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Hans Im Gluck Burger - $17
House brand burger, that comes with parmesan cheese, parma ham, rocket leaves & balsamic creme. Choice of bread available and you can top up $5 to make it a set as well. The set includes 2 beverages and a side dish, worthy of the top-up
Hans Im Gluck

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Curry was thick and nice.
It was filling even tho it didn’t look much.
Patty was good, crispy and cheesy!

Burpple 1 for 1
Soup was more herbaly than peppery! Reasonable tasty and You Tiao was good!

Non Burpple 1 for 1
This was surprisingly good and quite addictive! The taste of otah is authentic and the texture although not like real fish, is quite good. Almost like a softer fish cake.

This eatery offers a fresh array of vegetarian options, especially on Korean - Japanese fusion. Burger was good, katsu was mediocre. A lot more items on the menu to try out!

Portion for burger dish was huge. Came with a large serving of thick cut fries (yum)! Burger was only ‘so-so’ according to my dad 🤨 Worth it with BB 1-for-1.

Disappointed with the small portion and lack of ingredients :( Used BB 1-for-1 on this, otherwise it will not very value for money. Pasta sauce was more on the watery side and gets jelat after awhile.

⭐️ 2/5

Soup was very flavourful and had a very herbal after taste - not for the faint-hearted. Dough fritters added a nice touch to the dish as well!

⭐️ 3.5/5, get it only if you like your herbal tasting soups!

Did not satisfy my mala craving :( Spice was there (felt like 中辣 to me) but flavour was abit lacking. Pasta was cooked slightly too soft than what I like too. Literally a mala but instead of maggi, they replace with pasta!

⭐️ 2.5/5, If not for BB 1-for-1, I will not pay $17.90 for this

Definitely a must try! Loved how it had wok hey and some parts were fried till crisp. Flavours were on point and oyster was substituted with mushrooms. Chilli was v shiok as well. Nice dish but for the price point and portion, not very value for money.

⭐️ 4/5, but 2/5 for the price :(

Missing the salad life a lot (don't get any near my place), and this definitely satisfied the salad craving! Can't recommend their beetroot hummus and egg white spinach enough! ($15)

This place has a wide selection for vegetarian options! They serve mostly chinese food like hotpot (get the individual bak kut teh hotpot it's worth it) but they also have interesting dishes like quinoa tofu burger, as well as vegetarian baked rice or pasta . Highly recommended you give it a try if you have burpple beyond.

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