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15% off takeaway

Their chili sauce is v sour and hot, not much body.

Meatballs were good, the juices inside were such a joy. Their soup was full of umami, incredibly complex from some kind of preserved vegetables. However, once it cools I almost spat out a mouthful. Full of msg and way too salty and sweet. Probably don't drink too much of it even though it's hard to stop.

Nonetheless, if you disregard health, when it's hot it's really a must try

15% off takeaway

Ain't rlly a sauce, more just dry chili which you add the soup to (to rehydrate the noodles and adhere the dry chili) but it's absolutely bomb. There's a significant amount of heat but it's utterly tantalising. Century egg is worth, not to mention helping you cool some of that fire. Minced meat was well seasoned too.

Let's just say you take away the chili you can probably get this at 5bucks max, but now it's selling for 12 for good reason. Must try

Intrigued by the name Tufei chicken, we decided to give this a try. Unfortunately, it was nothing too extraordinary except that the mid wings were marinated with some spices such as black pepper and sprinkled with some black sesame seeds. While the wings were rather juicy, but it would be difficult to justify them at this price point.

Pretty mild taste of the sliced pork belly, feels like they were simply doused in dark soya sauce and sesame oil. The proportion of mashed garlic to the amount of pork belly slices was also not right; the dollop of mashed garlic was too much for the pork belly, hence the entire appetizer was full of garlic pungency, overshadowing any other taste that was supposedly present.

For hearty affordable noodle soup bowls on a rainy day, I will probably think of TamJai Sam Gor now! I was definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to customisation of the mixian as they had a wide variety of toppings and soup broths, even down to the spicy level. Just the soup selection was enough to leave me in dilemma for a while. Fortunately they had the Guo Qiao option, which essentially, is the gist of everything here at TamJai SamGor where you get a mixture of pork, beef, chicken, fishball, cuttlefish ball, vegetables, beancurd etc. Of course, you can inform them to exclude toppings that you don’t wish to have. I enjoyed the mixian here for its al dente texture.

We opted for the fragrant clear soup, which was no less tasty than the rest, as it was quite umami and really milky. The portion was a surprise to us since 2 of us were sharing 1 guo qiao mixian. Seemed like the mixian was never ending no matter how much we ate. It just means one thing; value for money! Will be back to try the other soup broths when dine in is possible again.

Shall we have a hearty bowl of Pao Fan? @ebibarsg now offer a new “Chao Da” (Charred) Ebi Pao Fan after their popular Chao Da Ebi Noodles.

Rich flavourful rice broth with signature charred prawns, pan-seared chicken, fried dried shrimps, add-on the homemade fried puffed rice for an umami kick.

To further enliven the soup, there are three boosters to choose from Get-Truffled-Up, Hey-Hot-Stuff (Mala) and You-Make-Miso-Happy (which is our favourite!)

eStore: order.tabsquare.ai/EbiBar

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I read so much about the lobster noodle at Mian Jia and was stoked to give it a shot! The broth was rich and savoury. However, it’s pretty expensive for a bowl of noodles, but what to do it’s lobster after all.

From now till 30 June, enjoy free delivery when you order via foodpanda or get a 10% off for all takeaway orders from the ala carte menu.

As there are numerous combinations into customizing your own mixian, TamJai SamGor has also put together a takeaway combo ranging from $12.80 to $13.80 each, featuring five of their bestselling soup bases and selected toppings, with a choice of a side of Chongqing Hot Sauce Crunchy Cucumber or Black Fungus and a beverage of Hong Kong Milk Tea or Iced Lemon Tea.

In addition to these takeaway combos, every two bowls of mixian ordered will entitle you to receive a complimentary pack of the limited edition Tufei Chicken Wings Flavoured Potato Chips. Alternatively, you can also purchase them at $2.50 each, while stocks last as only a small quantity have been imported from Hong Kong for this promotion.
✨ TamJai SamGor Mixian
📍 133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point, Unit 01-01/02, Singapore 059413
🌐 www.tjsamgor.com/sg
🍴 [Media Delivery]

Opening in Tanjong Pagar, this outlet was born to feed the hustle with noodles on the go. Get your quick fix of your favourites at this takeaway joint located in the basement of Guoco Tower — classic Seng's Char Siu Noodles ($6) with roasted pork collar char siu, Modern Char Siu Noodle ($7) with flame seared pork belly char siu or get the best of both worlds with their Mega Noodles ($9).

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.


Located within [email protected] GO Noodles originated in Malaysia and is known for its rice noodles and their fish and meatballs.

I had the signature bursting meatball, which was served in bone broth. The broth is pretty aromatic, especially with a shot of Hua Diao Jiu (aged for 3 years) added in. In addition, I added a soft-boiled egg to add on to the flavours! The soup is slightly on the saltier side but it’s still worth a try!

As for the meatball, there was not much of a burst, but more of a slight ooze as you bite into it. You can try other fish balls, roe balls or meat balls into the bowl if you would like as well.

I recently ordered a Pan Mee delivery which did not disappoint. The soup was similar to the bursting meat ball and accompanied by crispy anchovies and green onions. The noodles were smooth and springy which is surprisingly good.

Would I go back for it? Yes, but once in a while, when I would want some hot soup or comfort food.

📍: Eventasty 一碗田 Noodle Bar
🍜: Tomato Soup Base (Marinated Beef Shank Noodle & Vinaigrette Ebiko Prawn Paste Noodles)

Enjoyed these noodles before the restrictions tightened again. With #burpplebeyond, these were so worth it for the current sweater weather. The tomato broth was flavourful, warm and comforting; like something grandma would whip up for her grandkids 😌

Out of the two, I preferred the prawn paste one. The balls were QQ and the tiny bits of ebiko were nice to pop in my mouth too! The noodles and prawn paste absorbed the flavours of the tomato broth much better than the beef shank as well.

Will definitely be returning to try the Hot & Soup soup base!

Thought this was pretty good! With burpple we paid about $8.50 per pax. The hand-pulled noodles had a good bite, and was tasty after being tossed in the sauce. There were lots of marinated chopped mushroom, and “korean” beansprout (those with the enlarged seed leaves). The bouncy ebiko prawn balls were served in a hearty tomato soup, reminiscent of the haidilao soup base. We were quite satisfied with our meal! Will definitely revisit :) They allow for takeaways + burpple seals, so it’s a good lunch option!