From the Burpple community

This’s the item on the menu which made Chin Chin popular I suppose? This drink was made “laboratory” style (at the time of visit) - watch the crew put on their lab goggles as they made magic through the lap equipments to produce the chocolate drink. Once done, it’s passed on to the next station where generous amount of marshmallow are torched and melted to produce the pictured drink. Mine’s Matcha flavoured, hence the greenish colour.

An instance when I can’t help but be proud of my country? 320degree in Singapore offers liquid nitrogen ice cream for 2/3 the price of this £4.45 scoop. No doubt the smooth scoop of ice cream depicted the burnt butter caramel flavour accurately but for that price it felt like an overhyped luxury if you haven't tried other fairly more affordable liquid nitrogen ice cream i.e. that in Singapore.


Recently there's been a nitrogen ice cream phase. Always found the process of them making it before your eyes cool, but it's too gimmicky without a substantial taste difference for me to be a fan. After all the ice cream isn't creamier or smoother just because it's made with the help of nitrogen, right? However, Chin Chin laboratories is worth a try at least once! Their toppings are amazing (loved the honeycomb chocolate) and they have seasonal flavours like pumpkin pie inn October - if you're feeling adventurous, give it a try! They have pretty cute merchandise as well like tote bags and shirts.