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Recommended lists of Best Salads in Singapore, 2018
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Before this, I had no idea what Nordic Porridge was, but it sure looked healthy to me.

It looks like plain oatmeal but it’s actually lightly sweetened warm oatmeal porridge which may be pretty light initially, but once you finish it, it leaves you feeling satisfied. I like how the crunchy almond flakes complemented the texture of the oatmeal porridge that gives dimension to the otherwise plain oatmeal.

The sauce drizzled on top of the porridge tasted a little sour - but I’m not too sure what sauce it is. I think it’s apple sauce.

Got this under mealpal for $3. Serving is petite tho avocado salmon chunks was yummy and I particularly like how theirs is so Q. The pineapples and cherry tomatoes make this feel super Hawaiian. Wasn't full but am fulfilled :-)


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My mega san sushi 🍣

Brown rice
Shredded carrot
Shredded cucumber
Steamed chicken
Chicken floss
Salmon sashimi
Yuzu sesame


A heavenly munch dipped with some thai sweet sauce on the side.


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Another go-to salad option - just that it's slightly more expensive. I always go for medium size because it's just more worth it.
My choices are
Stewed tofu, fish, curried spiced cauliflower, mushroom, beetroot hummus (pls get this!!), onsen egg and broccoli. All these on a bed of lettuce as my carb.

My salad
Lettuce 🥦(carb)
🍄🥚Mushroom, egg and capsicum (Topping)
Pesto (sauce)

The most reliable salad place imo. I always have the wrap instead though because it just feels more satisfying. 😊😊😊

Mine was with habanero chicken and king oyster mushroom (cooked). Top up $2 for the cauliflower rice and premium topping of quail eggs. The nori seaweed was a free standard topping from them!

Damage: $10-$15

Alot of chopped up veggies at the bottom. Love the huge amount of avocado. Very filling bowl of salad but could use more mushrooms. Also with a side of pumpkin. Definitely a wise choice if you feel like eating clean. 🥦🥑