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Finally got to try the purple sweet potato mash after eyeing it since they started offering it. Loved the thick and creamy mash thats packed with natural sweetness of sweet potato! Also had the chilled soba but i think i prefer the pasta.

I usually go for the teriyaki chicken thigh, but wanted to try the chicken breast this time. Super tough and dry though 😩 Perhaps it would have been better if it was sous-vide and also cut into smaller bite-sized chunk like the chicken thigh. Also rather bland-tasting hence its lucky that i went for shichimi topping which gave a nice burst of spice and flavour.

Fireless Kitchen is Singapore’s first restaurant without an open flame kitchen and primarily using Sous Vide cooking technique where ingredients are vacuum sealed and cooked in a water bath at a precise temperature and time delivering consistently flavourful, succulent and nutritious dishes.

Sous vide cooking has been around for many years in high-end restaurants and this culinary technique is now used to make food readily available @firelesskitchen to cater to the masses offering high quality, palatable, naturally flavoured healthy meals.

At Fireless Kitchen you get to customize your meal by building your own bowl

1️⃣ Choose your a Protein
Protein selections like Bbq Pork Belly, Chicken Pesto, Herb Salmon, Marinated Beef and Chili Garlic Tofu.

2️⃣ Choose your a Staple
Options like Sweet Purple Potatoes Mash, Brown Rice Pulao, Whole Wheat Pasta, Butter Lettuce, Kale and Quinoa.

3️⃣ Choose 3 Companions
You can choose from Miso-Glazed Carrots, Crispy Garlic Broccoli, Herb Crust Garlic Potato, Honey Roasted Pumpkin, Mixed Peppers and many more.

Fireless Kitchen also offers Fuss-Free Salads. These are specially curated healthy salad selections.

Was delighted and satisfied with all the dishes served to us. Everything was well flavoured and cooked to perfection. The proteins were super juicy, tender and tasteful. A special shout out to the 12 hours Sous Vide Barbecue Pork Belly, the Herb Salmon, the Sweet Purple Potato Mash and the Mixed Peppers. Eating healthy food is now more fun and exciting without compromising and sacrificing the taste and flavours.
Funan #02-04
107 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179105

Various vegetables, fruits, legumes and carbs choices. Drizzled with vinaigrette.

Light poke bowl ($9.90)

Can choose from the mains (I chose brown rice mixed lemon and herbs qunoia- theres also romaine lettuce), sides (7 colours!!) Which includes honey pineapple corn carrot seaweed etc. 2 fishes (had avocado miso salmon and the special which is Mentaiko ebiko salmon).. and toppings which is free. Range of sauces were also very awesome. Tastes so good.

Will definitely be back again!!

Lettuce as default base plus 5 sides. Meat choices available at additional cost. Generous serving.

A well spent evening on Thursday over cakes and teas. Pricey cakes but with the 1-1 deals, it was worth coming over as it was so good. The cakes, teas and service really amaze me!

Cheesecake v satisfying, decadent yet not too rich 😋 Not a fan of yuzu raspberry but it was still a good slice of cake - has a sour note and suitable for those who prefer less sweet desserts.

This was way too sweet and the taste of matcha was way too faint. Prefer the normal croissant to this as the normal one was flaky, buttery and extremely good. 5.0/10

Ordered the $9.90 bowl with spicy salmon sashimi and added $1 for the egg. The ingredients were fresh (especially the fish)! However, the portions are small, so it won’t really fill you up.

Soft succulent braised beef cheek. The dish in its entirely was rich and flavorful with the roasted mushrooms and truffle mash

One of the few salad joint I really love! They’ve really good eggs and salad dressing - 🍷 vinaigrette is my favourite! You get to DIY what you like, with a good balance of veggies and protein. I usually go for small and it’s enough to fill me up. The place sells frozen yogurt for those who need a dessert after meal too!

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I saw that my mocktail has green apple syrup and thought it was just flavouring but it’s flavouring that tastes really artificial (and not like green apple at all) 😪