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A relatively new cafe, SPACE coffee boasts a large simple cafe space. Once you enter the cafe, you will be greeted by a strong coffee aroma, which is really inviting.

We had an Iced latte ($7) and an Iced Mocha ($8). The Iced Latte was strong and aromatic, without being too milky; just the way I like it. The Iced Mocha was also very chocolatey, but can be quite sweet.

If you are around the area this is one place to come to hide away from the shine or the rain!

Space Coffee
587 Geylang Rd, #01-01, Singapore 389526

S$ 7
Earthy flavor of oolong soft serve pair with fruity passion fruit popping boba and osmanthus jelly.

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Surprisingly tasty with a nice touch of spiciness in the Laksa sauce. Good food to pair with beer

With beyond and 1 for 1 the meal was super for value. Ambience was nice and Fish & chips were not too deep fried. Fries had Cajun spices. Good option for toddlers at Esplanade area

Healthy rice bowls priced rather decently by CBD standards. Got a salmon bowl with teriyaki sauce. By the time I got there, one of the sides was unavailable but I was happy to get more long beans! Good portions that aren’t too filling as well. Best part was the salmon, obviously, as it was torched perfectly. Teriyaki sauce wasn’t too sweet, which is a plus. You might want to come down earlier because the queue is super long during peak hour!

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Tom’s Palette take on Bubble Tea
Frozen Peak Oolong soft serve topped with passionfruit boba, osmanthus jelly and citrus nut clusters

Though they don’t charge service charge, service was great and attentive! Food was also great, including the non bak kwa dishes :) we ordered two pasta dishes, the chicken roulade and and the cheesy crab burger. Also added on two appetisers (not included in burpple deal) which were awesome too. Highly recommend this place!


📍Long Black Cafe (buona vista - metropolis)

Was a treacherous hill climb to reach this place but glad we made it because everything we ate was super worth!!

Truffle fries [$6.50]: fries were thick and truffle taste was substantial, but am nit a fan of super thick fries so it was a 6-7/10

LB special beef burger [$12.90] chef’s recommendation and it definitely did not disappoint ! Beef patty was juicy, the secret sauce packed a punch and the amount of fries given at the side was super generous

Chilli seafood delight [$13.90] wouldnt rate this very high as it wasn’t very mind blowing nor did it taste bad

Sailor’s fish and chips [$12.50]: dory fish was supppppper crispy and the fish itself was vv tender.

Tiramisu [$6.50]: was very yummy and the layers were thick and flavorful, not too sweet which was good:”)

The drinks [$3.90]: just tasted like syrup water

We used burpple 1-1 3 course deal and also 25% off ala carte menu… spent only $13 each for 3 people??? SUPER WORTHHHH!! but personally i feel like the original prices are also way more affordable than other western restaurants:”))

Also service that day was suppppper good she kept coming to check on us , refilling our water and even tapaoed water?? For us in a cup.

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