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Reviews at Chef Kang's

Reviews of good food at Chef Kang's

One of Chef Kang’s signature dishes. Very excellent starter dish. Pork belly is very thinly sliced and well coated with prawn paste hence the fantastic taste. Belly yummy yummy yum yum yum.

The rice crisps were so crunchy and yet not burnt that I really enjoyed chewing into them. It really does take skill to cook them to this level of doneness without burning them. What an evening we had! So much fun and we look forward to returning soon after the change in menus! Yes, Chef is changing the menu after CNY!

I love these! So good especially with claypot rice!

In November, Chef Kang told me he would be going to HK to source for ingredients and I knew he would be bringing these back for Chinese New Year. So definitely got to try his rendition of the lap mei fan. Can you hear the sizzling claypot?

Having the second time was just as good. Still the same smokey favour. I love mine with the pickled green chillies. So yummy.

Coming to Chef Kang’s for a meal is always a challenge for us. Why? Dilemma - all his carbs are so darn good that it’s often so hard to pick one over the other. So what did we do? Order three. The first was a firm fav of mine. Thai Tang Hoon noodles with prawns. Springy in texture, the hints of black pepper which hits you when you dig in just adds to the level of shiokness!

Always well executed here. Secret is frying them in lard, so I was told.

Chef Kang’s version of honey ginger chicken is amazing. Full of flavour, juicy inside and it’s all due to his wok hei. I snucked our during dinner to watch him cook this dish and it was so much lifting! He was literally tossing the pieces in the wok. The ginger bits in this course were the best I’ve had and we said it reminded us of vinegared pork trotters, only to find out that he had soaked the ginger in sweet vinegar for days just for this course. Utterly sublime.

Well, in terms of char siew, this is certainly one of the best in my books. This is only available for dinner and needs to be pre-ordered. It’s lovingly prepared using a fav cut amongst those who know and placed on a sizzling pan, the it continues to sizzle and caramelises further. This was so good, right balance of fat and lean meat and melt in your mouth good. Do yourself a favour when you order this. Order a bowl of white rice to go with it. Trust me, it further elevates the char siew and bring out the flavours better.

Well, this was the night of many firsts for a friend who doesn’t really eat pork belly. He took a bite and was hooked. Yes it’s that good.

Chef Kang for Friday night dinner. Our first time having dinner here. Previous visits were lunch and this time with all our foodie friends, old and new. It was fun introducing our friends to Chef Kang. We had to order the signature soon hock soup! Well, we had this as the first course and we ordered another round to end our meal as one of our friends said he can’t think of a better way to finish after several drinks.

Thor and his hammer has got nothing on Chef Kang and his wok. The latter’s superpower is to imbibe such ferocious “wok hei” into his cooking that it can knock you over from a great distance.
One of the finest displays of this is in his “Wah Tan Hor”, a classic Cantonese dish of broad rice noodles with a light braised eggy gravy.
It is one of my kryptonites (yes, there are many) at Chef Kang’s restaurant. I am utterly defenseless in the intense “breath of the wok” that radiates from it.

This was a surprise hit with our entire group. Although it came on the bone, the pieces of chicken were scrumptious with that coating of sticky sweet sauce.
However, what had most of us exclaiming in delight was the ginger. Chef Kang shared that those small, juicy, crunchy chunks of sweetish ginger takes him a week to prepare. Without a doubt, his effort pays off. They’re so good the chicken almost plays second fiddle.

Don’t underestimate the low-key appearance of this beehoon. It’s one of Chef Kang’s signatures for a very good reason. Having been simmered in a rich, concentrated stock, it is lavishly flavourful as the noodles are saturated in the stock’s rich sweetness. Totally slurp-worthy to the very last strand.

Leave your conscience at the door when you enter Chef Kang’s because he is liberal with the use of fried pork lard in his dishes. In fact, he even has one comprising of nothing but fried pork lard tossed in golden garlic bits and chilli. Excellent as a starter if your heart and cholesterol level can handle it.

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