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this cake was so yums!!! love the zestyness of the curd and the soft sponge cake. didn’t really like the outer layer which was meringue because i could like the little bits of sugar which was tooo sweet for my liking

Toriten (i12 Katong) is here to satisfy all your Japanese food cravings! They offer a wide variety of authentic dishes ranging from tempura and yakitori to ramen bowls. For a fuss-free meal, opt for their Signature Chicken Yuzu Set!

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Wooshi’s Make-your-Own-Bowl/Roll gives you complete control of your meal. Check out their extensive range of delectable ingredients and use them to create the perfect meal; the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to drizzle your creation with the sauce of your choice to tie it all together!

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Looking for a satisfying meal? Heybo’s bowls and menu sidekicks are guaranteed to please; after all, they’re full of flavour-packed deliciousness! Pick from their Signature Bos or opt to Build Your Own Bo for a more customisable experience.

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Decided to order DIY Bowl - choose pasta as base, soft boiled egg, cucumbers, corn and kidney beans- four ingredients and lastly for main broccoli, roasted carrot and Teriyaki Chicken ($8.80). I choose honey mustard for sauce but I felt that sauce texture was slightly thick and a bit too much. I really like their teriyaki chicken a lot.

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The rolls are delicious and good service. Too bad they didn’t allow different rolls for the buy-one-get- one they only allow exactly the same for the next roll. But rice yo filling portion is great.

Sri Lanka bowl - the Jaffna by Damian D'Silva was filled with colours, aromas and flavours. It had spinach dahl, daikon curry and snake gourd curry atop a base of basmatic brown rice, and topped with beetroot pachadi, mint chutney and roasted cashew bits. The blend of aromatic spices, tender spiced masala chicken and creamy, spicy curry were delicious and tentalising to the tastebuds that I devoured the bowl clean.

fish & chips ($8.90) were really good!!! fish was fresh, crispy batter and fries were YUM

cappuccino ($4) was gd and rlly affordable too!!

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They serve very fast. The pasta wasnt jelat. Very generous with the mushrooms. There is an onsen egg hidden below the cheese. The pasta was also cooked al dente. I will order this again.

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Romaine, Teriyaki Fable, Warm Baked Mushrooms, Potato, Pea Sprouts, Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Bulgogi Aioli

I love saladstop, it’s good for days I feel too full for a normal meal. Portion size is decent, filling enough when I’m not ravenous. This time I tried their Sep seasonal special, and swopped out the pea sprouts for asparagus. It’s a decent mix, the teriyaki fable is a nice meat-free alternative, it’s flavourful and not dry, a bit stringy, kinda like a meatball + pulled pork hybrid. The shiitake mushrooms could have been juicier, romaine lettuce was amply sauced and crunchy, tomatoes were sweet and juicy. Wasn’t a fan of the cold potatoes, and I don’t prefer creamy sauces in my salads.

Overall decent I didn’t dislike it, but I prefer their previous seasonal special / other options!

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Hidden inside ITE Central, which you have to walk all the way in till the end of the campus behind.

Here is where you can find some hidden eateries that the students usually go to. Offering affordable meals to the students and college staffs here. They are open to public as well.

As for Boon Cafe, most people would come here for their build your own bowl. Which you get to customise from their dish offerings. Choose from 4 options depending on whether you want to grab chicken, fish, shrim, beef, salmon or no meat.

With meat, you will entitled to choose from 3 different sides available; such as broccoli, scrambled egg and potato like mine.

Each bowl also comes with base (fusilli or rice) and your choice of dressing.


Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Rooibos Kombucha

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