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with eatigo’s 50% off, my hotpot buffet lunch only cost me $12 😱!!! suuuper worth it and they also recently introduced two cuts of beef - short plate and cube roll; which made the shabu shabu experience feel more atas hahah! i definitely love the beef short plate the most as it had a good ratio of lean meat to fat; it basically tasted like pork belly but beef version 😍 we also ordered the tonyu miso soup base which is my personal favourite as it has a rich milky taste that does not overpower the meat flavour at the same time, yet is not too salty or heavy on the tongue.

rating: 8/10 (w eatigo!!)

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15 Feb’19, Fri⛅️
📍Pot Yummy Yummy (Telok Ayer St)🥘
- Sliced Fish Set with Tom Yum Soup Base🐟

Like the tom yum soup base, it’s more sour than spicy soup, appetising and shiok~

Not too sure what fish type, tasted like dory though...nothing much to expect...

After selecting the types of set you would like (e.g. fish, pork, beef etc) and the soup base (e.g. herbal, tomato, tom yum etc), you can just pick any 6 sides from the conveyor belt...

I might go for their meat option the next time, overall, not bad for the price...

Damage: $16.20 (Lunch set)

I love both 😋

Location: Makino, #03-28/29, PLQ Mall, Level 3, 10 Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 409057
#makino #burpple #burpplesg #payalebarquarter

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Went on a weeknight and queue time was around 10-15 minutes. Loved that they have the water base option ($0) saving us on the cost of the soup base. Highly recommended items: pepper flavored pig kidney slice, value set bundled with mashed shrimp paste + luncheon meat, frog leg (very tender!)

Very flavorful chicken hotpot - add your own ingredients into the pot and let them cook up a storm for you.

To enjoy the opening $9.90+ lunch special, we specially headed to the East for this. I must commend the staff for doing their best to ensure the best experience and quality of food even for the second opening day. Selected the Tom Yam Soup and Collagen Soup, tasty but after the meal you got to drink lots of water. Selection of dishes still as good as the old OrchardEmerald one. The location is a little snug but still a large selection to choose from! (No fish or potatoes... but maybe not just yet!) Missed you much and welcome back GORO GORO!!! ❤️

This is meat set.. can choose 4 meat (fish considered meat). I went to try beca there're many good reviews but i was not impress with $42 for 2 set.. Feeling unsatisfied after the hotpot aka not full.
By the way i am normal eater.. haha.. The soup is nice. I chose mala. I didn't take picture of another set.

Food is delicious, value for money and very fresh!🙂 With burpple, you can get 1-for-1 set meal and a complimentary plate of meat. A plate of 6 prawns costs only $4! The corn was also very sweet so we ordered an additional serving! We ordered the Superior Pork soup, which was homemade and very tasty. They also offered 2 types of chilli which were all homemade as well. It felt like we were eating at home and the ambience was comfortable for a gathering with friends 😊

NOTE: Not sure why many reviews said that soup base costed $3.80 but there is actually no extra charge and it's part of the meal (see receipt). The staff promptly refilled our soup as well!

Highly recommend! If I worked nearby I would go for lunch as well 😁


There’s no actual grains in the soup as it comes, but they add it in at the end of the meal, together with a couple of prawns each and a tasty prawn oil (made with the prawn heads) if you order their Signature Prawn Congee.


Opened in July, this no-frills congee hotpot spot is perfect for a relaxed dinner. The ‘soup’ is earthy and comforting, using the porridge liquids that gets tastier as you continue cooking.

The ingredients were all tasty and affordable as well. Loved the clams, though slightly small, they were fresh and sweet. Best part about the meal was the super tasty homemade chili soy sauce they serve, packed with coriander, spring onions, ginger, garlic and more herbs and spices. Total damage for two: $56. Will be back!


If you’re a tteokbokki lover like me, this restaurant is a dream come true!! You have the option to customize your tteokbokki sauce (with varying spice levels) and there is a wide variety of rice cakes to choose from. I highly recommend the ones with cheese filling! Also, they have a variety of instant noodles, sweet potato noodles and glass noodles as well! Apart from carbs, they also have vegetables, meat and seafood 😋 In addition, they have a cooked food section (their fried chicken is sooo good) They also have Korean fish cakes exactly like the ones sold in Korea! Towards the end of the meal, you also have the option of adding rice to your sauce, to make yummy fried rice. And the best part is, everything is free flow! :’))) Do note that there is a time limit of 90min though!

Had the yuanyang pot. The meats were fresh but personally I don’t like the soup base as they’ve added too much spices (my guess is cumin). Their grilled lamb skewers (not in picture) tasted really good.

3 of us paid around $80 each.