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Recommended lists for Japanese

Recommended lists of Best Japanese Food & Restaurants in Holland Village, Singapore, 2018
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Top 10 Places for Japanese in Holland Village

Top 10 places for Japanese
Explore Ramen, Sushi, Teppanyaki in Japanese

Latest Reviews for Japanese in Holland Village

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Japanese

3rd time here but first time with burpple beyond. Nothing to shout about, but the portion and quality is definitely worth it for the relatively low price! Would return again for a quick fix

This was delicious! Love the subtle taste of truffle on the seared scallops! Felt that the cucumber was useless in it and that the salmon wasnt at it's freshest state! The best part for all of us was the rice! Slightly salty and vinger-ish just the way a proper sushi rice should be, plus there was a bite to the rice! (4.5/5)

One of the two hot food items on the menu, the honey cheese toast offers a slice of nice whole meal toast, topped with melted cheddar and chunks of brie. A small amount of honey is included for drizzling, thick but not too sweet as it seeps into the soft toast. Nothing too out of ordinary though.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and Annabella from @pablo_cheese_tart_singapore for the hosting!


These little sweet treats make good snacks at any time of the day! Think rich and luscious filling oozing out of the tart with each bite off the crispy tart crust.

I like that all the flavours weren’t too sweet in general, and that they had smooth textures. Even for the chocolate that wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet, whereas the matcha was bittersweet. There’s a local variation of the cheese tart with Kaya infused in the cream cheese. Sweet, smooth and coconut-ty especially with the roasted coconut flakes on top!

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and Annabella from @pablo_cheese_tart_singapore for the hosting!

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Enjoyed 1-for-1 with burpple beyond. Food was ok, portion not very filling, service staff was not very friendly/inviting.

Toast was soft inside and crisp on its sides, topped with cheddar and slices of brie. It’s served with a cup of honey for you to drizzle over as well. Glad it wasn’t too sweet even though we had more than half a cup of the honey added! Everything actually came together decently, but overall I found it hard to justify its price tag.

Thank you @pablo_cheese_tart_singapore for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! ✨


$17 for the scallop salmon, $18 for the anago. Both were good and value for money (but don’t expect v high quality food). Service is what you get at a nonchalant fast food place that has too good a business to care about their customers, they were impolite so the experience isn’t restaurant quality.

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My kind of cheese tart! I am not exactly a big fan of cheese so when something that’s not overly creamy and milky like this pops up, it’s hard to resist. Send that smooth, wobbly cheese filling to melt in the mouth and finish off with a splendid fruity, tangy apricot jam glaze! Enjoy the tart further with its flaky crust instead of the usual solid tart crust. •
Pair it with a cup of the Pablo cheese tea, exclusively at the new Holland Piazza outlet, where the cheese foam is formulated uniquely by Pablo in-house. I like that the foam was again not too heavy and cheesy in flavour. There are a few options available; lighter ones such as the earl grey that I had, tie guan yin, jasmine, oolong and a heavier matcha flavour. I had pearls added, but felt that they weren’t chewy enough. There’s also an option to customize your sugar level at 0%, 50% or 100%.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and Annabella from @pablo_cheese_tart_singapore for the kind hosting!

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Tried the Matcha ($4.20), Kaya ($4.20) and Chocolate ($4.20) minis. Surprisingly, I preferred the local exclusive Kaya flavour, which had a creamy layered kaya and cheese filling. It was quite sweet but paired pretty nicely.

The plain cheese mini is at $3.90 and they do rotations for their seasonal flavours ($4.20). It’s currently White Raspberry, but it will soon change to an apple flavoured one in view of Christmas!

Thank you @pablo_cheese_tart_singapore for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! ✨


Price: $17
Was slightly disappointed with the aburi salmon
But the scallop was spot on 😍.
Portion was just nice and they were very generous with the salmon cubes.

Overall: 3.5/5 rating

This is Pablo’s signature freshly baked cheese tart, with cheese teas in the background (an exclusive at their HV outlet)!

The cheese tart is soft and wobbly inside, and has the consistency of a very jiggly egg tart (but in XL form). It’s brushed with apricot jelly on top for that mesmerising glisten and the crust is a softer pastry crust. Overall, could do with a stronger cheese taste, but it’s alright.

Their cheese teas consist of traditional Chinese teas like Oolong, Jasmine and Tie Guan Yin, as well as Earl Grey and Matcha. Earl grey’s supposed to be quite popular, but I chose matcha with 50% sugar. It was quite low on sugar for my chosen % and the matcha flavour was quite strong and gritty. The cheese foam is on the saltier side (compared to other cheese foams). I personally found it a bit too salty and it didn’t pair very well with the matcha tea, as the tea was too thick and clashed with the cheese. Nevertheless, it’s worth a try with a lighter tea like oolong or earl grey.

Thanks to Annabella from @pablo_cheese_tart_singapore for having us and @burpple for the #burppleeatup invitation!

This is the Pablo cheese tart drink, which is supposed to be their classic freshly baked cheese tart in a drink form. I thought it’d be quite heavy, but it was surprisingly light and actually tasted dominantly like mango yogurt, even though the drizzle on top is apricot jam (the glaze on top of their tart!) The crumble bits on top of the drink is the tart crust and I thought it was a nice touch. Overall though, this drink lacked the stronger cheese flavour I was hoping for, but it is a lighter drink that you could easily enjoy without feeling too full.

Thanks to Annabella from @pablo_cheese_tart_singapore for having us and @burpple for the #burppleeatup invitation!

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