Top 10 Places for NS50

Top 10 places for NS50

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for NS50

For a fuss free chicken curry meal

If you need a quick curry chicken fix , Curry times is the place to visit .

The menu boasts no use of coconut milk and only fresh chicken used . Not sure if the omission of coconut milk is a good or bad thing Hahha but the curry chicken is still definitely tasty.

The chicken and potatoes are well cooked and simmered along with the curry gravy.

I would have liked the curry to be a little bit more spicy 🌶 but this is still good enough.

Pair on with rice and you are in for a hearty meal .

Not as good as pork belly but still satisfy our hunger. Try it if you have enough of pork belly Banh mi.

At that point in time, the baked potato with sour cream, chives and bacon bits were everything to us so we decided to visit them again one decade later to bring back the memories. The steaks at Jack’s Place are still tender and cooked to the right temperature. For their price with @entertainersg, we still think it’s a pretty decent dinner.
1 for 1 with @entertainersg

Medium Rare Ribeye Steak SGD23.80

The quickest dish was served in less than 3 mins since we placed the order. Simple ingredients & quite small portion, we finish in no time. Good for rush hour lunch

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Tried their hot yuan yang drink. Was slightly disappointed that the coffee taste overpowered the tea so much i hardly tasted the tea. It ended up tasting more like..KOPI?

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Been awhile since I've had Toastbox's toast set. Thick fluffy toast with generous amounts of peanut butter and perfectly cooked soft boiled eggs. Just what I needed on this rainy morning.


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I didn't know about Pastamania's updated menu that includes Hei Bi Hiam Chicken, Miso Clams and Mushrooms. Ever since they stopped the membership priviledges that gives a $5 pasta voucher and $10 pizza voucher with a renewal fee of $10, I have been visiting less.

Oh well, moving on with the times I guess.

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2 soft boiled egg over toast & hot cup of coffee.


Muffin buns with sausage and scrambled egg without any sauce

Much better than the original 🤤