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Love the spag with generous serving of burrata. Also got the bosca as per recommended which was a little rich so not completely to my liking. As if the cheese was not enough, we got a bowl of fried feta which was amazing!

Came on our date night. Had the special off menu item: Arancini balls for $30, risotto ball w veges and grilled brinjal & mesclun salad. Delicious. Must have. Worth it w 1-for-1. 2nd dish was a make our own pizza, Sun dried tomatoes were too sour for our liking. We sat outdoors which is less noisy. All in all, great experience!

This joint may be an oldie, but they've kept standards up AND expanded on their vegetarian menu. Make #MeatlessMondays happen more often with the 1-for-1 mains — we recommend the Bosco Misto ($29) with spot-on spinach, feta and tofu patties and a Kashmir Pizza ($24) to share.
Photo by Burppler Mentaiko Salmon

The food was decent however I’m not sure if I will return if without the 1-1. $29 per dish. They have a good deal for set lunch at $28+.

I love Original Sin for their unique vegetarian mains and their crispy thin crusted pizzas. We had 2 to share that day: Diavola and Supremo. I’d recommend Diavola for those who enjoys a hint of spice in their meals; grilled zucchini with onions, chillies, tomato salsa and of course, mozzarella. We shared a pasta too: Absolut. Penne pasta with pink sauce that had been flamed with Absolut vodka. So rich and creamy, hence a good choice that we had shared that too.

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Dish: Really fresh & leafy vegetables (the dark greens especially were very tasty), nicely cooked tau pok (which have a slightly crispy skin), and moist brown rice.

Tea: An interesting twist to Lei Cha with blended peanuts (suspected) which adds that extra creaminess and saltiness the tea. A tad bit saltier than usual teas because of that.

Sides: Didn’t get to try their speciality meatballs and tau pok, but they looks decent.

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We used to come here (and its sister restaurant and neighbour Michelangelo) a lot when it first opened in the mid-90’s, then stopped when more exciting Italian dining options became available 10 years ago. For some reasons, Original Sin has always attracted a heavily-expat clientèle. It is interesting to note that the customer mix has changed from primarily European to primarily Indian, reflecting the changing expat community in Singapore. What has not changed? First, the décor, which now looks distinctly dated, down to the stains on the bench and chairs! Secondly, the food remains delicious, although one notices changes in the menu - maybe to accommodate new customer preferences? (They now serve veggie tandoori, and moved veggie burger out of the main menu). Prices are not high (especially the set lunch which is very good value). Service is knowledgeable and competent (unlike at the outlet next door). So, I guess we would go back here again!


You will never want to miss this super yummy lasagna ❤️

A giant mushroom, topped with mozzarella and tomato basil sauce. It's a very good combination, really tasty and juicy. Tried other dishes too, like the Moussaka, Vegetable Tandoori.... I can just say that they do a very good job of grilling the vegetables, so flavourful and you can tell that they put a lot of thought into creating the right sauces. Quite a bit of creativity too :)

The #cornfritters were a surprisingly generous portion of expertly fried and tasty corn that was soft inside and crispy on the outside. Adding lime brought out extra flavor. The Kashmir pizza was very simple with beancurd, vegetables and tomato (tandoori sauce probably got changed to tomato given the vegan option we chose :/). But the crust was thin and crisp, making it enjoyable.
⚠️ Prices are steep but #eatigo gives 50% off at 11.30am, making it a steal!
📍Original Sin, #01-62, 43 Jalan Merah Saga, Holland Village Chip Bee Gardens


Mediterranean/Italian food & vegetarian restaurant with easy vegan options. Menu was comprehensive and offered flexible options for the food to be prepared vegan/gluten-free/without onion and garlic.
I personally ordered the lasagna which I enjoyed very much. Portion looked smaller than I expected when it arrived (in the picture) but to my surprise it was sufficient, quite filling actually.
Pizza was well sized. Truffle fries generous serving, you can opt for shredded parmesan cheese to be put on the side if you’re sharing with vegan eaters.

Made a reservation with Eatigo for a timing which got us a 50% discount, extremely worth it. The food is good and ambience is wonderful but as a student / young adult I definitely wouldn’t have gone without the discount. Here’s a brief price breakdown of some things my group ordered, (without GST and Service charge)
-Lasagna $14.50 (U.P. $29)
-Truffle fries $6 (U.P. $12)
-Supremo pizza $12 (U.P. $24)
-Ravioli (daily special) $15 (U.P. $30)

Service was good, the staff were attentive without being overly pressurising and kept refilling our glasses of tap water haha. Orders are flexible, we had a very patient staff member who made it easy for us to easily request for vegan options / placing cheese on the side.
Ambience was lovely. Indoor and outdoor dining available, we sat outside. Not too hot or crowded, perfect for a relaxed dinner, good for celebrating occasions. Personally liked the music selection as well, it made for a nice atmosphere.
Toilet was clean, separate ones for M and F.

Easily accessible, near Holland Village MRT station. You won’t get lost or break a sweat.

Would definitely go back again especially to celebrate a special occasion, but only with a 50% eatigo discount! Otherwise wouldn’t be able to foot the bill hahahahah. But definitely a fantastic experience. Thank you!