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From the Burpple community

One for one lunch promotion on weekdays! One (thin) serving of chicken chop, some potato wedges (countable with my 10 fingers) and green beans. The serving was pathetically small... and the oven roasted chicken didn’t taste oven roasted at all - more like grilled?

I understand that they’re busy at lunch time but the service was.. not nice. My friend requested for her pasta to be without garlic and they just replied saying ‘one for one promotion, cannot make changes’. May not be back ever again.

Super hearty meal.
You guys should try their gelato also! Look superb!🤤

Not the best choice to order without cheese but hey the wings were so flavourful i guess it makes up for it

One of the best aglio olio in SG!
Spaghetti was al dente. I appreciated that it was slightly saucy which enhances the flavor. It was a right amount of garlicky taste, and wasn’t too oily. Many pastas can be too oily and after eating you’ll feel very surfeited. There was a fair amount of seafood - two decently sized prawns, clams and squids. Would definitely revisit :)


Back again at Chapter 55. Their gelato and waffles are just to yummy to resist.

Used Burpple 1 for 1 to try 2 pizzas, Di Mare and beef pizza. Di mare was interesting, like Asian fused with western food. Beef was very chewy but very little, there were a lot of olives and green capsicum which we didn’t like. Nevertheless, the crust was think and crispy, great for sharing