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Top 10 Places for Newly Opened in Bugis

Top 10 places for Newly Opened

Latest Reviews for Newly Opened in Bugis

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Newly Opened

Even if you have little tolerance for spicy food, I reckon this Tom Yum River Prawn Noodle ($10.50) shouldn't do you much harm, if any at all. Don't get intimidated by the abundance of herbs and diced red chilli in the thick, aromatic gravy; it's more sour than spicy, but the gradual buildup of heat isn't one to be denied.

They don't skimp on ingredients either. Rice noodles aside, each bowl contains a couple of seafood items (prawn, sotong, mussel), mushrooms and hard-boiled egg. Pretty solid for the price you're paying (that's made even better with Burpple Beyond).

This boat noodles mini combo has a mixture of pork and beef.

The soup base is herbal soup, and it taste delicious. You can feel the herbs while drinking it. Noodles is very springy.

As I’m sharing with a Friend who doesn’t eat beef, we request to have the beef on a separate plate. I would say that their service is excellent.

Highly recommend to drop by if you are here.

Best if you have 1-for-1 burpple membership too! It’s so worth it!

The noodles is very springy. The soup is very spicy and nice! Had a chat with the boss there and he mentioned to us that it is cooked by a modern Thai Chef. Thus, this dish is very authentic.

Highly recommend.

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Found this hidden gem using Burpple Beyond!Noodles were springy which I liked a lot and the broth was also really tasty and sweet. Very satisfying for comfort food!

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Managed to try out this Thai boat noodle by using Burpple Beyond. The portion was quite generous. Really like the soup, very smooth, such a great rainy day comfort food! Will come back soon to try other stuff 😬

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From this new establishment at North Bridge Road taking over the former premises of now-defunct Hyde & Co. from The Black Hole Group (which runs Working Title, The Mad Sailors, Santap and The Great Mischief) that serves up handmade pasta, mix-and-match style. Liked how the combination ended up light, but still creamy — the Alfredo sauce matched well with the Lemon & Dill Fettuccine; some al-dente, the pasta carries a bite without being brittle and carried a slight herby note amidst the creamy sauce; pretty uplifting and a harmonious blend together. White Wine Vinegar Mussels are reasonably fresh, though on the small side — can’t complain too much though; an addition of just $3 as a premium topping, the portion of three mussels is seemingly generous. A decent Muslim-run spot that is worth checking out if in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood.

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From Stack, a new concept from the folks behind The Black Hole Group, operating from Camelia & Co.; the group’s co-working space concept at Jalan Klapa. Offering takeaway sandwiches, patrons can choose to dine-in at the open-air dining area outside the co-working space. The Makcik comes with elements such as Rye, Tri-Tip Beef Rendang, Garlic Aioli, Bruised Tomatoes, Garden Greens, Pickled Onions and Fresh Jalapeño. A interesting sandwich with a local infusion, the Makcik shines where the Beef Rendang carries a slight gamey flavour with a familiar note of spices that is signature to rendang — the beef being served pulled and carried a tender yet fibrous texture. The other elements created a mix of textures for the dish, but the jalapeños help add that bite with a burst of spiciness that tingles the tastebuds; essentially enhancing the level of spiciness for the dish — all that in between Rye that was sufficiently dense and crusty that provides a substantial bite. Pretty decent, with a generous portion too!


Value for money at $29.90 which comes with 5 kinds of noodles (kueh tiao, tung Hoon, rice noodles, mee Kia and been Hoon)
It is of a good portion which normally shared between 3-4pax... 😋😋😋

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Feature Tai Koo Boy.
Signature Beef Brisket Soup with Hokkien noodles, Radish was soaked in Beef Brisket sauce, topped with premium NZ Beef Brisket Meat, Beef Brisket Balls and a Sunny Side Up Egg.
Beef brisket was tender. 💰$11.8.
📍Nerdy Noodle.
201 Victoria St, #04-39.
Bugis +.

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The signature is the Thai Boat Noodles. Not sure how this measures up to the average benchmark for Thai Boat Noodles since the last I had and only I had in Bangkok was underwhelming. But if anything, this was yummy enough to turn my impression of the dish around.
The mini combo of pork and beef ($9.90) has a flavourful broth (made of pork?) and smooth rice noodles that were slurp-licious together with the tender meat slices. My preference was for the pork, so perhaps no need for the combo next time.
The other dishes of Tom Yum River Prawn Noodles ($10.50) and fluffy Thai Omelette (a must for me for any Thai meal) were decently good. Best of all? The 1-1 on mains with #BurppleBeyond. #herpenandfork #sgblogger #bugis #thailicious #burpple #sgfood #thaifood

Drawn here by their Boat noodles, we were also satisfied by their braised pork belly rice and Moo Ping today.
The Boat noodles was so tasty the richness of the flavours was evident in its broth’s dark colour.
Everything in the plate of braised pork belly rice was shouting Thai-licious. That’s b’cos their kitchen was operated by Thai chefs to bring us authentic Thai flavours.
With a good variety of Thai dishes on their menu, we’d be sure to return for more.


Tom yam was cooked to perfection, the milky (not clear) type, perfect spiciness, strong flavour, perfect to my palate! Topped with succulent prawn and seafood, complete with springy noodles. Affordable price for the taste and size, plus I got this with #burpplebeyond 👍🏻