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Its June and the season of durians so everywhere's having durian as their special flavour haha. Got this MSW durian croissant and i quite liked the croissant on its own. Its glazed over with sugar on one side and the other side is plain i think, which is great because that helps to prevent the croissant from being overly sticky and sweet.

Brought this home so by the time i consumed it, was kind of nua already 😅 but certain parts still remained rather crisp, and i liked the chewy dough of the rest.

The durian filling was nice, didn't feel as if they added alot of sugar/sweetener. The filling was kind of little which I had kind of suspected would be the case because the croissant looked so flat 😹 A little pricey considering the amount of filling, and its not just with the durian one.

A surprise from my friend, who requested it when he made the reservation. Utterly soft and spongey, there was a hint of citrus with every bite and I enjoyed this a little too much. A beautiful end to a great meal 😋

Was completely blown away by the unassuming hamburg steak. Have had some bad experiences with hamburg steaks at other places but the one at Biseryu was cooked PERFECTLY. Moist, tender & substantial.

Just when I thought that the dish could not get any better, the generous portion of thinly sliced roast beef proved me wrong. It was roasted to a medium rare doneness, to my liking. As the beef was extremely fresh, I could taste the sweetness of the beef, the saltiness of the meat juices and the slight charred taste from the searing. It was such a delight!

Would definitely recommend visiting Biseryu for a casual meal soon because I can imagine the place gaining popularity in the near future! :)

Of all the dishes I’ve tried for the Omakase menu here, this is the one I least enjoyed. The rice felt a tad too dry for me and the accompanying vege came off as a little odd to me. Felt that the ingredients weren’t working well together but my friend thoroughly enjoyed it, so it could just be me 😅

A simple dish make luxurious with a medley of high end ingredients, I made the wrong decision of sharing it with my friend. I couldn’t have enough if it and wouldn’t mind if this becomes a staple in the menu and not just as a dish from the Omakase.

Honestly, who can resist pidan? While it may seem like a rather odd combination, it was a pretty divine dish that ended all too soon.

Utterly fresh and tender, I wonder how it managed to stay on the plate for so long while I was busy snapping away when it easily disintegrates in your mouth within moments.

What was special about the sushi here is prolly their rice. Rather than serving the usual Japanese white rice, they first coat it with soy sauce before topping it off with the sashimi, which gave it more flavour, yet not overpowering the taste and freshness of the fish. ⁣ ⁣⁣

Not my first time having this (previously had this at bugis outlet) but surprisingly this outlet tasted so much better 🙈 Anyway the portion is really huge and the tempura is good enough to make me full. The udon is basically here to quench my thirst lol. The udon is nothing special but it's definitely better than soba. The thing about this outlet is that the vegetables seems fresher and there's more crunch to it as compared to bugis outlet. However although it's the same Level 3 of spiciness, this outlet seems to be lacking in the spice 😅 Perhaps there is a lack in consistency for this whole restaurant haha. Nevertheless I would recommend people to dine in here if they would like to have a great variety of rice bowl/don. DON say I never share 😘

Lots and lots and lots of absolutely tender sous-vide beef...dayum. Apparently the sauce used is supposed to be truffle sauce but I couldn't really tell it was truffle but anyway...this is so bang for your buck esp with the sous vide egg included too
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Love the black pig tonkatsu set here, but their ramen is good as well! Healthy tasting broth that goes well with its crispy cutlets. A little on the pricier side though!

My family and I queued up for 2 hours for our dinner!! Yes - 2 whole hours!! When we got to the restaurant - they had just opened for business and I believe the first group of customers may have just gone in and took up every available seats in this not-too-big restaurant. I did a rough count - there were about 30+ seats? Took about 1 hours before we started to inch forward in the queue - some people got tired and left the queue. That helped! You should have seen the look on my wife’s face - she was obviously not happy being there and having to wait this long. Lol. .
By the time we got ushered in - at 8:30pm - we were all so hungry that we didn’t care if we were given the counter seats - which wasn’t that bad cos I had a good view of the kitchens and could watch how they grilled their fish. Anyway, soon after we were seated - we zeroed in on to the salad bar. Not as wide a range as the other Keisuke place - like Hamburg Steak Keisuke - but it was still decent - fresh vegetables, tofu, potato and soba salad, Japanese pickles, etc.
I had the Charcoal Grilled Miso Marinated Halibut - the texture of the fish was smooth, tender and soft - and the miso marinate was flavourful - and had a good savoury-sweet balance. I enjoyed it!
“How was it..?”, I asked my wife. “Not bad” - came the reply - “but not worth the wait...!!” Well, I’d have to agree with her...!!
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