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Recommended lists for Salads

Recommended lists of Best Salads in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Salads Best Salads & Grain Bowls in Singapore Burpple's guide to the best salads and grain bowls, from hearty bentos to punchy rice bowls for clean-eating days.

Top 10 Places for Salads

Top 10 places for Salads

Latest Reviews for Salads

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Salads

Salad with 3 generous scoops of salmon and 4 add-ons of roasted pumpkin, chick peas, corn and flying fish roe. 1 for 1 if you have the Entertainer App. My favourite poke place to go to!

Score: Burpppp (4/5)

What I ordered: Oyster steak + furikake white rice + spicy beansprouts.

Taste: doneness of the steak was perfect, albeit some cuts I've got was tougher than the rest but I could just be picky. Beansprouts was a tad bland but the spicy kick was there. The sauces really boosted the flavours of the steak (go for garlic soy or spicy miso!).

Price: with Beyond, the meal works out to be close to $9 which is still value for money considering that you get a full portion of steak.

Verdict: Burpppp (4/5). Definitely would return again to try out other combinations of proteins, carbs and veggies.

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The balance between the different elements of the cake here is so on point, with the matcha and azuki complementing each other so well, bringing out the bitterness of the matcha and the sweetness of the azuki.
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Hehe and yay I can redeem my free poke bowl w my loyalty card so why not🙃 PLUS free premium toppings cuz of their opening promo yay!! Colourful food makes me happi h3h3, or maybe food in general🤓
• Regular - Romaine Lettuce + Salmon Poké + Pomegranate ($12.50 + $1)
• Regular - Romaine Lettuce + Salmon Poké + Cashew +($12.50 + $2)
• Regular - Romaine Lettuce + Spicy Salmon Poké + Almond ($12.50 + $2)

This is quickly becoming my favourite brunch. The one here is delicious, perfectly caramelised on the surface encasing a soft and moist broiche stuffed with delicious cream. Yums.

Ordered DIY Original Salad courtesy of Burpple Beyond 1-for-1, so so salad, nothing great, rather bland, just an ok if you really really have to eat healthy food in the vicinity

Coconut Chicken w B Rice & Veg - $7.50
I never knew it’s gonna be such a match. Coconut flavour was not empowering, yet brings out the mild sweet flavour of the chicken. Comes with veg and nuts giving the extra crunch. Another healthy and yet tasty lunch for the office crowd

More cheese baked potato than stew. Expect a semi solid consistency instead of soupy. Still delicious with ham and beans inside.

Right blend of fattiness and lean meat. Generous amount of meat.


Place: Basement 1
Cost: $9.90
Choice of pick:
1. Tradition wrap, brown rice
2. Avocado, Chicken bits, Prawn Roe, Shredded Cucumber, Tuna Mayo
3. Japanese Fish Flakes
4. Wasabi Mayo
5. Salmon Sashimi

You can also make your own choice of 5 different essentials. Maki-San Sushi have different pick.

So you can try making your own sushi roll :)
They also have $7.90. Just that for the price you can only pick 3 essentials.

Chef-Founder Khaled Elelimi heads up this casual, halal, Greek dining concept.
This classic Greek meal features a warm, soft, house made pita bread.
Wrapped within is a medley of fresh vegetables, including crisp lettuce, crunchy white onions, juicy tomato, and tender cucumber.
Strips of rotisserie marinated beef, coated in a mix of spices (including salt, pepper, powdered garlic, oregano, cumin, parsley), sliced thinly, are generously stacked within.
Dressed with tzatziki, each bite gets you a mouthful of each ingredient, bursting with bold vegetal sweet savoury salty bready flavour. Very satisfiying.
Yeero Gyro By Pistachio
More details in profile & blog

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It's my first time trying Simply Wrapps simply because I don't spend too much money on too little portions. A healthy, light and decent burrito with greens and flaky grilled chicken, with some light dressing beneath, all in a huge wrap. (I LOVE WRAPS)

The cappuccino was surprisingly good; nutty flavour without too strong the milk nor coffee taste. But the caffeine did not work on me ):