Top 10 Places for NS50

Top 10 places for NS50

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Matcha and choco hot fudge is an interesting combination, but kinako kuromitsu is still the best topping for a matcha ice cream! 😉 But for half the price of the latter, this cup is already great treat! 🤤
PS A cup of ice cream feat. my starving self as reflection. 👻
#D140 #burpple

Crispy chicken tossed in olive oil with hei bi hiam (fermented shrimps) 》$12.90

all 4 steaks that we ordered were over cooked and dry. portion size shrank by 30% as compared to the past and to other outlets. very very disappointing. won’t visit again. #burpple #astons #andes

mushroom : $5.90
cheese stick: $8.90
chicken: $15.60
pasta: $16.90
ice cream(nutty mighty) : $11.80

This Is almost taste the same as what I eat in Malaysia. They make their own lai fun too... Handmade laifun is one of the famous food in ipoh, this make me remember of my hometown.

The produce is fast... See the aunt pour in the mixture into the stainless steel plate until chee Cheong fun is out, take only 10 second. I'm from ipoh, the chee Cheong fun taste so so too me as it not enough q.