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Recommended lists for Newly Opened

Recommended lists of Best Newly Opened Food & Restaurants in Bugis, Singapore, 2019
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars in Singapore: February 2019 Burpple's guide to the latest places to eat this month. Now that the festive feasting season is over and your appetites are finally renewed, here are 8 new spots to check out around the island – from an African-themed cafe to a casual Irish roast duck joint.
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes and Bars in Singapore: January 2019 We're fast approaching the end of January, and the slew of delicious new eats just keep coming. From a Hokkaido-based shaved ice chain to salted egg yolk xiang guo in a hawker setting — eat on, Burpplers!

Top 10 Places for Newly Opened in Bugis

Top 10 places for Newly Opened

Latest Reviews for Newly Opened in Bugis

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Newly Opened


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The hype finally died down a bit so we managed to get in with just 15 minutes of queueing on a weekend evening. Previously, I’ve tried to queue for this twice and both times the estimated queue time was >2 hours.

The menu is straightforward with few options and we mostly went for the omurice ($9.90) with cheese sauce ($2). In my honest opinion, this is the most disappointing Keisuke outlet yet. I loved the tsukemen at Kani King (Cineleisure) and ramen at Tonkatsu King (Tanjong Pagar). The best part of the meal would probably be the extra Terkiyaki Chicken Hamburg ($3) that we ordered. However, have to say that the portions are very generous and you can even upsize the rice to large for free.

Overall, would say it’s value for money but I would likely not return again.

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Tried Mexican Avocado Chocoffee today . For the milk tea lover , I did not find this in any other place so far . It’s very special . While you are tasting the smooth avocado , you feel the coffee blended well with it . Pls try it yourself 😘

Ordered a large version cos it's free upsize! (Diet can wait!) Omurice was very tasty and flavourful with the creamy egg, accompanied with demi glace sauce and cheese sauce (top-up $2). Mentaiko spaghetti tasted fine and is comparably less salty than others, which is a good thing. Enjoyed the complementary carbs and will return again, but not for the tiny-sized teriyaki hamburg ($3). Total damage $17.90++


Decked out in bright blue walls, this cheery Haji Lane joint takes the usual bubble tea offerings up a notch with spot-on smoothies — think creamy Avocado Chocoffee ($7.90) and Mexican Avocado Banana ($7.90). Still need your tea fix? The ultra fragrant Lapsang Souchung Milk Tea ($4.90) should satisfy. Their sugar level is 25% by default, so go ahead and enjoy your not-too-sweet but delicious treat.
Photo by Burppler Fiona Lew

From the guys behind Nobu-ya comes this new oden kickback for easy, satisfying dinner and drinks. For an introduction to their oden, share the Oden Mori ($15) — a yummy mix of kelp, radish, konyaku, fish cake, fried tofu and beef tendon. Then fill up on their good value bowls, like a Shake-Ikura-Don ($16.80) that comes with eight beautifully fresh salmon slices and a truckload of explosive fish eggs.
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo


If the selection of oden is too overwhelming, maybe the Oden Mori is for you. Pre-selected, this set gives you bigger bang for your buck with six items: konbu ($2), daikon ($2), konyaku ($3), chikuwa ($3), fried tofu ($5) & the oh-so-tender beef tendon ($5). The broth it comes served in is really light but that doesn’t compromise on flavour. Everything also comes slicked in this slimey but tasty coating too, sounds gross but I enjoyed it. 😂

Not sure if the items in the set change but it’s a pretty good option if it’s your first time here.


Stream angler liver with soy vinegar was the description. For those who haven’t had ankimo before, it’s smooth and actually doesn’t taste of much, just a very light, livery flavour. Paired wonderfully with the bright ponzu sauce and crunchy slivers of kelp.


Oden Mori ($15)
Relatively new oden joint Yama-ya serves up tasty oden selection that won’t burn a hole in the pocket. Prices of the sticks start from $2. For the indecisive, try the oden mori so you get to sample a variety of items they have to offer. My personal favourite had to be the beef brisket as it was so tender it melts in the mouth. From the people at Nobu-ya, it is no wonder our orders for the evening were so prompt and satisfying.


New sister concept from Nobu-Ya, Yama-Ya is a oden-centric spot serving up great izakaya style food and rice bowls (also, they don’t have the drink requirement of their more grown up counterpart).

Can I take a second to talk about this salmon ikura bowl? 8 slices of salmon. A sea of ikura on a bed of rice topped off with furikake. $16.80. Sheer bliss... The oden was good, but this is what I’ll be back for. They also have a mini kaisen don at the same price, but that’s a lot smaller (unless you splurge for the $24.80 bowl).


Had the omurice with the glacé sauce and special cheese sauce and it was really nice! The egg was creamy and soft and the sauces complimented it really well. For the special cheese sauce they prepare it right in front of you at your table with a small stove, I would definitely recommend it! My only gripe is that I didn’t really like the flavour of the fried rice within the omu, it got quite boring towards the end when I ran out of egg and still had rice left.

FREE upsize for all omurice! Apart from the signature Omurice, the combo meal also includes a side of pasta, with your choice of Mentaiko or Neapolitan spaghetti, along with a complementary side salad (potato salad, coleslaw, green salad, boiled spinach with bonito flakes). With your choice of sauce (Chilli tomato, creamy white, wafu and demi glace), I tried both creamy white and wafu on 2 separate visits and I personally prefer the latter which is soy sauce based, coming with a pleasant savoury umami flavour while the creamy white sauce could be enjoyable on the first few mouths that subsequently resulted in an overwhelming aftermath. Opted for Mentaiko spaghetti on both visits as well, which puts off more as an aglio olio instead of a cream-based one, would be great if the characteristic umami flavour was more distinctive. Nevertheless, the main highlight here remains the blanket-like omelette on top of the tomato rice fried with chicken chunks, corns and onions that’s done to an ideal fluffy, slightly creamy and silk-like texture. Flavour was also on point, one which I would gladly enjoy it in silo without any condiments added! 💛 On a side note, although teriyaki chicken Hamburg was flavourful, tender, juicy and well marinated, the extra cost of $3 does not seem to justify for its miniature size 😅. Fans of cheese can also opt to add on the special cheese sauce on top of your omurice, which would be cooked and prepared right in front of your sight upon order, using a trio of cheeses : cheddar, red cheddar and Parmesan. Be sure to consume it while hot though for optimum flavour and texture, as otherwise the cheese might harden and dry up, which was what happened to our order given that the cheese sauce was prepared way before the omu rice was served😅 .
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