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Healthy indulgence with their rendition of an Asian salad. Star of the dish was the crispy fried rice paper, but otherwise I think this was rather overpriced.

This is truly a little oasis and a neighbourhood gem. Very small place but thank God I was able to get a seat inside on a weekday afternoon. The iced latte came in a cute glass and tasted great, not bitter but fragrant. And the cafe plays soft jazz in the background which wins brownie points from me.

This place is a 3 storey teahouse decorated with the authentic Japanese vibes. Every storey have different theme to this unique store. Prefer the matcha latte for the drinks. Cake is one of the best matcha cake ever, must order 👍🏻

Three buns is always on point their beef patty and burgers r amazing 💯 2nd time trying baba Huey n it’s still as good. Fries were more like chips haha but the sauce rly q flavourful n addictive!! Some sort of bearnaise I think. Nice n chill place to talk too haha the vibes r nice at night. Robertson quay is a pretty area too so u can walk ard after ur dinner! Can even walk down to Clarke quay/Boat Quay if u wna

Matcha Boba Latte (Iced) (25% Sugar) ($6.90) was quite smooth texture and not that milky taste. I really like their chewy and not that sticky boba pearls. I want to try their other drinks next time if I am at the area 😅.

$1.50! always heat up the breads from almond bakery in the microwave (with water for 45s) to get the FLUFFIEST BREAD omg. so soft and fluffy and felt like I was eating a cloud, but still had a nice bite and chew to it. the filling didn’t taste exactly like char siew - had some mock meat pieces but missing the sweet honey and roasted flavour. but still good on its own tho! love their breads but always can only buy one at a time😢

Penang Rendang $22
This is the star dish for me! The shiitake mushroom cooked nicely and absorbs the sauce which just perfect! The rendang sauce is so savory and nice. Once I taste it I become addicted to it immediately. There's also a bit of spicy taste but not that strong. The rendang sauce really bring the Peranakan taste that for me not really easy to find in Singapore. You must try this when you visit this restaurant!

Wolfberry Soup $11/$18
This clear soup have a calm kind of taste so it doesn't taste heavy at all. All the veggies taste sweet and it further enhance by the wolfberry. It's not bad and quite decent, the aftertaste also nice. Go for it if you look for a soup that doesn't have a strong taste.

Their signature chicken rice sold out while I was queueing, so I settled for this. The curry tasted very vegetarian, but I appreciated how thick it was. The ingredients were basic but it's a filling bowl.

📍Lee's Confectionery, 343 Jurong East Rd 31📍
💸 Mont
💸 Pomp
We all love a good quality and well executed dessert and that's exactly what Lee's Confectionery serves! Their desserts are so minimalistic looking and plated so beautifully that we almost couldn't bear to eat it.🥰Flavour wise, there's multiple layers and dimensions to the pastry that comes together as a whole beautifully. 🌰Mont, which features a puff pastry base with chestnut paste and chunks within the cream was super good. A wide range of textures could be enjoyed and the taste of the chestnut really came through, with even chunks of it to bite on. As for 🍧Pomp, we really enjoyed the grapefruit sorbet which mainly brought the refreshing notes to the dessert. The soufflé cheesecake and pomelo cream cheese nested within that thin crisp tart crust also tasted light and subtle.

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Weekends are for redemptions of burpple beyond tea time deals when I see them. I vaguely recall seeing the whole kitchen’s produce at some grocery store but this would have to be my first time at a cafe offshoot of the brand.
For the healthy conscious, the menu is gluten free (something I’ve yet to figure the exact meaning of). My cakes came with very low sugar content and choke full of healthy ingredients (nuts, dark cocao and chocolate). My spoilt, used to sugar laden desserts, palate was not used to these healthier cakes; reminding me how I should be keeping my sugar intake in check 😬


Comes with 2 substantial sides (we had sweet potato fries 🍟 & salad 🥗) & 2 drinks, I must say that their set is pretty worthwile! 👍🏻 These thirst quenchers were pretty refreshing! Featuring Forest Berry Cucumber, Mint Elderflower & Yuzu Mango - so fruity!