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Recommended lists of Japanese food and restaurants in Singapore
15 Best Izakayas in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Dinner with Drinks, Japanese 15 Best Izakayas in Singapore As izakayas continue to spring up all over Singapore, we’ve realized that this might just be one of the most fun forms of dining — if you’ve yet to try, you really should. These casual, lively Japanese watering holes are meant for groups of friends to wind down over bite-sized goodies and beers after work. You can keep going for hours, ordering small bites and more drinks as your worries slip away. We've sussed out the best izakayas — from crispy chicken tails in Orchard to rosti mentai in the CBD and buta kakuni in Tanjong Pagar — start saving these places to your Wishlist!
13 Best Places for Chirashi in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Japanese 13 Best Places for Chirashi in Singapore If you're fishing for a good chirashi, here's our haul of the oiishiest in town! It doesn't matter if you like yours topped with flame-torched seafood, thick sashimi cuts or plump marinated cubes of fish, we've got you covered ranging from value-for-money bowls to splurge-worthy extravaganza!
Best Sushi in Singapore
Sushi, Burpple Guides, Japanese Best Sushi in Singapore Sushi is an art that takes years to perfect. The best sushi is definitely worth paying for, but if you don't have the funds to travel to Japan and get the best sushi, fret not. Featured are places that give you a bang for your buck, depending on how much you are willing to spend ;)

Top 10 Places for Japanese

Top 10 places for Japanese
Explore Ramen, Sushi, Teppanyaki in Japanese

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Japanese
After-work drinks, settled 👌

While watching your food being fired up in the open-concept kitchen, take a swig of sake (or other Japanese liquor) from the well-curated selection, or zoom in straight for the daily cocktails promo at just $10 for a highball/sour. They bring in seasonal sakes too, so you get to try something new each time.

📍 Ninja Bowl15 Duxton RoadSingapore 089481⚊The scrambled eggs were light and fluffy, topped with mentaiko which was very strong in flavours - to be exact, salty.

On the side was 5 juicy scallops, very generous serving but Jae didn't felt that it was fresh. Kae still cleared the whole plate nevertheless!

We Chope-ed seats at @ninjabowl for brunch via @chopesg and we love how fuss-free the whole process is! We also get to gain points with every reservation and it can be used to get dining vouchers for our next meal. Sign up with our link(in our bio) for 300 Chope-Dollar!

This costs $18 before GST


Tried the Raindrop Cake - Mizu Shingen Mochi ($7) - for the first time ever!

It's so Instagram-worthy but I've concluded that it's really just ends there 😅 the azuki beans and kinako powder were yummy complements to the otherwise simple jelly! Thanks @jinzakaya for hosting & @burpple for the invite :) #burpple #burppletastemaker

Niku meshi S$6

Diced roasted pork on rice served with onion sauce.

Was recommended to try this by the lady at the self-service ticket order machine. They blowtorch the pork cubes and assemble the dish in front of you. Whilst the onion sauce was something I enjoyed (but just because I love onions), it was honestly not fantastic. 😑

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Today's tea time: It's all about Hojicha with extra Warabi mochi on top ☺️😋

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Fatcow Premium Donburi ($98++)

Admittedly, just reading the menu of what goes into the Fatcow Premium Donburi had me whimpering in excitement.
At $98++, it is possibly the most decadent Japanese don (rice bowl) I have had to date. Served on a bed of rice were:
- A slab of Wagyu steak (I asked for mine to be done medium-rare and it was perfect)
- Pan-seared chunks of creamy foie gras
- Bafun uni
- Ikura
- Caviar
- Onsen egg

As the portion for this a la carte item is a little larger than the rice bowls from the set lunch menu, I'd say this is a good choice if you're famished or in the mood to indulge.

FINALLY, my first visit to Man Man Unagi.

Feed your eyes and tummy with unagi; Watch the live unagi grilled before your eyes. Undeniable one of the best unagi in Singapore and you can even grind fresh wasabi for your meal. However they come with a "price"; 2 hours plus of queuing for weekend dinner. Question is, will you revisit? For me, yes definitely, for good food. What about you? .
Large Hitsumabushi at S$35.80+.
Where to dine?
Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant
1 Keong Saik Road, #01-01
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A whole new ball game for me - soft bone, gizzard, tail. #foodporn #foodpornsg #sgeats #burpple #burpplesg #binchosg #unlistedcollection #unlistedchefs

Murasaki uni!

So creamy and good that it left me speechless! Oishii! #murasaki #uni #omakase #sushi #finedining #japanesecuisine #kishosg #scottsroad #sgig #sg #celebrations #bscc_kisho #bscc_japanesesgb#burpple

Truffle Goes So Well With Ramen!

Let's face it, truffle goes well with ANYTHING. Hahaha this was a good deal because I had the 1-for-1 coupons! The Truffle Ramen ($16.80++) was good but it felt more like I was eating an Italian spaghetti dish as it was dry (no soup) and they had the nice poached egg to mix in the dish as well; the pork was alright, nothing special but not bad either. The edamame was amazing with truffle 😍 Overall I would say that this place is slightly above average, only because I feel that the food here is nice but only especially so because of the truffle! I have came here to eat other types of ramen before but nothing beats IPUDDO in my opinion! So my conclusion is that if I crave truffle ramen I will definitely return here but if I were to crave some good hot piping ramen, nope not here! (7/10)

Was really fighting for space to take a shot.

Delving into Keisuke-san's (7th?) concept, I wondered if Kani King has what it takes.
As usual, rich broth, everything else normal, to see to potency of their hours long boiled crab and chicken based soup.
I was really hungry by then because my brother made me wait for more than an hour. So naturally, free flow sides... I noticed a side I haven't seen in other concepts before, gomashio cabbage. It's a good break from the beansprouts and eggs.

I still prefer Lobster King 😣

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