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Initially wanted to try their coffee pearls but only honey white pearls apply for beyond 1-for-1. The pink guava was very refreshing and 25% sugar was just nice for us. Could taste the rock salt in the macchiato cream as well! Brown sugar milk was a little on the sweet side. Will be back for the pink guava!

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Kind Kones has made its way from over the causeway. Their ice cream is gluten-free, vegan and free from processed sugars – that means no eggs and even milk!

“Like that still ice cream meh?”

I was a little skeptical too, but the use of coconut milk and nut milks as replacements actually sat quite well with me. The Banana Walnut Ice Cream was one of our favourites with a really strong fragrance of banana though I wasn’t a huge fan of the overly fudgey brownie. But will definitely be back for their pretty awesome ice creams and unique flavours!


There’s a certain home-style feel to their food, like it’s cooked by your friend’s mum that avoids too much salt. 😂 This was cooked a little too soft too but they were quite generous with the shredded crab and prawns.


In a pretty unassuming location, the residents of Pek Kio now have a cozy getaway with pretty decent food! Expect pastas, burgers, pizzas and a few more local specials (it was laksa when we went) from this joint.

The cheeseburger was nubbad, was a juicy patty (though juicer in some spots) and soft onions. The slaw was a nice touch though the fries could do with a little more life.


White chrysanthemum with cocoa bits, hazelnut

First tried this at their East Coast outlet with the thyme cone and instantly became a fan - I knew I had to get this when I was at jewel despite the long queues on a weekend. I love how BOP’s botanical-inspired gelato is light without compromising on the flavour. A pity that the jewel outlet did not have the thyme cone - YOU GOT TO TRY THIS, the faint fragrance of thyme exuding from this crispy cone is a 💯

Expect a brownie that’s more on the fudgey side. Chocolate sauce was extremely decadent — rich and smooth without being to sweet. Picked toasted almond and quinoa crunch as our toppings, and we liked the latter very much! Provided a nutty and crunchy contrast to this gooey plate. The Banana Walnut ice cream is on was fragrant and light, which paired well with the brownie as well.

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Kind Kones serves up gluten-free, vegan, all natural and unprocessed ice creams.

Liked the balance in flavour and smooth texture of the Salted Choc Chip! Blue Planet was interesting - consists of almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, butterfly pea flower, vanilla and matcha cake. Would totally come back for the former again, but the latter not so much, as the coconut taste was a little strong for me. Do note that most of the ice creams harbour quite a strong coconut aftertaste here.

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I thought I would enjoy the Sea Salt Caramel just as much as the Salted Choc Chip, but its texture was more on the gritty side you often associate with non-dairy ice creams.

The flourless gluten-free cone made from almonds and flax seeds was a tasty discovery though and well worth the $1 top up!


If you like fudgy and moist brownies, then you will like the one here. We had ours with the Banana Walnut that paired well with the rich chocolatey base. For the two free toppings, we picked the quinoa crunch and toasted almonds for contrasting textures.