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BUBBLES の the Mr. Bubble $4.5 を飲みながら待つことに。


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Tapas food but a Japanese twist to it! Loved all their dishes especially the Rosti Mentai (bottom of the picture) tho it was slightly on the oily side but the tangy potato gave the entire dish a interesting texture! The beers complimented well with all the dishes especially the dried stingray fin! However I must say that food was on a rather pricier price point for its portion. Overall I had a good dining experience ◡̈

The popular Osakan-style kushikatsu restaurant is currently having a Mega Cheese Festival!😋🧀🧀 Do yourself a favour and get the Chiritori Cheese Nabe, my favorite dish among all! You can choose between marinated chicken/beef/pork, and stir them together with melted cheese sauce. Very rich and flavourful!🤩

Btw I found this resto very interactive. You can cook your own cheesy nabe, DIY your takoyaki, and even mash potato salad! They also have fun drinking games. The atmosphere there was boisterous, definitely a fun place to visit with friends.💯

🔸Mega Cheese Chikuwa Kushikatsu: $6
🔸Unagi Kushikatsu:$2.50
🔸Hanpen Kushikatsu: $1.50
🔸Mini Taiyaki Kushikatsu: $2
🔸New Kushikatsu Dipping Sauces: $4 for a set of 3 (chilli crab, nachos cheese, Japanese curry)
🔸DIY Takoyaki: prawn ($10), tako ($10), unagi ($11), add cheese for $3
🔸Chiritori Cheese Nabe: $18

Thanks to @kkt.sg for having me, Melody & Bernice @brandcellar for the invite and also for hand modelling! #dinewithflorence #burpple #instafood #instagood #foodphotography #foodstagram #foodlover #foodbeast #foodpornography #foodporn #singaporeinsiders

There is no other place in SG that serves Matcha soft serve as thick as Matchaya. But if you like your desserts sweet then you might find this abit too bitter for you.

The parfait comes with some red bean and some cereal as well as 2 types of mochi.

Overall a satisfying dessert and super worth especially with Beyond!!

Enjoyable but nothing out of the ordinary, the rather common tasting beef was helped along somewhat by the boisterous kimchi. Not something I’d order again.

Taste: 3/5

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Ordered mega san that is wrapped with tempura prawn, fried enoki mushroom, sweet corn, chicken floss, crab stick, tamago, mixed mushroom and sesame sauce👍

Pay additional $1 for a canned of soft drink.

It was a HUGE bowl that was almost massive- topped with nicely seasoned tender chicken, two prawns, pumpkin, radishes, long beans and shiitake mushroom. The seaweed was also very crispy and not soggy like most other stores. We liked how the spice added a piquant note to the ten don such that it isn’t too 腻 🌶 Would be nice if they drizzled more sauce, though! Overall good deal with beyond 1-for-1, will come again! 👍🏻

This was better than I thought it would be! The tempura flakes were crispy and added a nice crunch to each mouthful. The chirashi was also finely diced into small pieces (a tad too small for my liking). Unlike other chirashi stores that drizzle copious amounts of sweet sauce over, this was aimed at keeping the fish fresh without other flavors, with a shoyu dip. There was more cucumber than necessary but overall a good assortment with salmon, tuna, scallops, prawns and tamago!

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