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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Welcome to Chef Wan's Kitchen. A beloved TV personality known for his effervescent personality. Chef Wan is a culinary stalwart with 35 years of experience under his belt. For this venture, he has dug into his treasure trove of recipes, passed down from his grandmother to mother to auntie and then to him, with the best ones curated. Embark on an epicurean journey and relish the exotic flavours of Peranakan, Moroccan, Javanese and Spanish cuisines with Chef Wan!

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From the Burpple community

Perfect ratio of the kaya custard and the glutinous rice, and the pulut hitam in here is redolent of red bean.


They dk what were the other two flavours apart from the red rose layer, but it doesn't matter since the rose flavour is the predominant one. Really nice bouncy yet soft texture

With gula melaka drizzled on top. The durian layer was quite strong so there's a tasteless green coconut layer underneath to balance it out. The pudding wasn't totally set however, and that was the case for the chocolate pudding as well.

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The shredded coconut was delicious, and would have been perfect if the rice was lesser and softer

Nice thing about buffet is that you can just choose not to put the noodles into the make it urself mee Soto. Rather thin soup and the chicken was slightly dry as well(since it's left out in the open)

Note that their buffet menu changes every 3 days so it's better to check what they have on a particular day before booking(e.g. I didn't get the ayam percik today lol)

Anyway this was a nice version with superbly tender and juicy chicken meat, in a fiery looking sauce which turned out to somehow have all the flavour of chili and not really the heat. I guess it might disappoint some people who prefer heat but I absolutely adored it. It's more of a savoury and spicy version, rather than a sweet and sour one