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The Loco Group opens new fast-casual Mexican spit-roasted chicken joint, Chico Loco in the heart of the Central Business District. Located on Amoy Street in the buzzy Telok Ayer area, Chico Loco is here to shake up what it means to eat healthy.

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Used to be my favourite restaurant until today. Chicken was slightly undercooked and raised our concerns to the manager. But when he came back with our chicken, he said that because the chicken is cooked at a low temperature, reddish flesh is fine….I don’t profess to be a chef, but if your customer is not comfortable with reddish flesh then I would expect something to be done to alleviate our fears..?

Loved the chicken, chips with guac, and butter fries. Was pleasantly surprised by the staff when we were presented with this platter of churrros (Already swiped some off the plate)!

Back again at my fav cbd hangout for some chicken and drinks. Their frozen margaritas are easily identifiable as signatures - featured on a prominent poster near the entrance and are the only drinks visualised on the menu. Interesting tropical flavours like the Pineapple Yuzu - sweet and tangy with a hit of booze, infused into a smooth ice blend.

Ordering takeaway during this phase 2 HA as a treat. I like the lamb leg done by Chico Loco - it’s cooked to perfection and it’s rather value for money too considering it’s lamb (which isn’t cheap in SG).

This is 500g of the Rotisserie Lamb Leg (ie 2 servings of the 250g portion on their menu).

I’ve requested to reduce the amount of sauce, hence it’s as such as seen in the pic. They have 3 levels of spiciness which you can choose - original, spicy, loco spicy. I’ve tried all 3 levels and personally, I like the “original” best.

the chicken is so soft and tender and it doesn't cost you a leg
also the baja fish just goes soooo well with the mango bits and sauce
margaritas are like $12? worth it. the coconut one is super good.
oh God i just love this place! and it's not even expensive.
super happy, good vibes ambience 💕💞

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Bare-bodied mascots holding various food items with the words “Food worth getting dirty for” adorn the tray liners, proclaiming advocacy for the Dirty Health revolution. If you’re looking for healthy yet tasty food this joint’s your man. Here serves flavourful healthy proteins and sides (yes that’s sweet potato fries and assortment of roasted veggies). Chicken is succulent and served with sauces to give it a bit of zing.