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I ordered the truffle la mian.
The Handmade noodles not too soft, got bites, coated with in house sauce and served with 2 types mushrooms and vegetable.
Its fragant but cant really taste the truffle.
💰 $8.8
📍Grove at Canberra Plaza.
131b Canberra Cres.
Singapore 752131

Who say you couldn’t have vegan party? Especially with all the vegan food offering from WellSmoocht.

Good for sharing, their truffle cheeseburger pizza is for those who looking for some truffle on the pizza.

You can find fresh greens, marinated tempeh crumble, gherkins, tomatoes and hosue made cashew cheese sauce on top of it with the signature nachos cheese and white truffle oil.

Leicha Fried Rice with Pork Cutlet (S$10)
Came with yong tao fu (eggplant, bittergourd, taupok) + soup (Leicha/ Laksa/ Vegetable)

Leicha Fried Rice with Saba Fish (S$10.50)
Came with fried vegetables + + soup (Leicha/ Laksa/ Vegetable)

Available at @LoveUFoodSG

Tasty as usual. Everything is tasty I love the coconut fries alot. Adds a subtle sweet and fragrance to the usual mayo taste. The burger isn't hot though. Would how loved it so much more its just hot but its diffeerent. I think the burger station have to wait for the fries to be ready. Because the fries is piping hot.

Smooth, creamy and rich in the tea flavours. The blend of Matcha and Hojicha complemented well - with nuances of matcha and hojicha taste with each sip (yums!) Worry not if you're concerned of a weird-tasting, overpowering tea blend. This indeed tasted as good as it looks and definitely worth the price paid for the drink, the aesthetics, and the ambience of the cafe.

My favourite drink of the day! Served without milk so it was less creamy compared to the latte counterparts but was smooth nevertheless. Great option for a light, refreshing drink on the palate after a heavy meal. Hojicha flavour was strong and ice was blended fine and perfect!

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Ordered the bak kut teh dish - Halfway thru my meal, I noticed a small cockroach or weird insect in my dish. The staff only voided this dish from the bill, out of a total of 7 dishes my friends and I ordered. When my friends saw what happened, the mood was ruined and they felt uncomfortable continue eating their meals. Staffs failed to handle the situation well, very very disappointed. Will never return to this restaurant again.

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Really impressed by how crunchy the breadcrumb batter was. These nuggets still had a good crunch till the very last crumb without getting greasy at all.

🍔 Visual: 6/10
🍔 Taste: 8/10
🍔 Ambience: 7/10

The vegan version of nasi lemak burger! With Quorn mycoprotein patty, vegan egg, caramelised onions, cucumbers, vegan aioli and a generous amount of sambal chilli, this burger is flavour packed. A seasonal special, this is a must try!

Tofunagi Maki ($12) I found that its quite ex and its still a bit hot after I gojek back to home (got free rides for vaccine) . I tried it once I return back to home. They even drizzle unagi and mayo sauce and a bit strong taste for sauce when in hot. But once maki turned cold, I felt that they got strong fried tofu taste. (3/5)

Matcha Latte ($6) add-on ice (50 cents) I even checked it out their menu (at fb) even before heading for vaccine and also like not need to hesitate which one to order. Hmmm standard taste for cafe and need to stir before drinking Latte. The matcha powder sink via bottom of the drink. (3.5/5)