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Not exactly a fan of the Miso Tofu - tasted pretty healthy with not much strong flavours, altho the small cubes may make it slightly addictive.

There's a separate bowl of Steamed cabbage, which tasted pretty much like those from Cai Fan, which seems slightly out of place when compared with all the other food we were having. For fans of Veg, you'd really appreciate that there's also a bowl solely for veggies 🤭.

Salt Baked Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes were actually pretty addictive, and you don't feel greasiness when you eat it. It tastes more like a healthy snack which would keep you going at it since it feels more "guilt-free".

If you're looking for something healthy, and with taste not compromised, here's an option to consider!

Family Bundle (3-4 pax) $55
1x Chicken Breast (250g), 1x Smoked Duck (200g), 2x Salmon (130g)
Was really impressed that their chicken breast was nowhere near dry! Was pretty tender and really great with the sauces that came along with the bundle! Smoked duck was decent, although nothing much to shout about. Salmon was also pretty soft, and the meats here really pair well with the sauces.

Can never rave enough about how wholesome this salad meal can be — #foodcoma is real after struggling to finish my bowl!

($9.50) - 1 base + 3 cold/warm feeds + 1/2 protein + 1 topping + 1 dressing

mega love!!!

love this place! has a WIDE variety of nutrition rich health foods like salads n protein bowls n breakfast treats. we got grandma’s roast and blueberry protein pancakes. grandma’s roast had a carrot purée which was to die for, with a very rich onion sauce but it became a little too overpowering and peppery by mid-meal. so i would recommend something a little lighter if u don’t have a strong tongue ahah. blueberry pancakes were yummy n sweet esp with the maple syrup and fruits. the chia seeds added good texture. the pancakes were slightly dry inside but i guess that’s normal when it contains protein, n it’s complemented by the moisture from the sauces anyway! a goooood place to go aft a gym workout or if ur just looking for a healthy meal!!! 🤩🤩

Wanted to try this cafe for the longest time and I am glad that I did. We got the Fry-up ($23), which was a heaping amount of food and had a great variety! All components were sautéed well and I especially loved their beans as they were homemade! The Truffle Scrambled Eggs ($23) came with a huge portion of scrambled eggs that had a good truffle fragrance. Paired with the toast underneath, it's a comforting breakfast! The Brekkie Burg ($19) had a good amount of eggs inside too, but what impressed me was how thick and succulent the patty was! Lastly the Eggs Benjamin ($21) was good but was normal as compared to the others we've had. The best part is that we saved so much via the use of #burpplebeyond 😍 Definitely coming back again!

Awesome Breakfast Algebra, $19
French Baguette, Smoked Duck Breast, Extra Scrambled Eggs + drink

French Butter included

Added $1.50 for strawberry jam

if you love some ultra crispy bread (think crisp and light croutons and not some raw and limp white bread), please please PLEASE try the Pork Sando. Jan packed with exciting ingredients and a good kick of spice, it’s a real flavour party. Thought that the sandwich would be a little dry with the absence of a heavy sauce, but it proved us wrong.

B.E.C is super rich and satisfying. But the star of this meal definitely has to be the pork sando.

Go for the pork sando if you want to hit flavour town and cronch on some quality toast. Go for the B.E.C for some sinful treats

Beautiful latte art and it tasted more bitter than milky! However, the staff strongly encouraged us to get the large cup to start our day on the right note and we slightly regretted doing so as we were slightly bloated from the big cuppa in the morning! We will be sure to get the regular cup in future 😁

One of our favourite pastries at any Tiong Bahru Bakery restaurant. We went at 8 am in the morning and the warm croissant came with a buttery fragrance. The croissant was crispy on the outside and really buttery on the inside and this is exactly what we love about TBB's croissants. The almonds were really generous although we always feel that the green tea powder could be more concentrated to give the croissant that distinct slight bitterness characteristic of green tea. Nonetheless, for $5.50++, it is still pretty worth it especially given that the pastry is pretty big!

The Tiong Bahru Bakery at Raffles City can get pretty crowded towards 9 am so don't be surprised to find that you have to queue to get a seat, especially on weekends!

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Im sure most of us knows that one-north is a well-known area famous for housing lots of research institutes and biomedical labs. Hence a nice comfy cafe nestled among office buildings is a rare side here. Runes (Biopolis) is located within WHQ and provides a nice comfy ambience with its full length glass panels all around.
Paid a visit to the cafe during lunch time on a weekday and it was fairly crowded (some peeps were working / studying there too).
Ordered the grilled mushroom sandwich ($7) and a iced mocha ($5.50).
Th sourdough sandwich came in a huge portion, with grilled mushrooms overflowing out. The sourdough was perfect, crispy on the sides yet soft and chewy in the middle and complements the earth, juicy and buttery mushrooms with melted cheese slated over.
Only complaint - the side salad that it came with was a tad too little. Got abit bored of the sandwich halfway thru the meal, so more salad would have been much appreciated 😂
Coffee wise, mocha was average, no comments on that.

Overall, a really nice cafe with a very "chillax" ambience. Nice to sit at the tables by the glass panel, and admire the surroundings while eating. Food-wise, i think the price is generally affordable for a cafe setting.