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Quite ridiculous. For this price, the noodles themselves weren't particularly good, and the stock was not even as good as some of the better hokkien mees

There's squid rolls and large crystal prawns inside to justify the price

Chili was very sour and spicy, that worked fine

No need to try this. There wasn't even much wok hei

The soup was clear, it's not particularly good, passable depth and there's a smokiness

Noodles were very average, not enough bite, ckn was not seasoned and prawns were abit overcooked

Overall it's alright, no need to waste your time

Beef was very tender and the noodles was nice and springy, generous portion of meat and tendons

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wonderful meal. got the premium beef noodles and it was really the perfect bowl 👍 service was good, the staff took their time to explain the steps to eat the braised beef noodles to us. the generous chunks of beef were really tender, and tastes very homely. recommend!

We had the Specialty Beef Noodles + Premium Trio Braised Beef Noodles, and both were delicious!

The beef chunks were quite tender, swimming in a super flavourful broth. Was pretty interesting that they had three recommended ways of eating the Trio noodles. Personally, I liked mixing the sauce with dry noodles and pickled veges the most!

Type: Restaurant/Chinese

Really rich and tasty soup base! Have seen good reviews about Tamjai Samgor and finally tried it at the new Suntec outlet as there was an opening promotion. I had Mala soup, and I must say it’s 👍🏻 This is a place I will definitely return to. Only bad thing is that there is a queue at peak hours 😅

My rating: 5/5 ⭐️

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Beef rice bowl was nice. Comes w a bowl of tomato soup. Sauce was spicy

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Qiu Qiu noodle served with the truffle oil in the spoon, mushroom and egg.
💰$11.5 for noodle n additional $3 for minced pork.
📍I want my noodle.
1 scoot road, #03-14/15


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The chef fried the Kway teow to get the char taste before served with the thick umami broth, pair of their signature charred prawns, prawn balls and gyoza.

Beside this I also tried their Ebi and Vege-Crispy Fritter kway teow.
The fritter crispy,I preferable to eat separately from the carbs as a side dish.

📍Ebi Bar.
Cuppage plaza #B1-21.

The noodles were perfectly cooked, with a nice chewy texture that complemented the broth well. I ordered the black garlic tonkotsu ramen, which came with slices of tender pork belly that practically melted in my mouth. 10/10 recommend! 😋

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