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Hvala's cheapest ($5++) and easiest pure matcha drink. For those who do not like the bitterness of ceremonial grade matcha, this is a pretty good alternative - a slight tinge of sweetness at the start, and less bitterness at the end. :) Do drink it quickly because it is much nicer when hot!

This is an outlet exclusive flavour. The maple syrup gave the ice cream a faint sweetness, and provided a nice contrast to the slight bitterness in the matcha gelato. Interesting flavour although I would personally prefer the pure matcha gelato for its stronger tea flavour.

The restaurant, however, was a really pretty place to dine at. The furnishings were primarily white and brown, which gave a pretty soothing atmosphere to dine within as well. Note however that the cafe still has a 60-minute dine-in limit, although it does not apply if there are still empty tables around.

I would say this pasta was too salty to me.
Nothing special

Enjoyed 50% off through food panda

We were pleasantly surprised by this meal as non vegans! The winner was the Orh Luak, ours was with egg, but I think even the vegan option would have been great. Would be willing to return!!! Very flavourful:)

The rice was not bad, each grain was separated and it was quite fragrant from the sesame oil, q tasty even though it wasn’t cooked w chix stock. The mock “steamed chicken” was abit like fish cakes without the bounce, however I didn’t think it was v similar to chicken - it was rather soft & there was no bite to it, too nua for my liking. The “roasted chicken” was actually taukee, preferred this as there was some crunchiness to it. Visually, both really did look like actual chicken if you didn’t look closely! The ginger sauce could be more punchy, because I prefer a spicier ginger kick but still a nice accompaniment. Achar was sour and yummy! I love when they give achar in chix rice. They also gave a generous amount of baicai + a wedge of tomato. Would want to return and try their other stuff, I saw lemon chicken, sweet & sour chicken on their menu and I’m curious to try!

1-for-1 Sourdough Pizza (S$16)

Cheddar cheese, vegan 'parmesan', assorted wild mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, dried herbs and spices

Yogurt, cheddar cheese, grated parmesan cheese, broccoli, extra virgin olive oil

Available at @rf_yishun till 6 June

with Homemade Flourless Gluten-Free Cone
Flavors: Almond Brittle Fudge, Salted Chocolate Chip

30% off all items over $10.

Excellent crab meat maki




My favourite vegetarian food ever.

Yes, egg CRART! A cross between croissant and tart. The egg custard was silky smooth and sweet, held secured in a tart-shaped pastry made of croissant layers. It’s so, so, so damn good. Imagine pudding-filled croissant, that’s how it tastes like! Looks unassuming, with an unassuming shop front but my, this’s the most amazing find around the hood. Best of all? It’s only $1.80, a fraction of $5++ / $6++ croissants at first-tier bakeries!

We love this place - the most innovative and flavourful vegetarian restaurant in Singapore, and one of the best in SouthEast Asia. We ordered takeaway for Vesak day. Even when not consumed on premises, the food is still delish. Portions may have shrunk over time, so be a bit ambitious when ordering!

Very unique cake that I've tasted; cake is quite firm & moist; with slight crunch from the beetroot; beetroot taste quite mild; cocoa taste slightly bitter & very strong that cover the "muddy taste" of the beetroot; not too sweet; a cake that I wouldn't mind eating again & worth a try..

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Seems like panna cotta, but it's purely chia seed with coconut milk; with berries compote on top; taste is light but a little too sweet for my liking..

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