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Whole range of cold brews (coffee & tea) available 😋

one heavy crispy meaty saucy big boi 👏🏼

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Ordered takeaway using Burpple Beyond. The set came with a poke bowl, an add-on and a drink. Paid $3 extra and got the spicy salmon + roasted sesame tuna combi.

Not sure if they gave the wrong sauce but the roasted sesame tuna just tasted like mayo to me. There was too much sauce with the veggies as well, and made it not that healthy. The fish was fresh, and the different textures went quite well together. The watermelon was a surprise as it was so refreshing!

Total amount paid was $16.90 (after $3 top-up for more fish) and it was honestly so worth it! There is also an ongoing Shopback promo where I believe it’s $16.90 for 2 poke bowls.

Be prepared to wait as I went in the evening and there was only one person behind the counter who was manning the cashier and also had to prepare the food as well.

$29.80 for 4 larrrrge bowls (141)

the meats are quite oily/ salty but i guess the surrounding 6 vege (purple cabbage, corn, edamame, potato, broccoli, xiaobaicai (?)) are supposed to cancel out tht unhealthiness?? 🤣 vege is nice btw and the bowls r rly large & heavy LOL (reckon abt 3kg for 4 bowls 😂)

some of the items on the menu hv been taken out (not updated at the store display also) so it can be q confusing

Love the variety of food to choose from every time i visit. Good food and good service - can't complain 👍🏻

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Really generous portions! Topped up for extra poke so got to try salmon and tuna - chunky and fresh pieces 😛

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Store is closed till further notice. Meh, walked all the way there

The hazelnut was reminiscent of kinder bueno but in ice cream form, it had quite strong hazelnutty flavours. Pistachio was decently nutty, could have been nuttier, but it was definitely way too sweet. The texture looks weird on first glance, bc of how crumbly it is, but when eating it’s actually alright, and sufficiently creamy. Just that it melted super quickly so half the time we were having gelato soup. Wouldn’t return for this, there are better places for gelato around the area.

The savoiardi biscuits (Italian ladyfingers) were very light and filled with pockets of air, so it really soaked up the coffee and Marsala. Some parts were a bit too wet tho. The creamy mascarpone was very light as well, tying it all together. This was super boozy, pretty intense actually. It’s been some time since I last had their tiramisu, and I don’t remember it being more than $12? But we did enjoy this, and it’s good for sharing between 2-3 people so we would return for it! Would have preferred if it was colder, it wasn’t really cold when we took the box from the chiller.

veryy substantial popiah! might be pricey to some but the portion justifies the price for me. i got the original flavour this time but felt that i can get the same satisfaction from cheaper and more traditional popiah stalls.

go for their more interesting flavours instead! previously had the spicy thai one which i liked a lot😋

TIP: pair it with the creamy tomyum soup omg dipping popiah in creamy soup is a new obsession

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