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My family and I queued up for 2 hours for our dinner!! Yes - 2 whole hours!! When we got to the restaurant - they had just opened for business and I believe the first group of customers may have just gone in and took up every available seats in this not-too-big restaurant. I did a rough count - there were about 30+ seats? Took about 1 hours before we started to inch forward in the queue - some people got tired and left the queue. That helped! You should have seen the look on my wife’s face - she was obviously not happy being there and having to wait this long. Lol. .
By the time we got ushered in - at 8:30pm - we were all so hungry that we didn’t care if we were given the counter seats - which wasn’t that bad cos I had a good view of the kitchens and could watch how they grilled their fish. Anyway, soon after we were seated - we zeroed in on to the salad bar. Not as wide a range as the other Keisuke place - like Hamburg Steak Keisuke - but it was still decent - fresh vegetables, tofu, potato and soba salad, Japanese pickles, etc.
I had the Charcoal Grilled Miso Marinated Halibut - the texture of the fish was smooth, tender and soft - and the miso marinate was flavourful - and had a good savoury-sweet balance. I enjoyed it!
“How was it..?”, I asked my wife. “Not bad” - came the reply - “but not worth the wait...!!” Well, I’d have to agree with her...!!
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Watched EatBook’s video about the best fried Taiwanese chicken in SG so was craving for Shilin’s

So satisfying 😋


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Open sandwich with various proteins. I was not impressed by this dish because it’s baguette with spread and smoked cuts. Very mediocre even though they claim for this to be the best in the menu.

The queue was also super long so we had to wait for tables. Ambiance is cute and vintage-y but quite squeezey because they tried to fit as many tables as possible. Didn’t try the coffee because apparently they were better at smoothies / shakes.

Price ~$20 per pax

Taco Mex Chicken (~$14) was supaaaa flavourful with salsa, chicken, a quarter avocado🥑🥑 corn chips and jap rice, didn’t really see the fusion in this except the rice? Cilantro crema was (apparently a herb cream lol I googled) but it didn’t really have a taste to it at all, instead just tasting creamy and had more texture than taste. Rice to ingredient and salsa ratio was so much so ended up leaving loads of white rice :-( overall nothing really to shout about.
Ice flat white (~$7) was average but one thing I liked was that there wasn’t LOADS of ice and there was actually a decent amount of coffee so it didn’t dilute.


Loves the 1 for 1 deals from purple, super worth it! The chili crab pasta was so good and yummy!

$13 chicken rice grain bowl . Lightly poached chicken on mixed grain rice with cucumbers and sweet cherry tomatoes. Rather disappointed that the elements didn't quite come together and the overall taste was rather flat. Also, the chilli sauce that this was supposed to come with was "out of stock". Was only told by the service staff that it was unavailable when questioned. Little to no service or information provided.

A hearty bowl of Salmon with Mentaiko Sauce, delicious sweet mango, cherry tomatoes, tofu, edamame, furikake (which enhances the flavors of the ingredients imo) and a salad base.
other than it's pretty pricey $17.80 otherwise, I would definitely recommend it.

Alright for the price! Just take note that the rice is brown rice, and can be quite drying. Would recommend owners to add more sauce instead 😅

Large - $12.90, Small -$7.90. Acai with chia seed parfait, granola, coconut flakes, blueberries, seasonal fruits (banana, strawberries, mango, kiwi, dragonfruit)

The granola adds a nice crunch and I like that they put fruits on the bottom too below the chia seed parfait. Definitely enough fruits to go with every bite. I like the consistency of their Acai. Not too icy or watery.

Large is more than x2 the serving of small. Small is tiny. Not enough to satisfy the craving. Just get the large. 😂

Semi expensive indulgence but I’ll be back.

Black sesame cake and tiramisu from nesuto, a cozy space around the tanjong pagar/duxton which was perfect for a post Friday-night dinner. Preferred the goma cake here to the one at Hvala - - far lighter, fluffier and easier on the palate with an equally strong black sesame flavour, which I really loved. The tiramisu was okay but not fantastic imo. Nonetheless these desserts, originally $9 and $11.50 respectively, were much more worth it on #burpplebeyond! They also have a really interesting range of teas to go with your desserts -- both hot and cold brewed. Boyfriend and I tried pandan, which isn't really up my alley but the others looked promising too.

We got the superfudo chicken rice n truffle beef donburi!!!!

xIao hUi: 6.2/11

quaint place! v cute and wasn’t too crowded when we went, was fairly cute :”) the chicken rice was quite normal, they used chix Breast to was harder than usual but still q well cooked such that it’s not too hard and they used normal rice so was q mmmmshook kek BUT the truffle was Super worth it bcos it had mushrooMz n an egg in it too and the beef was v well cooked, ilike! both worth bcos of the 1-1!

xiao ninGz: 7/11

not v filled w people, p chill place !!! chicken rice was tAsty but p plain ( not a lot of vegs ) whole d truffle beef was p worth it leh cUz beef portion was generous and rice has some beef sauce which made it v deliciaous & onsen egg was also given in d truffle bOwl !!! lOoks like a p new place that’s q underrated so worth a visit !!! :-)

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