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The omni burger came with double patti and the fries were crispy.
The laksa came with a generous amount of gravy and ingredients. It tasted spicer than it looks.
Both the cappuccino and latte were aromatic and warm- perfect for this rainy season.

An outlet exclusive! This was really nice. It’s very different from any other waffle (bagged neighbourhood bakery waffles / plated waffles from cafes), they use rice flour in the batter so the result is a mochi waffle that is delicately crisp outside, but chewy and a bit stretchy inside.

The goma gelato was v good too. Properly nutty and rich in sesame flavour, it’s sweet and has a flavour profile similar to a bssm tangyuan filling. As much as I liked bop’s goma gelato, this had a more intense flavour. Also it doesn’t melt too quickly so you can slowly savour it. The toasted rice topping was the cherry on top - it’s toasty and ricey, seems like a small component but it added a lot to the enjoyment. Highly recommend their mochi waffles and this goma gelato pairing!!

This time I ordered their Char Kway Teow. It’s good, not oily with wok hei.
📍Zi Zai Vegetarian.
236 Yishun ring road.


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Tasty & generous portion.
Enjoyed 1 for 1 Burpple deal together with another order of Teriyaki Tendon. 😋


Flourless sweet potato brownie wasn't to my liking. Hard to describe the texture but it was powdery yet mushy. Will stick to the vegan ice cream next time.

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Got the chilli crab(less) pasta, and a burger for the mains. Sweet potato fries as our side and a latte and avocado w oat milk for our drinks! Total bill was around $32 with the 1-for-1 which is pretty worth it in my opinion. Without the deal, it’s actually quite expensive but food is still really good and will come back :)


Food are acceptable but the service is disappointing. Already informed them 3 times that we are using Burpple and also confirmed with them what dishes not in the Burpple. End up was told that this dish not included after the food is served.

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The Butter Sauce Prawn 湿奶油虾 is fried till crispy, drizzled with creamy butter sauce. Great place around Clementi / West Coast area for Vegetarian food.

Location: Zi Zai Vegetarian @ Jalan Mas Puteh, 9 Jalan Mas Puteh, Singapore 128615

the twigim tofu sticks make a good snack and I would have enjoyed it more if it was seasoned a bit more because they didn't stand out much.

The kimchi grilled cheese had vegan cheese in it and it was a good combination with their tasty kimchi which my friend really loved. I would have liked more cheese in this but it was still good 😋

We enjoyed our mojitos (as part of their tasting project) a lot too with a good balance of the mint and it wasn't too sweet as well.

@amiaddicted.sg has both a ceramics studio and a Korean vegetarian cafe situated at @capitolsingapore. We went there for a meal and had their bibimbap, kimchi grilled cheese sandwich, twigim tofu sticks and mojito. I'm a person who really likes meat but I enjoyed our meal here very much. The bibimbap has fresh ingredients and fragrant sesame oil that added to its flavours. What made it stand out was how they used barley grains instead of white rice too.
The place has a nice quiet ambience and the service was good too! Can't wait to see what else they will have on their menu in the future! 🤗