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From the Burpple community

Xiang Kee Yu Yuan Mian Tang is one of the stall that usually attracts queue during lunch time. The alternative noodle stall where the rest not open.

I went for their fishball kway teow noodle soup. Comes with fishballs, minced meat, mushroom, pork lard and pork liver.

Wonderful bowl of soup with all the ingredients.

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Had this Grass Jelly with Beancurd & Red Bean with Beancurd at Fu Hua Beancurd. Simple and traditional old school dessert.

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Went previously but unfortunately it was closed. Came back again and glad it was opened. Order 3 bowls of porridge, 2 meat & 2 vegetables dishes for $11.

The scramble egg I think it is quite dry which i was hoping it to be the wetter verison.

The cabbage is soft and sweet which I really like it.

The 2 meats is very delicious especially the brown sauce.

I would visit again to try the other dishes

From stall 527. On my quest to find the perfect carrot cake I had here. It's not this. This sucked.

The local sweet version haha, although sold by a Hong Kong dim sum stall. Not bad though, as it's fresh.

Tender chicken drumstick. Roasted pork skin was crispy but the bottom part was a little hard to chew. Love it when stalls have the ginger for me to put on the rice and meat. Yum