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Recommended lists for Steamboat

Recommended lists of Best Steamboat in Singapore, 2018
Buffets, Ice Cream & Yoghurt, Steamboat, Western, Date Night, Japanese, Good For Groups 1-for-1 in Clarke Quay Eight places to enjoy Clarke Quay even more with these 1-for-1 Burpple Beyond deals. Get it now:
Rainy Day Comforts, Supper, Steamboat, Good For Groups Steamboat for Cool Nights Burpple's guide to six hot spots for huddling over warming hot pots when it's cold outside.
Burpple Guides, Steamboat Best Places for Steamboat in Singapore 2017 The recent spate of rainy days have got us in the mood for one thing — steamboat! As days cool and skies pour, we can hardly think of anything more fitting food-wise than to gather with our favourite people around a piping hot pot of goodness. From super shiok prawn broth hot pot to a steamboat buffet with freeflow xiao long baos, we've rounded up all our favourite spots for steamboat into this week's guide.

Top 10 Places for Steamboat

Top 10 places for Steamboat

Latest Reviews for Steamboat

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Steamboat

Hearty plate of chicken rice which satisfied my cravings. You will have the option of selecting drumstick (+$0.50) or breast/thigh at no additional cost. I opted for steamed chicken breast which was succulent and accompanied by a side of blanched veg and legit garlic-chilli dip. Chicken skin was fatty though. Of course, we must not miss out the importance of well-cooked rice for this dish. The rice was fragrant with grains evenly separated. Portion size is good for a hungry person.

:’) XLB is as good and soup base was very yummy! #Burpple #foreverhungry #singaporeeats #instagood #chope #hungryeatwhat #hungryeatwhere #foodie #foodiesg #hungrygowhere #cafesg #singapore #sgfood #letsguide

then these two trolls said to jiak dinner at the new shang pin outlet at marina square. so we hitched their ride back to pan pacific again. lol.
the mala soup base here was quite fragrant sia. the meats all went very well with it. siao langs xy and wz were happily devouring the kidneys and livers.
for the non-connoisseur me, my favourite items were the black pork, pork belly, fish slices and the dumplings.
good thing about this brand is the short waiting time and the price. bad thing is theres no laksa broth for me.
$35 per pax.
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Very underwhelming as the portion wasnt as great as what I read from the reviews. I would recommend getting their buffet instead of using burpple beyond. The pot was also too small so it would be great if you choose their yuanyang pot instead.

Honestly this is one of the worst steamboat I’ve eaten. Even those at bugis liang seah street are way better. I’m not sure why there are so many positive review for them.
Firstly, the utensils and cutlery were basically dirty. You can still see the stain on the bowls. After we wiped, we could see the red water stain marks on the tissue. Freaking disgusting. The whole shop was manned by China Chinese (no offense but you can gauge the hygiene standard). But we already sat inside and ordered, so bo bian lor.
Food selection was very limited. XLB was not available unlike what they advertised. The quality of food was also bad, pig intestine tested weird (definitely didn’t clean properly), pork liver tasted weird (like not fresh). Tomato soup is simply thick ketchup soup, not worth the additional $3 paid.
The staff was not attentive either. Ice cream out of the 6 tubs placed, 3 tubs were empty. Will never return even if there is promotion.

Manle is one of my go-to steamboat buffet place (apart from Guofu). I love the spread at Manle which not only include a wide array of seafood but also some yummy cooked food like braised pork, steamed fish and even laksa on certain days. They have a more centralised branch at City Square Mall so no excuse not to check them out!

also known as 排骨王. this came boneless and super delicious. would definitely reorder this dish! sweet and savoury at the same time!

It is a hotpot concept whereby the dishes comes in sticks and cooked in the hotpot. Ordering here is quite simple. First is to chose the soup base among the 7 different choices. We went for the Mixed Pot ($12) with two choices of soup base. For the soup base, we had the Sichuan Spicy Soup with Butter Oil and Tomato Soup. The sichuan spicy soup base is really fragrant while the tomato soup impressed me a lot. Made with real tomatoes, you can taste the different and freshness in it compare to those cost saving restaurants. It is the best tomato soup base I have eaten.
Find out more at
Si Wei Xiao Chuan Chuan (思味小串串)
31 Mosque Street
Singapore 059509
Tel: +65 69261630
Nearest: Chinatown (DT Line, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 11pm

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