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From the Burpple community

Deadly combo of thin, crinkly, al dente egg noodles in bonito broth. A must have each time. Love their flavours best compared to 麥奀and 沾仔記。This time I tried all 3 on consecutive days.

Another must have is their fried fish balls 炸鯪魚球 which comes with their signature clam chilli sauce.


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Really full bodied drink best to battle the cold.

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Really nice side dish that you can choose as an option is you ain't got enough of the wantons. This comes with 2 pieces each of wanton 雲吞 shuei gao 水餃 fishball 鯪魚球 served with a vinaigrette chili oil dipping sauce which I gladly pour it on!

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Dunno why they have to emphasize it's hand peeled shrimps. What else do we expect, they use their mouth otherwise? ** just joking. My favourite wanton noodle in HK, not overly alkaline in the broth and really tasty shrimps in the wanton 雲吞 and shui gao 水餃. The broth also has lots and lots of shrimp roe 蝦子 which premiumnize (don't think there is this word) the consommé of compoy and anchovies 柴魚. The noodles 細絨,(which literally means fine fluff) are thin yet springy and 麵tastic!