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The leicha soup was nutty, fragrant and flavourful from the peanut & basil blend. It wasn’t bitter, and I liked it even though I usually shy away from leicha soup.

The ingredients were well seasoned, and had good balance in terms of flavour and texture. Out of all the ingredients, I like the mani cai best, as it had sweet natural flavours. The caipo is crunchy and not salty, tofu was fragrant.

It wasn’t oily like I had remembered it to be, or maybe the ABC market franchise one has more oil. It’s a good lunch option!

Multigrain bun with mushrooms topped with sour cream-scallion sauce. Each Burger is served with fresh lettuce, red onions, sun ripened tomatoes and our signature HANS IM GLÜCK sauce. Added a sunny. Love the oozy woozy from the yolk and the tomatoes, sooo tasty along with the juicy patty.

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Vegetarian fried UFO.
Crispy outside, generous amount of filling inside.
Savoury texture every bite.
Highly recommended!

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The layers of eggplant, tomato and potatoes were soft, and was delicious together with the tasty béchamel sauce. It is rather filling so we shared it, and it was just nice.

The dish was decent, but it just wasn’t satisfying. Go for their other dishes which are more impressive.

This is a good comforting dish to have on a cold day. The meesua wasn’t slimy, and the heat from the ginger was nice. It seems like a very unassuming dish, but I found myself craving for this when it was raining.

Oops! I cheated! Supposedly a clean meal but made sinful with Hakka 南乳肥猪肉!+1 sunny side up from leftover breakfast (ie. not ordered from the stall) but decided to add it in to up the protein intake

Having fallen hard for’s dishes and dessert in last week’s menu, I couldn’t wait to order their current one the moment it was released. It was a mix of relief and excitement I felt when I saw they had retained a couple of items from the previous menu alongside the new ones.
So while I got to savour the Otah (a mousse-like aromatic creation chockfull of prawns and local squid with bits of petai) and the Lamb “Sop Kambing” with spice oil-dressed bread (I‘m glad I trusted Chef-owner Dillon who assured me the gaminess of the meat would be offset by the abundant freshly-pounded herbs and spices) for the first time ever, I was equally delighted to dig into Allium’s Signature Nasi Liwet and Empress Chicken "Ayam Ungkep” once more. And yes, they were both as wonderful as before. The Tuscan Kale Gulai I had a preview taste of previously, had undergone small tweaks and the latest recipe has @susteniragriculture’s vegetable simmered with dried sole fish and conpoy in a less heavy gravy. It was tasty but I must admit, the original incarnation has my heart.
For this round of her iconic Choux Buns, Pastry Chef Lusia created a heavenly blend of #Kaya and Gula Aren in Vanilla Cream filling that reminded me of a most excellent Chendol. It’s indeed an outstanding dessert to end the appetising meal on.

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Having been floored by Allium’s Choux Buns last week, ordering them again was a foregone conclusion. For this week’s filling, Pastry Chef Lusia created a heavenly blend of Kaya and Gula Aren in Vanilla Cream. Smooth, heavy and voluptuous, it was dazzlingly in fragrance and flavour as the sweetness from the Indonesian palm sugar was of an earthy-rich nature. To me, this filling bears a striking resemblance in taste to a most excellent Chendol.

1-for-1 Burger at @realfood_yishun till 8 May , 5pm - 7pm

Barley and Mushroom Burger (S$14.80)
Interesting barley texture.

Cheesy Miso Tofu Burger (S$14.80)
Quite nutty.

Served with Sweet Potato Wedges and Onion Rings.

Real Food
Address 🏡 : 30A Yishun Central 1, # 01-09 Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 768 796
Open ⏰ : 10am - 9pm
MRT 🚇 : Yishun (NS13)

Shortly before the Circuit Breaker was implemented, I had a most wonderful brunch at So when Chef-owner Dillon and his wife Chef Lulu launched their Takeaway Menu, I was eager to try it. The reason I was particularly drawn to the dishes in this menu (sorry, today’s the last day for it and they’ve already sold out), was the abundance of aromatics featured in them. And I do love my aromatics.

Here’s what I ordered and thoroughly enjoyed:

1. Empress Chicken "Ayam Ungkep" - Extremely fragrant roasted boneless chicken rubbed with turmeric & fennel, and topped with bunga kantan and shallot sambal, it is a feast for the eyes and a thrill on the palate.

2. Kurobuta Pork Cheek Curry - The meat was braised till melt-in-the-mouth in a mild curry redolent in an unusual but appealing blend of peppercorn, cardamon, clove & shaoxing wine curry. So glad it came with Homemade Fried Buns to mop up every bit of that tasty gravy.

3. Kale Ulam Salad - If everyone can make kale taste this delicious, I would eat it much more often. Dressed with herbs and spices from a traditional nasi ulam recipe, as well as mushroom garum and calamansi juice, the locally-grown kale from @susteniragriculture was a revelation.

4. Signature Nasi Liwet - Made from stewing Koshihikari rice with bits of fried salted threadfin, petai (my fave!) and alliums, the result was a fragrant, fluffy, flavourful, multi-textural carb dish that’s wonderful enough to be enjoyed on its own.

Chef Dillon was also kind enough to include these two dishes appearing in next week’s menu:

1. Squid and Quail’s Egg in Sambal - The perfectly cooked squid (even grandparents would have no problem enjoying it), and the sambal in which it was gently braised, along with the mini eggs, was a lip-smacking roasted chilli and tumeric leaf blend that’s not too spicy at all. Shiokness.

2. Tuscan Kale Gulai - Featuring another produce from @susteniragriculture, the dark leaves were stewed in Gulai - a fragrant, more-liquid-than-paste style of curry found at Nasi Padang stalls. This was concocted from salted fish, galangal and juices from ayam ungkep. And it was DA BOMB!!

I suggest you keep your eyes peeled for news on the next Takeaway Menu by following on Instagram because from what I can see, they sell out fast.

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