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This was a special not available on their usual menu, but I reckon it should very well be. So well done and even better than some other proclaimed italian restaurants.

This was on the specials board, as their risottos depend on the ingredients available for the day. It was delicious, with flavours from the sundried tomato, mushrooms & cheese coming together really nicely. It was creamy but not surfeiting at all. Definitely would order again!

The leicha soup was nutty, fragrant and flavourful from the peanut & basil blend. It wasn’t bitter, and I liked it even though I usually shy away from leicha soup.

The ingredients were well seasoned, and had good balance in terms of flavour and texture. Out of all the ingredients, I like the mani cai best, as it had sweet natural flavours. The caipo is crunchy and not salty, tofu was fragrant.

It wasn’t oily like I had remembered it to be, or maybe the ABC market franchise one has more oil. It’s a good lunch option!

The layers of eggplant, tomato and potatoes were soft, and was delicious together with the tasty béchamel sauce. It is rather filling so we shared it, and it was just nice.

The dish was decent, but it just wasn’t satisfying. Go for their other dishes which are more impressive.

Ricotta, spinach and feta are baked in a filo pastry, and served with a grilled portobello and mixed vegetable ratatouille. This was delicious, with the crisp filo pastry and a hearty filling. Best eaten when hot! The ratatouille was juicy and had the natural flavours of the veg & mushroom; was good as well!

One of my favourite dishes here! These are spinach, feta and tofu patties coated with almonds & sesame and fried, served with a mushroom plum sauce. The patties were very tasty and went well with the delicious sweet plum sauce. It’s like eating meat patties, but without the heaviness :)

Nice little place with an interesting theme n decor relating to its name - original sin. Food wise we ordered the Supremo pizza (a very popular choice) and Spaghetti Burrata, both of which were were nice but not mind blowing :) Good value with Burpple 1-1! I may not return if I’m paying the full price though unfortunately.. as there are many great options at that price point.

Start off the birthday dinner w a glass of Prosecco.
Cream of Mushroom.
Earthiness of the mushroom hits you even with the last spoonful. Umami.
Salad - Principessa.
Mesclun, roasted pumpkin, avocado, asparagus, marinated mushroom, tomato & bocconcini w a balsamic vinaigrette.
Love the roasted pumpkin, fresh avocado & marinated mushroom.
Overall, a very refreshing salad.
Truffle fries
French fries tossed w truffle oil, grated parmesan & paprika. Request from birthday girl.
Spinach Tortellini
Served w mushroom, asparagus & parmesan in cream sauce.
Very creamy fulfilling dish.
Love this.
Spaghetti Burrata
Tossed in an Amabiata sauce w spinach, asparagus, tomato, topped w Burrata & Parmesan.
Love the huge ball of Burrata.
A very good tiramisu w prominence of coffee & alcohol.
Rainbow Cake for all the blessings, best wishes to the birthday girl.
A bottle of easy to drink, sweetish Sake to end the lovely evening.
Thank you @gracy_tss @shirley_t.e.l.l for the lovely evening.
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