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Wtf. The pic got cockles, but came without. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ The worst ckt I ever eaten LOL. Have never tasted any ckt like that before. Hais. There goes my calories.......

Crave remains as my favorite nasi lemak but whenever I am here, I don't have a to-go-to stall. The standards are similar for all stalls.


WAITING TIME: Only a few people in the queue on a weekday early evening, took only about 5 - 8 min

- Only 4 lala
- Very different from the original Sembawang White bee hoon. This is soupy, not thick and flavourful. Kinda like fish soup.
- Lots of fried pork lard, which adds a nice crunch and taste

PARKING: Free parking after 5pm at the beach carpark


It feels really shiok to get the red tea jelly dessert from Mei Lin Leng Re Yin Pin at Changi Village. The feeling is legit good πŸ˜‹. πŸ“ Changi Village Hawker Centre (Mei Lin Leng Re Yin Pin) #burpple

Date visited: 12/6/2019 (Mon, 8:40pm)

No queue. Generally quiet at Changi Village. No queue at Mizzy or other Nasi Lemak stalls as well.

We actually ordered their signature chicken chop hor fun and the original Ipoh hor fun. Added veggies at an extra cost of $0.50.

I have always liked their Ipoh hor fun and I started eating there even before the renovation of Changi V Hawker Ctr, where wing kee and amigos were still side-by-side competitors.

The thin kway teow and the thickened brown sauce that it was swathed in was absolutely delicious! They managed to maintain a consistent standard. In fact, after trying out their Ipoh hor fun, I find almost every Ipoh hor fun I have tried elsewhere not as good. They are my benchmark of a good plate of Ipoh hor fun. And it is all because of the sauce.

The mushroom was really flavoursome too.

However, the serving size of their chicken chop (of their signature chicken chop hot fun) is no longer like before. We were shocked to see the chicken chop size reduced by about half!

When I went to check out other photos posted here, I realised this reduction in their chicken chop serving size is here to stay; they have been consistent since dunno when.

They give (only) two slices of mushroom now. The wanton was crispy and well-marinated, but a tad too salty. Char siew slices are rather hard. The sambal chilli made my Ipoh hor fun (too) oily.

Wing Kee's standard has dropped tho I have to say they are still above average.

The Ipoh hor fun tastes good enough on its own. Salty enough as well.
Needn't add chilli unless you don't mind the oiliness.

The one improvement I like is the use of plastic plate and bowl now. After the renovation, they switched to disposable ware which I really dislike.

I will give Amigos (competitor, opposite them now) a try next time. They used to be equally good and I would just join whichever stall that has a shorter queue.

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Everytime we are here, we always goes for their Chicken Cutlet Ipoh Hor Fan, $3.50. It’s cheap and good, except I find the braised gravy a lil salty, would be good if it’s a lil less salty.. Their Deep Fried Golden Crispy Chicken Cutlet is good!! Crispy on the outside and tender, juicy in it.. It goes so well with the thin, smooth and silky Ipoh Hor Fan! These Ipoh Hor Fan well-absorbed the dark braised sauce which taste so delicious! I like to leave my chicken cutlet away from the gravy so that it still stays crispy! Adding some green chilli brings out more flavours to it! Yummy lunch! #wingkeenoodle #chickencutlets #ipohhorfun #changivillagehawkercentre #wingkeeipohhorfun

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