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I got the ice cream cone at $1.50 via the app. Not much of a saving given as the plain cone is $1 and added sauce is $1. So only 50c discount but the app says I saved $1.40. Not sure where the rest of the discount is from. This ice cream is already very nice on its own but the added sauce is so little that i didn't felt that the addition cost is worth it. So ya, you can just go down and get your $1 cone without the use of the app.

The Classic (S$16+)
Impossible beef patty, cheese & special sauce
Love the buttery fluffy bun.

The Nuggets (S$6++)
Quite exp for 5 pieces.

Happened to see the food burger at the entrance of the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre today.

The Goodburger
Note 📝 : Got 8% GST. Takeaway has additional S$0.50+ charge for paper bag. Should have requested no takeaway to save on the bag, plus the items were not box up.

($11.50) I opt out for korean ramyeon as noodle, slice of cheese and less spicy for kimchi Jjigae. I don't really take too much spicy for food also and also preferred less spicy as possible. But I felt that their ingredients really full of different types of mushroom and rice cake.

Satisfy your frozen yogurt cravings guilt-free at Beyond Fruit! Enjoy their delicious and healthy options, or unleash your creativity with DIY toppings. Treat yourself to a wholesome dessert today at their newest Chinatown Point outlet!

used the burpple deal to get these two bowls, do note that both bowls will have to be the same. açai was smooth and the fruits were sweet and fresh. for the size and portion of ingredients i think this burpple deal is def worth trying:)

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They have expanded their menu offerings! Besides just selling their famous sticky yoghurt, they have the collagen yoghurt, yoghurt softserve and also acai!

Collagen Yogurt - Collagen Plus: Comes with black berries, mangoes, banana, watermelon, collagen jelly and strawberry sauce!

Premium Acai - Raspberry Delight: Comes with mango, raspberry, kiwi , peanut crush and peanut butter!

Collagen Yogurt Soft Serve- Berrylicious - Comes with raspberry, black berry, blueberry, strawberry, granola, goji berry and mixed berries sauce.

Beyond Fruit offers fresh guilt-free desserts and beverages! If you’re craving an açai bowl and happen to be on #BurppleBeyond, don’t miss out on the 1 for $10 DIY Premium Acai deal.

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Call this “white trash food” but I loved my Sunday “lunch” on a hot afternoon recently that was sweetened with Burpplebeyond.
Paying $30++ for a coffee, matcha latte and 2 smoothie bowls I was still pleased despite this not being the usual burpple 1 for 1 deal.
My Tropicana smoothie bowl had a deliciously smooth and rich blend of the stipulated tropical fruits (mangoes, banana pineapples) together with coconut milk. As crunches there is also a good portion of granola with nuts. True to its picture fresh, although tart, green kiwi slices and cubed white dragonfruits were garnished on this beautiful bowl.
We want to come back for the açai breeze.

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We were spoilt with choices as their menu offers a wide variety. I will return to try more!

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We got peanut butter and it works pretty well. The acai was quite solid, literally, but the texture was fine since u have soft fruits as toppings

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Texture is like a sorbet, it's decent enough as an ice confectionery. You only get to choose the sauce