). I also brought home their famed Mochi Cruffin. I tried their Raspberry Rose Cruffin which is filled with Rose cream (strong rose flavor 🥰❤️) and sour-ish raspberry compote that balanced the cream out really well! Their cruffins are a must try! I just really appreciate how their earl grey and rose had strong flavors, they’re good at bringing these flavors out!

📍 Brotherbird Bakehouse at Stateland Coffeehouse
Closest MRT: Bugis
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Sweet tooths, head on down to Bali Lane for a beautiful new Osakan import. Exclusive to Singapore are two yummy flavours that look great but even taste better. The fragrant Peranakan Road ($12.50) features coconut ice cream in a buttermilk bubble waffle slathered in kaya, then topped with sweet potato fresh cream, mango, dragonfruit and mint leaves. Alternatively, their Little SouQ ($13) sees Thai milk tea ice cream wrapped in a chocolate bubble waffle and topped with cream cheese, dried figs, coconut flakes, dates, pumpkin seeds and pretzel.
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua


This is definitely worth the try! Don’t forget to get one when you are there!

Went for one of their Singapore Exclusives, the Little Souq ($13), consisting of thai milk tea ice cream, cheese cream and garnished with a variety of toppings such as dried figs, coconut flakes, pumpkin seeds and pretzels

Wasn't impressed by the egglet..couldn't really taste the chocolate and they lacked the crisp exterior that i like, being rather soft and fluffy. Honestly, the egglets at Hong Kong Egglet at the nearby bugis junction sits better with me (and is cheaper too😅)

Overall, it was still an enjoyable (and instagrammable) dessert, with a nice sweet-savoury balance (i don't usually fancy cream cheese that much but it was awesome)
but I'd probably not be returning anytime soon with the prices being so exorbitant 😅😶

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not mi first time here bUt i still ordered the same thing HAHAHAH got d hojicha soft serve while hOmie got d isabelle waffle which was uhm qUestionAble???? fellow hOmie didn’t rly like it cuz of d weird combination of sour grEek yoghurt & sweet waffles but woRth a try !!! hehe and saw xiaohUi coincidentally thEre kekek

I love the mochi ice cream here. It is basically ice cream coated with a layer of soft chewy mochi and you can choose from a variety of flavours. My favourite is melon and vanilla!

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They usually have a seasonal flavour in addition to their signature cookie butter, but sadly they were in the transition period between flavours and the former wasn't available (I heard the new one's going to be PB&J!!). You can have it neat, with mochi balls, with donut or with waffles. The waffles here aren't the crispiest or tastiest - actually came with a sour tinge to the batter - but yummy ice cream more than made up for that. Would have the mochi balls over this anytime.

Featuring a premium gelato available, chrysanthemum flavoured which is light and soothing in contrast to the smores waffles.

Customize your own artisanal waffles with your choice of waffle type and and wide variety of gelato which you could request for a taste first with the staff.