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Recommended lists for Waffles

Recommended lists of Best Waffles in Holland Village, Singapore, 2019
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Top 10 Places for Waffles in Holland Village

Top 10 places for Waffles

Latest Reviews for Waffles in Holland Village

Latest Reviews of food and restaurants for Waffles

Signature waffle with white rabbit soft serve ($12). The addition of rice paper on the soft serve is a nice recreation of the texture. The soft service is creamy and milky, but doesn’t remind one of the white rabbit sweet.
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Just had to give this limited edition flavour a try because I am a huge fan of the candy!

The flavour was pretty mild, though. Milky and sweet as it should be, but missing that extra oomph somehow. I liked the milky mochi that came along with it - wish there were more than 3 pieces! The rice paper was a nice touch too, mimicking how the candy is like.

Am confused as to why the tip of the cone was filled with cornflakes though..

tried the 4 flavors of their ready made waffle ice cream combinations and loved their Sea Salt Gula Melaka..

the only complain i have is that their ice creams melt easily even if we’re inside the air-conditioned restaurant..

Queues are always insane, but it’s worth it.
The soft serves are 🤤, take leave, hang out here when it’s slightly less noisy with hipsters.

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Really brings back fond memories of white rabbit sweets from my childhood:) The serving is pretty huge and it gets a little too sweet at the end, so I would recommend sharing it!

This was listed as shanghai rabbit on the menu and was q confused haha but asked the server and he clarified it was just the white rabbit sweet flavour.
Quite creamy and nice, may try again if it’s still around for my next visit!


The only thing worth coming to this place for is the ice cream!!! The drinks are all mediocre and over priced. But the ice cream was worth it. You also get to choose up to 3 toppings for free of you do a build your own!! The marshmallows and mochi are so soft and tasty.


Pistachio sprinkled w roasted nuts
Pair the biscuit w the icecream
Also, there’s cornflakes at the bottom ;)

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Needs not much description: look at those hearts & radiant smile behind the waffles & ice cream!!!!! ❤️ best things in life are sweet :”) (ok not all but this definitely completes ur meal/ day/ SOULLLL)

I was craving for black sesame this evening and was excited to try daily scoop’s black sesame flavour .

A little disappointed that the black sesame fics cream was a little too milky and the ice cream was a little too sweet for me .

Will stick to the safer flavours like avacado and simply chocolate next time 😊

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