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Sad to say the food here was a little disappointing 😔 The mentaiko sauce was not as creamy as I would have liked it to be and the salmon is super cooked which you might like but I personally prefer my salmon to be a bit more “raw” and soft. The worst thing was the rice which was very dry and over cooked. The carbonara pasta was alright but nothing special, really just an average pasta dish. Unfortunately, I would not come back here again 🥺

Tried their signature youtiao icecream and was blown away. The youtiao is not oily at all and goes perfectly well with the ice cream. It is warm, crispy paired with the cold icecream. A very new experience and absolutely loved it.

Went down to takeaway my dinner earlier and ordered their youtiao ice cream while waiting. Awesome food and interior with great service staff. Really felt like i was in a sketchbook. Their unique youtiao ice cream is definitely a must try. Price is wallet friendly i must say.

PSA very messy to eat too, it melts quickly and you're not allowed to eat in the mall so can only go out eat in the hot sun. Plus it's much higher than the cup to begin with(pretty smart design though normally)

Cappuccino was quite full bodied, recommended. Dark cremino was what stole the show for me though. It's really strong but not overly bitter, super sticky kind of like eating a rich brownie. it's not what you normally expect for 82% but if you're scared there's also a 75%

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Super worth and affordable! You can get 2 flavors in 1 cup :)

BB has 1 for 1 regular gelato which is 2 scoops per cup

Mango sorbet sucks. Their signature Venezuela was pretty good though, the hazelnut comes through very strongly, the texture was thick and a tad sticky, and the chocolate pieces inside certainly helped.

We were pleasantly surprised by this meal as non vegans! The winner was the Orh Luak, ours was with egg, but I think even the vegan option would have been great. Would be willing to return!!! Very flavourful:)

Chicken nanban? Well, not round these parts. These are @beerbasketkatong Buttermilk Fried Chicken Bites, which go for twelve bucks before the tax & service charge kick in. Yes, they look exactly like chicken nanban, but they are slightly different. The mayonnaise at the bottom does not contain bits of hardboiled egg, but instead features chopped jalapeños for a subtle sour & spicy flair to the otherwise bland mayo.⠀

The little bird bites are plenty piquant on their own. Chicken thigh is the juiciest part of the bird, and the bird that day was a juicy one. The buttermilk that they’ve been marinated in helps to enhance the tenderness by breaking down any tough fibres, and forms the base coat on which the batter adheres to. The layer of buttermilk marinade traps the juices & moisture within the batter, maximising the juicy factor. They are a little under-seasoned when going solo, but the creamy, slightly spicy & zesty mayo adds an alluring new dimension to the flavours of this piquant plate of ascended pub grub.⠀

The spicy chicken drumlets ($11++) are more sticky than spicy, but they are definitely delightfully delicious. Sure, they’re diminutive, but these petite flavour care packages are positively perfect beer bites. Juicy, salty, slightly sweet & spicy, these can and will easily drum up lots of cash for Beer Basket. Yes, some of that cash in the register is undoubtedly mine.⠀⠀

Mucho gracias for the hospitality, @beerbasketkatong & @burpple!

The last time I paid a visit to @beerbasketsg, they only had the one outlet in Kovan, and their claim to fame food wise was having sambal stingray on the menu. Now, they’ve got bigger, swankier digs in Katong, and their new expanded menu has a whole lot more bar bites, and some new mains.⠀

One of their newer options for pub grub is this towering serving of portobello mushroom fritters ($11++). Chonky chunks of portobello ‘shrooms are cased in a thin layer of breading & deep fried for that glorious golden brown crust. The mushrooms could and should definitely be sautéed dry, or dehydrated in another way, to extract some water from the portobello before deep frying. Currently it’s a bit too moist, and the overly wet shrooms do obfuscate the luscious lemon & garlic aioli. Still a decent option when the beer munchies hit.⠀

Thanks for having us, @beerbasketkatong & @burpple!

With the recent coconut shake craze taking over Singapore, peep this newly opened stall in Space @ Kovan for a refreshing cup of Signature Roasted Coconut ($6.90) shake to douse the heat. You'll be spoiled for choice with their flavours, from Salted Caramel Coconut ($6.90) to Hazelnut Coconut ($6.90) or opt for the Suprise Me! ($6.90) if you're just undecided. Burppler Whatisdigesting 😋 "Really like that I can customize the sugar level as well as my crunch preference" and would recommend the Matcha Coconut ($6.90)
Photo by Burppler Whatisdigesting 😋

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

Authentic Thai, food portion is generous. Good if burpple can include a deal with just main and drinks, we were struggling to finish the side dish. Server is patient in taking order. Recommend coming here!

Located in Bishan, find this newly opened ice cream cafe serving classic scoops of ice cream and specialty waffles. Get a scoop of ice cream ($3.80) paired with their Red Velvet Waffles ($5) or order the Waffles Remix ($4.80) for the best of both worlds — Original + Red Velvet. Don't miss out on their take of the classic affogato with their Valentino Coffee ($5.50).

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

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