Top 10 Places for Rainy Day Comforts in Bugis

Top 10 places for Rainy Day Comforts

Latest Reviews for Rainy Day Comforts in Bugis

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Rainy Day Comforts

📍Nan Hwa Chong Fish-Head Steamboat Corner
Location:812 / 814 / 816 North Bridge Rd Singapore 198779
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At least 4 pax would be recommended if you order extra side dishes. The taste was fabulous, as it was not just spicy but had condensed taste.

Had founder bak kut teh ($9.8), braised egg ($1.5), you tiao ($2.5), tau pok ($2) and prawn paste chicken wing (6 pieces, $6.8). Both the long ribs and short ribs are very tender, while the short ribs got more fat. The soup is very peppery which is good for rainy days. Side dishes are so-so except the prawn paste chicken wings, which are pretty crispy yet the meat is still tender and juicy.

With the opening of Peppercorn, you can now bring your muslim friends to try this well-loved dish by the Chinese. The setting is interesting, with the typical cafe feels juxtaposed against oriental vibes (there's a wall filled with Chinese dragon door knockers). I personally prefer my mala drier, so the soupier version here didn't quite appeal to me. It also isn't very fragrant. However, I do like the scallion oil noodles that were coated in a sweet-savoury sauce - a good balance to the spicy-numbing mala pot.

The ingredients here are charged by weight, so pick wisely!

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Tried a variation of the popular mala hotpot at Peppercorn, 30 Kandahar St. The usual mala hotpot is a dry version, this one comes with a flavorful stock, topped with peppery hot spices. The pepper stays on your tongue, giving the "ma" feeling. As usual, you get to select from a wide variety of ingredients, from meats to fish, tofu, mushrooms, vegetables... The place is cosy and air conditioned.


Towards pricey end for side dishes but the soup was sweet and rich

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With Burpple Beyond, you get one for one popularity bak kut teh ($7.80) each so it’s a good deal and allows you to get more sides with the money you’ve saved too!

Ratings: 8/10
Comments: fresh ingredient be it the meat or seafood, the main highlight was the grilled scallops with the special chilli sauce, tender and juicy scallops topped with fiery chilli sauce that’s slightly sour which adds an extra kick to it! #burpple


Can’t deal with the queues at HDL? Hate to go against the crowd? I found a similar/better experience at 香草 Xiang Cao Yunnan Original Ecology Steamboat, Liang Seah St! Dinner eat-all-you-can buffet only at $40+/Pax (Definitely cheaper than what you can eat at HDL 😂) Not only best when you’re on a budget but honestly speaking, I love LOVE their soup-base, especially the Mala and Tomato broth! NO WAIT, EVEN THEIR MUSHROOM BROTH IS HEAVENLY! IT’S DAMN THICK, FRAGRANT AND DUPER DELICIOUS I SWEAR! Also, what’s better than free flow of 🥩? I guess there’s only two thing for me HDL can beat the rest, THEIR BEANCURD SKIN AND EXCELLENT SERVICE 😂💯

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** My kind of brunch to kick start the weekend! A second Malaysian style bak kut teh that I’ve tried in Sg. I like that a mini stove is available on each table and the claypot is placed on the stove to boil when served, keeping the soup piping hot all the time. I like the soup here but wish that they were more generous with the pork ribs.
📍 New Man Lee Bak Kut Teh
Bugis+, 01-12, 201 Victoria Street
Daily, 11:00 - 22:00
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Peppery, fragrant & tasty soup with unlimited top ups (be warned that the soup is a bit too peppery so it’s good to pair it with rice/ youtiao) and fresh pork ribs. The lower range #popularitybakkutteh has meatier & slightly rougher chunks of pork compared to the premium option that has more tender (but fatter) meat. A yummy & satisfying meal 😋
📍@founderbkt, #01-01, Bugis Point, 530 North Bridge Road