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Look at this spread! My first time trying Mediterranean food and it was refreshing. The pita bread was warm and fluffy. This set comes with 8 pita breads, baba ghanoush, falafel, hummus and tabbouleh. I loved the baba ghanoush because it was on the tart side and reminded me of sun-dried tomatoes. The hummus could have done with a little more flavour.

The pita bread was so soft and fluffy. I like that it was generously filled with falafels, tahini and salad to make it that much healthier. Each bite was a beautiful medley of flavour, guaranteed to leave you wanting more.
Overall I find the wrap tastes really deliciously authentic and a great value for money.

Fell in love with @hvala_sg ‘s matcha when I first tasted it at @chijmes.sg outlet. Love their Zen ID and vibe; making the tea tasting experience very calm and soothing #moodlifter

For those who are lactose intolerant, good news! The drinks served at the Keong Saik outlet uses Oatmilk by default. Which is a healthier choice for me and vegan friendly too!

The aroma of their matcha is out of the world! Price is a little on the high but totally worth it, for premium ceremonial grade matcha! I wish I could drink this everyday! 🥰

🍵 I love you so matcha

I was expecting much more from this dish given the price .

The egg was stiff and hard - not suggestive of a fresh egg at all .

Didn’t appreciate that the long bean was deep fried , it just adds to the overall greasiness of the whole dish .

Kind Kones (SG) (Forum)

Matcha Coconut (Premium - $4) contained ingredients (Matcha, Coconut and Almond) was quite lighter matcha flavour which I really impressed, enjoy with it and didn't have weird aftertaste compared to eatcalli's SOMATCHABETTER ice cream flavour. Keto Chocolate Sorbet (Premium - $4) (Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Powder and Xylitol) was quite thick and rich chocolate flavour which I did enjoyed it but got internal shock as I didn't have good time after that having got hard time to eat dinner lol. >< I didn't know that one of ingredients (Xylitol) cause digestive side effects and just google about it while writing food reviews. Please take note of ice cream's ingredients before you purchase it at there. I really like the way that they labelled ice cream's ingredients for people who are particular with food especially food allergies.

i got brown rice, curry cauliflower, egg white spinach, spicy chicken, super seeds with pesto dressing. remember to BYO for $0.50 off! even though it was the smallest size, they were really generous and it was more than enough for me. the chicken was really flavourful, cauliflower was alright but egg white spinach is a little bland, i suppose the dressing makes up for it. would definitely come back to try the other options when i wanna have something healthy.

Vegan Burger (44 Jalan Eunos)

Creamy Shroom Burger ($9.90) (best selling burger) can be add-on for a set meal include seaweed fries (regular) and choice of drink (raspberry lemonade). I felt that their cream sauce (dairy-free) is not that strong for me and i did enjoy their cream cream so much. But their patty for creamy shroom burger was quite hard to chew and didn't enjoy it that well. I also like to eat burger and fries also. It's quite filling burger set meal for me but I didn't finish their seaweed fries at all. Some part of fries didn't seasoned well for seaweed toppings and it's not that salty or oily aftertaste even without seaweed toppings. The drink (raspberry lemonade) was quite complemented well with food and quite got that mixed taste between sour and sweet.

Tags: #creamyshroomburger #seaweedfries #raspberrylemonade #veganburger #veganburgersg #veganuarysg #veganuary

We had our first Burpple one for one deal at Genius Central! I must admit, we were very surprised by how big and wide and clean the place is - filled with nice simple and homely interior, giving it an overall warmth! The food was alright! I would admit that the three heavenly dips is perfect for sharing while the fish and chips + chicken burger were alright! Batter could have been a little crispier and burger a little more moist. Coffee was great though. Overall - a pleasant experience! Will try the açai bowls next! :)

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fish felt a little dry :(
batter had no taste as well...
the sauce given rly added a lot more flavour to the fish
would not come again unless i’m using the 1 for 1

overall : 6.5/10

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Ordered so much naan hahahha tried the butter,garlic and cheese($5). all not bad but had to wait quite a while for them to serve

Also tried the paneer butter masala ($14) and mixed veg curry ($12) with Burpple 1 for 1.
its good but the portions q small hahaha

overall damage $48.40

Was introduced to my first Vegetarian Biryani ($9.50), and was so pleasantly surprised! The Biryani included a variety of side dishes and the best was the eggplant one, that was so flavourful and aromatic. The rice was very fluffy as well, good enough to eat on its own. Best of all, it came with 2 papadum 😍😍

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💸: $7.50

Been to Kind Kones a couple of times and finally got to try the Almond Brittle Fudge (with a wholemeal cone). Love the generosity of the almonds I could taste them in every bite! 😋