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Had the pulled pig salad and felt like the ratio of meat : vege was just right! Will come back again

Nestled in an unassuming supermarket, this salad bar with in house seating was an unexpectedly cosy experience. The chicken salad and dessert set costs $11.60, and was half the price with the burrple app! The salad was fresh, crisp, full of flavour and had a generous portion size. There was a large variety of ingredients and toppings, and all made me feel really healthy hahah (The veggies are hydroponics with no pesticides!)The western dessert of chia seeds, granola and dried cranberries was gd too! Highly recommend❤


The food at harvest is what you expect and it is executed well so that after you won’t feel guilt to have a pint of beer! Hahaha

This bowl comes with quinoa, kale, broccoli, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, beetroot hummus, spiced chickpeas, falafel and dukkah. I added sundried tomatoes for $1. This is the cheapest bowl on the menu but it’s bursting with colour and flavour, with a mix of sweet and fresh ingredients.

DIY Sushi (S$9.90/ mega san)
Wrap - Traditional Nori
Rice - Japanese White Rice
5 Essential - Avocado, Grilled Chicken Strips, Kani Stick, Steamed Ebi, Tamagoyaki
Sprinkle - Golden Tempura Crunch
Sauce - Strawberry Vinaigrette
Special - Smoked Salmon

DIY Salad (S$9.90/ mega san)
Base - Mixed Lettuce
5 Essential - Avocado, Grilled Chicken Strips, Roasted Shimeji Mushroom, Steamed Ebi, Tuna Mayo
Sprinkle - Golden Tempura Crunch
House Sauce - Fragrant Sesame
Special - Salmon Sashimi

Sian the avocado was in mashed form, not in slices.

Ingredients: Feta, two poached eggs, roasted tomatoes, dill, cashew nut dukkah, rye sourdough toast

I love how perfectly poached the eggs were, with golden liquid oozing out of the thin film of white when I prodded a little at the wobbly semicircles using my fork. The cashew nut dukkah was minimal and tasted light to me. My taste buds were not exquisite enough to tell me what the cashew dukkah really tasted like. The highlight was of course the avocados — they were creamy and fresh, atop a slightly tangy, soft bed of sourdough bread. Some may be averse to the taste of avocados because they taste like health. But as for me, I’m a fan.

I think the 50% on savoury brunch items the Burpple app is great. No GST & service charge here, making most brunch items less than $10. The portions are also humongous. The only gripe is that there’s always a queue on weekends.

If you're looking for healtheir options after all the Chinese New Year feasting, hit up this salad bar in Westgate for locally grown hydroponic vegetables and clean ingredients! Have your choice of the Western Set and Eastern Set, both priced at $6.80 or fuel up on protein with their Chicken Salad Set ($8.80) or Salmon Salad Set ($10.80), which had Burppler Fann Chong raving about "Their carbs (olive rice & truffle mash potato)" which "were very very addictive as well."
Photo by Burppler Fann Chong

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portions are huGe!!! absolutely love every single thing in it - & they all come tgt nicely as well. favourite toppings would be the roasted vege, beetroot mash & sweet potato mash. think i would try their DIY bowl next time. ingredients are fresh and toppings are cooked well 👍
OVERALL: 4.75/5

The quality of the ingredients is impressive. The curried cauliflower was nicely cooked and seasoned (though spicier than I remember them to be), the cubed egg whites were cooked just right, the roasted pineapple was amazingly sweet and juicy, and the chicken breast was tender.

Base: romaine lettuce
Protein: chicken breast
Sides: curried cauliflower, egg whites, roasted pineapple
Dressing: citrus ponzu

Love everything about this bowl, esp the dressing which pairs well with the rest of the items and give it that extra oomph factor

Yummy grain bowl, good serving size, plenty of chicken, fulfilling and satisfying. Love the sauce that goes really well with the rest of the food

Ordered big bowl with grilled dory. Delicious wholesome food. Choice of 2 bases so very filling, my go-to in the Joo Chiat neighbourhood for healthy fuel 🥗