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One of my favourite coffee places in SG. The fragrance of coffee beans wafted through the minimalist, white storefront. I had this years ago at their Osaka outlet, which was hands down the best coffee I had (and also props to the beautiful river before the store)

The latte was smooth. Coffee was bitter — but the right amount of bitterness that doesn’t take away the aroma of the coffee. It was a perfect balance of taste. The milk perfectly complemented the acidic nature of the coffee.

Would probably be a regular customer here if not for the steep price. But worth a treat once in a while!

Did you say $9.80 for Hitsumabushi?!? With the opening of @UnaUna.SG a unagi specialty restaurant, get to polish off these charcoal-grilled unagi Hitsumabushi from just $9.80~ That’s value-for-money, though you might want to upsize to their Regular ($14.80) or Double ($19.80) for more Unagi.


Giving the other unagi specialty restaurants a run for their money, Una Una’s Regular Hitsumabushi ($14.80) was pretty darn satisfying especially due to the fact that I didn’t have to compete with a snaking queue. Surprisingly good, the eel did not have any fishy odor and was quite plump. Fairly smoky, the best part of the charcoal-grilled unagi was the soft interior as some tend to dry out while trying to achieve the glisteningly crisp exterior in my opinion - so their rendition had both. As for the array of condiments, namely spring onions, wasabi, nori and dashi; they were pretty standard. Though my main qualms were that the dashi that lacked oomph and the slightly sweeter tare could be made more savoury. Nevertheless, it was a steal for the portion!


Smooth and slight taste of sourness... Love it much... But honestly speaking... Definitely a high end coffee... I can't afford it daily 😭 Iced black @sgd$7 and Iced white @sgd$9... Choosing the single origin... Jus the blend at about sgd$0.50 lesser...

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Left: Hot Caffe Latte $7.00 (Small)⁣
Right: Iced Matcha Latte $9.60 ⁣

There was so many people when I visited the place, haii, even w the nice minimalistic ambience, it was too crowded to sit down and relax~ ⁣

Coffee was creamy, aromatic and well-balanced. Very smooth to drink and there was a light aftertaste. 😌👏🏻 ⁣

If I’m the in area and there are seats for me to sit, I’ll def visit it again. Cause for me the crowds can be abit off-putting. 🤪😅 ⁣


Kaisen Hitsumabushi ($18.80) Thought my indecisive self would be satisfied with the best of both worlds - wasn’t fishy but not sure if it’s the heat from rice/ unagi, the texture of salmon/ tuna cubes wasn’t fantastic.

Skip this and go straight for the double Hitsumabushi ($19.80) instead, which comes with a larger portion of smoky, soft unagi (or if you’re not thaaaat hungry, there’s also small and regular bowls at $9.80/ $14.80). The dashi was very light and rather bland to me (but of course you can just add the condiments to your preference). I enjoyed the soup which came with the set, which had a lovely yuzu fragrance!

We were pretty satisfied overall considering the price and quality, I’m definitely more likely to come back here😛

Unagi Hitsumabushi
Double Serving - $19.80
Freshly grilled unagi served in a rice bowl, comes with dashi and some typical garnish & condiments. The meat is flavourful, especially after adding unagi sauce, but the pickles, dashi and rice can do better. Enjoy the first portion of the hitsumabushi with its original flavours, before mixing the second portion with seaweed & spring onions. Lastly is to add in dashi to wash down all the flavours. May not be the best in the market but definitely coming back for its high CP value
Una Una

This Tokyo-style dish comes with dashi, pickles, and a serving of chawanmushi. You will also get more rice here compared to the serving in hitsumabushi.

Notice that the unagi is prepared differently. Though it is still grilled over charcoals under strict temperature control, the cooking time is only six to eight minutes.

This shortened grilling method yields a softer, more delicately textured eel.

Value for money, will come back again! Unagi was soft and grilled well, serving was generous. The unagi rolls are good for sharing. Service was quite slow.

Went to to get the raved most affordable charcoal grilled Unagi Hitsumabushi ✨ got their double portion ($19.80) and yup, that’s two stack layers of unagi right there🤤 it’s not as crispy as man man, more on the soft side which isn’t bad too! The dashi is weaker in flavor, doesn’t really make a diff to me when added😂 but I love the details like the add of Yuzu in the soup💕 definitely a top dining option when I’m around the area❤️
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“Spanish latte has a much sweeter after taste compared to the original cafe latte”
- le coffee connoisseur nigelkok

(Notices layer of condensed milk at the bottom after last sip)

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