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Recommended by one of the worker there, indeed it is heavenly! Milk tea is just nice, isn’t too sweet and the brown sugar pearls was yummehhh 🤤

Most lunch sets under $20. Food is fresh and great quality.

Aptly named ‘Sleepy Nonna’, this sandwich sees a mishmash of sweet, decadent fillings.

What you get is a sweet, mushy banana, Nutella, crushed Oreos and a slather of melted Swiss cheese, all compactly stuffed between two golden slices of buttery French toast. Balancing sweet, salty, creamy, cheesy and chocolaty all in one, this has everything my inner glutton could ever desire, and you best believe this induced one hell of a coma too—hence the name.

”週末のBurpple活動①“ まだ映画上映まで時間があったのでHaji Laneへ。 Burppleアプリで気になってたドリンク屋さんをちょうど見つけたので映画のお供に決定。 クーポンには〜$6.2って書いてあるけど、全ドリンクが対象でした💕 息子 Lucky Strawberry $7.9 ママ Mexican Abocado Chocoffee $7.9 1 for 1 クーポン利用で2つで$7.9に😆 息子のはストロベリーヨーグルトシェイクの上に濃厚チーズクリームが乗ってて超美味! わたしのは一口飲んだ感想は「まずっ!」だったけど(笑)、よく混ぜて飲み進めてくうちに苦めのコーヒーとアボカドの組み合わせがクセになってく味! 両方ともサラッとしたジュースと言うよりは濃厚シェイクでした! 店内には全ドリンクの写真が飾られてるんだぇど(注文後に気付いた💦)、中でもJapanese Matcha Strawberryが美味しそうだったから次回はこれ飲んでみよう😋 Burppleは有名なcreamierやSunday FolksのワッフルアイスやThree Bunsのハンバーガーなども対象店舗が激アツの1 for 1 アプリです。 アプリのダウンロード自体は無料なので、まずはアプリをダウンロードして、1 for 1 の対象店舗を見てみてください。 通常69ドルする年会費が20%OFFになるスペシャルコードはコチラ↓ MIDO187 とにかく対象店舗が激アツで、年会費はあっという間に回収できちゃいますよ! Burppleの使い方など詳しくはブログにて! プロフィール @dorimingo813 のURLから飛べるので、よかったら覗きにきてくださいね。 #Littlepo #chessy #mexicanavocado #hajilane #hajilanesingapore #Burppleの回し者ではありませんw #とにかく本当におすすめのアプリです #burpplebeyond #1for1 #burpple #burpplesg #シンガポールグルメ#シンガポールドリンク#シンガポール生活#海外生活#シンガポールライフ#singaporelife#igsg#singaporefood#sgfood#sgeats#sgfoodie#hungrygowhere#nomnomnom#eeeeats#foodpics#みど散歩 @littlepo_sg

First and foremost, Yama-Ya is less of an izakaya like Nobu-Ya and more of a laid-back casual Japanese restaurant that you can chill over food and drinks after a long day at work. The menu at Yama-Ya is slightly different as they offer oden, donburi, small plates and even several items from Nobu-Ya, all are specially curated to dine with alcohol. Overall, the food is good and I wouldn’t mind coming back here again. Till then, I shall let the photos do the talking.
Address: 190, Middle Road, Fortune Centre, Unit 01-33, Singapore 188979
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Most of the lunch options here cost less than $10 which is unheard of at raffles place restaurants, so it's well worth exploring this outermost edge of the CBD to get your Japanese fix when the boss is away. The Kaisendon is the most expensive lunch option but exceedingly good value, and served with a side salad and soup.
Teetotalers will be glad to know that lunchtimes are exempt from the strict drinking rules that apply at nobu-ya, although I still feel a pavlovian need to gulp down sakes whenever the owner has his steely gaze on me.
🚗 : fortune ctr has multi storey parking but you will need to go quite a few levels up to find a lot on weekdays.


Another burrple 1-1 deal.
We tried both the lapsang souchong and yokeshire milk tea. They're both refreshing and not too sweet.. but somewhat lacking in the tea punch...
Very friendly owners though, would love to try the fruit shakes next.. :)

Additional toppings (Price varies from $0.60-$1.40). 1-for-1 beverage with #burpplebeyond! (toppings not included)
3-month old @littlepo_sg at the hipster Haji Lane serves interesting concoctions of artisanal bubble tea, coffee and smoothies. Proclaiming his love for bubble tea, the boss hopes to introduce healthy, less sweet bubble tea amidst the current craze.
As a fan of brown sugar pearls bubble tea, I had to give the most classic Lapsang Souchong milk tea with brown sugar bubble (+$0.60) a try. If you are wondering about the unique name, Lapsang Souchong is also known as 正山小种, a type of black tea leaves from Fujian’s 武夷山 that imparts smokiness. Whereas the other drink that we tried, the Indian Masala Chai milk tea, is brewed using Dilmah Ceylon tea with cloves, fennel seeds, ginger, cinnamon. Wow, who has ever thought of creating a bubble tea out of Masala Chai? At least this is first in Singapore, thanks to the owner’s 3-year experience living in India.
Generally, their milk teas were stronger on the creamy milk rather than the tea, which I would have preferred otherwise. They were very open and welcomed feedback, as I commented that I like my bubble teas with a more intense tea flavour. In fact, they offered us the spices for the Indian Masala Chai if we would like an additional hint. Pearls were chewy, but don’t expect them to be thickly coated with brown sugar. After all, they are promoting healthy bubble tea with just 25% sugar level!
2 cups of bubble tea for just $5.40, what a cheap thrill ! Join me by signing up for a 20% off all-day Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at over 400 curated restaurants!

Simply use my invite link:

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This Indian Masala Chai Milk Tea ($4.90) could be a little stronger in Masala spices. I felt that this tasted more like a milk drink (than tea).

Expected Yama-ya’s chazuke to be of the same standard as the one we had at Nobu-ya, but this wasn’t as memorable. Broth tasted much lighter even after mixing in the mentaiko and fresh wasabi. ☹️ Probably needed a lot more metaiko to bring out the flavour. Skip this here and try Nobu-ya’s!


Easily my favourite izakaya appetiser of all time. I just love how intense the fermented flavour is!