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This is a part of the cow thigh ($40 for 100grams) with a fine, soft texture and rich flavor. It's my new favorite cut because it is so tender, so juicy with just the perfect bite to it.

Served with salt, garlic chips, mustard and wasabi which the beef honestly didn't need because it was super flavorful on its own. It was this gorgeous medium rare pink with the perfect charred crust on the outside. Even the portion size was perfect for a single bite. The meat quality was obviously top-grade.

An excellent Japanese-style steakhouse which takes its meat seriously.


What a perfect sweet note to end a delicious steak dinner on.

This delicious dessert ($15) has a base of lady's fingers drenched with coffee and atop that is a rich creamy mascarpone cheese mix and cocoa powder generously dusted on top. It's got more cocoa crumbles and matcha crumbles garnished around it as well as a delicious scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

And oh boy is it delicious and just a fantastic medley of flavors and textures. The lady's fingers and mascarpone are just sweet enough to provide a contrast against the bitter coffee, and the cocoa powder. The spongy moistness dripping from the lady's fingers counters the dryness from the cocoa powder. The crumbles add a crunch while the ice cream and mascarpone provide a creamy texture.

Definitely a tiramisu to remember.


Good amount of salmon and mentaiko sauce.
Love the yuzu brown rice.
Not coming back for the additional poached egg ($1) as it is cold.

An impressive claypot filled with ikura and seasonal fish the likes of salmon and yellowtail, over a bed of rice that has been cooked in fish bone stock. The flavours are delicate and allow the seafood to take center stage.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @teppankappoukenji for hosting!

Taste: 3.5/5

The Don is really good but unfortunately I did find a full bowl too much to stomach. The sweetness of the sukiyaki got a bit much towards the end. The rice texture was perfect though and I loved that it took away some of the oiliness. I probably should not have chosen the foie gras top up given the portion size. But I would come back and share the bowl with someone else. It is still good after all..

Considering these came with the set, def a good deal. Husband liked the sauce that came with it. Slightly sour, tangy, spicy and a nice contrast to the creamy nature of the oyster.

Good value as part of the 4 course.

Two underrated dishes at the appetiser bar. The noodles weren't really udon and more like Hokkien mee or linguine. It was tasty. Meat was quite Chinese and I guess that's a good thing haha.

From the appetiser bar. Eggplant was fantastically umami and how it should be treated. Sweet potato was kinda over-fried but the sweetness helped a lot. Potatoes weren't really seasoned so take them only if you love natural potatoes.

Located at 72 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089531. .
Mentaiko Salmon Don, regular $24.90 & Salmon Don, regular $20.90. Beating the Monday blues dinner with 1-for-1 deals in #burpplebeyond , 2 rakki bowls for the price of 1! Totally so worth it as both regular portion were pretty huge! @burpplebeyondfans .
So hooked to their special homemade Mentaiko sauce torched with perfection over a bed of rice and fresh salmon cubes! .
Salmon Don were pretty impressive too! Served with huge chunks of fresh, juicy salmon cubes, diced Tamago and cucumber!! .
@rakkibowl #hungryunicornsg #rakkibowl #mentaikosalmondon #mentaikosalmon #salmondon

The glutinous rice is good! Even nicer when you sprinkle the sesame seeds which act as the seasoning (it’s salty). The best thing was the chestnut, which was so damn delish!! The natural sweetness of the chestnut really came through :)

Fabulous food, awful pic. Well, what ya gonna do when the lights stubbornly refuse to switch on, just like my brain every morning.

Thankfully, the chef was fully switched on, and my Mentaiko Wagyu Beef Bowl, as well as my friend’s Wagyu Sukiyaki Don were both absolutely amazing. They taste a hell of a lot better than they look folks, believe me. Mentaiko is always satisfyingly savoury, and when jazzed up with a subtly spicy kick, it becomes undeniably, unctuously umami. Better yet are the chunks of flame torched wagyu beef, which are competently charred and adds a scintillating smokiness to the redolent richness & stellar savouriness of the fabulously fatty beef.

The wagyu sukiyaki don was no slouch either, with the savoury sauce that the appropriately sized sliced beef had been stewing in thoroughly flavouring the slices of sukiyaki to palatable perfection.

Also mucho grassy ass to #burpplebeyond for this awesome 1-for-1 three course set dinner at @waacowsg, I basically robbed a place and got away scot free!

This wasnt on our menu maybe cos it's printed wrongly as the other menu had it. So make sure you're not ordering rosemary roast Chicken instead

It's basically your hawker centre chicken rice stall roasted chicken, but done to, dare i say, perfection. The meat was so succulent and the crust was so crispy, that i was impressed from the first bite. Really generous portion as well and served with the usual dark soy, ginger paste and chili like your chicken rice stall. Their ginger paste is very mild in a good way, and i really liked their chili as it wasnt too spicy and had a strong citrus profile.

Top 2 roasted chicken I've had all year, it's no wonder they so quickly crossed 1000 wishlists. This one's for the books

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