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Vegan Burger (44 Jalan Eunos)

Creamy Shroom Burger ($9.90) (best selling burger) can be add-on for a set meal include seaweed fries (regular) and choice of drink (raspberry lemonade). I felt that their cream sauce (dairy-free) is not that strong for me and i did enjoy their cream cream so much. But their patty for creamy shroom burger was quite hard to chew and didn't enjoy it that well. I also like to eat burger and fries also. It's quite filling burger set meal for me but I didn't finish their seaweed fries at all. Some part of fries didn't seasoned well for seaweed toppings and it's not that salty or oily aftertaste even without seaweed toppings. The drink (raspberry lemonade) was quite complemented well with food and quite got that mixed taste between sour and sweet.

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We had our first Burpple one for one deal at Genius Central! I must admit, we were very surprised by how big and wide and clean the place is - filled with nice simple and homely interior, giving it an overall warmth! The food was alright! I would admit that the three heavenly dips is perfect for sharing while the fish and chips + chicken burger were alright! Batter could have been a little crispier and burger a little more moist. Coffee was great though. Overall - a pleasant experience! Will try the açai bowls next! :)

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fish felt a little dry :(
batter had no taste as well...
the sauce given rly added a lot more flavour to the fish
would not come again unless i’m using the 1 for 1

overall : 6.5/10

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This was the tomato mushroom baked pasta, we also got the bak kut teh hot pot. Using the burple beyond 1 for 1, the dishes we could eat were quite limited; nevertheless, what we tasted was honestly aggressively mediocre. I feel like it the pasta just only a couple steps up from Saizeriya; the hot pot was akin to Green Dot. For the high price point and rave reviews, I was expecting much more - but I don't think it matches up to its rave reviews by a long shot. There are so many better vegetarian and vegan places in Singapore! Please don't eat here, and support other smaller veg stalls.

Saw a few good reviews on the salmon, but didn’t think it suited my taste buds.

There were too many flavours which I felt that didn’t go together. The dill sauce that was drizzled all over the salmon was tangy and went really well with the salmon. But when mixed with the mashed potato, it tasted a bit strange to me. As the mashed potato was dairy-free, the tang of the dill clashed with the nuttiness of the potato (I assumed nut milk was used due to the after-taste). Fresh herbs like dill, coriander and mint were added on top which tasted quite weird when mixed together. There was also a drizzle of olive oil and a brown sauce over the broccoli and also two other vegetables with varying textures. While it was exciting tasting and mixing the different flavours and textures, it felt a bit too much for my taste buds.

As for the risotto, there were only a few flakes of salmon within the dish and it felt too overpriced. Would definitely not pay full price for this dish. The dish had a very smoky taste, which helped to cut the creaminess of the sauce. While my partner enjoyed it and did not feel that it was too “jelak”, I was not a big fan.

Overall, I would say the visit was still a pleasant one. Food arrived promptly and service was pretty good. The restaurant was pretty quiet on a weekday night with many people using their laptops. Noticed quite a few orders of the quesadilla and might try that if I drop by in the future! ☺️

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Enjoyed my (vegan) dinner there! Not bad for meatless. Pizza well cooked and taste nice. I see ppl playing some board games there, seems quite fun and good place to chill.

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First time trying, and it was good experience.
Although it’s best to reserve a table before going as it was crowded on a Friday night.

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We ordered Focaccia bread with housemade dips, pasta bolognese, Moroccan Lamb tagine and Pavlova for dessert.

Overall we enjoyed our time here and would return. Checkout our video for full review.


This bowl served to us was a disappointment!
The noodles were dry and sticky, the "minced meat & tofu" + gravy was kinda salty!
Not worth the price tag $7.80 considering is a vegan bowl.
Just before leaving, saw another table ordered the same dish which had more smooth noodles.
They need more consistency with their food!

$8.80 for this bowl of vegan goodness is worth!
fragrant truffle scent & taste
soft yet slight springy noodles 😋
only disappointment was the restaurant/cafe only accepted cash!

I can’t ever resist fried chicken, especially not when it looks as massive, golden, and beautifully crunchy like this. And trust me, the chook in this Yuzu Karaage Burger was every bit as delicious as it looks here. The batter’s thin, well-seasoned, and boasts a fabulous crunch; chicken’s juicy and super tender. I really enjoyed their fluffy and sweet buns as well. In fact everything in this burger was on point for me, save for the sauce 🤔 I’m not sure what went in there, but it had that pungent kick reminiscent of wasabi. Now I’m not too big a fan of wasabi myself so this wasn’t quite up my alley, but if that’s your thing then I’m sure you’d enjoy this plenty. I’d also have liked the yuzu element to come across more discernibly here — that’d really take this burger up a notch.

This dish is well done with enough crispy bits too. It's definitely a must for those who are vegetarian and crave the actual or luah. It's abit pricey for flour mushroom and eggs. But it is really quite rare to find vegetarian or luah. Let alone a nice one. So it's a good find.

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