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Tender chicken drumstick. Roasted pork skin was crispy but the bottom part was a little hard to chew. Love it when stalls have the ginger for me to put on the rice and meat. Yum

Ever seen an egg tart bun? I haven't. I was full from lunch but I couldn't help but buy this. Bread was soft and egg tart wasn't too sweet. Just the right combination. Might go back to try their other buns, some were also interesting.

Came here early morning to grab some quick breakfast and I got the carrot cake from Chun Cheng Food Garden.

They cook them plate by plate in batch, with egg on top. Definitely worth trying it for only $3.

PRICE: $10

WAITING TIME: It's the stall with the longest queue whenever we visit in the evening. Visited at 3.30pm on a weekday this time round so there was no queue.

- Affordable price of $10 for all these, considering that there are 3 meat dishes out of 5
- Every dish here was good, esp the meats
- Shall order rice instead of porridge next time cos it goes better with the curry and braised meat sauce

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Price includes the addition of fishcake and egg. Standard has dropped so much. Rice was mushy and clump together. Duck meat was tough and miserable. More skin than meat. Disappointing meal.

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Been awhile since we headed back to Cheng San Food Centre and glad we tried this minced meat noodles stall, Xiang Kee Yu Yuan Mian Tang (01-130).