Top 10 Places for Salads

Top 10 places for Salads

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Salads

There was also tomato salsa atop the patty but i personally felt that it failed to enhance the taste of the whole burger and the flavours did not blend quite well together. Would have preferred to have done away with the tomato salsa.

Overall the burger left me satisfied as it was non-greasy,flavourful and the portion was also rather generous. The quinoa and cauliflower patty was thick and they did not skimp on the amount of hummus given. The mushrooms and side salad was very well-marinated too.

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Tasty, fresh, and healthy, this poke bowl (or plate, for the matter) is bursting with flavours and the portion is sufficient without making you feel too bloated

Still my fave burger place. Major ❤ for the sweet potato fries and the Parma ham combi this time

Still easily one of the best places to curb your sashimi cravings🤓 Flavour of the month being Roasted Sesame Salmon, feeling fat so opted for salad instead of my soba HAHA. Generous portion so sadly no tummy space to try out their new menu items☹️ Will be back to try them the next round hehe
• Cold Hot Tea ($1)
• Roasted Sesame Salmon w/ Yuzu-Ume Brown Rice + Onsen Egg + Half Avocado ($9.90 + $1 + $1.50)
• Poke w/ Mixed Greens Salad + Onsen Egg + Mixed Nuts ($9.90 + $1 + $1.50)

I ordered the salmon, chicken breast, konnyaku noodles, onsen egg and mushroom medley. It is $20.50 by itself but Super hearty and filling!! Plus if you use Burpple Beyond is it 1-for-1. Especially love the black pepper sauce paired with the tender and succulent chicken breast. Would go back again. The salmon was a bit uncooked in my opinion but still tastes good with the sauce.

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My occasional chance to eat #healthy. 🌿 Tried this new #sustainable #food place (complete with a wooden spork) @kiposcollective and really liked it! Tasted very #wholesome indeed and I really enjoyed the #truffle shoyu dressing. 🙂 #Yummy! Though, after every healthy meal I always get this unfortunate urge to eat or drink something sinful... 😅

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Having hot combo with 1 protein + 5 toppings. Picked tom yum chicken thigh with yuzu soba, cauliflower, grilled eggplant, kimchi fishcakes and braised mushrooms & fungus. They have a interesting variety of sides to be selected and the taste is not bad. The tom yum chicken thigh is a bit salty for me though - I may go back to beef bulgogi next time. Employees working nearby may enjoy 10% off!


Go healthy! 💪 & pocket friendly @foodanatomysg
Brown rice base with 5 toppings: chickpea, eggplant, olives, cauliflower, capsicum, added paprika chicken and spicy sauce. 😁@foodanatomysg All these for $7.92
Rare to find the healthy food option with this price tag in SG. Totally worth it!! 🤩😎

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Hearty meal and good atmosphere, though it does get popular on Saturdays. Love the options given, such that it makes it interesting and versatile to order different permutations of the meals. Located near the Holland Drive Market and Food Centre.
Buona Vista-Ghim Moh, Singapore

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This barramundi came with a delightful coconut-lime reduction, which tasted like laksa sauce (but without the spice). However, the fish wasn’t as soft as I would have liked it to be and the skin could have been crispier. The couscous also seemed a bit bland and out of place for me and I could have done without it. Overall this dish could do with more polishing, but nevertheless a good concept and worth trying if you prefer fish over meat when eating here with friends!

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I’d say stick to haakon’s acai bowls or juices for sure. While their bowls sound appealing, they did not execute the components very well. The salmon was clearly overcooked for this and also very small in portion - just about a finger and another finger limb in length. The mushrooms were unseasoned with a slightly leathery texture while the broccoli was on the softer side, but still acceptable. The baby corn was alright and the quinoa was cooked with a sourish marinade that I didn’t really enjoy. The mentaiko mayo sauce I got also hardly added any flavour for me- tasted like a more sour mayo instead. I would go for other more established salad bowl places instead!

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A slice of the Le ‘Omm’ cake from Nesuto. Our cake was definitely threatening to collapse and wouldn’t stand up straight, but thankfully, it tasted alright!

I enjoyed that the matcha taste was rather strong, particularly with the coating of matcha powder on top of the cake. (Sadly, they’ve changed the design. I much prefer the older design.) The sponge cake is soft and moist and goes well with the cream. The azuki red bean layer is thin and you can only taste it slightly, but I liked this because I think it’d be too overpowering otherwise.

Overall, it was an average cake for me. I would have preferred if there was some kind of textural contrast (some sort of crunch?) because after a few bites, it feels somewhat one-dimensional. Also, it’s a bit pricy, but okay with the 1 for 1 from #burpplebeyond.