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Cafe is located at level 3 of bishan sports hall. First time here and was pleasantly surprised to find the deco to be so pretty! The tom yum pasta is delicious; fresh seafood and the broth coats the linguine well. Wish there was a bit more seafood though. They have a daily set meal which is pretty worth it. Do check this place out if you're in bishan and craving for some fusion pasta!

Sometimes, when we think of Vegan food, we may picture loads of vegetables and fruits. But WellSmoocht breaks that thinking and adds a twist to the ‘typical’ Vegan dish. They replaced chicken with pulled jackfruit and strangely, they had somewhat the same texture. The cashew ‘cheez’ on the pizza was as tasty as normal cheese and it made me wonder why more places couldn’t use cashew ‘cheez’ instead 🤭

Price-wise it’s a little expensive and around a normal cafe price but it’s worth the try, especially if you are craving some interesting Vegan food or if you are a Vegan yourself!

Back again because it’s soOO gud n damn worth with BB srsly. C3 cheesecake was a rich cheesecake with a decadent layer of white chocolate mousse on top n a dense chocolate biscuit base 😋 Miss Ispahan was a refreshing lychee, white choc, raspberry concoction in a tart. Tried the Ume Cherry Blossom tea this time and I loved it! Another 5 star experience 🥰

Here are 9 places to get them.
Avocado toast is a type of open sandwich made with mashed avocado (though some used sliced) and salt, pepper, and citrus juice on toast.

Other ingredients can include poached eggs, olive oil, hummus, red pepper flakes, feta, dukkah, tomato, to even bacon.

There was a point in time when every legit brunch café in Singapore would have an Avotoast in its menu someway, somehow… though not every place do them well, especially when pre-mixed avopaste is used.

I must admit I am not the biggest fan of Avotoast, but it has its appeal – a healthier alternative, and that avocado is rich in nutrients and antioxidants.
BUT take note that it can be high in calories if you add everything up - can be like 600 plus.

Swipe right or head to this link: bit.ly/avotoastsg

Eggless kolo mee, mushroom salad, poached egg, topped with japanese anchovies and fresh herbs

Very filling and large bowl of salad. There were tons of spinach in it. And lots of different ingredients to go with it. The pesto was good especially with the little bits of sundried tomatoes.

Ordered the small avo-bowl - brown rice, chicken thigh, chickpeas, edamame and lemongrass sauce.

The avocado tastes refreshing and goes well with the rather dry brown rice/chickpea/edamame combo. Chicken thigh is flavourful but not too oily. Portions are quite generous. Selection of toppings is very limited, but at this price I don't really mind.

Comes in a rectangular plastic box, though I think circular boxes would be better for the ingredients to soak up the dressing/for general presentation.

Paulinni is a little quirky cafe in a corner of Chinatown Point's atrium.

The waffles was a little too soft and flat but their ice creams are decent. They are also reasonably priced as well.

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Enjoy an all-day cafe menu offering comfort food with a hearty selection of Western and Asian dishes. Here’s the list of dishes according to the carousel photos.

⌯ A Grapefruit Punch
⌯ I’m Possible
Impossible burger, house-made pickles, cheddar, caramelised onions w choice of house salad
⌯ The Parisian
House-made sourdough bread, Bayonne ham, camembert, cornichons, house salad
⌯ Grain
Quinoa, chickpeas, edamame, raisins, carrot, pumpkin, beetroot, feta, pumpkin seeds, lemon-thyme dressing
⌯ Vegetable Veloute
Mediterranean-style velvety soup, basil crème, house-made sourdough bread ⌯ Quiche of the Day
⌯ Leafy
Seasonal greens, cherry tomatoes, avocado, garden herbs, walnuts, house dressing w choice of grilled chicken
⌯ Chef’s Brunch
Sausage de Toulouse, grilled bacon, garden peas, grilled vegetables, poached eggs
⌯ L’Omelette
Free-range eggs, house-made sourdough bread, aged Parmigiano, mixed garden greens w choice of seasonal mushrooms

Stay tuned to @NaturelleSingapore’s Chicken Tikka Wraps and Seafood Curry Noodle Soup that’ll be available in April! Thanks @NaturelleSingapore and @SGHappens for having me!

Phoenix Park
320 Tanglin Rd
Singapore 247980

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The pasta was good, I like the sauce. As for the meatballs, I find it too soft for my liking. It doesn’t have the meaty, bouncy bite that I’m looking for in a good meatball.

Not too sour nor sweet, this lemon 🍋 tart is one delightful and affordable (just $5!) pastry 😍