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the dips are so creamy and flavourful and the falafels are absolutely perfect.

Guess one think good about being relatively near Fortune Centre is the fact about having a myriad of vegetarian establishments to visit for lunch, given the abundance of such options in the area.

Infinite Happiness is one of the slightly newer options in the area, having opened their doors not too long ago at Level 1 of Fortune Centre right across from Killiney Kopitiam. The hole-in-the-wall is probably best known for their vegetarian fried chicken that looks almost like it is being served from a fast food establishment but the said dish was a special run which had since been out of the menu.

Found myself going for the Cha Siu Rice — takes a while given it’s a one-man operation but one could totally tell how he is simply passionate about the craft; so much there is actually two options of “doneness” for it, being “original” and “crispy”, which he recommends the latter. Going for the “crispy”, I could see why this is easily preferred; while usual vegetarian char siew lacks a variance of texture, I quite enjoy how the variant here comes with a slight char around the crisp edges — provides a bit more bite than the usual vegetarian char siew we are used to. Liked how he is also so generous with the cucumbers and the sauce; pretty sure there are actual roast meat specialty stalls that are more stingy with the sauce around — the sauce here comes with just a very mellow sweetness that strangely only runs at the back of the tongue; nothing too overwhelming though still clearly more of vegetarian dish and is different from the usual punchy savoury notes of the sauce in the variant that features actual meat served everywhere else. There again, he also mentions that he does not use white sugar and MSG in the preparation of this dish — definitely sounds like something healthier. The chili on the side is pretty much the same that is served with Hainanese chicken rice — that same zippy concoction that provides a spicy kick that tingles the tastebuds; those with lower tolerance to spiciness are warned!

A dish that surprises for those who are open to trying a vegetarian variant of a dish with zero expectations from the usual meat-based item.

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Just the right amount of spicy level, ingredients and the pita bread is soft and tasty. Worth to try with the burpple beyond deals.

Regular bento $7.90
1 main, 2 side dishes & soup
Healthy & tasty vegetarian dishes 👍🏻

Free Cluster Delivery Service to my hood.
Available at @wiwarungijo
Having Indonesian #Vegetarian food

Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken (S$9.90)
Fragrant coconut rice, served with yellow ginger/ kalasan fried chicken, egg, long bean, ikan bilis with peanut, veggie fritter, home-made dried shrimp and sambal.

Kolomee Mushroom Noodle (S$8.90)
Selected non spicy

Nasi Padang (S$11.90)
Steamed jasmine rice served with lion mane mushroom rendang, sambal balado egg, singkong santan, veggie fritter, and mixed veggies.

Lontong Sayur (S$8.90)
Home-made rice cake served with tofu, tau pok, chokos, carrot, cabbage, long bean, and egg in light Indonesian curry.
Selected Spicy Level 1

Bakso Soup (S$7.90)
Meatball soup with meatball (made from plant-based omnipork), tofu, chye sim, and carrot in flavourful broth.

Orh Luak (S$9.90)
Straw mushroom oyster omelette.

Yummy monkey mane mushroom rendang.

Warung Ijo
Address 🏡 : 337 Beach Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 199 565
Open ⏰ : Tue - Sun : 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm

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Vegetarian fried UFO.
Crispy outside, generous amount of filling inside.
Savoury texture every bite.
Highly recommended!

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The perfect excuse to get these freshly baked pitas is when you travel to North Bridge Road for a bread and cake run at Mother Dough and Edith patisserie during the circuit breaker period. I mean why not stock up on bread since the family is perpetually at home? Another good excuse for Mum to put her cooking creativity to the test by whipping up great pita dishes.
The plain and whole wheat pitas here are affordable and easily one of my favourite staples around.


NICEST PORRIDGE EVERRR not kidding how can porridge taste so good??! Filled with shredded pumpkin, fried tau kee, mock meat yums I could eat this everyday

Herbal soup base filled with generous amount of veggies, mushrooms, taukee and mock meat (which was rlly good even though I’m not a fan of mock meat!)

Nice, kinda filling filled with meatballs, vegetables and sauces. The meatballs are salty and the vegetables and sauces give a refreshing and sour taste to it. The bread itself has no taste and together w the ingredients, they complement each other. Do bring your own water though, we were really thirsty after eating it.

I have drank enough avocado smoothies to know which is a good one .

Probably the best in town.

Extremely creamy with whiffs of genuine gula Melaka .

This cafe specialises in Indonesian dishes cooked from the heart - almost like from a home kitchen .

Not exactly cheap at 5.90 but trust me - it’s fills you because it’s the real stuff .

Will be back for more .

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Honestly not very impressed bc v little monkey head mushroom and veggie portion not enough for the rice :/