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Additional cheese ring is $9.8++
A good variety of seafood, chicken, vege, fish cake and 6 different kinds of tteokbokki, especially the cheese filling one is so delicious! Don't forget the last step: DIY fried rice to complete your meal.

Tried the Durian hotpot for $1 (ShopBack Go Promotion). Felt that the portion was too little for 2 people so we added noodles (spaghetti) for $4++. Soup was good and the staff was attentive to refill the soup. Just that warm durian flesh is not my kind of thing 😅

Combination of sweet and savory taste!

Located at Jewel Airport, just right beside Beauty In A Pot! @fourseasonsduriansrestaurant 😄 be brave and give it a try !! 🙌🏻💪🏻

($35++ per set) 🥘
After having bubbletea hotpot, I decided to try durian hotpot. Surprisingly, it was delightful sweet! Came without much expectation, yet enjoyed the sweet broth contributed by 4 durian pieces. Oysters within was fresh too! And I love the nasi lemak kind of sambal which came w it as the sauce. Although it is for 1-2 pax, this was a little on e pricey end for its portion.
Hotpot: ❤❤❤❤

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Twin soup: collagen & spicy mala
Must try:
✅ beancurd skin
✅ assorted balls
✅ fish paste
✅ pork with chives dumplings

Now You can enjoy this Durian Hotpot just for $1 (U.P $35++) at @jewelchangiairport Four Seasons Durians Restaurant. on 15 and 16 June when you use ShopBack Go!
This hotpot set come with a durian hotpot, beef, chicken, fish, oysters, clams, long cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, tofu, noodles, turnip, carrot, enoki mushrooms, Chinese herbs, and Mao Shan Wang Durian 😍
Beside hotpot, they also serve other dishes like durian fried rice, fish and chips, burger, desert etc etc
For beverage, you may out their Mao Shan Wang smoothie... it’s good 😋
Thanks @shopbacksg @shopbackgo for the kind invite and @fourseasonsdurians warm hospitality 😊 #ShopBackGo

I have been keeping count of the steamboat affair with WB cos I promise him one steamboat every quarter, but this is the 5th steamboat we had this year. 🙄 WB rated this 5/5 cos as long as it's steamboat. 🤦
#ShiLiFang #Hotpot #Burpple

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Possibly one of the most unique durian dishes would be Four Season’s durian hotpot ($35 for the set). Surprisingly, the broth does not have the signature pungent smell of durian, and I found the durian chunks within the hotpot served to thicken the soup rather than impart flavour upon it. The broth itself had a salty chicken flavour, and with the slight hint of durian, it reminded me of the salt water traditionally drank from the husk of the durian to combat the heatiness of the fruit.
They also have a Mao Shan Wang pizza ($26), which really surprised me by how good it was. I’m normally not a fan of pizza, and will balk when offered it, but the sweet thick flesh of the durian and the salty cheese it’s topped with, spread over a thin crust pizza worked wonders for me. I did find that the topping of rockets on the pizza strange and didn’t really fit the flavour profile though, and wound up picking them off before enjoying a slice.
The star for me though, has to be the unassuming Fantasy Durian Mochi ($14). This dish really took the cake, err, mochi, for just how decadent it was. The mochi has a nice chew, yet it was soft enough that it’s easily bitten through, which nicely contrasts with the thick filling of pure mao shan wang durian flesh. The insides reminded me of a durian pengat, but with a consistency that was slightly more firm. The durian lover inside me absolutely swooned upon my first bite of these, and made me wish I started my meal dessert first, only so that I could have made space for even more of these little mochi balls of happiness.
P.S. They’re having a promotion where the Durian Hotpot is going for $1 (yes, $1) from 14-16 June!
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Added smoked salmon to zhng up the plain-looking swiss shredded fried potatos to something that can relates with the hearts of Asian, especially Singaporeans. Very crispy rosti that was oily. The doop of sour cream tasted quite neutral hence no brownie points added to salvage the dish. But the 2 slices of smoked salmon was definitely one of the saviour. You may want to leave some space for others and come back to this is you have spare cash or more space in stomach after trying others.

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Ordered beef slices, beef cubes, ramen, meatballs and many more! Had the 4 different soups: herbal chicken, mala, tomato and beauty collagen. Overall was an ok first steamboat experience for me but way too $$

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Don't worry, let the warmth of the hot pot comfort your lonely soul with all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet.😁
Lunch($19.80++) Some food Unavailable.
Dinner($26.80++) All food available.
Time limit is 90mins.
To order, simply use your phone to access to WeChat or other compatible apps and scan the QR code on the table.
Thereafter, just select whatever dish you want from the menu and press send. The system will register and send it to the kitchen for it to be prepare. Once done, the kitchen will put on the express shuttle & send or serve it to your table.
Other than ordering, there are also some dish on the conveyor belt for you to just grab and put it into your hotpot.
For the soup base, I recommend the herbal chicken soup or pork bone soup. It is good enough as some other soup base need to add additional cost. It you love spicy, go for their mala.
Are the food good?🤔
All I can say, you are the chef for the food you cook.😅
Feel free to mix & match the condiments too.
End of with a sweet treat by having some fruits, desserts or cake.🤗
Book via @eatigo_sg to enjoy up to 50% discount on selected timing!
What a great deal!😎
🚩Yi Qian Ling Yi Ye Steamboat Buffet, 930 Yishun Ave 2, Northpoint City South Wing, B1-184, Singapore 769098
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The beef short ribs are nice but serving is small. I was taken aback when waitress tried to serve me a plate of stale beef short ribs (the beef had turned brown) when I used the 1 for 1 deal on the beef. She did replace it after I rejected it. And the liver that we ordered is not fresh as well. Colour looks off. Taste wrong too. Shelf life of liver is very short btw 1-2days. Don't like the fact this shop continue to serve food that is way past its shelf life.
The 1 for 1 deal vouchers can only be used on limited dishes and the shop only allowed us to use 2 vouchers for 4 pax (2A & 2C). vouchers are not applicable on platters and buffet which makes the use of vouchers totally not worth it. The above photo showed everything ( + a can of green tea & a pot of chrysanthemum tea) we had ordered and the total bill is $104. Soup base costs $18. Regretted visiting and will not visit again.
There are better hot pot restaurants that costs lesser.