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Young mung lentils + GMO-free rice + curry leaf + steamed broccoli & other veggies + raita + tomatoes + herbs

It’s a South Asian cuisine made of rice and lentils. It‘s heavier on carbs and fills me up. Impeccable service once again.

Ordered the plain naan and chapati to go along with the palak paneer and mushroom mutter meshi. Both were great and hearty. The bread are on the smaller side so do get one each. Dahi Poori is refreshing in a savoury way. Would recommend!

Cost: $30ish for two after using Burpple 1-for-1

Pardon the bad photo angle. That’s the only way I can fit the whole roll in. The thosai wasn’t paper-thin crispy enough for my liking. Side confinements were alright except the dal. It was way too watery.

Acai with buckinis, bananas, blueberries, cacao nibs, chia pudding, peanut butter.

I like the generous portion of acai compared to similarly priced bowls at other acai places.

Their acai is made with a blend of acai, apples, watermelon, lemon and medijool dates. Not a fan of the taste of the acai this time though. Taste subtle/diluted and didn’t enjoy the parts that I could taste the dates.

Something to lighten your taste bud with this drink. $6+

Print my favourite dish among all, the strong taste immediately smell it once served on the table.

Comes with triple mushrooms, shiitake, oyster, shimeji with tomatoes, eggplant, edamame beans, carrots and pineapples. $16+

Don’t expect a real lasagne here as the whole things have been replaced by a real raw foods, made with zucchini sheets, crispy dehydrated cherry tomatoes, marinated baby spinach, shiitake mushrooms, walnut ‘’minced meat’, cashew cream cheese, pesto and side of garden salad.

So if you are out for some new things you should try this. $22+

This is the sushi that doesn’t have the real rice, but instead replaced with almond sushi ‘rice’. The housemade kimchi taste strong than anything else, topped with avocado. $14+

Specialise in serving raw vegan foods. Some of their sharing plates worth to share with your friends.

These nuggets are baked, lightly spiced and served with garlic cashew ‘aioli’. $8+

the dips are so creamy and flavourful and the falafels are absolutely perfect.

Kimchi Soup but so very tasty u can’t imagine that it’s pure vegetarian .