Top 10 Places for Newly Opened

Top 10 places for Newly Opened

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Newly Opened

Holy cow. Pretty much how I would describe this bowl of beef sukiyaki don.

Finally opening its doors to the public today, I reared up for a visit to @ramen_keisuke鈥檚 newest concept, Beef Sukiyaki Don Keisuke. I queued up for close to 2 hours before getting seats while also being notified that they ran out of the wagyu slices. 馃槴 Looks like I have to come back another time. Nevertheless, I settled for the beef sukiyaki don which uses the chuck eye roll cut of US prime beef.

I wasn鈥檛 settling for less but a meatier and beefier (duh) taste. For the price point, this bowl is so attractive as it comes with a slab of braised tofu, shimeiji, onsen egg and veggies. It also comes with appetisers such as sesame tofu with wasabi and miso soup. Overall, it鈥檚 one of the best beef bowls in terms of taste. I鈥檝e got to try the wagyu to see if it鈥檚 the best in taste AND texture. .
I love the open concept in which you can see every process of the cooking done in the kitchen which makes the dining experience extraordinary. #burpproved


Butter croissant 馃 (S$5.30) served with a scoop of limited edition Lotus Paste D24 Durian ice cream 馃崷 (S$5.30/ scoop)
Available at while stock lasts.
Accompanied with @leefetea Kabuse Genmaicha Tea 馃嵉 (S$6/ pot)
The mid-autumn special limited edition ice cream 馃崷 smells lightly of distinct durian. The taste of durian hit in at the first mouthful, followed by the milky taste, and lastly the hint of lotus paste for the aftertaste.
And it went quite well with the buttery light crispy croissant 馃.

Dopa Dopa Creamery
Address 馃彔 : 29 South Bridge Road, # 01-01, Singapore 馃嚫馃嚞 058 665
Open 鈴 :
Sun - Thu : 12pm - 10pm
Fri - Sat : 12pm - 11pm
MRT 馃殗 : Clarke Quay (NE5)

Of course we couldn鈥檛 leave without giving their pizzas a try! They鈥檝e quite a nice range here from lamb to seafood and the classics but it鈥檚 rather pricey. Went with Funghi for something simpler and it was pretty nice. We liked the mix of cheeses used here of creamy buricotta and milky mozzarella with the earthy mushroom toppings. Pizza crust was done well with a chewy crunch!

These handmade dumplings are cramped with delicious morsels of minced pork collar. Comparable to Gyoza King! For full review, head to

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At celebrity endorsed Hollywood burger joint Fatburger, you can customise your burger the way you like it. Choose your buns from brioche, whole meal or even gluten-free. Then pimp it up with $1 add-ons such as beef bacon, chilli and cheese. And because I鈥檓 an eggslut, the obvious choice was to top up with an oozy fried egg to sauce up my onion ring and bacon stuffed burger.

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Taste: 3.5/5


I've finally came here after hearing about all the good things about the gelato here. And it's true, the gelato here is very good.
The ice cream here is smooth and soft, with a slight chewy mouthfeel. And that's exactly how I love my gelato to be like. The texture is really outstanding, and owner and creator Leonard said he R&D it himself, and all gelato were made in house.
And for a very limited time specially for Mid Autumn, they're serving durian ice cream mixed with lotus paste! It's like eating durian mooncake in a gelato form. And nice balance of flavours here, the use of D24 instead of MSW in calibrated quantity ensures that the durian flavour wasn't too strong to overpower the flavour of the lotus paste.
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The food looked really promising here. The smells, spices and char on each dish looked really convincing, but somehow the flavours didn鈥檛 live up to the high expectations we had.

This range of pork satays (sweet/savoury pork, liver, intestines and skin) is definitely a great group option. The pork did vary from tender to tough but we loved the unique gelatinous pork skin skewer which took on a slight sweet and charred flavour.

Mentaiko Mac & Cheese ($20.5)

Flavourful dish with bits of prawn. Mentaiko sauce was perfectly seared with hints of smoked flavour to complement the macaroni!

Kiwami Wagyu Sukiyaki Don (Yonezawa Beef A4)
served with sesame tofu, onsen egg, miso soup & pickles

The wagyu slices are quite chewy and not those melt in your mouth texture that I like, probably because of the affordable price so can't really demand too much for its quality. Overall enjoyable meal and will be back to try the US prime beef don.

A minimalist coffee shop along Tanjong Pagar Road, with plenty of seats indoor and outdoor; perfect for chat over the table, working on your laptop or just sitting and looking out at the street.

Their iced mocha was strong for me, which somehow overwhelmed by the chocolate instead of the coffee. You also can buy some of the in house coffee from them. $6.50

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Lovely spending a rainy afternoon holed up at this bookstore-cafe. I only wish the turmeric banana cake ($4) was tastier.

This burger is true to American sized portions so it鈥檚 recommended that you come reallllly hungry! Wagyu beef patty was nicely done but the blue cheese got abit too much after awhile though. Fries were also pretty addictive!

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