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Recommended lists for Vegetarian

Recommended lists of Best Vegetarian Food & Restaurants in Singapore, 2019
Vegetarian, Burpple Guides, Healthy Best Places for Vegetarian in Singapore 2017 Keep this guide in your back pocket if you're a vegetarian, and if you're not, for times when you're dining with a vegetarian, or when you simply feel like going meat-free — it's great for the environment AND your tummy! We've put together the best spots in Singapore to inspire you to get your green on, from well-loved vegan burgers to super affordable vegetarian hawker fare and hearty Korean plates. We've even scoured the island for vegan treats, including dairy-free ice cream and scrumptious vegan cakes!

Top 10 Places for Vegetarian

Top 10 places for Vegetarian

Latest Reviews for Vegetarian

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Vegetarian

We had the lunch set meal which comes with fries, drinks and coffee. You can choose either sour dough or multigrain bun. Love the outdoor atmosphere which is just by the river. If you are looking for American burger, look elsewhere! Great place to chill on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Taking over the now-defunct Salt Tapas Bar, this new spot takes pride in their healthful variety of both plant-based and meat dishes. The vibes remain smart casual, fit for after-work dinners with a chummy date. On food, Burpplers are loving the Harissa Spiced Spatchcock ($29) for its spot-on execution and deliciously smoky flavour combi.
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2️⃣Mala shroom baked rice [$10.90] .
Really sad to hear that would be ceasing operations on 23rd January and that’s just ~1 week away 😢. As the name suggests, the dishes here are all plant-derived, vegetarian and meat-free! 🌱Go green and save the animals, yay or nay? 💚 Was recently introduced to this cafe by one of my vegetarian friends and I was certainly impressed at both dishes that we’ve tried. The salted egg pasta is served with deep fried ‘pork’, ‘prawns’ and a copious amount of shimeiji mushrooms, spiced up with fresh cut chilli padi and curry leaves for an added fragrance. The characteristic salty notes is definitely prominent here, subtle and lingering, albeit with a creamy, thick mouthfeel that might get a tad overwhelming for the faint-hearted after some time. As a heavy-hearted consumer, I truly enjoyed this dish and would gladly polish off an entire portion on my own! 😋 On the other hand, the Mala shroom baked rice didn’t disappoint as well, coming with an aromatic fragrance of Mala spice that was flavourful and prominent to both the sense (and scent). Comprising of brown rice stir fried with crunchy corns and chewy shimeiji mushrooms, the top layer of cheese is baked to an ideal golden brown perfection with crisp, crusty edges and a soft, gooey centre. Once again, not for the faint hearted but as for me, it was a blissful experience with the melted baked cheese adding a tangy piquant note to the flavorful and aromatic Mala fried rice .
PS:, do consider bringing back the old version of salted egg ‘pork’ rice with sunny side up too!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Would really hope to be back one last time for this before the shop ceases operation and bids farewell next week! 👋🏻😭 .
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I felt like I've stepped into a safari the moment I entered the restaurant - plus points for the effort put in to create a beautiful dining scene!

First thing first, their burgers are HUGE so you're definitely the most out of your money. Second, they're definitely not compromising on the quality, for something as finicky as a grilled chicken breast burger is done extremely well.

The Adliger ($16) sees a really tender and juicy chicken breast paired with brie, grilled vegetable tartare, rocket leaves and some sauce that I couldn't figure out but it tastes great. The only downside was that the ingredients don't stick together well, resulting in a messy affair.

The Birkenwald ($17) fared better in terms of the ease of consumption. Despite it being well-done, the flavorful beef patty isn't overly tough and had a good bite. It also pairs beautifully with the sour cream-scallion sauce.

Both burgers go well with their softer sourdough bun, but consider their multigrain if you prefer a denser bread to chew on! I'd recommend sharing the sides ($6) as well - they are super generous with it!


Pulut hitam
This place made me a vegetarian food convert.
Did not miss meat.
Iz good and affordable.

This is replaced by the ice-cream instead as its not available yet. And boy oh boy this taste wonder. Initially thought this was only a normal gyoza you can find everywhere else but I sure wrong(I didn't thoroughly look at the ingredient used beforehand).

Crispy on the outside, salmon was piping hot, right consistency throughout and it just shouts for joy after having a mouthful. Usually per order only 3pcs but under beyond 1-1, we had 6 and definitely this is one of those star dish you got to order regardless! Highly recommended 🙌😋😋

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Great beef but if only its of a thicker slice compare to the shredded version, I think you will feel more oomph to the meal. Ingredients placed in is well-balanced. *Break the egg and smear over your pasta/beef and the flavour just burst through in your mouth. So good, so delicious. Overall great satisfying meal in the healthier way.

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My lady had this salad. Is fresh and clean taste. Onsen egg has the right texture and the flavour by itself is already very good. Personally you will feel healthier just by having this meal alone.

Tried the Kyoto Matcha Latte, as well as the popular Kebun Earl Grey Latte. Both are cashew mylk (milk) based! It seems that they make their cashew milk in-house because I spotted jars of cashews that were soaked in water (or mayb it's a secret solution X hahah). They brewed the tea upon order before mixing it into the milk. Though the shop is small, it has a cosy vibe to it! They seem to make their drinks really intricately too.

At $5.50 each and exuding the light charm of cashews' fragrance, worth a try! The nutty milk does make the drinks taste different. I wouldn't say that I'm a fan but i wouldn't mind having it again i guess! &Oh, it's vegan if you're wondering (;

💰8-course prosper-licious menu at $42.80++
With sustainability and going plant-based being the rising topic, it’s time as we channel our attention to this movement. @elemensg has thoughtfully took an innovative approach by introducing a wholesome, nutritious 8-course prosper-licious menu to the diners.
📸 & 📝 @whatjeanneats
Location: @elemensg Outlets
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First time trying Real Food & the experience wasn't that great...customer service is 😞 when we obviously requested for a change of tables but our request was not was served without cutleries? Probably won't come back anymore

Though overall I’d personally prefer a soup base made with more mushrooms than baby spinach but it works out okay anyway! 2019’s resolution going well by going meatless/plant-based protein at least once a week (will improve from here)! ☘️
Psst! They have a pumpkin version too.