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Closed liao. Went past 2 times lights are on but no staff. Now no staff no lights. Sign board covered.

Really interesting because this really tasted like fish yet wasn’t fish! I think the “fish” being coated in a batter on top of the soft buns really made it seem like a normal fish burger. Tasted amazing and the sweet potato fries were divine as well!

My friend got the Omni burger black but she said it was alright since I think the patty tasted a bit too fake– so it was kinda weird for her to eat this as if it was a normal meat patty.

We also got the carrot juice and it was very refreshing!

It was overall a nice meal and we felt a little less guilty when indulging in these burgers. 🤭

Brought a friend to try his 1st impossible burger. The Burpple set was only limited to the Classic burger with 2 patties, some fries and coke/water. You can request for mustard or ketchup but there’s no chilli for spicy lovers. There’s no place to wash hands after eating. But it’s all good as the friend is no longer afraid of the impossible.

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Wide variety of vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes.
Both western and asian cuisine.
Pretty decent value too.

Be warned that their spicy items can have a kick

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Good mix of texture (sauces for moisture + dry sides) & flavour (from tumeric salted tofu, guacamole, garlic aioli etc.) 👍🏻!

This is less sweet, so the taste does not wow. But I guess if you are into healthy dessert, this is a good choice.

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Cost $8.90 but with burpple 1 for 1 , super worth it.

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