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Located in a little known food center in the middle of Jalan Bukit Merah, this sister shop of the famous Veerasamy Road Jin Xi Lai (Mui Xiong) that serves delectable thick sliced liver soup, is the exact copy sans incredible waiting times. But it is still a 20 mins wait during non peak hours!

My Mee Kia Dry with chilli sauce and extra vinegar was a little soft on the bite. Chilli and vinegar portions were just right though. And the soup… Lots of umami taste from hours of blanching minced meat in the same broth, without the queer porcine taste. The three slices of thick liver were crunchy on the outside and impossibly tender on the inside, testimony to their blanching skills!

All in, the Veerasamy Road outlet pips this one by just a tad, in terms of the noodles. But over there, the waiting time is so long, regardless what time of the day from start to end. And over here, the ambiance is better (see video) with ample parking.

(牛肋條 + 牛筋 + 牛肚 + 腱子心)

Premium Braised Combination Beef Noodles
boneless rib cut, tendon, tripe, golden coin

Newly opened Niu Dian 牛店 at Holland Village is their second outlet in Singapore. With Show Luo as their brand ambassador, I would see many swarming to try out this store.

Their menu is simple - different cuts of beef with noodles, with either soup or dry options. They do have a premium version as well which has the meats in a braised option.

I went for the simplest option to taste the broth at its origin. Having recently been to Taiwan, I had pretty high expectations as the ones in Taiwan were pretty unbeatable.

Noodle texture wise, you could choose between soft, medium & hard. Went for the medium and it was q and chewy, perfect with the thick broth.

Very popular place for lunch. The Dan Dan noodles come with chickpeas which isn’t exactly to my liking. Otherwise the noodles and the meat sauce tasted great.

Another must order item is their fried intestine stuffed with leek.

The braised beef broth is LeNu's signature broth which uses only the freshest beef marrow, bones and Chinese spices and is painstakingly prepared over 18 hours.

The broth itself is intensely beefy and hearty, and you get a choice of the original, pickled vegetables or spicy. I do recommend the later two as it helps ameliorate the strong beefy flavour. The imported Wagyu beef was also soft and melt in your mouth tender.

For a limited time, LeNu @ Funan is offering a 50% off after 5 pm. We recommend grabbing a dining partner and having both the braised beef broth and tomato broth for sharing as it really compliments each other!


LeNu Chef Wai's Noodle Bar is part of the Paradise Group of eateries with several outlets islandwide.

As its name suggests, LeNu serves Chinese la mian with different types of broth and toppings. The Nagano Pork Belly with Tomato Broth Lamian is one of their newest offerings, featuring a surprising appetisingly tangy tomato broth, topped with soft and tender sliced pork.

We really enjoyed the tomato broth and the portions are surprisingly good. If you are looking for something a little different, do check this out!


A tempura udon specialise restaurant by Mizuya, which is also a Japanese restaurant just a few shoplots away under the same building.

The premium mix consists of prawn, snow crab, scallop, salmon and mix vegetables. They only fried them upon order, so waiting time could be longer during peak time.

They use Kagawa udon here, which you would find the texture much firm and pleasant bites; absorbing the soy-based broth.

Had the new Kakiage Don which is like a single piece of fritters with all the vegetable, prawn and squid condensed together.

Price is reasonable and worth it.

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Special shout-out to their H.K. Style Milk Tea ($3.50 for hot, $4.50 for cold) which is super smooth - one of the best ones I had in Singapore!

The X.O. Sauce Stir Fried Turnip Cake ($7.50) is savoury and fragrant. The turnip cake is also very soft.