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best matcha latte in SG that brings starbucks matcha latte to shame.
we tried the iced hana matcha ($13.80++) and hot yuki matcha ($5.80++)

tbh, i don’t rly taste much difference between the two despite the vast difference in price.
for both, matcha was thick, aromatic and rly smooth. was slightly skeptical abt replacing milk with oat milk. however, boy i was wrong. hvala uses barista edition Oatly oat milk, making the latte extremely creamy! after trying the oat latte once, i was immediately sold and became an oat latte convert. i was so hooked by this combi i needed to have this drink weekly (ordered yuki matcha subsequently).

hvala truly serves the best matcha and it’s the ONLY place i’ll go to for matcha beverages as i know, satisfaction will always be guaranteed.

Surprisingly there wasn’t any queue when we arrived on Sunday evening, and manage to go in soon after.

One of the brand under Keisuke, specialise on serving gyoza with side dishes.

I gotten the prawn meat with a few different dishes to try on with friend.

Great tasting bowls but the serving here is always small

The freshness of the fatty tuna, amberjack and hidami, and perfectly made nigiri sushi of aji, ika, akami, otoro and anago were enjoyable in each bite. The Hokkaido oyster served with ponzu sauce slurped down easily with the taste of the ocean.

Perhaps the biggest fear factor dish for me that evening, which I overcome with it eventually, is the shirako, which is fish sperm that comes with a vinaigrette and kombu. The texture is very much like tofu and has a creamy flavour, which is complemented by the tangy sauce. Once you get it out of your head, you can actually enjoy this dish a lot.
✨ Sushi Jiro
📍 6 Raffles Boulevard, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Unit 04-600, Singapore 039594
🍴 [Media Invite]

There is the ala-carte menu, but I will recommend you go for the omakase 6,8 or 10-course meal instead for the ultimate enjoyment. What we had that day was the 10-course omakase ($260) which was truly a excellent dining experience for special occasions.

Several of the highlights include starting off with a refreshing appetiser of sliced scallop topped with sea urchin and ikura over a bed of seaweed before the small bites of trio of mushroom, smoked daikon with cream cheese, warm ginkgo nut and a mildly sweet pumpkin cake. Throughout the course meal, we were transported to Japan with the luxurious seafood course of lobster sashimi, sea urchin, ikura, caviar and finished with gold flakes, and the cooked dishes of tempura which has hamaguri clam, Japanese green pepper and seaweed, and the melt-in-your-mouth premium Japanese A5 Wagyu beef.
✨ Sushi Jiro
📍 6 Raffles Boulevard, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Unit 04-600, Singapore 039594
🍴 [Media Invite]

The hojicha parfait started off great, with the smooth hojicha soft serve that had the right balance of sweetness paired with the chewiness of the mochi and the natural sweetness of the red bean.

However, it became overwhelming sweet nearing the end where the bottom is layered with what appears to be brown sugar jellies. Would have preferred if it was simply soft serve at the bottom as well for a consistent finish.

Once again, you get the option of either the matcha sauce or brown sugar sauce to go with your parfait. Better to stick with the former for a better balance.

Perfect choice for those who love both matcha and hojicha. Personally, I prefer the hojicha as it has a stronger flavour profile than the matcha as a result of the roasted tea leaves.

The soft serve comes with the option of either the match sauce or brown sugar sauce.

📍 @baristartcoffee
💰 ~ $5.50
Morning everyone 🌞 rather than grabbing usual coffee, how bout a giant coffee flavored puff! ☕️✨ this is @baristartcoffee month special🥰 so far they have the best puffs I had in Singapore with that thick crunchy crust💓 their puffs make me going back over and over again🌸 have u tried? 😊
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They didn't call it hot chocolate I think the actual name is chocolate glace. If you love Milo and its sweetness. This drink is not really for you because its not sweet enough. But if you love a drink with a smooth and chocolate taste you will like it because its more suitable for adult who don't like sweet stuff.

This is like hokkaido ice cream with coffee. Enough said. Must try. I will repeat ok.

Today's choux pastry is well done. Crispy and pairs well with the coffee cream. Personally I prefer the coffee cream compared to the plain version.