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Recommended lists of Best Japanese Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Japanese, Dinner with Drinks 15 Best Izakayas in Singapore As izakayas continue to spring up all over Singapore, we’ve realized that this might just be one of the most fun forms of dining — if you’ve yet to try, you really should. These casual, lively Japanese watering holes are meant for groups of friends to wind down over bite-sized goodies and beers after work. You can keep going for hours, ordering small bites and more drinks as your worries slip away. We've sussed out the best izakayas — from crispy chicken tails in Orchard to rosti mentai in the CBD and buta kakuni in Tanjong Pagar — start saving these places to your Wishlist!
Burpple Guides, Japanese 13 Best Places for Chirashi in Singapore If you're fishing for a good chirashi, here's our haul of the oiishiest in town! It doesn't matter if you like yours topped with flame-torched seafood, thick sashimi cuts or plump marinated cubes of fish, we've got you covered ranging from value-for-money bowls to splurge-worthy extravaganza!
Burpple Guides, Sushi, Japanese Best Sushi in Singapore Sushi is an art that takes years to perfect. The best sushi is definitely worth paying for, but if you don't have the funds to travel to Japan and get the best sushi, fret not. Featured are places that give you a bang for your buck, depending on how much you are willing to spend ;)

Top 10 Places for Japanese

Top 10 places for Japanese
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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Japanese

(They have Cha Soba in hot soup version as well, just need to request!) 😋

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Nothing like a big bowl of sashimi to make you smile. Affordable too!

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A reasonably priced restaurant serving excellent Japanese food. If you are there, be sure to order their Donburi which comes in generous portions, and their unforgettably amazing Maki that I promise to go back for. Staffs there are also really polite and friendly, making the whole dining experience really pleasant.

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We were really excited for the beef tongue because we haven’t had any for so long but this was quite a disappointment. There was not much flavour, and the worst part was the texture really left a lot to be desired. It was neither crunchy nor tender, but really chewy and tough. Not even the chili that was served with it could save it.

Don’t order❌

Cooked live in front of you , each piece of beef is so delicate and tender!
Each set comes with a sesame rice cake , miso soup , spa boiled eggs !
Best of all is the hidden slice of tofu in the donburi !
$35.20 after GST !

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$11.80 w/o GST, a bit underwhelming imo... The sauce for the salad wasn't too good but the fish was fresh!!

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We tried the XL Unagi Bara Chirashi (featured pic), a huge rice bowl served with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, scallops, radish, cucumbers, eggs and seaweed topped with a fleshy slab of signature grilled unagi. The slightly charred unagi goes perfectly well with vinegared rice and the bursts of fish roe and fresh sashimi cubes lend savouriness to the dish. -
The XL Unagi Bara Chirashi (S$62.80) and Unagi Gozen (S$46.80) are available exclusively at this new outlet.
Miyagawa Honten from Tokyo opened its first outlet outside of Japan in Singapore. It boasts a 125-year history and operates 20 outlets in Japan alone. Its first outlet was Tsukiji Miyagawa Honten, way back in 1894. The Singapore outlet is named Unagiya Ichinoji at Riverside Village Residences and Unagiya Ichinoji Dining at Eat at Seven, Suntec City. -
🎉 Opening promotion at Unagiya Ichinoji Suntec outlet - every 2nd order of Hitsumabushi (S$32.80++) is at 50% off (S$16.40++).
*Promotion valid till end October 2018.
Dinner tasting hosted by @unagiyaichinojidining & @brandcellar .
📍Eat at Seven (new outlet)
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-307
Sky Garden Suntec City,
Singapore 038983
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Feature the first XL Unagi Bara Chirashi.
Comprise tuna,salmon,yellow tail, scallops, takuan (radish), cucumbers, egg, seaweed and their signature grilled eel.
Not only pretty, it’s also a bowl of happiness.
The eel very fresh and we also can choose with the rice that special imported from Hokkaido. 💰$62.8. 📍Unagiya Ichinoji Dining.
Eat At Seven Outlet.
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-307. Sky Garden Suntec City.

Gyu-men Plus (S$10.90)
Complete gyu-men with added tamago and katsuobushi topping.
Available at @Gyunion
Selected Gyu-men which was thinly sliced beef and onions on thin noodles in warm beef broth. Topped with spring onions.
Topped with Ajitsuke Tamago (Marinated soft yolk egg 🥚) and Katsuobushi (Japanese imported shaved bonito flakes).
The broth was surprisingly lightly. None of the expected beefy taste.
Although it was a soup base dish, one felt that the broth was a bit too limited, although was served a small bowl of broth later.
Address 🏠 : 91 Bencoolen Street, # 01-23 Sunshine Plaza, Singapore 🇸🇬 189 652
Open ⏰ : Mon - Fri : 12pm - 9.30pm
MRT 🚇 : Bencoolen (DT21)

Had the Mentaiko Salmon rice bowl ($9.50) from Big Bowls Project at Amoy Street Food Centre for lunch and it’s pretty yummy! The salmon is moist and soft, and the creaminess of the torched Mentaiko sauce is well balanced by the tangy cherry tomatoes (btw I swapped my cucumbers for extra cherry tomatoes because who likes cucumbers anyway🙊). The jasmine brown rice is good too. Will be great if the portion is bigger!

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Excellent Signature Kohaku Tendon ($15). The portion is generous. I chose the spicy option and instantly love it. You can also choose the using version, which serves with udon instead of rice.

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