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PRICE: $10

WAITING TIME: It's the stall with the longest queue whenever we visit in the evening. Visited at 3.30pm on a weekday this time round so there was no queue.

- Affordable price of $10 for all these, considering that there are 3 meat dishes out of 5
- Every dish here was good, esp the meats
- Shall order rice instead of porridge next time cos it goes better with the curry and braised meat sauce

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Price includes the addition of fishcake and egg. Standard has dropped so much. Rice was mushy and clump together. Duck meat was tough and miserable. More skin than meat. Disappointing meal.

Been awhile since we headed back to Cheng San Food Centre and glad we tried this minced meat noodles stall, Xiang Kee Yu Yuan Mian Tang (01-130).

So happy to chance upon cheap and good dim sum at Cheng San Market & Food Centre! They don’t offer as many items as proper dim sum restaurants, but there’s still a relatively good variety of fried and steamed dim sum. Their carrot cake and chicken glutinous rice were particularly good. Prices are also very reasonable. Pay then a visit at Nian Nian Fa Dian Xin Mei Shi (年年发点心美食) #01-121

This char kuey tiao is normally not bad - there’s a super generous portion of lap cheong (Chinese sausages) and hum (cockles), which gives sprinkles of umami in each bite, and also quite a few fishcakes. It’s also less oily than typical CKTs, which some people may hate, but I quite like it haha. Sadly, it was a bit too wet and overcooked this time though.

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Carrot cake sticks aren’t very easy to find nowadays, so quite glad that we found them at Cheng San market! It’s really crispy on the outside, although I wished the inside could be softer. Tastes great though, better than fries imo. If you wanna try it out, go in the morning and just look at the longest queue for fried stuff like ham chi peng and youtiao. The queue was absurdly long when we were there, which means my dad (of course) had to get it lol.