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Recommended lists for Japanese

Recommended lists of Best Japanese Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2019
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Top 10 Places for Japanese

Top 10 places for Japanese
Explore Ramen, Sushi, Teppanyaki in Japanese

Latest Reviews for Japanese

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Japanese

This is the Hisumabushi set which is like unagi don 3 ways. 1: eat the unagi plain with rice. 2) with Japanese spring onions, fresh wasabi we can grate ourselves, and nori seaweed,and sweet or spicy sauce 3: a bowl of dashi soup.


New Head Chef and a new Japanese-Italian menu, and this beef tartare uses Miyazaki beef, topped along with crispy fried Japanese leek. The beef is quite well-marinated and flavourful after mixing it with the quail egg!

It comes with a free side and sauce (4 to choose from). The Omurice (tomato based fried rice with chicken) tasted pretty decent. I also top up additional cheese sauce ($2++) & a chicken hamburg ($3++). I would personally highly recommend you to add the hamburg as it is super juicy inside. The cheese sauce adds another level of depth to the dish. However, as this restaurant is newly opened, I queued 3.5 hours for this😱. Not worth queuing for such a long time but definitely recommend everyone to try after the hype dies down! That's also when you will know whether the food is really good.. If you know what I mean.
😋 P. S. Above review written by W (you'll probably know who he is if you follow me long enough @muixdiary hahaha) so this is not #muieats but #tiagongjinhojiak (w requested for this hash tag wtf 🙄 ok can) .
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There are no live killings of fresh eels here and no fresh grated wasabi but the unagi is still high quality goodness. Compared to its competitor, the #unagi is less soft but more crisp and has a nice char aroma. It’s difficult to argue which is better and some prefer uya but I personally prefer the softer tender man man version.
📍@uya_sg, #02-15/16, Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road

Barachirashi, chilli salmon and mentaiko salmon. Portion of rice is not huge but filling enough. We thought the sushi rice had a tad too much dose of vinegar, though.

At $8, it’s definitely a pricey soft serve but incredibly comforting #burpple

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Few better at this price range. Doneness was on point, and flavours were rich and intense due to a higher fat ratio. Great place for affordable steaks and to try atypical cuts beyond your sirloins and ribeyes.

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Though a lighter profile, yet creamy, refreshing sweetness that hits your taste buds at the same time. (Got me reminiscing the one i had in Japan 😭) This got to be my favourite mystery flavor thus far ☺️🍈


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Queued about 30 minutes to try Keisuke’s new outlet selling omurice! I got an omurice combo ($12.90) that comes with spaghetti. I chose cream sauce for my omurice, picked mentaiko spaghetti and added their special cheese sauce ($2) (made in front of you) and a hamburg patty ($3) for my toppings! Swipe to see more! Overall I thought that this was good but not worth the queue so if I do come back, it’ll probably be when the hype dies down 😅

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