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Recommended lists of Best Vegetarian Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2018
Burpple Guides, Vegetarian, Healthy Best Places for Vegetarian in Singapore 2017 Keep this guide in your back pocket if you're a vegetarian, and if you're not, for times when you're dining with a vegetarian, or when you simply feel like going meat-free — it's great for the environment AND your tummy! We've put together the best spots in Singapore to inspire you to get your green on, from well-loved vegan burgers to super affordable vegetarian hawker fare and hearty Korean plates. We've even scoured the island for vegan treats, including dairy-free ice cream and scrumptious vegan cakes!

Top 10 Places for Vegetarian

Top 10 places for Vegetarian

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Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Vegetarian

My first seeing these hot coffee lait drinks served in these tall glasses.

Wouldn’t recommend ordering it as an additional side.

The foam was distinctly large and porous, while the coffee wasn’t aromatic at all. Mainly a bitter hit.


The sourdough bread was a very light counterpart to the burger but overall felt it crumbles and breaks apart too simply. Not such a great choice to hold the burger together.

I love the layer of balsamic glaze however. It was rich, sweet, sour, sticky that I think was what held the entire burger together.

The lone layer of Parma ham sure helped add a foil of a different scent to the otherwise bland patty. While the Parmesan cheese nicely added a hit of savoury ☺️👍🏻


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Thick coating of sour cream that stood out heavily.

Glad for some help with balancing the palate from the veggies. But overall felt the flavours quite one-dimensional. Mainly tasting the sour cream.

Don’t think the patty stood out at all either.

Multigrain Bread however was pretty fragrant :)


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Glad they coined in Asian dressing rather than simply Asian salad cos primitive Asians don’t take salads!

It was a savoury gingery, sesame creamy base.

Garden greens were delightfully crisp and sweet.


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this ratchet looking sweet potato fries were pretty impressionable? Crunchy edges, starchy sweet mushy insides. with some bomb 💣 German Orange-mustard and mayo


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We saw the new Rasa Sayang burger and we had to try: it came with a mushroom patty, a vegan egg and doused in (vegan) sambal sauce. Can see the effort to veganise the famous Nasi Lemak burger; its unique but half the time, not sure what I’m eating. 🤔 The coconut fries that we got in a set was simply fries topped with vegan mayo and coconut crisps. Would have preferred a more homogeneous mix of the ingredients with the fries. Of course, we got our usual favourites as well: Hawaiian Teriyaki and Avovado Beetroot; can’t go wrong. ☺️

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Just had a casual lunch with my friend at Fifty50, which is a cafe near my office at Tanjong Pagar, serving a menu of fifty percent vegetarian, and fifty percent with meat. The owner explained to me that Fifty50 is all about balance.
Being a meat lover, of course I chose the meat options 😂. But one day I should come back for the vegetarian dishes, heard it's good.
And.. All the best in what you'll be doing 😊💪🏻
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Among all the 4 mains we tried the other day, this was surprisingly my personal favourite overall! While many others were a fan of the Chilli crab linguine, I beg to differ with this Falafel sandwich that isn’t as ubiquitious, yet delivering comfort and bliss to my palate. As @fifty50sg emphasises on a Flexitarian diet, the dishes here focuses on plant-based meals, with minimal meat-based dishes offered. Sandwiched between 2 slices of toasted ciabatta laid a falafel patty that’s flavorful and well-spiced, a crisp panko-crusted exterior filled with a soft interior of grounded, mashed chickpeas. Along with crunchy raw lettuce, tomato, sliced onions and spicy sauce, this dish is also served with tortilla chips and a side salad for a complete meal. Would be great if there was some dipping sauce for the tortilla chips! .
Thanks @fifty50sg for the guilt-free indulgence the other day and @yongkaiiii for extending the invite!🙆🏻‍♀️ .
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ich hab Maracujaschorle bestellt aber bekam nur einfach Maracujasaft mit wasser ohne gas 😑 warum ein deutsches Restaurant ein typisches deutsches Getränk nicht machen kann? Definitiv ⛔️
Was very shocked and totally disappointed. Ordered a Passionfruit spritzer but what I had was merely passionfruit juice diluted in a still water. Why cant a german restaurant cant even whip up a typical german drink? Definitely a ⛔️

🍹: Passionfruit juice in a water - S$5++
📍: @hansimglueck_singapore Singapore

Its owner, Vanisha, was saddened at the lack of flexitarian options in the area (her office is nearby) and hence conceived of this cafe as her answer to this dearth

Here, you can find the usual meat dishes like the Pulled Beef Burger i reviewed previously, as well as some vegetarian ones too such as this Penne Pumpkin Pasta. Admittedly, while the tomato-based mariana sauce tasted rather standard (the kind i would make when cooking pasta), it's the combination of ingredients in this dish that does the trick! The al dente penne pieces paired well with the sweet chunks of pumpkin, the not too overly strong feta cheese bits and the pine nuts which added an enjoyably crunchy and earthy layer to the dish. All for an affordable $10.50! My friend loved it so much that he said he would return to fifty50 just for this pasta again haha

Also featured are the Latte ($4.50) made with Allpress Espresso beans and the Vanilla Earl Grey drink ($5). Once again, I would like to thank Vanisha and Saagar for kindly inviting me down to their cafe and for the nice casual chats we had too while trying your food
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Mmm feeling quite divided on this one😭 On one hand, the inner fitspo in me is like “yumyum healthy shake!!” and on the other...let’s just say every fiber of my being is screaming NO!!! Don’t order this expecting a light and sweet refreshment - each cup is dense and packed with natural grassy flavors that take some getting used to. We surmised that these smoothies are probably meant to be some kind of healthy meal replacement...albeit to the point where you can almost taste the LACK of sugar😱

We got the Green Warrior and Açaí super boost! One thing both have in common is that the “superfood” component is nearly nonexistent - the former (comprising avocado, mixed greens, flax seeds and chia seeds) reeked of spinach with the avocado apparent only in the super “gao” texture and the latter (açaí, beetroot, strawberries, oats) basically was beetroot mush with just a berry-like hint of açaí and strawberries. Meh. Not to be overly critical, but for $7.80 a cup, we expected a lot more. Health freaks will probably go nuts for deez though!


This dish was deliciously tasty and tangy - consisting of a tomato stew with beans and chickpeas that were well-cooked with great texture! Pair the stew with the warm pita breads and you have a hearty, wholesome meal that’s sure to satisfy! 😋

Though my only gripe would be that the strong tanginess of the stew had to overpowered the taste of the scrambled tofu, but it was still all-in-all a well-made dish!👍🏼

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