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This is one of their interesting mains that look simple but tastes amazing.⠀
When it was first brought out I could smell the tantalising scent of stir fried garlic 😍
Their fried rice is unlike the zichar or hawker centre fried rice where it can be oily. Having ikura in this dish also gives the fried rice a different texture.⠀
I really like the interior and chill vibes of this place. PLUS they play good music 😂😂😂
Not only do they serve mains, they have Szechuan Yakitoris (what they are known for) and also a range of drinks to pair with.
Rate: 4/5🌟
Read more about what I think of the food on my blog 😎
Thanks @gnohznaij for inviting me!!
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Our favourites [Swipe!] :
• Chikin Skin Chips ($12) it’s crispy, crunchy, tasty and addicting 👍
• Unagi Garlic Friedrice with Fish Roe ($16) charred nicely in a wok and comes with chunk of unagi 👍
• Butani Kakumi ($16) it’s 24hours braised pork belly. soo tender, soo tasty 👍
• Gyuniku Teriyaki ($16) it’s sliced thin welldone grilled beef steak.
• Tan Tan Men with onsen egg ($16) the onsen egg plus peanuty sauce give creamy texture, it taste savoury with a hint of mala flavour.
🚝MRT Outram Park
📍6 Bukit Pasoh Rd 089820 Singapore
⏱5PM-12AM (closed on Sun)
Rate (4/5) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -VERY GOOD-
Thankyou @craziben for inviting us!💕
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But in place of the usual burgers and fries, they served Yakitori instead. Not just any Yakitori, the ones here @chikinbar were served with a Szechuan Mala twist, smokey and juicy.
But what impressed me more were the Unagi fried rice with fish roe and the Salmon Cartilage, both of which went well with their spicy Yakitori. And did I mention that they served some good cocktails too? Featured here was the Izakaya Smash, a light Gin and Basil mix.

Thanks @makanwarrior for the invite and @chikinbar and @daintyx for having us.

@ChikinBar brings all the flavor from Szechuan spices with Japanese skewers over Binchotan flames, & this unexpected marriage of the two Asian disciplines kicks it up a notch from simplicity & creates an atmosphere of intimate fun to complete the dining experience. Some of the star skewers include:
Momo – Chicken Thigh ($3.50)
Tebasaki – Hot Joint Wings ($4.50)
Tsukune – Chikin Meatballs ($4.50)
San Marzani Tomatoes ($4)
On top of the bite-sized morsels of meat & vegetables, the menu also boasts a variety of Izakaya style dishes such as their 💖Unagi Garlic Fried Rice w/ Fish Roe ($16), Thinly-sliced Salmon Cartilage on Spicy Sauce ($10), Chikin Skin Chips ($12), & Tonkatsu Bites ($14).
Notably, the expansive drink list also features designer cocktails, sake by the bottle, beer on tap, Japanese whiskies and more. Or you can also get your bespoke cocktail crafted from award-winning bartender Sam Wong.
The three-story shophouse houses a neon lit long bar on the ground floor, restaurant setting on the second, and a private karaoke bar in the attic! Each corner is plastered with vibrant Japanese pop art themed murals. (Swipe to see more)
Psst! They’re currently having ✨FREE FLOW Beers, Sake & House High Balls every Tuesday (7pm-11pm), as well as 15% off bottles for the service industry every Monday night.
Thanks @miss_teatime_sg for letting me drink!🍸
📍Chikin Bar
6 Bukit Pasoh Road, S089820
Mon-Fri: 5pm-12am, Sat: 6pm-12am
(Closed Sun)

This is one excellent sake. It has a 35% polishing ratio, which means that 65% of the rice had been polished away. I really liked how smooth this is, and that floral fragrance coming from it.
And don't forget the yakitori, which was skewered using binchotan charcoal and Szechuan spices. They're really enjoyable over sake or their infused cocktails crafted by award winning bartender Sam Wong.
This is taken during a tasting.

Imagine fried fish skin. But chicken. And Szechuan salt. Infused with smokiness. Great snack that you can just keep munching on and so crunchy.

(I was positive I took a picture of the beef tongue but it doesn't show up at all. )
Beef tongue 6nett per stick
Texture was still ok but I expected more especially since you can grill some bomb beef tongue yourself at some Japanese BBQ buffets lol. But for 6nett it's a tad expensive compared to the rest so my suggestion is to stick to their chicken skewers for a sure bet.

Otherwise the heart( a bouncier version of the thigh which I quite liked) and the cartilage (tried it for novelty and tbh I still prefer meat a lot more) were all not bad. I'm convinced everything is good when it goes with Szechuan spices. Which is really what they are trying to do here so congrats to them for succeeding magnificently

Pretty much what you would expect in terms of texture. The liver was incredibly soft but it still retained a little of its bitterness despite the Szechuan spices. Meanwhile I thought the gizzard would be slightly more crunchy. Nonetheless a pleasant texture and everything slathered in the Szechuan spices is good

Pitched against the rest of their excellent skewers, the thigh(momo) actually becomes an underdog and is arguably less tender than say, the wing. However it's still a sure bet for 3nett
The chicken wing(tebasaki) however was worth the effort trying to dislodge the bone. The high in collagen skin becomes so crisp that it crackles when grilled and the tender meat made the laziest people work(at removing the bones) for it. Would definitely be my top pick if it were deboned

At first I thought it's a standalone item but seems like it's the perfect size to go with a few sticks of yakitori. This was actually q sweet from the tare in a good way and it has just enough sauce to remain moist. The unagi bits pop up here and there to tickle ur tastebuds and I would suggest you do not mix the roe in as it lends a briny punch to each bite. I had to protect my bowl from my friends as they keep digging their spoon into this light and flavourful carb that goes well with the yakitori sticks

Got it for 5nett using the chope foodie so yay.

This was superb I would totally pay 16 for this. Fish was done to perfect it breaks apart with the slightest force and it's so well infused with smoke from the binchotan. The spicy miso had a strong umami but make no mistake, the cod is more than qualified to stand on its own. The ikura provided a textural contrast and the pops of umami elevated the dish so much so that it was snapped up within a minute by the table

They don't have service charge so that's cool but it's probably good to tip their service was top notch and super attentive despite it being a Monday morning and little people on the second floor.

The new kid on the block, Chikin serves up delish chicken yakitori with Szechuan twist. We didn't have the guts (literally) to try the full spicy Szechuan flavour, and found the less spicy option to be just right. At $45 for 15 skewers, definitely a good deal.

To find out just what kind of magic can happen when Japanese yakitori meets Szechuan shao kao (barbecue), pop by CHIKIN on Bukit Pasoh — hint: it's delicious. The skewers here are marinated in Szechuan peppercorn sauce and then grilled over Binchotan flames for smoky tastiness. There are various chicken parts ranging from the familiar like Thigh ($3) and Chicken Meatballs ($4.50) to the slightly offbeat like Windpipe ($4) to keep diners happy and interested, along with a small selection of beef and pork skewers ($6 each), a good variety of vegetables including Shishito Pepper ($3.50) and Shiitake Mushrooms ($3.50), and some izakaya-style plates like the Asahi Clams in Spicy Garlic Butter Dashi ($14). The smoky skewers pair well with their cocktails made with infused spirits (gin, sake, whisky) and Japanese flair — try the fruity and refreshing Sake Sangria ($19). There are also beers (from $8), wines (from $18 a glass) and a lot more in between. Let loose, but be prepared for the morning hangover. Pro tip: Ask them to taper down the skewers' spiciness if you can't take the heat.
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Justin Teo

The stock in this bowl is really good. What was most obvious to me was the fragrance from the garlic and butter that lingers with every comforting spoonful of the warm broth.
The spice used here is mild, so it's predominantly still a sweet dashing stock, and the Asahi beer used also helped enhanced the sweet notes here. The clams didn't manage to absorb most of the goodness in the broth, so the clams are best eaten while slurping on the soup, and it was really enjoyable because the clams are fresh and supple.
This is taken during a tasting.

I really enjoyed my dinner and evening at this newly opened yakitori bar near my office.
Many things I love about the yakitori here. First, it was skewered using binchotan charcoal instead of black charcoal. Second, instead of the usual Japanese tare sauce, it uses Szechuan spices. Spice lovers must try this, while those who don't take spicy food can request for the strength of the spice to be lowered. Most yakitori sticks are affordably priced at $3, and they include chicken thigh, wing, heart, gizzard, tail, windpipe, skin, cartilage, and other Kushiyaki options.
Besides a selection of yakitori and kushiyaki skewers, there are also great cocktail infusions by award winning bartender Sam Wong, and other plates to share and complete the meal from the Izakaya menu. My favorites are Asahi Clams in Spicy Garlic Butter Dashi ($14) and Japanese Sea Snails in Szechuan Spice ($14). I'll be back again soon :)
Taken during a tasting.

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